Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes for Beginners in 2020

Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes for Your Level 2018

We know how its difficult for a starter to find a best beginner mountain bike for trail riding. As a novice you may don’t have enough knowledge to selecting the perfect model at early stage. So to help you on getting the perfect mtb we have spent countless hours on researching & made this list of best entry level mountain bikes for beginners. So from this review article you may find the mtb that’s is suitable for you.

In A Hurry? Check The Winners by Category:

For Men

Diamondback Hook

Type - HT

Speed - 8

Wheel Size - 27.5"

For Women

Raleigh Eva 3

Type - HT

Speed - 21

Wheel Size - 27.5"

For Boys

Diamondback Sync'r

Type - HT

Speed - 11

Wheel Size - 24"

For Girls

Diamondback Line

Type - HT

Speed - 8

Wheel Size - 24"


Speedrid EMTB

Type - HT

Speed - 21

Wheel Size -26" 









Last Update: March 27, 2020

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding mountain bike for the rider who are looking for. Some of the listed bikes have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the best mountain bikes currently available online.

Comparison list of Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes For All Users


Bike Name

Bike Type

Best For

Wheel Size

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Diamondback Hook

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27.5 Inch

Diamondback Atroz

> Check Review Below

Full Suspension


27.5 Inch

Raleigh Eva 3

> Check Review Below



27.5 Inch

GMC Topkick

> Check Review Below

Full Suspension


26 Inch

Diamondback Sync'r

> Check Review Below

Youth Bike


24 Inch

Diamondback Line

> Check Review Below

Youth Bike


24 Inch

Speedrid EMTB

> Check Review Below



24 Inch

GMC Yukon

> Check Review Below

Fat Bike


26 Inch

Beiuo Toray T700

> Check Review Below



26 Inch

Gravity FSX 2.0

> Check Review Below

Full Suspension


26 Inch

Hardtail Mountain Bikes for Beginners

1. Diamondback Hook

Diamondback Hook Hardtail Bike for Men

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

The bikes aren’t designed specifically for one person, in fact, finding a suitable bike depends upon a person’s height and weight. The Diamondback Hook is a hardtail bike that suits taller men better but women also can try it. Its a tough bike that can rule the mountain terrain without any problem. Its a good mountain bike for beginners who want to ride on trails.

What makes this bike so special?

Let’s talk about the durability – Diamondback Hook is made from 6061-T6 butted alloy which makes it super lightweight and durable. Equipped with a low-slung modern frame, the beautiful frame geometry will allow the rider to manoeuvre the bike deft and precise. Trails or off-road, the bike remains stable even on tight trails and steep descents.

With 27.5-inch wheels, Diamondback Hook provides maneuvrability and height even for taller men. The bike comes in different sizes and is suitable for riders with heights of 5’4” to 6’4”. Added to that, the 2.3-inch-wide tires offer enough traction to hold the bike in control even on rocky terrains.

Suspension forks are the first line of defence against tough terrains.With that said, the Hook won’t disappoint when it comes to providing a smooth riding . Equipped with SR Suntour XCM fork, the bike makes no excuse for providing stability. The 120mm fork travel adds great handling characteristics and comforts to the ride.

Now it all comes down to the Hook’s stopping powers. Equipped with Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc brakes with 160mm rotors, the brakes are fast and precise. It allows the rider to manoeuvre the bike with confidence and control on any trails.


  • Includes 27.5-inch wheels which improve rider height.
  • The SR Suntour forks provide 120mm fork travel for greater stability.
  • The low-slung fame makes the bike deft and precise even on tough terrains.
  • Includes powerful Tektro Aries disc brakes for unimaginable stopping powers.
  • Shipped with 85 percent parts assembled, the bike is ready to use with a four-step assembly.


  • The seat might not be comfortable for some .

With an affordable price tag and great reviews from its owners, Diamondback Hook is the perfect choice for taller guy. Need a beginner’s hardtail mountain bike? You should check this one out.

If you want to know more detail about this incredible hardtail bike then you can check the review of diamondback hook 27.5″ trail bike.


2. Raleigh Eva 3

Raleigh Eva 3 Hardtail Bike for Women

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

The 2nd one from Raleigh for the women who like to ride on hardtail bike.

Raleigh bikes are always special when it comes to quality. Designed with women’s-specific geometry to fit and help better, the Raleigh Eva 3 doesn’t fail to deliver the Raleigh quality. The frame geometry makes Eva 3 the perfect choice for women’s who adore mountain biking. Its a middle size bike between 26″ & 29″ wheel sized bike so the short or taller ladies both can ride on this.

Eva 3 offers a smooth and comfortable riding with its fast and precise gear shifters. The bike comes with Shimano trigger shift powered by SR Suntour cranks to deliver better performance. No matter whether it’s a paved road or off-road trail, Eva 3 is built to perform.

The durable Eva 3 frames are made from butted aluminium. To add superior strength to the frames, the frame also features a formed downtube and CNC-machined tube. Made specifically for women’s, the frame geometry is performance tuned to fit better for the ladies.

To enhance the performance and control on off-road trails, Eva 3 comes equipped with tough Weinmann double-walled rims and Kenda Kadre tires. The big knobby tires will the bike with better grip even on slippery terrains. The bike is built to keep rolling along the trails in confidence.

Need more reasons to purchase Eva 3? Then the Suntour suspension will give a good enough reason to help anyone decide. The forks with 75mm travel will absorb the impacts from rough rocky trails to smooth out the bumps. Overall, it’s a bike that brings value and performance.


  • Built with 6061 aluminium frame hence lightweight
  • Tektro disc brake to ensure great stopping power.
  • Women’s specific comfort saddle, grips as well as frame.
  • 75 mm travel suspension fork to absorb shocks on bumpy terrain.
  • The aluminium frame is lightweight, and that makes the bike easy to manoeuvre.
  • Equipped with Shimano trigger shifters to cover 21-speed; this allows to ride the bike in any suitable speeds.


  • The seats won’t be comfortable for everyone.
  • Weighing at 29.9 pounds, few riders have complained about the weight.

The bikes are designed keeping certain buyers in mind. If you’re looking for a bike built specifically for women’s, Raleigh Eva 3 is a good mountain bike for beginner women rider. It won’t disappoint you.


3. Beiuo Toray T700 ( alternative to Diamondback Hook )

Beiuo Toray T700 carbon fibre made hardrtail bike for men

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

For so many years, the idea of buying a carbon fibre bike was too good to be true. However, over the years, the price of a carbon frame bike has become more affordable. Beiuo Toray T700 is the budget carbon fibre made hardrtail bike for men that offers as much as it possibly can. Run on 26″ wheels so average bodied/short riders get easily fit on this bike.

Carbon frame mountain bikes are costlier compared other mountain bikes. Though, don’t assume that T700 compromises on other features to keep the price down. It comes with a carbon fibre frame. Not only that, the manufacturers used high-quality materials found with other expensive mountain bikes.

Let’s talk about the suspension, for example; the T700 is comes with the perfect fork to back up the flex and lightweight of the frame. The GTMRK 330 hydraulic fork provides the right amount of travel to minimize the impacts. The suspension is very responsive and comes into action when needed.

The gear system doesn’t disappoint as well, Shimano Altus gear system adds a solid look and feel. With 27-speeds, the bike delivers the right speed for all the riding scenarios a rider will encounter. This makes the bike a fantastic choice for cross country riding.

So, on which feature the bike has compromised? Well, the bike comes with all the great features an expensive buy can offer. Beiuo Toray T700 is equipped with the best wheels as well, the Ruituo M200 wheels that come with the bike is extremely light and durable. Added to that, the Chaoyang tires provide enough grip and traction for a confident riding.


  • Carbon fiber made handlebar & seatpost
  • The bike gives a premium look with quality components.
  • Comes with a 27-speed gearing system that offers plenty of gears.
  • 26 inch wheel thats why average bodied riders can easily ride on this bike
  • The frame is made of carbon fibre; hence it makes the bike super lightweight.
  • The bike includes GTMRK 330 hydraulic fork for a comfortable riding .


  • Not perfect for taller riders
  • The assembly can sometimes be confusing, but it’s fairly easy if you follow proper instructions.

With all the features of an expensive buy, the biggest positive about T700 is its price. It’s extremely rare to find a bike with these high-quality components for such a low price.


Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Beginners

4. Diamondback Atroz

Diamondback Atroz Dual Suspension Bike

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

Diamondback Atroz is a full-suspension starter mountain bike for taller men. The bike is unique for several reasons. Atroz comes with specs to stability and ability to tackle any tough terrains and trails on the go. Apart from that, the bike also offers a unique style that gives it a classic mountain bike look.

Let’s take a glance at its specs,

A rider must have the perfect posture to control his bike the right way. Diamondback Atroz comes with different sizing option which is a huge advantage. The rider can choose the best height suitable for his height and weight. The worst thing anyone can expect is owning a bike that is either too small or too large.

Made with longevity in mind, Atroz is a no-nonsense bike when it comes to durability. The strong, reliable aluminium frame is lightweight and strong enough to withstand the most adverse hurdles it takes on.  Mountain bikes take a lot of abuse compared other street bikes, Atroz is a fantastic choice which offers durability.

The main talking point of this bike should be its suspension. The bikes full-body suspension absorbs the impacts and provides the rider with a smooth and enjoyable biking . The dual suspension eases the rider into mountain biking, and that make this bike a great choice for beginners.

Talking about speeds, the Diamondback Atroz comes with enough gears to ride on any suitable speeds. The bike is truly a performer that enables the rider to power their way through twists and turns. To sum it up, Atroz drivetrain has no problem keeping up with any challenges it faces.


  • Tektro Disc brakes for instant stopping
  • 4″suspension fork offers a comfortable ride
  • The bike has got great reviews from its owners.
  • The 27.5-inch wheels offer improved manoeuvrability.
  • Shimano 24 speed drivetrain so you can ride on the uphill quickly
  • The bike is easy to assemble; this will be helpful for transport and storage.
  • Equipped with the aluminium frame, hence the bike is lightweight and durable.


  • The components used to build the bike are basic, though, they are made to last.
  • Finding a replacement part for the newly introduced 27.5-inch wheels might prove somewhat difficult.

Diamondback Atroz is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable mountain bike. Packed with plenty of great features, finding a similar bike would never be an easy task. With Atroz, you don’t need to sacrifice great features to find an affordable bike.


5. GMC Topkick

GMC Topkick Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

Loaded with features as of an expensive bike, the GMC Topkick is a fantastic choice for average height female riders. With a sturdy frame and 21-speed gearing system, the bike gives unparalleled performance compared to its competitors. This two-wheeled companion is capable of handling rough terrains and trails in any weather conditions.

Equipped with 21-speed gearing and dual suspension, the bike ensures the rider can travel at any speeds without any limits. This along with front and back Promax brakes, Topkick is designed to stop no matter what the environmental conditions are. Be it on a muddy or wet surface; the brakes are super precise when it comes to stopping the bike.

Another talking point should be its full-suspension frames. It offers great cushioning during those rides through bumpy trails. The dual suspension mechanism of GMC Topkick can be compared to the best in the market. The suspension offers a high level of comfort and safety like no other mountain bikes.

For precise and proper shock absorption, the bike is designed specifically with zoom suspension fork-spring technology. Therefore, it’s evident that the bike is solely built to meet the needs of most consumers. No matter which terrains and hurdles the bike takes on, the bike remains stable and in control at all times.

The other unique feature of this bike is its sturdy aluminium wheelset featuring high-flange alloy hubs. Coupled with a V-shaped profile, the ride allows the rider to comfortably take over any trails with fewer risks. These are only a glimpse at the features the bike has to offer; one should take the bike on trails to know the full extent of comfort it offers.


  • The disc brakes work perfectly in all weather conditions.
  • Includes dual suspension to improve riding comforts.
  • The bike has a decent and appealing look to attract anyone.
  • Micro shift push shifters & Shimano drivetrain for controld bike speed properly.
  • Constructed with durable aluminum frame which make it safe while riding on bouncy path.
  • Includes a sharp receptive back derailleur combined with a fast and simple assembly.


  • The shifter on this mountain bike needs to be adjusted on a regular basis.
  • The additional parts on top of the aluminium frame make this bike pretty heavy.

For the price you pay for it, you’re getting the best value for your money. It is the perfect entry level mountain bike for beginner women and is a force to be reckoned with. It is fast, safe and above all very comfortable.


6. Gravity FSX 2.0 ( alternative to GMC Topkick )

Gravity FSX 2.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

Its a alternative full suspension bike for the ladies. If you don’t like the GMC topkick then you check this Gravity FSX 2.0 dual suepnsion bike. The bike comes with myriad features such as full suspension, lightweight aluminium frame, and a 24-speed gearing system. It surely is one of the best bikes by Gravity, as an cheapest entry level bike, it is a perfect bike to train on tough terrains.

Looking at the build quality,

The bike comes with the durable aluminium frame with single pivot technology. Although the frame is lighter, the frame ensures great performance with its modern design. Along with Suntour suspension fork, the FSX 2.0 can handle the impacts quite well on tough terrains.

Coming to the brakes, the bike comes equipped with Tektro Novello disc brakes. The brakes are super precise and act fast ensuring safety to the rider. The rider will always have total control over the bike even on uphill and downhill mountain trails. Gravity bikes are no-nonsense when it comes to ensuring a safe ride.

Furthermore, the bike also comes with 24-speed gearing system composed of Shimano EF51 shifters. The shifters offer smooth gear shifting and plenty of gears to ride at suitable speeds. This kind of gearing system is ideal for beginners who are trying to find their groove in mountain biking.

When it comes to wheels, the FSX 2.0 has a 26-inch wheel that goes well with most riders. Especially for ladies, these wheel sizes are pretty easy to control. Therefore, the bike can be a great guide to get used to mountain bike riding.


  • The frame and main parts are made of durable aluminium.
  • The mountain bike is very easy to assemble and do adjustments.
  • Includes 24-speed gears to ensure a smooth ride with plenty of gears to choose from.
  • The bike can be a great partner to guide the rider through the lessons of mountain biking.
  • The bike is equipped with features to provide a smooth ride even on the long-distance trail.


  • The bike comes with a quick release lever which results in the seat clamp to tighten only to a certain point.

The Gravity FSX 2.0 offers a great deal of durability and value. The bike comes with good composition of quality materials for its price. It surely is a great deal for ladies who are looking to get trained on mountain trails.


Fat Mountain Bike for Any weather Conditions

7. GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

Tire of seeing regular mountain bikes? Well, we also reviewed some extra ordinary bikes which are more than regular mountain bikes. See this GMC Yakun fat tire mountain bike.

It’s a unique fat tire mountain bike that designed specifically for plus sized (overweight) individuals. Made with durability in mind, Yukon is strong, comfortable, and allows the rider for safe rides no matter which terrains they take on. Without a doubt, it’s the ideal bike for who are overweight.

With 4-inch-wide tires as its most remarkable feature, the ride can comfortably hold up to 300lbs without a problem. To this, the rims are made of durable aluminium which is lightweight but at the same time very sturdy. Added to that, the aluminium rims further protects the wheels from corrosion.

Unlike other mountain bikes, GMC Yukon is more about strength and control on difficult terrains. Riding on off-roads, trails, or tough terrains, nothing can’t go wrong with those fat wide tires. The bike also features wide rims with tires protecting them. Designed to contain a good cushion of air, the tires absorb impacts from trails while preventing impacts from damaging the rims.

Keeping overweight individuals in mind, the bike frame is made from durable aluminium for lasting performance. The aluminium frame provides maneuverability with its lightweight properties. It also makes the bike ideal for smooth and swift rides through difficult terrains.

Going further, GMC gives no excuse when it comes to safety. With disc brakes on both front and rear sides, the bakes are precise for stopping abruptly on any terrains. Added to that, the steel suspension keeps the rider stable and in control on the go. The bike is a perfect choice for with weight concerns.


  • You can ride the bike almost on any tracks.
  • The big tires make the bike ideal for plus sized individuals.
  • The aluminium frame makes the bike lightweight and fun to ride.
  • Comes with Shimano 7 speed shifter for riding at suitable speeds.
  • The bike can hold up to 300lbs and is suitable for both men and women.


  • The bike includes only seven speeds; more would be better.
  • As the bike isn’t meant for speed; the rider has to be satisfied with the average speed.

Don’t let the size hold you back. GMC Yukon is the ideal bike for plus sized . Be it on dirt or snow; the bike is ready for rides on tough terrains.


Electric Mountain Bike for Fun Riding

8. Speedrid Folding

Speedrid Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

Another special bike, yes its an E-mountain bike. If you are Looking for an easy and fun ride? Then it will be a better option.

The Speedrid electric mountain bike with Folding facility is the most comfortable bike for a beginner level rider. City streets, trails, or mountain terrains, Speedrid lets the rider conquer any tracks without many efforts.

With two fun riding modes, the bike lets the rider enjoy a truly exciting riding . While the bike is in electric mode, the bike rides on its own without being pedalled. However, with the assist mode on, the bike allows the rider to assist pedalling while giving the rider a small exercise.

Equipped with a large capacity lithium battery, the electric motor on Speedrid is capable of riding through tough trails. With 4-6 hours of charging, the motor can rides on streets, trails, uphill’s, and on snowy roads. Need some speed? Speedrid can travel at 20mph without being pedalled.

Coming to the tires, the bike comes equipped with 26-inch magnesium alloy integrated wheels for superior strength. The anti-slip resistant tires provide traction in almost any weather conditions. Added to that, the tires also add a great look to the bike while providing improved safety.

Wait, the features are not end there. Speedrid comes with a foldable design that allows the bike to be folded. It saves enough room while storing the bike in garage or car.  Also make the bike easy to carry around. Even the pedals can be folded while storing the bike.


  • Comes with anti-slip resistant tires.
  • Easy to ride on both city and trail roads.
  • The handles can weight leaning forward.
  • The bike can travel at a speed of 20mph on straight roads.
  • Large capacity lithium battery can last up to 23 miles in assist mode
  • Includes a folding option which makes the bike easier to store and carry around.


  • A motor with a bit more power would be better.

A truly fun ride loaded with features, Speedrid Folding electric mountain bike adds great value to your money. With two working modes, you’ll enjoy riding this whole day long.


Beginner Mountain Bikes for Youth

9. Diamondback Sync’r 24″ – [ Hardtail Bike For Young/Youth Boys ]

Diamondback Sync'r 24" Hardtail Bike For Young

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

You must agree with me that, It’s most important to maintain the right posture to handle the bike safely for the youngsters. However, sometimes the boys end up riding the wrong bike suited for them. If that’s a concern, Diamondback Sync’r is the perfect answer. Made with a low-slung geometry, the bike provides the right height and handling for the young riders.

With 24-inch wheels, sync’r is a smaller version of Diamondback’s hardtail bikes. Made from aluminium with a low-slung geometry, the bike suits best for the boys with ages of 8 to 12. The lightweight bike presents the young boys with manoeuvrability and control on their rides along tough terrains.

Equipped with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, Sync’r offers great safety for young riders with it’s deft and precise stopping powers. On top of that, the bike also comes with adjustable levers for kids with the growing hands. In fact, the bike is a fantastic choice when it comes to the safety of young riders.

Added to these features, the bike also comes with SR Suntour XCR suspension for stable and enjoyable riding. With 80 mm travel, the suspension is capable of socking up impacts from bumpy trails. It leaves the young riders with confidence to control their bikes on any tough tracks.

Talking about the speeds, Sync’r comes with an 11-speed drivetrain that allows riding smoothly at any suitable speeds. Combined with all these features, the bike gives the young kids with a comfortable and safe riding that no other bikes can replicate.


  • perfect choice for the boys at ages of 8 to 12 or 53 to 62 inches tall
  • Includes adjustable brake levers for easier access for youngsters.
  • Comes with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power.
  • The frame is designed with a low-slung geometry for easier riding .
  • Lightweight aluminium frame makes the bike easier to handle for young kids.


  • The handlebars are sometimes wider for average kids, and it should be cut short.
  • The seats is hard and might not be comfortable for some kids. better to reaplce

With the features that you’ll find on the big guys bike, sync’r provides everything that a young rider would ask for. It’s a bike for the upcoming trail riders, and it surely serves its purpose.


Beginner Mountain Bikes for Girls

10. Diamondback Line 24″ – [ Hardtail Bike For Teenage/Young Girls ]

Diamondback Line 24" Hardtail Bike

Click on the image to check the bike out on Amazon

And the last one for the girls who are seeking to start bike riding like young boys. Line 24 is a smaller version of Diamondback Line series that comes with all the features of the bigger hardtail bike. It is a complete beginner bike in the field of trail riding for young teenage girls.

Line 24 comes with SRAM 8-speed drivetrain paired with the aggressiveness of a low-slung geometry. This helps the beginner’s bike to deliver great handling and control like a pro bike in a far higher price range. On the other hand, the performance of Line 24 justifies the bike geometry.

Like most of the Diamondback mountain bikes, Line 24 features a lightweight aluminium frame for the ease of handling. This combined with SR Suntour fork with 80 mm travel, the bike can absorb the abuses from rocks and bumps that come along mountain trails. Hence, the Line 24 makes a great travelling companion for young ladies/girls.

To enhance the safety of the rider, the bike comes with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with adjustable brake levers. The stopping power further adds to the safety no matter where the trails lead the way. The bike is capable of tackling those tough trails while maintaining stability and control at all times.

Furthermore, the 8-speed drivetrain will the rider with plenty of gears. Equipped with its very own Kenda tires like on other bikes, the Line 24 can roll on any terrains while taking up impacts. The big knobby all-terrain tires are durable and offer great traction even on slippery trails.


  • perfect beginner mountain bike for young teenage girls.
  • Added low-slung geometry for improved posture while riding.
  • The suspension with 80mm travel offers great comfort while riding.
  • The bike arrives partially assembled, that makes it fairly easy to assemble the remaining parts.
  • With years of in bike manufacturing, it’s a brand worth spending money on.


  • The seats might be hard for some rider. Change it if needed..

Big things come in small packages; Diamondback Line 24 delivers every benefit of an expensive hardtail bike. With added specs and safety features, the Line 24 is THE best choice for young girls.



Things to Know Before Buying an Entry level or Beginner Mountain Bike

A lot of may have trouble choosing their mountain bikes. Especially if they aren’t familiar with the types of bikes available in the market.

Let’s take a look at the different types of mountain bikes available in the market.

How Many Type of Mountain Bikes?

Trail MTB:

These are the type of bikes outfitted with components considering the strength and durability rather than weight. A trail bike has wider tires with more aggressive threads compared to a normal road bike. This helps a trail bike to be used mainly on off roads or non-paved trails.

Cross Country MTB:

Both trail and cross-country bikes are identical and can easily be confused at first glance. Though, the cross-country bike has a narrow handlebar that gives it enhanced speed and agility. Also, it has a smooth tire compared to trail bikes which allow faster rolling for maximum speed.

All-mountain / Enduro MTB:

These are bikes designed specifically to handle every obstacle a mountain biker has to face. Though these bikes share similarities with other bikes, it has special features designed to enhance its performance and sturdiness. These bikes can handle steep ascents, rough descents, and all sort of obstacles with ease.

Downhill/park MTB:

Downhill mountain biking takes place on steep and rocky trails. To conquer the steep, rough terrain at high speeds, downhill bikes come with full suspension with extra travel. Unlike other mountain bikes, stability & durability are the significant features of a downhill bike.

Folding MTB:

A folding Mountain bike allows the user to fold the bike into a more compact form. This will come in handy for easy transport and storage. Folding mountain bikes are similar to other bikes except for the portability and is a great choice for those who look for easy transport.

Fat Tire MTB:

A fat tire mountain bike is an off-road bike with oversized tires. The tires of these bikes are usually 3.8 to 4 inches wide that allows it to get wider contact with the ground. This provides great traction and enables the bike to ride even on unstable terrains. These bikes are best suitable for the snowy, sandy, and muddy terrain.

Electric MTB:

These are the type of mountain bikes which comes with an electric motor to assist or amplify pedaling power. The best electric mountain bikes can assist ones pedaling up to a speed of 25 kmph. This allows the rider to cover twice the amount of distance at the same time.


What Are Mountain Bikes Made From?

  • Titanium

Bike frames made from Titanium are exceptionally strong and durable. They offer great resistance to corrosion and can have a longer lifespan compared to other metal frames. However, it is expensive compared to steel and aluminum frames.

  • Carbon

A carbon fiber frame is super lightweight compared to steel, titanium, and aluminum. Carbon offers the same level of stiffness as the other frame materials. Though, it allows the designers to shape the bike into a more fine-tuned ride.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is the most commonly used lightweight bike frame material. It is cheaper compared to both titanium and carbon frames. Due to its low weight, it remains as the ideal and affordable choice for mountain bike frames.

  • Steel

Its a tough and long-lasting material which makes it a good choice for bike frames. Steel frames have flexible properties and low stiffness that will help to dampen road vibrations.


Suspension Type?

  • Hardtail

A hardtail bike only features a suspension at the front and also weighs less when compared to a full suspension bike. These types of bikes are more suitable for smooth off-road terrains as it is fun and lighter than a full suspension bike.

  • Full Suspension

Full suspension bikes are costlier than hardtail bikes as it has an extra pivoting rear end and a rear suspension. These bikes are best suitable for those who prefer an easier and comfortable ride. Trail bikes and enduro bikes fall under this category as they mostly come with front and rear end shocks.


Wheel Size Variation

If finding the right mountain bike was difficult in the past, nowadays the dilemma has shifted to finding the right wheel size for the ride. The question arises due to the variety of options available in the market, from 29er, 27.5, to the fat 29 plus – there are different option to choose from.

The 29 size wheels come with the advantages of covering more distance compared to 27.5. Though, the bigger wheels might not perform well in corners. 27.5 comes in between the larger 29er and the normal size 26, which gives it a better advantage. However, we recommend choosing the wheel size as per your height & bike frame size for better performance.

Mountain Bike Brake Types

  • Rim Brake ( V brake )

Rim brakes are the type of brakes where the braking force is applied by friction pads to the rim of rotating wheel. These breaks deliver lesser stopping power compared to disk brakes.

  • Disk Brake

A disc brake provides more stopping power compared to a rim brake. Most mountains bikes on the market come with a disc brake which gives more control and stability to the ride.

How Many Gears

The number of gears depends upon the terrain a person chooses to ride on. For a mountain bike, 22 to 24 gears might be enough for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Though, you wouldn’t need an increased number of gears if you don’t go on off-road trails.

Bike Maintenance

Its a crucial point for the biker who want ride on their bike for long time. So as a beginner mountain biker you should know about bike maintenance first. After every long rides you should clean your mountain bike properly. Then lube bicycle chain to save from rust. Lastly you should inspect the front & rear derailleur if need any adjustment to work them accurately.

Must Have Accessories

As an entry-level mountain biker you maybe don’t know which are must have bike accessories for the beginner. That’s why I am trying to help you regarding selecting must have accessories for mountain bikes. These are mountain bike pump to fill pump when need, replace pedals with quality one, mtb helmet for safety as per your size, Bike lock for security, bike light to ride at night, bike shoes, more cushioned bike saddle for comfortable ride, phone mount etc. This all may cost some dollars but you’ll be safe from many incidents when you ride on road.


After went through this list of best entry level mountain bikes you might be found your desired one. We have tried our best to help you on selecting the best beginner mountain bike for your early stage riding. We have listed few type of bikes to let you know that how many type of bikes can be chosen as mountain bike.

I think now you have little bit knowledge about entry level or beginner mountain bikes. So use your knowledge when you going to purchase a good starter mountain bike online or your nearest bike shop.


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