14 The Best Treadmill for Home Use In 2020 That Fit Your Home Gym

Best Treadmill for Home Use

Getting a fitter and healthier body is the never-ending quest for many people out there. And what else’s can full-fill their quest effectively other than a treadmill?

A treadmill is one of the most efficient yet useful pieces of exercise equipment that can help you to burn calories and get a healthy and active physique. But in the market full of different treadmill model & brands, it’s natural that you might get confused about which one to buy and which to avoid according to your fitness needs and budgets.

In this article, we have listed and discussed 14 the best treadmill for home use to help you buy the perfect machine for your regular training sessions so that you know about them and pick just the right one for you.

So without further ado, let's start.

In A Hurry? Check the Best Home Treadmill by Category

Best Pick

NordicTrack T6.5si

NordicTrack T6.5si

Best Overall

Sunny SF-T4400

Sunny SF-T4400

Budget Bike




NordicTrack 1750

NordicTrack 1750

Under Desk

Miageek 2 in 1

Miageek 2 in 1


Exerpeutic TF1000

Exerpeutic TF1000









Last Updated: December 15, 2020

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding indoor treadmill machine for the user who are looking for. Some of the listed machines have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the one currently available online.

14 Best Indoor Treadmill Machines for Home Use


Bike Name

Best For

Weight Limit

Check On Amazon

NordicTrack T6.5si

NordicTrack T6.5si


Bad Knees


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400


Best Selling


XTERRA Fitness TR150

XTERRA Fitness TR150


Budget Treadmill


NordicTrack 1750

NordicTrack 1750

Commercial Treadmill


Miageek 2 In 1 Under Desk

Miageek 2 in 1

Under Desk Treadmill


Exerpeutic TF1000

Exerpeutic TF1000

for Overweight People


Weslo Cadence R 5.2

Weslo Cadence R 5.2

Beginner Treadmill


Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna - 8730

Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna - 8730

Space Saving / Compact Treadmill


Bowflex BXT116

Bowflex BXT116

Treadmill With Incline


Nautilus T618

Nautilus T618

With Digital Connectivity


ProForm Pro 2000

ProForm Pro 2000



3G Cardio Elite

3G Cardio Elite

Highend / Expensive


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M

Manual Treadmill


Exerpeutic TF900

Exerpeutic TF900

Treadmill for Walking


1. NordicTrack T6.5si - Best Treadmill for Bad Knees

NordicTrack T6.5si

It doesn’t matter if you are an elderly rider or a young runner; if you have bad knees, running on a treadmill is next to impossible for you. Keeping in mind about such scenarios, NordicTrack came up with its T Series Treadmills, which are not only offers an excellent exercise session but, at the same time, is easy on your bad knees and doesn’t stress them at all.

NordicTrack incorporated FlexSelect™ Cushioning to the running surface of this exercise machine to ensure that training on this runner won’t put a strain on your knees and other joints.

It allows you to engage the dampeners to soften the impact of running or walking on your joints so that you feel the utmost comfort and become active quickly.

Moreover, these deck dampeners also mimic real road-running experience for a better exercise session.

Aside from people with bad knees, this exercise machine is an excellent option for serious runners. It comes with a 2.6 CHP DurX™ Commercial Plus Motor that is extremely fast and helps you run through your toughest, fastest exercises efficiently, so you never miss a beat.

Another great aspect of this exercise machine is a 10-inch Interactive Coaching Touchscreen display. With this smart display and free 1-year iFit Membership, you can navigate through thousands of workout programs and train with world-class trainers in real-time to quickly and effectively achieve your fitness goals.

This LCD screen also tracks your workout data like heart rate, elevation, and intensity in real-time to so that you know how far along you are to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Comes in different styles for users convenience
  • Available in different display sizes to choose from
  • Comes with a folded design to save space and effortless storing
  • Incorporates foot stabilizers to hold the machine securely in place
  • Extended weight capacity of 300 lb. can fit a wide range of runners

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 - Best Selling Treadmill for Runners

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400

If you are a serious runner and looking for the best home treadmill for your regular training,
then the Sunny Health SF-T4400 Treadmill might be the perfect choice for you.

With its powerful motor, large deck, and several speed options, this machine is committed to providing you the best running experience at the comfort of your own home.

This treadmill comes with a powerful motor of 2.20 HP that is suitable to provide you a powerful running session without overheating or making any disturbing noise. This motor is capable of delivering running speed between 0.5 - 9 MPH to make sure that, aside from running, you can also use it for consistent walking and jogging.

In addition to the high-speed range, Sunny Health installed a 49 inches x 15.5 inches large running deck to make running even smoother and more enjoyable.

With such a wide deck, there is zero to minimal possibilities that your feet would slip out of the surface and cause severe injuries.

Another aspect of this treadmill that makes your regular running more fulfilling and effective is its inclination. With 3 levels of incline, 0% to 2% and 4.37%can add the required resistance to your running sessions to make then even more efficient and calorie burning.

Moreover, Sunny Health included a large LCD screen at the front of this running machine to keep track of your various workout data, like time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse, and to monitor them easily, you know how effective your workout was.

This LCD screen also has 9 built-in workout programs so that you can practice versatile exercises and don’t get bored with just one type of training.


  • Available in two different alluring colors to choose from
  • Durable, sturdy frame; supports up to 220 lb. of users’ weight
  • Comes with foot stabilizers that help to avoid wobbling and slip offs
  • Has an adequate amount of cushioning to absorb shock and impact completely
  • Includes a device rack to hold your smart gadgets securely during the workout

3. XTERRA TR150 - Best Budget-Friendly Treadmill


If you are looking for the best cheap treadmill at a very affordable price range, then this XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill is your perfect option.

However, even though this machine is a budget option, it doesn’t mean that it lacks in features. Its amazing features and excellent running capabilities will make your training even more enjoyable.

XTERRA constructed the frame of this exercise equipment with heavy-duty steel tubing so that it is not only strong and sturdy but also provides immense durability. Also, because of such strong construction, this treadmill can accommodate up to 250 lbs. of users weight making it suitable for a wide range of runners out there.

Additionally, it comes with a 16" x 50" larger running surface to make it more suitable for every user type. Runners of every fitness level and size can efficiently run on this bike to shed some calories and become fit and healthy for a better tomorrow.

This large running surface is adorned with XTRASoft cushioning technology, so it is convenient for the users to run on this machine. This cushioning technology offers multiple cushioning points throughout the deck to ensure maximum impact absorption and be easy on the joints.

XTERRA incorporates hand pulse grips on the side handlebars so that you can monitor your heart rate and examine how it performs according to your exercise.

Aside from these sensors, this running machine also comes with a 5" LCD screen to keep track of your several workout data like time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

If you need more query about specs & features of this incredible machine then you can check XTERRA TR150 treadmill review.


  • Foldable design saves space when it’s not in use
  • Includes transportation wheels for easy, effortless relocation
  • Has a 2.25HP powerful motor for a speedy yet quiet operation
  • Comes with preset speed settings for easy control of your workout
  • Speed range of 0. 5 -10 MPH makes it suitable for users of all fitness levels

4. NordicTrack 1750 - Best Commercial Treadmill

NordicTrack 1750

The commercial 1750 treadmill from NordicTrack must end your never-ending search for the best treadmill for the money because it offers everything you look for in a fairly reasonable price tag.

This exercise equipment is everything you want for your regular exercise regimen from the extraordinary running surface to a powerful motor and interactive LCD screen.

This treadmill comes with a super large and spacious 22 inches x 60 inches running surface to make sure that all runners, especially tall runners, find it extremely convenient to run on this ramp.

Moreover, it offers a 3 percent to 12 percent auto incline feature so that you can adjust your preferred inclination angle according to your running requirement easily just by pressing a switch.

NordicTrack incorporated a 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial plus motor to this piece of running equipment, which is not only extremely powerful but, at the same time, is quiet to provide a super noiseless running session.

Additionally, this motor is self-cooling and hence, doesn’t impose any risk even when you are running or jogging for quite some time.

This running machine comes with a large 10 inches HD smart touchscreen display to track and monitor your workout data easily so that you know how well you are exercising for a fitter and healthier physique.

This smart screen is paired with a 1-year free iFit membership to allow you to enjoy interactive personal training at the comfort of your home.

From on-demand workout programs to live interactive training and the freedom to choose between versatile training sessions, this commercial treadmill is committed to providing you the best workout experience you ever had. Feel free to check full review on NordicTrack Commercial 1750


  • Strong, sturdy frames ensure durability and stability
  • Multiple users profile makes it suitable for family use
  • FlexSelect cushioning running surface for impact-free running
  • Extended weight capacity of 300 lb. to fit in a wide range of runners
  • Comes with an auto breeze workout fan to keep you cool during training

5. Miageek 2 in 1 - Best Under Desk Treadmill

Sunny Health SF-B901

When you don’t have enough time to work out, but you still want to get fit and active, then an under-desk treadmill like the Miageek 2 in 1  is just the perfect machine for you.

This innovative 2 in 1 machine can be used as a walking treadmill and a running one so that you can enjoy your required pace to burn calories and lose weight fast even without leaving your work desk.

One of the main attractions of this treadmill is its folding design. You can pull down the sidebars so that it becomes super slim and capable of putting under the desk. When you fold it for under-desk use, this exercise equipment provides you with a maximum speed of 4km/h to ensure that you have a fast walking pace for your exercise.

Miageek incorporated a 2.25 HP continuous duty powerful motor in this exercise machine to provide a super high velocity of up to 12km/h (not in the folding position) so that you can enjoy rigorous running to make your physique fit. This motor is also super silent than doesn’t hamper your work when you are using it under the desk.

Another significant aspect of this tool is its running surface. The 16″ x 40″ large deck is spacious enough for comfortable walking and running. Moreover, it’s seven-layer shock-absorbing cushioning ensures that even when you run at top speed, your body won’t experience any shock and impact and, therefore, would be free from joint pain and stress.


  • Arrives fully assembled; just open the pack and use.
  • Comes with transportation wheels for easy relocation
  • Comes with built-in audio speakers to provide entertainment
  • Steel constructed frame is strong and sturdy; ensures durability
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity ensures maximum convenience

6. Exerpeutic TF1000 – Best Treadmill for Overweight, Heavy Riders

Exerpeutic TF1000

Heavyweight and obese people always struggle to find a suitable exercise machine that could accommodate their weight and help them to burn fat.

Keeping in mind about such struggles, Exerpeutic manufactured this Electric Walking Treadmill with a high weight capacity so that overweight people can work out on it effectively to burn a lot of calories and shed a ton of their body weight for a healthier tomorrow.

The frame of this walking treadmill is constructed using high-quality steel tubing to make sure that it is strong enough to accommodate obese users. This strong frame can fit up to 400 lbs. of users weight effortlessly without the risk of breaking or falling apart and causing accidents.

Also, Exerpeutic added a 40″ x 20″ large walking belt in this machine to provide a comfortable and well-balanced walking platform for its users.

Moreover, such a wide and long deck can accommodate a wide range of riders with ease. From 5’2’’ to 6’5″ tall, users can walk on this exercise equipment to burn calories and rapidly lose weight.

Furthermore, this stationary exercise equipment comes with an electric LCD screen that tracks and monitors various of your workout data so that you know how far along are you to achieve your fitness goals.

From the time elapsed to speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burnt, this screen shows every necessary data to monitor your progress and keep you motivated.


  • Conveniently placed control buttons for easy operation
  • Super silent operation for a quiet, serene workout session
  • Ergonomically designed, 18 long handles provide extra safety
  • The handlebars include pulse pads to monitor heart rate effectively
  • The 1.5HP of high torque motor provides the right speed for walking

7. Weslo Cadence R 5.2 – Best Treadmill for Beginners

Weslo Cadence R 5.2

Never used a treadmill before? Are you nervous about running on this machine for the first time?

Well, don’t worry. The Cadence R 5.2 from Weslo is just the perfect treadmill for beginners like you. It is simple to use and comes with outstanding features to make your running experience more delightful.

Weslo constructed the frame of this Cadence treadmill using premium quality steel material to make it strong as well as durable. The all-over steel construction also made this exercise equipment heavyweight for phenomenal support and stability.

At about 120 lbs. of weight, this machine can accommodate up to 250 lb. of user weight without the risk of breaking apart and causing injuries.

Furthermore, it includes a super large running deck of 16” x 50” which is not only perfect for users of all heights and body types but at the same time also helps to stretch your stride for an effective yet comfortable running session.

To ensure additional comfort, Weslo incorporated Comfort Cell Cushioning to the running surface to make sure that joints don’t suffer from any impact and can run through comfortably to reach your fitness goals easily.

As this treadmill is best for beginners, it comes with 2 positions adjustable incline so that, aside from normal walking or running session, you can also enjoy uphill running to burn more calories at once.

Also, as changing between the inclination angle is automatic, you can quickly change the incline to find the best position for your training.


  • Features a space-saving design for easy storage
  • Ergonomically designed handles ensure a non-slip, strong grip
  • 1-10 MPH speed level makes it suitable for versatile exercises
  • Incorporates a 2.5 HP Impulse Max Motor for smooth training sessions
  • Includes a large LCD monitor to track several of your workout data easily

8. Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730 - Best Space Saving, Compact Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of free space to set a treadmill, and if you are one of them, then this Asuna – 8730 Treadmill from Sunny Health is your ally. This amazing exercise equipment folds into a compact size so that you can store it easily and conveniently anywhere you want.

The steel constructed lightweight frame has a dimension of 59" L x 30.5" W x 40" H. But, when you fold it, its sidebars, as well as its integrated console, also fold down alongside the deck turning it into a super flat and compact machine.

With an approximate height of 4.5″, you can store this machine effortlessly even under your bed or inside your closet in an upright position.

Aside from its slim, compact size, this treadmill is also very portable. Taking advantage of the lightweight frame and the integrated transportation wheels, you can move it from one place to another without much difficulty.

In addition to its compactness and portability, this exercise equipment also has some other extraordinary features. Sunny Health installed a 4-window display to track your workout progress in real-time.

From the time, distance, speed, and calories burned, this screen is capable of showing all your exercise data so that you know how successfully you have finished your training.

Moreover, to keep you motivated and entertained, it comes with a device holder and a media port and built-in speakers to connect your smart device with the running machine and enjoy your favorite songs via the speakers.


  • Includes floor stabilizers to avoid any slip offs and wobbling
  • Comes with an integrated emergency stop clip for maximum safety
  • At 49” L x 17.75” W, the running surface is large enough for a secure run
  • Incorporates a powerful motor of 2.5 HP to support a maximum speed of 8 MPH
  • The running deck is well-cushioned to absorb shock and impact for extra comfort

9. Bowflex BXT116 - Best Treadmill with Incline

Bowflex BXT116

When you want to enjoy an uphill running or walking experience alongside the regular training, don’t hesitate to buy the BXT116 Treadmill from Bowflex. Aside from other extraordinary features, this exercise machine offers both incline and decline options so that you can enjoy versatile running sessions at the cost of one.

To start with, this amazing treadmill comes with an inclination range of 0 to 15% to make sure that it offers various running regimens for regular runners and is suitable for every type of user out there.

Beginners can benefit from the lower incline angles, whereas; the expert runners can enjoy the higher inclinations to burn calories fast and strengthen their muscles quickly for a fitter body.

In addition to the incline, Bowflex also added a -3% declination angle to this treadmill to provide you the feel of downhill running or walking.

To power up your incline or decline effortlessly, this running machine incorporates a super powerful motor of 3.75 CHP so that you can enjoy a speedy running session both uphill and downhill without any difficulties.

Another interesting aspect of this running machine is its SoftDrop Technology. This innovative technology is a design spec that comes with a gas shock folding system to provide users with added convenience.

With its gentle descent, you can easily fold the bike into a compact size and store it anywhere you want without any difficulties.


  • 9" full color, back-lit LCD screen to track several workout data
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity to pair up with various fitness apps
  • Extra spacious 22" x 60" running path for convenience; suitable for tall riders
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars for a comfortable yet strong, non-slip grip
  • Incorporates a personalized coaching technology for a more successful workout

10. Nautilus T618 - Top of the Line with Digital Connectivity

Nautilus T618

Smart exercise equipment  are a new range in the new decade. And if you also want to own a piece of exercise equipment with intelligent features and digital connectivity, then this Nautilus T618 Treadmill is your best choice.

With several digital features and enhanced wireless connectivity, we bet this is the best-digitalized treadmill you can find in the market at a very competitive price range.

Nautilus incorporated an enhanced Bluetooth connectivity system to this running machine to not only make it smart but also to sync it with your phone or other smart devices to use various fitness apps like Explore the World, MyFitnessPal, UA Record, and more for a better workout regimen.

Moreover, aside from setting, tracking, and monitoring various workout metrics in real-time, this advanced wireless connectivity also enables you to play your favorite music directly from your phone via the integrated speakers to keep you well-motivated entertained during your rigorous training sessions.

To smoothly operate the Bluetooth connectivity, this machine comes with a Dual-Mode blue backlit LCD screen with various controls that not only displays your workout data like calories, speed, incline, time duration heart rate but is also adorned with 26 built-in fitness programs so that you can reach your fitness goals efficiently and quickly.

Another excellent feature of this modern exercise machine is that it comes with an integrated Contact & Telemetry Enabled heart rate monitor to measure your heart's performance while running on the deck to monitor how your heart reacts to your workout.

Check full Nautilus T618 review to know more....


  • Provide a maximum speed up to 12mph for fast runners
  • The 3-ply thick belt ensures durability as well as comfort
  • 3.50 CHP powerful motor for a speedy yet noiseless training session
  • Rebound™ deck cushioning provides a comfortable, impact-free ride
  • 20" x 60" gym-quality running path for a smooth yet effective running

11. ProForm Pro 2000 - Designed for Versatility: for the Walker, Jogger, and Runner

ProForm Pro 2000

The Pro 2000 treadmill is an all in one treadmill machine. From walking to jogging and running rigorously, this piece of stationary exercise equipment provides you with versatile training opportunities so that you don’t get bored and leave your exercise without completing your goal.

Moreover, this machine is also suitable for beginners as well as experts and elderly people because of its various pacing speed.

To start with, ProForm incorporated a commercial-grade, a super-powerful motor of 3.5 CHP in this running machine, to ensure that your training session is incredibly smooth and silent.

Furthermore, because of this powerful motor, you can also enjoy different speed levels for versatile workout sessions every time you use it. With an adjustable speed range of 0 to 12 miles per hour, you can choose a speed level according to your fitness level and workout vibe.

Additionally, for users who are looking for extra variations, ProForm added both incline(0% - 15%) and decline (-3%) options to this piece of exercise equipment so that, aside from flat surface running and walking you can also experience uphill and downhill training to lose calories faster.

Moreover, to make your workout regimen even more safe and convenient, this running machine comes with a 22" by 60" larger running deck to ensure that you will be well balanced and won’t slip off from the treadmill to cause accidents and injuries.

Besides, this deck is adorned with ProShox patented technology cushioning to reduce the amount of impact and shock and put minimal stress on your knees and other joints.


  • Compatible with iFit for versatile workout programs
  • Includes a port to connect your iPad for entertainment options
  • With enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for extra convenience
  • Comes with a wireless chest strap to monitor heart rate effortlessly
  • 7" Oversized Backlit LCD screen displays several of your workout data

12. 3G Cardio Elite - Best High-end Treadmill

3G Cardio Elite

If budget is not a factor and you are willing to splurge a handsome amount of money on the best at home treadmill, then this 3G Cardio Elite Runner should be your pick. It is expensive, it offers extraordinary features, which makes your working out super effective and pleasant.

The alluring silver frame of this machine is made using top quality steel tubing and then powder coated with scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant paint to make sure your machine lasts long and also looks as shiny as a new one.

Moreover, as the frame is super strong and sturdy, it has a high weight capacity and can accommodate 386 lbs. of users weight effortlessly. Every type of runner can train on this bike without the fear of falling apart and causing injuries.

Its running platform also contributes to making this exercise equipment suitable for everyone. With a 22″ x 62″ large running deck, people with every height level (even 6’6"- 6’7″ tall riders) can run on this treadmill easily to lose weight and tone muscles.

This deck is adorned with Ortho Flex Shock cushioning system that absorbs the shock and impact successfully to provide you with a very comfortable yet effective running or walking session. With this suspension system, there won’t be any stress or strain on your joints or muscles.

Another outstanding feature of this treadmill is its Elite Runner Console. This console is equipped with several pre-programmed courses, numerous fitness tests, one-touch speed and elevation settings, heart rate control, and custom workout programs so that you never get bored or overwhelmed while working out intensely.


  • Includes built-in speakers for entertainment purposes
  • Has a speed range of 0.5-12MPH for versatile workouts
  • 8 preset fitness programs to provide you training varieties
  • Comes with a powerful 4.0 HP motor for smooth operation
  • Provides an inclination angle of a maximum 15% for uphill running

13. Sunny Health SF-T1407M  - Best Manual Treadmill for Walking

Sunny Health SF-T1407M

If you want to buy a treadmill that is environment-friendly yet provides you the best walking experience, don’t hesitate to buy the SF-T1407M Manual Treadmill from Sunny Health.

Even though this machine is manual, it comes with several amazing features that would provide you the best walking experience without even leaving the house.

Sunny Health made this exercise machine non-electric because it wanted to provide its users with a power-saving option. With this machine, you can walk as much as you want without paying any bill or hurting the environment. Moreover, as it doesn’t require any power source, you can set it anywhere you want in the house.

Even though machine is power saving, it didn’t compromise performance. Sunny Health constructed the frame with premium quality steel tubing to make sure that it is strong but also durable.

Moreover, this sturdy frame features a foldable design so that you can turn it into a compact size, and store it conveniently anywhere you want without any difficulty.

Another great feature of this treadmill is its incline. This exercise machine offers three different incline positions to add intensity to your strolling pace to burn calories fast.

With its incline angles, this treadmill focuses on your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves to tone them to make sure you have stronger muscles than before.

This walking machine also incorporates an LCD screen to track and display the time, speed, calories burned, and steps. This screen is battery-powered, and you won’t need any electricity for it as well.


  • This tool supports a weight capacity of 220 lb.
  • Compact and lightweight; easy to move and relocate
  • Includes floor stabilizers to avoid slip offs and accidents
  • Ergonomically designed handles provide a non-slip, strong grip
  • Comes with a non-slip running surface to provide maximum safety to the user

14. Exerpeutic TF900 - Best Walking Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF900

When walking is your only exercise requirement, don’t waste your time buying the amazing TF900 Electric Treadmill. Exerpeutic designed it in such a way that this exercise equipment specializes only on fitness walking rather than jogging or running.

This stationary running machine comes with a 1.5 HP motor that is powerful enough to produce the speed of walking or strolling. It offers a maximum velocity of 4 MPH to ensure that you can enjoy a ground-level walking experience without even leaving your home.

Additionally, for more convenience, this speed level is adjustable so that you can increase or decrease the pace of your strolling according to your needs and mood.

Another excellent aspect of this exercise equipment is that it comes with an extended weight range.

With a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It is one of the few treadmills available in the market to accommodate extremely obese and heavyweight people with ease.

As it has such a high weight range, Exerpeutic constructed the frame of this treadmill with high-quality steel material to make sure that it is strong and sturdy enough to accommodate this weight limit without falling apart or breaking down.

Furthermore, to make walking smoother and more enjoyable for every type of user, this stationary exercise equipment has a 36” x 16” large belt to provide a decent running surface for walkers for their daily strolls. The belt is not cushioned because you won’t feel and impact or stress your joints while walking.


  • Includes built-in wheels for easy transportation
  • Incorporates floor stabilizer to hold the tool in place securely
  • Comes with a folding frame for a space-saving, effortless storage
  • Ergonomically designed, non-slip handlebars to provide a secure and strong grip
  • Has an LCD screen to monitor and display time, distance, calories burned and speed

Things to Consider Before Choosing the best Treadmill for Home Use

Adding a treadmill to your home gym can be an excellent investment. It does not only help you to run and shed calories, but this exercise equipment also helps to practice other versatile exercises to tone and strengthen your boy.

However, with hundreds of brands in the market with various features, it might be tough to find just the right one for you.

But don’t worry.

To make your treadmill buying process easier, in this article, we have described and talked about the features that you must keep in mind while choosing a treadmill so that you can score the best in the market according to your requirements.


One of the initial things you must do before buying treadmill is to research the quality of the different brands in the market. Not every brand out there makes the best piece of treadmill you would want to exercise on.

There are still some brands that manufacture crap pieces of exercise equipment that can do your workout out a total disaster.

To score yourself the best home treadmill according to your budget and fitness needs, we would recommend you choose a brand that has a good reputation among the customers, and people often talk highly of them.

Another thing to look for while learning about the different treadmill brands is the return policy. If the company doesn’t have a return policy, you should keep your distance from that brand and look for other brands to buy your exercise equipment.

Here are some top rate brands in treadmill categoris like, Nordictrack, Bowflex, Sunny Health & Fitness,  Nautilus, Exerputic etc.

Budget for a Home Treadmill

The budget might be one of the fundamental and essential aspects you must consider because the type and the quality of the treadmill depend greatly on your budget.

It is believed that the higher the budget, the better the treadmill you would get. But this statement is not always true. Even with a high budget, you might end up buying a “not so great” treadmill if you don’t know what features you should look for and what would help you to achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Treadmills are available in a variety of budget range. You would find this machine in every price range from $200 to over $1,500 and $3,000. If you have a tight budget, we suggest you go for the one between $1,000 and $1,500.

This price range might seem quite a bit higher, but in the long run, you would enjoy its perks; the models below $1,000 are truly affordable, but these models might not serve you as long as you would want them to.

On the other hand, when the budget is not a problem, we would recommend you to splurge and get the best one in the market.

Size & Space

Before making any hasty decision about buying, you must keep in mind the space you want to set and the treadmills size. If these two doesn't match, you might find it challenging to set your equipment and have to return it.

Even though most of the treadmills have a smaller footprint and requires quite a small place to set up, we would still suggest measuring the space carefully before making your final call.


Another thing to consider is its ergonomics and how comfortable it is. If you are not comfortable with a treadmill, you won’t enjoy working out on it, and therefore, your exercise won’t be as effective as it was supposed to be.

We suggest you choose a super comfortable model so that you enjoy riding it regularly to burn more calories and get fir quickly

Maximum Weight and Assembly

Not all the treadmills are designed for every type of riders out there; therefore, you must check the maximum weight capacity before purchasing it.

Most treadmills nowadays come with a handsome weight limit. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t pay attention to this aspect. For instance, if you are quite heavyweight and you end up buying a low weight limit machine, there is a high possibility that the machine will not support your weight and fall apart quickly to cause accidents and injuries.

That’s why you save yourself and your money; it is of utmost importance that you buy a treadmill according to your weight limit.

Besides the weight limit, you should also keep an eye on the assembly process. As the vendor, if the assembly requires any special care or not, research online about the particular tools assembly process if you want to assemble it yourself.

However, we would recommend you to take professional help to assemble the treadmill. It might cost you some extra bucks, but you would be sure that the machine won’t fall apart or break because of the perfect assembling process.


When you buy a treadmill for your home use, never forget to check its adjustability, especially if you plan to use it with your family. You might be a fast runner, but your grandma might want to just walk on it to keep herself active; for such scenarios, adjustability is extremely important.

Look for an treadmill that comes with different speed range as well as different incline. Also, if you have tall and short, heavy, and light people in your family, make sure to pick a treadmill that has construction and settings to cater to the exercising needs of every type of your family members.

Manual vs. Motorized Treadmills

The treadmill comes in two varieties; motorized and manual. One of the most important factors that you must consider prior to choosing treadmill is to decide which type of runner you want?

A traditional manual one or a more advanced motorized one.

Both these types of treadmills have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s keep on reading to find out more about them.

Manual Treadmills

In simple words, a manual or self-powered treadmill is a piece of exercise equipment that doesn’t incorporate a motor to power itself. Instead, this machine uses the action of your feet against the deck to move the belt and increase the speed. The belt only moves when you keep walking or running on it.

Aside from being a more affordable option for your regular cardio exercises, a manual treadmill is also very useful. As this is powered by muscles, it tones and strengthens your muscles better and also helps you to burn a lot of calories.

However, this type of treadmill cause joint stress and might cause severe pain. Also, because of its standard feature, it is not suitable for older people to even walk on it, let alone run.

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Motorized Treadmills

On the other hand, as the name suggests, a motorized treadmill is powered by a motor that doesn’t require any man-power to set the belt in motion. It is automatic, and hence, a motorized treadmill is more popular and user-friendly than a manual one.

Moreover, a motorized treadmill doesn’t put any strain on the muscles, and therefore, it is suitable for all types of riders out there.

The power of this type of treadmill are determined by horse-power, and therefore, you must keep in mind about the horse-power while buying a motorized treadmill. Remember that, the heavier the user, the more the horse-power should be.

Power Use

When you choose a motorized treadmill for your home gym, the most important aspect to keep in mind is its motor power. This is because the motor powers the running surface and helps you to run smoothly on the track.

Motor power is determined by horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower(CHP). Treadmills usually incorporate motors of 1.5 to 3.0 CHP. However, if you are a serious exerciser and train regularly on a treadmill, then you must get a machine that is not less than 3.0 CHP.

This is because such a high powered motor will give you more control over the treadmill and help you to run smoother and better than ever before.

Then again, if you are an elderly person and your main priority is just walking on this exercise equipment, then a lower CHP motor would be fine for you.

Folding Vs. Non-folding Treadmills

Generally, as motorized treadmills are a bit pricier than the manual ones, it’s natural that they come with varying features and designs to make your training experience even more delightful.
One such feature is the folding feature.

The motorized treadmill comes in both folding and non-folding designs. The one you will choose depends on your needs and home size.

If you don’t have the luxury of space to set a regular treadmill, then you should adopt a folding one. The folding frame folds into a compact size so that you can store it easily anywhere and Everywhere.

Moreover, even though these machines are folding doesn’t mean that they are not sturdy. The high-end models feature a strong, sturdy frame that is durable and won’t break off while you are on it.

On the other hand, when you have enough space and can set the machine without any difficulty, don’t hesitate to buy a non-folding, regular treadmill. The non-folding treadmills offer a sturdier frame and deck and make your running experience even more delightful.

Also, as they are constructed with robust material, these machines are quite heavy and provide phenomenal stability and support to the runner.

Running Surface

The running surface, or also known as the belt or deck size of a treadmill, is a crucial aspect to consider because it is the actual place where you run. If the running surface is not long and wide enough, you won’t feel comfortable running on it and hence, won’t receive the desired outcome that you have been aiming for.

The ideal treadmill deck is based on your height. For short people, a smaller running surface is an excellent option; however, for taller people, a larger running surface is a “must-have.”

The running surface features that you must keep in mind while buying a treadmill are:

Running Surface Length

Even though the length of a running deck ranges from 45 inches to 60 inches, you must choose the one that is at least 48 inches to accommodate a wide range of riders efficiently. If you aim to just walk on the machine, then a shorter deck would be perfect for you.

On the other hand, users with long strides who prefers running must choose a more extended running surface to make the most of their workout session.

Running Surface Width

In addition to the deck length, the running surface width is also an essential factor to keep in mind. Normally, the width of a treadmill deck ranges between 16 inches to 22 inches, depending on the size of the frames. But we would suggest you opt for a wider deck for your comfort.

Notice Belt Thickness

One of the main factors that determine the durability of a running belt is its thickness. The thicker the belt, the more durable it would be.

We would recommend you to adopt for a deck belt that comes with a two-ply or four-ply treads.

That is because these belts are more durable than the single layers one. Moreover, thick belts can endure more stress than thin ones and can withstand wear and tear better.

Thicker belts are also quieter and, therefore, offer nearly noiseless operation for a silent and serene training session.

Even though most treadmill in a budget-friendly price tends to incorporate single-ply tracks, many brands provide more than one ply decks. You just need to search better.

Consider the Speed

The speed range of a treadmill varies by brand and model. Affordable models usually come with a speed range of 8 mph or 10 mph, whereas the expensive brand offers a minimum of 12 mph.

If you are a runner and looking to buy a treadmill for regular running purposes, then it’s best to get a treadmill that goes up to 10 mph or higher.

We are suggesting such high-speed range because the higher the velocity, the more effectively you can run on the machine to burn calories and get fit.

Wireless Compatibility

What’s a modern exercise machine without enhanced wireless connections?

Look for wireless connectivity like Bluetooth while buying your treadmill because such features help you to enjoy your workout to the fullest so that you can achieve your fitness goals more comfortable and quicker than before.

A lot of modern motorized treadmills come with a Bluetooth compatible feature. This advanced wireless feature helps you to connect your exercise machine to your mobile phone and access an array of fitness apps to track your workout data more efficiently.

Additionally, many of these apps assist you in setting your fitness goals easily for added convenience.

Pre-set Programs

One of the main reasons people quit their workout session before even reaching their fitness goal is boredom. You can also be one of them if you exercise regularly using the same routine.

And that’s why when choosing a treadmill for your home gym, never forget to look for an array of preset workout programs so that you can keep well-motivated and continue training to achieve your goals easily.

A bunch of built-in fitness programs not only helps you to try out a range of versatile exercises every day for an effective workout routine, but at the same time, they also help you to get rid of the boredom you experience doing the same kind of training regularly.

The preset fitness programs usually include interval programs, heart rate programs, random, cardio, fat burning, etc. to make your workout regimen more flexible and functional.

Auto or Manual Incline? Incline Levels

In addition to various preset fitness programs, the incline of the treadmill also makes your workout more interesting by varying your stride while running or walking.

Different incline also has 3 exciting benefits; it makes the treadmill training easier on your joints, allows faster calorie and fat burn, and supports better muscle strengthening and toning.

There are two types of incline available; auto- incline and manual incline. While the automatic incline machine adjusts the inclination angle with just a push of a button according to your workout needs, in the manual incline system, you have to get down of the deck to physically adjust the angle of inclination by adjusting the machine itself.

From the users perspective, experts suggest adopting an automatic inclination as it is easy and user-friendly. On an automatic incline machine, you can even adjust the inclination even while using the treadmill.

Moving on, treadmills of different models consist of different levels of inclination. But we would suggest you adopt a machine that includes an incline that goes up to 10 percent or higher. Moreover, if the treadmill has a decline feature, it would be added as a plus.


Working out or running on a treadmill doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable. In fact, the comfort factor is one of the crucial aspects to look in a treadmill for your daily exercise purposes.

If you are not comfortable with the piece of equipment, how are you going to train rigorously and become healthy and fit?

When choosing a treadmill for your own use, make sure that the running surface has an adequate amount of cushioning so that it can absorb shock and impact completely.

It is important because the shock from the running can strain your joints and cause pain in your joints as well as muscles.

However, ensure that the cushioning doesn’t feel "soft" or spongy. This type of cushioning is capable of creating knee injuries in the long run and also wears out easily and quickly.


Stability is another main aspects of a treadmill. This is because the balance of the machine ensures your safety. The more stable a treadmill is, the more security it would provide to its users. And that’s why never compromise the stability of the treadmill.

A treadmill with outstanding stability means that you can enjoy an intense workout session without the fear of falling over and hurting yourself.

The stability of a running machine depends much on its construction material. Hence, you should also keep an eye on how strong and sturdy the frame is while buying your running machine.

Control Panel

When you want to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, numerous preset fitness programs, and other high-tech features, don’t forget to check the control panel. The control panel is extremely important because it is the place where you control and operate several of the smart features that your exercise tool comes with.

While buying a smart treadmill, look for a well-labeled control panel with intuitive controls: up/down controls, quick one-touch speed and incline buttons, easy to read, a backlit display screen with workout tracking system (time, speed, heart rate, incline) are some of the most prominent features that a control panel must incorporate.

We would strictly suggest you avoid treadmill models that come with a poorly designed control panel and display screen.

Console Specifications

In addition to the control panel, you must also keep an eye on the console of the treadmill.

Modern treadmill consoles are adorned with modern gadgets like speakers, cooling fan, and even LCD TV to make your workout experience even delightful.
Even though all these features are not required, make sure that you have the necessary features in the console before making any final call.


The entertainment feature is another important aspect you must keep in mind when searching for the right treadmill.

Working out or running on the treadmill is a rigorous physical activity, and that’s why to keep yourself entertained as well as motivated so that you don’t lose interest and stop your running without reaching your goal, you must choose a piece of exercise equipment that comes with numerous entertainment features.

Nowadays, treadmill manufacturers incorporate USB ports, wireless Internet connectivity, and built-in sound systems so that you can listen to your favorite music while running on the machine. Some advanced machines also come with built-in games, so keep you well-entertained during training


Modern treadmills come with different types of additional accessories to make your workout even more delightful. From treadmill mats to entertainment accessories like tablet holder or TV stand and treadmill cleaning materials, this piece of exercise equipment comes with an array of items to provide you with additional convenience.

Even though these accessories are not a part of the actual machine, we would still suggest looking for extra accessories for an enjoyable running session.

Inquire About the Delivery

Before making your payment, don’t forget to ask your treadmill vendor about the delivery system. Delivery cost can make quite a difference if it is not included in the purchase price.

Also, consider how you are going to bring the machine to your home or the gym.

If you buy from online, then it’s highly likely that you don’t have to worry about the delivery as online stores deliver items to your doorsteps.

However, if you are buying from an physical store, ask the seller about the delivery process before making the payment. Bringing such a big product might be a hassle.

Ask About the Warranty

Never hesitate to ask about the warranty when buying your ultimate treadmill. Warranty is yet another indicator that determines the quality of the exercise equipment that you are buying. The higher the warranty period, the more chances that the machine performs well and won’t break off easily.

Generally, high-quality treadmills tend to have significantly better warranties compared to their cheaper competitors. For treadmills, warranties can come in several forms; manufacturers provide warranties for the frame, motor, parts, and labor to ensure their durability as well as workability.

Warranties of treadmills can usually from 30 days to lifetime depending on their quality and brand value.


Before making your buying decision, make sure to check if the brand has a return policy or not. If the company doesn’t have any return policy, then we would suggest you not to buy from such a company because there might be a huge possibility that the treadmill won’t perform as promised.

On the other hand, even if your treadmill comes with a return policy, don’t forget to confirm the policy with the seller. There might be a clause which states that even if they take back the treadmill, you might have to pay for the shipping cost and restocking fees.

Confirm every detail of the return policy before paying the bill.

Our Final Words

There is no denying that we have covered everything you must know about a treadmill before buying one for yourself. You might have all the answers to the question "which treadmill is best for home use".

We are hopeful that this buying guide would help you to pick just the right piece of exercise equipment according to your budget and fitness needs.

We can assure you that you would never fail to score yourself the best treadmill in the market with this guide.





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