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Best Hybrid Bikes For Women

Are you finding walking in a bike store to look for a hybrid bike ? Or are you getting confused about the latest features of various models?

Well, if your answer is “yes,” then you are in the right place, Girl!

Forget your worries and relax, as we’re here to put in light on the girls hybrid bicycles.

We’ve picked the best out of bests based on their comfort level, benefits, and quality of components.

You can have a ride with them on different terrains, including paved trails, city streets, or slight off-roads.

So, not killing further times, let’s explore the best hybrid bikes for women at affordable budget in the following.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Best Women’s Hybrid Bicycles In 2020

Best Overall

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Alloy Hybrid Bicycle

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

Colors - 03

Speeds: 21

Frame: Aluminium

Editors Pick

Raliegh Alysa 3 Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Alysa 3

Colors - 01

Speeds: 16

Frame: Aluminium

Budget Pick

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover

Colors - 01

Speeds: 21

Frame: Aluminium

9 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women Reviews


1. Raleigh Alysa 3

Raleigh Alysa 3 Urban Fitness Hybrid bike

Experience the comfort of a road bike with this versatile Raleigh Alysa 3 Urban Fitness bike. If you are uneasy with the concept of drop bars but wish to ride a long way on the road, then this urban series is the best choice for you. Its one of the best women’s hybrid bikes in 2020

As a girl’s first triathlon, group rides or just for simple riding, the Raleigh Alysa 3 offers comfort with efficiency.

This bike eases the strain on the back as well as a neck with its upright geometry and flat bars.

The main three features of the Alysa 3 are powerful disc brakes, double-wall disc rims and wide tires, and shifters that come with 16 speeds to choose from.

You’ll witness a new meaning of style and comfort while having a ride on this trendy bike.

The specialties of this city-commute bike are – light-weight and speedy, smooth ride, and easy assembly. Ladies are planning to head out for a concert with friends, or having coffee or pedaling with family or buddies; this quality two-wheeler won’t let them down. 

Reviewers extolled this bike as more upright and cruiser-friendly and good for the city commute. And it is also mentioned that the Raleigh Alysa 3 bike’s customer service always stands to help the customer. 

What We Like
  • This bike comes 85% assembled, and another installation of parts is easy to do. 
  • It offers efficiency with comfort. 
  • Allows the rider to see the road ahead without putting a strain on the back and neck. 
  • This bike offers the rider ultimate stopping power and Allows to take a quicker decision in any weather condition. 
  • Provides more traction and stability on the unsteady bike path. 
  • This bike shifts very smoothly and very fast on the pavement with its smooth tires.
What We Don’t Like
  • This bike has a limited size to offer a good fit. 
  • The Alysa 3 comes only with two colors to choose from. 


2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney


sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Alloy Hybrid Bicycle

Are you the lady with spinal or knee injury looking to reclaim your health? Then this Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is your way back to health.

This sleek, modern showpiece is ready for whatever you plan to; from hitting the trails to the beach, from dawn to dusk. 

The best approach of the Sixthreezero is its affordable quality and eye-catching style along with modern comfort.

This is a bike manufactured with a concept that would make you encouraged about two-wheeled movement. No matter your age, you’ll feel like 12 again. 

This classic hybrid bike offers you maximum comfort to go everywhere.

The rider is allowed to maintain suitable leg expansion while at the same time keeping her back upright for optimal pedaling.

The timeless style and foot-forwarded design of this hybrid bike allow you to stop varying heights. You can put your feet on the ground while pedaling and also stand over the seat while at a full stop. 

This bike can be an excellent and timeless gift to a wife, sister, or friend, who loves to ride in and have decided to take up biking as a part of a healthy lifestyle. This sturdy bike has four gearing options, including front and rear handbrakes. 

Whether you have a ride on the moderate hills, long-distance, trail, demanding streets or flat terrain; the EVRYjourney enable you to handle the wide range of riding. Reviewers raved this bike suitable for a vast range of riders for its high quality, comfort, and capability of a smooth ride. 

What We Like
  • This bike provides excellent rolling along with the stable and cushioned ride. 
  • Assures easy maneuvering with its light aluminum frame
  • This bike includes a rear rack for use with optional baskets, panniers
  • There is also matching full fenders to protect the rider from rain as well as debris. 
  • Allows you easy and quicker stopping with front and rear handbrakes.
  •  For optimized comfort, this bike also includes leather-stiched grips and dual spring seat. 
What We Don’t Like
  • The saddle is kind of stiff. If possible replace that with comfortable one. 


3. Schwinn Discover


Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

On our third pick, we pick the hybrid bike with excellent value and quality components- the Schwinn Discover.

With a proud history of over a century, this bike is praiseworthy for its earned excellence. This women’s hybrid bike is the prime outcome of the Schwinn Company. 

This bike is manufactured with a unique design that offers the rider a comfortable and user-friendly system.

As you rack up the miles, the convenient ergonomics helps you to keep your neck as well as lower back protected from pain.

This women’s hybrid bike fits a woman’s body with its custom-shaped frame and sweeping handlebars.

Whether you are cruising around town or streets, enjoy your adventure to the fullest with the Schwinn Cross Commuter Discover hybrid bike.

You’ll surely enjoy this bike a lot for its lightweight, comfort, easier pedaling uphill, durability, and back sweep handlebar along with city rise adjust ability.

With the aluminum city frame, dual-density constructed anatomic grips, and comfortable sport seat of this American icon, you can go wherever the roads take you. 

You’ll feel the freedom and confidence while riding the bike with this number one brand in America. This best-loved cycle of all time has earned raving reviews from women who have purchased it. It has significant advantages over other hybrid bicycles that make women impressed with this new discovery.

To know more specifically about this incredible bike then check review of schwinn discover bike.

What We Like
  • Its aluminum frame design is specially equipped for a woman’s body
  • While turning, the wide tires of this bike give you confidence
  • The rider experiences smoother ride and stability over rugged terrain due to its front fork suspension
  • This bike includes quality components contributed by reputable companies
  • Light-weighted, yet a durable hybrid bike
  • Allows the rider to carry extras with gear rack
What We Don’t Like
  • This bike is a bit heavier compared to other hybrid bicycles.
  • This bike doesn’t offer options for the size of the frame; one size may not fit all. 
  • You’ll require to assemble this bike by either yourself or professional.


4. Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru


Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru Hybrid Bike

The Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru can be a wonder to the riders along with its distinctive features and services.

It is more like a hybrid bike with a low-price tag offering high performance to you. 

Whatever you want to do- mount or dismount, or simply ride all day long, the Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru City Comfort Hybrid bike delivers its utmost best to riders in all conditions.

If you want a hybrid bike that comes with zero worries, hassles and apprehensions, then you must experience this one. 

The unique and amazing features of the Venus-7 make it unique in the world of bikes.

While manufacturing this bike, comfort and long term usability was the priority. You will enjoy a perfect ride with its shock-absorbing steel frame.

Its super resilient and strong tire is suitable for any road conditions and awful weather. Also, its tires come with water dispersion grooves. This helps the bike to make way through water traveling. The puncture-resistant tires give you the guarantee of longevity and reliability. 

Its sturdy tires give you effortless roll out on both flat and challenging road pavements. You’ll love its specialty that allows you to ride in different styles. This bike is a great choice for traveling as it comes with vintage-inspired metal fenders. The rear rack also adds to its versatility.

What We Like
  • This bike has a great ability to absorb shocks
  • Allows the rider to mount and dismount easily
  • Offers the rider expanded riding versatility
  • Easy to assemble and simple, yet smart functioning
  • This bike is well-built and offers the capability of good balance
  • The absolute choice for cities and seniors
What We Don’t Like
  • The fenders may become dislodged
  • The quality of headlight is a bit low. 


5. Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail


sixthreezero Pave N' Trail Hybrid Road Bicycle

Our fifth pick is good news to the aggressive hobbyist bike. This sleek and simple Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail is the ideal hybrid bike for the advanced bikers.

This rugged and ready to ride a bike comes with a true commitment of providing comfort at your every journey.

This bike gives priority to comfort without doing compromise with performance.

Its eye-catching design and affordable quality make people interested in experiencing this unique bike.

Cities, parks, neighborhoods, beaches- wherever you wish to ride with it; the Sixthreezero bike is always ready to add fun in your journey.

To ensure you a pain-free and enjoyable ride, this bike’s every aspect is crafted with love and care. The innovative frames help to keep your body accurately aligned. Thus prevents cramp of your shoulders, back, and wrists.

The positioning of the pedal also ensures that the rider can securely and quickly ride without sacrificing comfort. You’ll love the controlled and smoother ride with its medium-width tires across various types of terrain. 

As comfort is the priority, your back and hip get support with the tapered saddle, and also uncomfortable friction are avoided through this. You won’t feel grimy or sweaty as this bike is equipped with durable and soft synthetic leather grips. 

Do you know the exciting parts of this bike? The Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail allows you to customize it with baskets, racks and baby seats – whatever you want to. Their snap-on Attachment points make this bike completely customizable to your heart’s content. 

What We Like
  • Equipped with easier mount step-through frame
  • Assures stability and quickness with hybrid tires
  • Provides easy portability with a rear rack
  • Suitable for expert riders looking for adaptability and performance
  • Allows user to customize as per preference
What We Don’t Like
  • This bike is not designed for massive off-road adventures


6. Schwinn GTX


Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

There is hardly any biker who hasn’t heard the name of Schwinn Company. They are famous for manufacturing the perfect combination of a hybrid bike that offers road bike speed in a cruiser comfort and comes with the versatility of the mountain bike.

Our sixth pick is another from the Schwinn line of hybrid bikes- Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike. 

It is very realizable from its name that this bike’s priority is the ultimate comfort of the user.

You can go around in the neighbors, or to the store or all-day trip with this multi-sport bike. It has truly the capability to handle all your biking needs.

The interesting part is that this bike gives you options to choose from five different colors, including pink, blue, black, a combination of black and yellow and sky blue. Also, its best features will catch your mind like precise and easy gear changes, smooth-riding, and extra stability, quicker and extra stopping power.

On-road riding or off-road adventures, whatever you wish to go with this hybrid bike, its multi-use tires go perfectly on every path. Its versatility and durability make it special with the aluminum dual sport frame and Schwinn alloy crank. Every part of this versatile bike provides a significant amount of energy. 

This multi-sports hybrid bike is fit for several kinds of bicycle-related games. The user gets the surety of longevity and not to be deteriorated quickly. You’ll feel the comfort while this bike prevents sudden bumps. Despite being equipped with durable materials, this bike is very light weighted. This helps the user to feel comfortable while riding. 

Reviewers have eulogized this bike with good ratings. Also, customers have mentioned about their excellent customer care service. Right pick of a bike, but a combination of efficiency and an excellent design is rarely something you find in a bike that the Schwinn GTX offers you. 

What We Like
  • Excellent bike for both paved paths as well as dirt riding
  • This bike is effortless to assemble
  • It is suitable to use for all kinds of sports
  • Moving around and set up is very comfortable due to lightweight parts
  • Prevents sudden bumps from roads with its front suspension
  • This bike consists of the durable front rim and versatile tires
What We Don’t Like
  • This bike may create clicking noise in the pedals.


7. Viva Dolce 3


Viva Dolce 3 Women's Hybrid Bike

Do you love to roam around the city? Then you’ll surely love the Viva Dolce 3. It is suitable for cruising around the city and commuting. It is a great city bike with great style.

The Viva Dolce 3 Women’s City Bike is a simple hybrid bike, yet elegant. 

It is equipped with excellent quality components that make it the perfect number for pedaling around the city.

Also, it consists of other plus points, including rear rack, comfort saddle, and a bell. You can say it is a work of art for the cycle lovers. 

This bike is equipped with durability and longevity with its high-ten welded frame.

The Kenda Slick tires and 700C aluminum double-wall rims with stainless steel spokes give stability to this bike on roads.

The rider would experience smoother riding with its Shimano Nexus internal 3-speed hub, Shimano shifter and aluminum crank set and anti-corrode KMC chain. This cool and stylish hybrid bike can be a excellent choice for an independent lady. 

The Viva Dolce 3 Women’s City Bike has earned significant reviews from the customers who have a satisfactory experience with this bike. Reviewers gave this product good ranking to move around in urban commuting and also stated that their customer care service is very supportive and nice. 

What We Like
  • Perfect for cruising around the city and commuting
  • It can be easily assembled with screwdrivers and wrench
  • This bike comes with Sturmey Archer 3 speed with front and rear drum brakes
  • It is a beautiful and best step-through ladies hybrid bike
  • This bike is equipped with an aluminum handlebar and seat post with superior comfort
  • It includes extras like chain guard, kickstand, fenders, rear carrier rack, and a bell.
What We Don’t Like
  • Only one color available.


8. Schwinn Wayfarer


Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

For those who aim to purchase an excellent hybrid bike at the lowest price with the comfort of a cruiser; the Schwinn Wayfarer is the ideal one.

Now you don’t need to spend a massive amount of money to get a true hybrid leveled bike. 

The Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle gives you the best performance on the trails as well as on the asphalt, and also in the environment at a reasonable price.

You’ll experience a new emerge of riding with this well-built, excellent features included and affordable hybrid bike which will make you surprised.

As far it is concerned about women’s hybrid bike at budget price, the Schwinn Wayfarer comes in the top place of the recommended list.

You’ll notice the difference in the quality and would be satisfied with this bike’s performance. As being one of the best ladies hybrid bikes at low budget from the Schwinn Company, the Wayfarer makes a reliable place in the market. 

Whether you want to have a ride on city streets and cross local campuses, or drive up and down bumpy trails; this women’s hybrid bike lets you transfer with confidence between different terrains. You’ll love the comfort and fun to ride it.  

Customers raved about this bike and stated this clearly that they are delighted with its performance. They mentioned in their reviews how comfortable and attractive the bike is. And reviewers also pointed out the smoothness and stability of this bike on different terrains. 

What We Like
  • This bike is durable, yet very lightweight design
  • It consists of high-traction tires
  • This bike needs very simple assembly
  • It comes with a classic retro design
  • Provides improved stopping power with its rear and front alloy pull brakes
  • It includes comfortable saddle
What We Don’t Like
  • The seat is sort of like sitting on a rock. So, you should buy a seat cover.


9. Gravity X-Rod


Gravity X-Rod Hybrid Bicycle Bike

Our ninth pick the Gravity X-Rod is suitable for those who want strong, yet lightweight performance with an aluminum frame, CrossX handlebars, and wide gearing.

This bike provides comfortable upright positions to its users. 

No matter the condition comes to its powerful V brakes allow sudden and sure-stopping.

This bike will enable you to ride over almost anything comfortably with its wide tires.

Every aspect of this hybrid bike is built with the utmost care.

If you see its X-Rod frame design, you’ll see that this is precision welded from lightweight and durable aluminum tubing.

Moreover, the tubing comes from the own special XR Series tube-set of Gravity.

By maintaining comfortable ride quality, the top tube and down tube design are engineered to ensure responsive performance. The comfortable upright position is also supported with the semi-compact geometry frame. 

To perform a hybrid bike, this bike is equipped with advanced 1BY Drive-train and all X-Rods reliable brakes which assures top shifting, reliability, less maintenance fuss, and light-weight.

And this bike becomes the best Commuter, Super Hybrid Bicycle with its strong disc brakes. 

Its X-Rod saddle is one of the comfiest saddles that you’d have ever experienced. You’ll feel the comfort while sitting on the specially shaped and ergonomically engineered wide seating surface. Much of the bumps and vibration of trail surface are absorbed with the advanced elastomer suspension underneath the saddle. 

Customers raved this bike as the perfect dual-sport hybrid or trail bike. They also mentioned about its fantastic look. 

What We Like
  • Equipped with durable and light-weighted aluminum frame
  • Consists of super comfy wide tires 
  • Excellent stopping power for nearly all conditions
  • Provides with comfortable upright riding positions
  • Allows easy straddling and top shifting
  • Absorbs maximum shocks or vibration of road surface
What We Don’t Like
  • You’ll require to assemble this bike by either yourself or professional

What should you look when buying a hybrid bike for female?

Whether you are planning to have a ride on city streets, hard surfaces or roughed terrains- hybrid bikes are the right choice for you. Due to its excellent flexibility, women desire for these bikes to ride well on various terrains.

Almost every bike company has an exclusive collection of girls hybrid bikes, which comes to offer you more comfort, efficiency, and best features as well. Choosing the right one that suits your desires and needs, you need to consider a few points. 

So, what should you consider for women’s hybrid bike?

Here we`ve revealed the key features that you should look when buying a ladies hybrid bike. 

  • Bike Frame Material

Female hybrid bikes are comes in three different materials- steel, aluminum, and carbon. You must consider the feature that your bike’s frame provides to you. For example, despite being comfortable, the steel-made frame is not much used.

On the other hand, Carbon frame comparably raises the bike price and also a bit high for hybrid bicycles, still, nowadays it is getting much popular. But if you are looking for affordability with comfort, longevity, and lightweight; then aluminum frame would be the right choice. 

  • Drop Bars or Flat Bars

Another vital part of the hybrid bike is handlebars. Perfect handlebars ensure upright riding position and encourage you with confidence while riding. Most hybrid bikes come with flat bars where usual road bikes consist of drop bars. 

Hybrid bikes with flat bars allow the riders to experience easier gears as well as bake. This emphasizes comfort and confidence to the beginner riders. 

  • Width of Tires

Women’s hybrid bike’s tires should be wider compared to an ordinary road bike. As with the hybrid bike, your goal is to ride in different terrains and variety of places; its tires need to be capable enough to face all kind of road surfaces. 

The wider the tire is the greater performance your hybrid bike can give. The width of tires should be between 28 and 42 millimeters. Such big tires allow riding smoothly with their added capability of grip and stability no matter the road condition is. 

  • Quality Components

A good hybrid bike is that which is equipped with quality components. What type of components you are looking depends on the criteria of using the bike. You can let off being bothered about the shifting or consisting number of gears of your bike when it is only for use between work and home.

But as far you intend to ride in a hilly area, you should make sure that your hybrid bike includes 32-2 sprocket on the back, and a tipple chainset upfront to allow you any high climb along with a more excellent range of gears.

  • Type of Brakes 

When looking for ladies hybrid bikes, brakes hold a significant place. In wet or muddy road conditions, you must have total control over the brakes. Usually, hybrid bikes come with the rim brakes. But if you go with expensive models, you’ll see bikes with disc brakes which allow the rider excellent stopping power in all situations.

  • Size 

A good riding performance depends on your height or other things like the length of your inner leg. So, it is crucial to think about what size hybrid bike do you need to go before you purchase any female hybrid bike. Hybrid bicycles are sized as numerically like inches or centimeters, or small, medium, and large categories.

 Keep in mind that it is quite obvious that you won’t find one brand’s size the same as others, as the sizing system is not consistent through all the brands. So you should have a demo of your desired one to be sure of how it feels. 

  • Pedals

You will also need to think of what type of pedals you’d like on your bike. You can choose between flat and clipless pedals. Flat pedals allow you to the right in your regular everyday shoes. Whereas, clipless pedals need to wear you more recessed cleat shoes. Clipless pedals system is suitable for riding in high traffic and features a little more like mountain bicycles. 

  • Women’s or unisex bikes?

Though bike companies have special women targeted bikes, still you can choose between women’s or unisex bike. There is no universal consent on what features make the difference between unisex and women’s bikes. Yet, you’ll see differences in the sizes, top tube, saddle to the handlebars, crank arms, shock tune, etc. while going through between these two types of hybrid bicycles.

However, there are different ranges of women’s hybrid bikes; many women are comfortable with unisex bikes. So, it is upon you to choose your range of the hybrid bike.

  • Flexibility

No matter you stick with women’s hybrid bike or prefer unisex bikes, flexibility is another essential thing that you must consider while buying one. Better riding experience will come with a good fit of whatever type you are choosing to. And for this, you need to test the flexibility of the desired bike.

  • Have a bike-fit

 Bike-fit means to take measurements of flexibility, leg length, shallower drop, and handlebars, etc. of the bike that you want to buy by an experienced bike-fitter. Before purchasing, you can have an adjustment of the necessary elements of the bike like handlebar reach, saddle height, etc.

Also, you can have swapped out specific parts for others; for example, you can adjust handlebars with a shallower drop instead of a deep drop. This will make your bike with the best possible fittings.

 Final Verdict

As different brands comes up with various sizes, features, and certain differences, it is worth testing out your chosen bike before making the final decision.

From best hybrid bikes for women to their buying guides, we have tried to bring on all the details that you would need to find out the right one that suits you and your budget. We are pleased to be successful in steering you with necessary info that leads you towards a perfect riding. We hope you find this guideline helpful. 


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