6KU Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Single Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike Review

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on fixie yet desire to enjoy the best features and benefits, look no further because we have just the right bike.

The 6KU Urban Track Bike is budget-friendly and alluring. It offers an incredible amount of extraordinary features to make your bike riding experience even better and more enjoyable.

To inform you about this bike, in this article, we have discussed every little aspect of this fixed gear cycle so that you know it better and make a buying decision accordingly.

Overview of 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Road Bike

Top Features

Aluminum constructed frame, aluminum fork, single speed gear, dual caliper brakes, 700c wheels, comfortable, well-padded adjustable seat.


Stylish, matte frame, easy to assemble, strong, sturdy construction, lightweight for easy maneuverability, available in various bike sizes, ergonomic handles, different color options, comfortable ride.


Not suitable for heavyweight riders, doesn’t come with bottle holder, plastic pedals.

Things to Know

This 6KU Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike is extremely easy to assemble. It also comes with an instructions booklet and tool kit for an effortless assembly process.

Even though it is a road bike, this bike doesn’t have a rear basket or rack to conveniently carry your essentials.

What Makes 6ku Urban Track Bike Demanding?

This 6KU fixie offers more than a few amazing features to make your riding experience even more delightful. Some of the extraordinary features this bike offers are:

Strong, Sturdy Frame

It doesn’t matter what is the price of the bike when someone buys a bicycle; he/she expects it to last for an extended period.

6KU frame

And knowing this fact very well and providing the best service to its users, 6KU constructed the amazing frame of this Single-Speed bike with high-quality aluminum alloy material provide durability and strength to its riders.

Because of this sturdy and robust built-quality, this bike can be used in any terrain and road surfaces to give you versatile riding experience without the fear of falling apart.

Additionally, this aluminum constructed frame is smoothly welded and features a matte finish to give a very stylish and high-end look.

Excellent Braking System

Even though this extraordinary bike doesn’t come with a wide range of gear and speed options, 6KU didn’t hesitate to incorporate an incredible braking system to this single speed bike to provide maximum safety and security to the riders.

6KU braking system

This amazing bicycle comes with dual caliper brakes to ensure the phenomenal safety of the riders. These brakes make sure that the rider has superior control over the bike and can stop it on the spot as soon as he pulls the brake lever.

This amazing stopping power ensures excellent safety and also offers a sense of security to the users so that they can ride without the fear of accidents and promptly improve their riding skills.

Strong and Wide Wheels and Tires

Another amazing feature of this incredible Single-Speed track bike is that it comes with strong, incredible wheels and tires to deliver extreme stability and balance to the riders.

6KU tires

The wide, double-wall Deep V rimmed wheels provide enough cushioning without being too heavy. These cushioned wheels also help to absorb some of the shocks from the road for additional comfort.

Moreover, 6KU paired the wheels with slightly wider 25c tires to offer you extra stability that can be really, especially in city roads.

Adjustable Seat Saddle

What feels better than a custom fit bike? Well, nothing

And knowing this fact, 6KU installed a fully adjustable seat saddle to this urban track bike so that its users can adjust the seating position according to their height and preference and enjoy the best ride of their life.

6KU saddle

Moreover, the seat saddle is also plushy padded to provide maximum comfort to the rider and ensure that his back and buttock don’t hurt even after hours of riding.

Lightweight and Easy Maneuverability

Even though the frame is super strong and sturdy, it is surprisingly lightweight to provide you immense control over the bike. Control is one of the most crucial aspects of a bike because it determines how well you can ride the cycle on any road and terrain.

Keeping in mind about this important aspect, 6KU made the frame of this amazing Urban Track Bike extremely lightweight so that its riders can enjoy their ride to the fullest.

This aluminum constructed 6ku fixie bike weight 21 lbs., which makes it one of the most lightweight track bikes in the market. Because of such lightweight nature, you can control and maneuver this bicycle extremely effortlessly for a more active and fun riding experience.

Moreover, although this bike frame is super lightweight, it can accommodate riders up to 220 lbs. of body weight easily without the fear of falling or breaking apart in the middle of the road.

Comfortable Ride

When you buy a bike, you must also keep in mind its comfort factors. If the cycle is not comfortable, you won’t enjoy the ride, and your money would go in waste.

And that’s why this 6KU fixie comes with aluminum alloy forks to provide utmost comfort and convenience to the riders.

The aluminum alloy forks can dampen the roads vibrations and absorb shock and impact so that you can actually finish your ride without hurting or causing pain in your body.

Moreover, this bike also comes with a riser flat handlebar design that allows you to seat in a more upright position for additional comfort. An upright riding position is easy on the back and doesn’t hurt even after hours of riding.

Easy and Effortless to Control

One of the main reasons this 6KU fixie bike is immensely popular among its users because of its effortless control.

This bike is a single-speed fixed gear bicycle that doesn’t come with a wide range of gears to choose from. As it lacks the shifters and gear changing options, this cycle is easy to operate and ride.

PROS & CONS of 6KU Fixie Bike

What We Like

  • Adjustable seat post for a better fit
  • Includes free toolkit for an easy assembly process
  • Padded handlebars ensure a firm, comfortable grip
  • Single-speed eliminates the tension of changing between gears
  • Dual caliper brakes provide immense stopping power for safety
  • Strong, lightweight constructions; easy to control and maneuver

What We Don't Like

  • Not the best bicycle for heavyweight people.
  • Plastic pedals. Better to change with quality one.

6KU Aluminum Fixie Specs


Fixed Gear Bike

Frame Material

6061 Aluminium


1 1/8" Integrated Aluminum Alloy


Single Speed


Dual Caliper Brakes


700 x 25c


31.8mm Riser, Aluminum Alloy



Bike Weight

21 lbs.


6KU Single Speed Bike Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Can you put a basket or rack on this Urban Track Bike?

Answer: Yes, you can add a basket or rack on this fixed gear bike.

However, before adding it, don’t forget to calculate the weight as this has the potential to increase the overall bike weight and make it difficult to maneuver.

Question: Can you remove the brakes from this 6KU bike?

Answer: Yes, you can.
The front and rear brakes of this 6KU Fixie bike can easily be removed from the frame for easy cleaning and adjustments.

Buying Advice

There is no doubt that you now know every prominent feature of this 6KU Single-Speed Fixie Bike.

However, there is something else you should know before making your final decision so that you don’t feel deceived after buying it for your regular use.

Before making the purchase, you must know that this bike doesn’t come with any additional accessories. If you want to enjoy helmet, goggles, knee pad, or other accessories, you have to buy them separately. This bike might not be your cup of tea if you are looking for free accessories.

Wrapping Up

This 6KU Urban Track Bike is an excellent beginners level fixie at a very pocket-friendly price tag.

However, even though it comes with an affordable price tag, it doesn’t mean that this bike lacks in features and performance.

In fact, it is packed with amazing features and aspects to make your riding experience super easy and comfortable. We can assure you that this single-speed bike is one of the best in the market that will help you learn biking with a fixed gear and provide the best value for the money.

6KU Fixed Gear

6KU Fixed Gear


Fixie BIke




Alloy fork


Single Speed


Dual Caliper Brakes


700 x 25c


Flat Bar

Weight Limit

21 lbs

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