9 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000 Review of 2020

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 1000 Dollars Review

Among many other leisure activities, cycling is one of the most enjoyable ones, and without a doubt, a great lifestyle choice. Not only it grants you an escape from your daily life grindings but also impacts your health and fitness level.

Throughout history, cycling has been a lavish lifestyle.

If you are a casual rider and looking for a multipurpose bike, hybrid bikes are the one you should go for.

These specialized bikes are a blend of multiple characteristics of bikes such as a mountain, touring, and road bikes.

As a novice cyclist, you will find these bikes comfortable, stable, and variable in usage.

Among many other hybrid bikes present online, we have handpicked some of the best hybrid bikes under $1000.

These bikes are lightweight, has straight handlebars and smooth tires, allowing less exertion while on the road. A perfect type of bike which a casual rider could dream for.

In a hurry? Check out top 3 hybrid bikes below 1000 dollars

Best Overall

Gravity X-Rod

Gravity X-Rod

Colors - 02

Speeds: 8

Best Use for Men

Editors Pick

Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women

Tommaso La Forma

Colors - 01

Speeds: 21

Best Use for Men & Women

Budget Pick

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Bike

Sixthreezero Fully Loaded

Colors - 03

Speeds: 21

Best Use for Women

9 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000 Reviews

1. Tommaso La Forma

Tommaso La Forma hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 700C
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 27 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Acera
  • Brake: Tektro RX1 V-Brakes
  • Colors Available: 2 colors

If you are looking for a durable bike having powerful performance and speed, Tommaso La Forma is just the bike you need. Produced by Tommaso, who ensures incredible value and versatility, this bike is worth every penny.

The compact frame made with lightweight aluminum together with an HCT Carbon fork in this bike helps to maximize vibration dampening and reduces weight. 

Tommaso La Forma is equipped with rapid-fire shifters and a heads up display. The Rapid-fire shifters enable you to shift gears effortlessly, and the heads up display keeps you informed about which gear you are currently riding in, making your life easier. 

It also comes with 3×9 Shimano Acera Groupset, featuring an 11/32T cassette and 48/36/26T crankset which is a bargain at its given price point.

This feature offers riders unbeatable variety of gears. The result? The bike can be ridden in any given condition, and road variation won’t even matter.

Tommaso La Forma’s compact frame maintains an upright geometry to make riding more relaxing for you. You will feel alert yet comforting while riding, giving you a mesmerizing biking experience.

Ultimately this might turn you into an all-time rider from your casual riding habits. Looking for more detail about this bike? then check our review of Tommaso La Forma hybrid bike

What We Like

  • Quick and straightforward out of the box assembly.
  • Lighter to carry around.
  • Flawless gear shifting
  • High-quality components
  • Can handle a massive amount of weight.

What We Don’t Like

  • Upon arriving, minor tweaks might be required.
  • Can appear too noisy to some users.


2. Gravity X-Rod

Gravity X-Rod 8 Speed Disc Brake Super Hybrid Bicycle


  • Wheel Size: 27.5″
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 24 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Shifters
  • Brake: Shimano hydraulic brakes
  • Colors Available: 3 colors

This hybrid bike will give you a perfect dual riding experience with perfect looks. The aluminum alloy 6061 frame makes it both durable and light-weighted. The tires are wide, and the V breaks are just the thing to stop in any situation. XR Series tube-sets are special from their own company. 

Because of semi-compact geometry of this bike you will get more comfortable while riding

While all the other Advanced 1BY DriveTrain using bikes are being sold at $4000 X-rod is selling at $499, which is super cheap. 1BY Drive Train is providing reliability, maintenance, and excellent shifting.

The e-bikes contain the advanced pedal-assist e-motor makes every stroke of your paddle more intense with speed.

Approximately 250 watts of power gets generated from the motor. There is also display, and the battery is attached with Capacity of 417 Watt Hour. 

What We Like

  • The XR series frame made out of aluminum is the best in case of lighter weight and lighter performance.
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 1 BY Drive Train offer superior braking power and control
  • Cross X custom handlebars enable comfortable upright riding position
  • The advanced pedal-assist e-motor makes the riding more comfortable.
  • The upright position of riding gives the geometric advantage to the rider.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires constant upgrade after one year. 
  • Not very efficient in mountain riding.
  • No trigger shifters on the bike.


3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Fully Loaded

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Fully Loaded hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 26″
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 7 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Acera
  • Brake: Alloy caliper brakes
  • Colors Available: 03 colors

Now, this bike is something remarkable and diverse for you if you are a woman who likes traveling through urban locality. To make your commute more soothing, this bike comes with equipped accessories to cater to your traveling needs. This bike is visually both pleasing and stunning to appear to your taste.

To offer a wide range of riding, for both leisure and long-distance travel, this bike has Shimano 7-speed external derailleur installed with front and rear handbrakes. Whether you are going for a morning refreshment ride or traveling across a town, you will find this bike worth it.

Accessories with this bike include classic ringer bike bell, standard u-lock with cable, Lift-off mesh-bottom front basket and headlight/taillight LED combo pack.

The entire setup, having these accessories shifts in two boxes. These all together makes your riding experience cheerful and perky.

Often you will find women bikes does not include bicycle seat; this eventually makes long-distance riding a real “pain in the ass” literally.

This is where Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is one step ahead with their synthetic leather saddle — making your long-distance journey comfy and relaxing. 

The grips are made of classic stitching, and the tires are 2-inch semi-slick. Giving it a visually stunning outlook and matching your casual bike riding lifestyle and altogether giving you a stable, cushioned ride experience.

What We Like

  • Provides excellent comfort for urban traveling
  • Can be used for both leisure and long-distance riding
  • Visually appealing.
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Easier to mount and dismount

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for rigid terrain.
  • Tier is weak and might not take too much weight.


4. Raleigh Route 2

RALEIGH Route 2 hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 24 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano shifters
  • Brake: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Colors Available: 1 color

Route 2 is a fantastic bike for riding off-the-road as SR Suntour NVX suspension fork ensures you have a smoother ride through the off-road trail. This bike can be used to travel dynamic and unpredictable ways having diverse terrain. It is the one of the best hybrid bike models for under $1000. 

If you prefer hardcore riding experience and want the bike that can keep up with your riding behavior, Route 2 is more than enough to meet your demand.

The entire frame of RALEIGH Route 2 is made of aluminum alloy, giving -a secure and robust infrastructure. You can ride through any terrain and have a thrilling ride. 

Traveling down gravel paths is smoother than ever as this bike includes travel fork of SR Suntour sf15-nvx 75mm with lockout. What this does is helps to smooth out a rough pathway and offers stable riding experience. 

If you are feeling adventurous and want to go mountain climbing, RALEIGH Route 2 has Shimano shifters that make climbing up or down a mountain quite easy.-

When it comes to stopping power, you might need to brake almost instantly under certain road conditions. Thankfully, RALEIGH Route 2 is equipped with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes that ensure instant brakes. Not only it assists you to brake instantly when needed, but also is a huge lifesaver. 

What We Like

  • Suitable for both on and off-road riding
  • Strong stopping power
  • Comfortable to ride in diverse terrain-
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Suitable for hill climbing.

What We Don’t Like

  • Tubes are made of presto valves.
  • Might need minor tweaks upon arrival to suit personal preference.


5. Montague Urban Folding

Montague Urban Folding hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 21 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano trigger shifters
  • Brake: Tektro. Dual Pivot Caliper Brake
  • Colors Available: 1 color

Whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural area, Montague Urban Folding bike will give you the option to skip crowded town area effortlessly with its folding feature.

This bike is light and more comfortable to carry anywhere with you. Montague Urban Folding bike is best suitable for your hunt in a mountain and steep areas. 

The handlebars and stems are made to be completely adjustable, bringing more comfort while riding. This is a huge plus point as adjust-ability will give you the freedom to customize the bike according to your body height.

The problem with other similar bikes out there is they lack this fantastic feature on them. Making Montague Urban Folding one step ahead in the game.

When it comes to speedy bikes, Montague Urban Folding is a breakneck, given that the front and rear derailleurs are made of Shimano Altus and Acera 7 speeds.

This will ensure you are always on time on a destination where you are supposed to be.

Driving down bumpy roads can be quite tricky and discomforting at the same time. However, The 21 drivetrain equipped in Montague Urban Folding ensures that riders have smooth riding experience in bumpy roads. 

What We Like

  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Well-adjusted out of the box.
  • Performs optimally on hill areas.
  • Lightweight and can be carried easily.
  • Adjustable for different body height.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have a kickstand.
  • Expensive compared to other bikes.


6. Raleigh Alysa 3

Raleigh Alysa 3 hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 16 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Acera
  • Brake: Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Colors Available: 1 color

If you are a woman and searching for a hybrid bike less than $1000 then the Raleigh Bikes Alysa 3 Women’s Urban Fitness Bike which comes at $7399.99 is the one for you.

The bike is manufactured in several frame sizes like XS is for 5′-5’3″ height people, S is for 5’3″-5’6″ height people, M is for 5’6″-5’9″ height people, L is for 5’9″-6′ height people. These bikes are the best for group rides and also for long rides.

You will get the bike 85% assembled. A skilled bike mechanic will take only 39 minutes to assemble the parts and 120 minutes for the people who do not have any knowledge or experience of bike assembling.

The company suggests taking the bike to nearby repair houses as they do not provide any reimburse for any defects that are caused by faulty assembling.

The bikes contain a flat bar and scientific solution of upright geometry which lets you free from the stains of back and neck. Aluminum alloy (AL-6061) is used as the primary material to reduce the weight of the body.

The company is providing customer service by online live chat and other prerecorded videos to solve any problem that arises with the bike.

Kenda Kwick Tendril (700x35c) tires are the best when the question is about width and grip on dirt. The standard rubber compound (SRC) has durability and speeding capability due to lower rolling resistance.

No matter if you are cycling in a flat surface of climbing the hill, the 21 different gear speeding systems will allow you to convert to any speed necessary.

What We Like

  • Aluminum alloy (AL-6061) makes the bike light.
  • Twenty-one different gears allow going fast quickly.
  • It can handle the surface of the hill well. The bike commits to giving you efficient long rides.
  • Assembling is quite easy and can be done within 30 minutes but will take up to 1 hour depending on prior experience.
  • Let’s a woman ride comfortably 

What We Don’t Like

  • A non-standard air pump including 30 TPI (threads per inch) gives some rider’s hard time to handle the bike.
  • There are possibilities of injuries on shoulder points because of the wide bars.
  • Sometimes people complain about not finding any kickstand and rack mounts with the package.


Want to smoothly shift your gears and freely ride anywhere anytime, then the next offer is for you.

7. Diamondback Trace St

Diamondback Trace St hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 21 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Acera
  • Brake: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Colors Available: 1 color

If you are price concern, then this Bike is one of the most affordable bikes that come with only $353.68 to $480.00 price. This hybrid bikes a combination of the road bike and mountain bike contributing efficient wheels and comfortable riding respectively.

A 6061-T6 aluminum alloy as a material of the body can give strength to structure as well as toughness. The bike can take up to 300 pounds of weight and run smoothly. The hybrid bike is generally most comfortable for riders with the height from 5’8” to 6’1”.

The 21 gears are the triple chainring for the front and seven speeds for the back (Shimano 3×7) which allows the rider to safely and comfortably ride the mountain.

A simple switch twisting with your thumb can change the gears of any speed needed according to the requirement of the road. Alloy linear V-brakes are also used to let you break at the spot.

If you are concern about your extra safety then not to worry much because the Diamondback Bicycles Trace St Dual Sport Bike provides 32-hole spokes of 27.5-inch DB SL-7 wheels, the wheels are covered with 700x40c dual-sport tires which are best for all kinds of roads.

This 46 pounds weight bike comes 95% assembled. The assembling of the whole bike requires 30 minutes to 60 minutes, considering the mechanical skills. Additional equipment with the bike is water mount, stray chain protector, clearing coat and owner manual.

What We Like

  • The hybrid bike is very easy to assemble, requiring only 30-60 minutes.
  • ST is capable of giving comfort both the smooth road and mountain ride.
  • The lightweight of the bike makes it speedier.
  • Shimano 3×7 gears are easy to operate.
  • The company provides adequate service of materials.

What We Don’t Like

  • If you are going for a long ride, then changing the seat would be your best option.
  • The chains frequently come out of the wheels.
  • Alloy linear V-brakes are not very great for wet roads.


If you want a classy look on your bike with the utmost comfort, then the next one is for you.

8. Populo Legend

Populo Legend hybrid bike


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame: Hi-Tensile steel frame
  • Speed: 8 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Atlus
  • Brake: Alloy caliper brakes
  • Colors Available: 2 colors

You can find a great European design coming with a low price of $398.88 – $399.00 with Populo Bikes Legend 8-Speed Classic bikes. You can get both the comfort of urban commute and traditional bike ride. Polished fenders to the silver-riveted saddle make every part of the body feel more classic.

The Populo Bikes Legend 8-Speed Classic as its name suggests will make you look classic. To make the frame tougher manufacturer used High Tensile Steel

There are three different sizes of the bike. The small one is for the people who belong to 5’4” to 5’6” height category, medium one is for the people who belong to 5’7” to 5’9” height category, the large one is for the people who belong to 5’10” to 6’1” height category.

The manufacturer emphasizes on different Top Tube Length, Seat Tube C-T, Stand Over, Stack, Reach, Head Tube Angle, Seat Tube Angle, Fork Rake, B.B. Drop, Wheelbase, Chain Stay, Head Tube Length with different sizes for the comfort of the riders.

The 8-Speed Shimano Drivetrain gives both comfort and reliability to the chain maintenance of the vehicle. Lower the gap between the cassettes the better.

In 8-Speed Shimano Drivetrain, the differences are 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32. So it’s pretty comfortable. 700c Double Wall Alloy wheels are useful for control over the bike

What We Like

  • They have a 30-day return policy in case of any problem.
  • The fenders are highly polished.
  • It has a modern style retro that enables the rider to have a classic feel.
  • The frame is so comfortable because of the lightweight. You can ride hours after hours.

What We Don’t Like

  • The paint color gets off after some time.
  • There are some minor complains of the derailleur.
  • To additional gear makes it more normal than other hybrid bikes.


If you are looking for a stylish bike that goes with your image, the next one is going to give you so much more than that.

9. Fortified Theft-Resistant

Fortified Theft-Resistant hybrid bike
Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake Hybrid Bike


  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Speed: 8 Speeds
  • Shifter: Shimano Thumb Shifter
  • Brake: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Colors Available: 1 color

Fortified Theft-Resistant is a perfect commuter bike if you are in a mood of traveling. This bad boy can survive a ride throughout an entire city without breaking a sweat.

Compared to other ones, this is the most secure bike and will keep you away from worrying too much about getting stolen.

While on the run, there is a great chance that your bike might get stolen or tampered with when you are not around. To tackle this, Fortified Theft-Resistant is equipped with custom security bolts, making it theft resistant as thieves will find it hard to mess with the components.

If you are always on the rush and need a bike that you can rely on, Fortified Theft-Resistant is the one to go with.

This bike is exactly as it sounds given the fact that it comes with puncture-resistant tires. Also, its rust-resistant frame made of lightweight aluminum makes it a perfect city bike.

What We Like

  • Very sturdy yet lightweight.
  • Less likely to get stolen.
  • Great takeoff speed.
  • Less likely to get rusty
  • Easy to maneuver through traffic.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users complained about tiers not being up to the mark.
  • Rim tape is made of plastic.


Things to know before choosing a hybrid bike for under 1000 dollars

The hybrid bikes are people’s favorite because of its wide range of uses. No matters if you are riding in a smooth surface or mountains or long way of rode these bikes are going to fulfill all your demands.

So we need some research before buying our companion.

The best way is to determine the small components of all the materials that are going to come with the bike.

Gears: There are many levels of gears in a bike. There can 27 and even several gears on a bike. If you are going to climb mountains, then more gears are necessary for you.

Regardless of which one you choose the advantage of hybrids is that it lets you know which gear is currently operating. 

Bike frame: The main material; Aluminum used in the body, but other materials like steels are also used. Aluminum gives lightweight.

It is a durable material and has a high shock absorption ability. Steel is heavier, but it is super strong and sturdy.

Handlebar: The handlebar’s shape can cause a lot of differences between one bike to another. There are drop bars, flat bars, riser bars, mustache bars, etc. drop bars are mostly found in road bikes but can be used in a hybrid bar.

It increases the speed of the bike. Flat bars are the most commonly used in a hybrid bike. Mainly famous for its relaxed and painless positioning.

Riser bikes are leaned towards the biker that allows straightening the rider’s shoulders. Mustache bars are quite similar to the drop bars. It gives the rider several hand positions upgrading the flexibility.

Tires: hybrid bikes are mostly using 700c tires. These are both capable of pavement smooth riding and mountain riding. Currently suggested being the best in the market.

Suspension: sometimes adding a suspension makes it harder for the riders who ride in paved or smooth roads. So they should have one without any suspension.

For the rough streets, some bike is providing front suspension. So you should choose one according to your needs.

Brake type: there are two kinds of brakes offered by the companies. One is disc brake, and the other one is rim brakes.

Rim brakes are cheap, and it easy to replace but wears off pretty fast. Disc brakes are stronger with less effort from your finger if you are using the hydraulic brake.

The mechanical disc brakes are adjusted manually if its pad wears off.

Frequently asked a question about the hybrid bikes:

  • Q: Why are hybrid bikes better?

A: The simple answer is variety. The bike contains several varieties of components from which you can have the best experience of both ridings in smooth paths and rough mountain climbing.

  • Q: Why are there so many gears?

A: It is because of the same reason why cars have gears. They make the ride efficient and comfortable at different speeds.

  • Q: What is the correct placement of saddle?

A: To the point where your knee is 25-30 degrees angled when your foot is at the lowest point of the rotation.

  • Q: Which is the best handle for hybrid bikes?

A: Different handles serve different purposes, although the hybrid bikes manufacturer companies most commonly use the flat bar.


If we judge by the above factors, Tommaso La Forma lightweight aluminum hybrid bike is the best bike that you can spend your money on.

It is durable and gives a powerful performance on the road. Its lightweight and rapid-fire shifters feature make the bike best suitable for casual riders. 

RALEIGH Route 2 is also an honorable mention due to it being very strong and suitable for both on and off-road.

Even it can trim through muddy trails on rainy days quite easily, reducing the chance of accidents. The robust infrastructure made of aluminum alloy adds up to its value and lives up to its price.

Montague Urban Folding bike also stands out of the crowd with its folding feature.

Just imagine how convenient it is to pack up and fold your bike when you are stuck in traffic and need to be somewhere on time.

Though the price is somewhat high compared to others, the features fill up for it. 

It all comes down to your personal preference and what you prefer on your bike. As a casual or novice rider, you might lack knowledge about bikes and get confused by all of these bikes available online.

We hope this article gives you a sense of guidance and makes you pick the best bike suitable for your need. Now it is up to you to choose the right one according to your budget and preference. Happy Riding!


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