Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 In 2022 – Comprehensive Guide by Experts

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Spending $2000 on a mountain bike? seriously its bit expensive than regular mtbs which are highly affordable bike under $1000 budget. Some times its confusing for a mid level rider to select the best one among best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars currently available in the market.

Its really time consuming work to find the satiable mountain bike from bike shop. To make this things easy we have reviewed some top rated mountain bikes from best brands which comes bellow $2000. You can check this comprehensive buying guide for getting knowledge about right mtb selection.













Last Updated: 22 Jun 2024

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By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding mtb under $2000 for the user who are looking for. Some of the listed bikes have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the best one currently available online.

List of Top Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Dollars


Bike Name


Best For


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Mongoose Salvo Comp

Mongoose Salvo comp

Ful Suspension


29 Inch

Montague Paratrooper

Montague Paratrooper



26 Inch

Addmotor HITHOT

Addmotor HITHOT

Full Suspension EMTB


27.5 Inch

DJ Electric MTB

DJ Electric MTB

Hardtail EMTB


26 Inch

Diamondback Splinter 24

Diamondback Splinter



24 Inch

Diamondback El Oso Complete

Diamondback El Oso Complete



26 Inch

BEIOU Carbon 650B

BEIOU Carbon 650B

Full Suspension


27.5 Inch

DB Overdrive Carbon

DB Overdrive Carbon 



29 Inch

Diamondback Sync’R Pro

Diamondback Sync’R Pro



27.5 Inch

Diamondback Atroz Comp

Diamondback Atroz Comp

Full Suspension


27.5 Inch

Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Dollars – Reviews

To help you choose the right one from available brands in the market we've shortlisted 100+bikes. We compared between them based on specs, features, durability & prices. Then finally we made this list of bikes to give you proper idea which one to choose by your interest.

Listed price were under $2000 at the time of writing this article

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under $2000

1. BEIOU Carbon 650B

BEIOU Carbon 650B

Looking for a carbon fiber mountain bike that is affordable, super functional yet very lightweight? Then the Carbon Fiber Bike from BEIOU is just the one you are looking for. The Toray T800 XC bike combined great features with excellent alluring looks to please any customers. Although this is a mountain bike, you can use it for recreational riding, other sporty events, trail riding or off-road riding.

BEIOU used carbon fiber frame in this mountain bike because carbon fiber frames are extremely lightweight yet super strong. The lightweight makes the bike portability, and you can carry it from one place to another without much effort. Additionally, this material makes the bike durable and exceptionally comfortable.

This mountain bike has dual, air suspension forks. Dual suspension is used because it absorbs impact and shocks from both front and rear sides. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your ride even on the bumpiest and uneven trails. Moreover, BEIOU incorporated Shimano break shifters to this cycle, so that you can speed up your ride quickly with optimal control over the bike.

This mountain bike also has some great safety features. It includes powerful M355 hydraulic brakes from Shimano brand. These brakes stop the bike with any speed range instantly but smoothly without causing any injuries to the rider. The hydraulic brakes works wonder on wet and sloppy surfaces.

What We Liked
  • Handle Bar & Seat Post also made by Carbon Fiber
  • 10 speed with Shimano 315 hydraulic braking system
  • Carbon fiber made frame hence weights about 12.7KG
  • Outstanding look that which make it more demanding to the riders
  • Relatively cheap carbon full suspension bike as per other carbon bike
  • 27.5″ dual suspension frame with air suspension fork for maximum comfort

The BEIOU Toray T800 MTB bicycle is one of the best Carbon Fiber Full suspension mtb under $2000. This bike will provide the best value for your money.

2. DB Atroz Comp

DB Atroz Comp

As the name suggests, the Atroz Comp bike from Diamondback Bicycles is specially manufactured for mountain riding. But that doesn’t mean that other bike enthusiasts can’t use this bike for other recreational activities. This bike can be used on rough and tough terrains without sacrificing the comfort level.

Made from aluminum alloy, this bike redefines stability and comfort. The light, sturdy frame is equipped with high-quality accessories that provide safety, traction and great riding experience. The extra wide wheels of the bike ensure that you can ride on different trails effortlessly.

Disc hydraulic brakes are a must need accessory for mountain bikes and that’s why this Atroz bike has both front and rear hydraulic brakes. These brakes have an unbelievable stopping power with great control over the wheels. They can abruptly stop the bike whenever needed with causing any difficulty and uncomfortable.

Great speed defines great bike. The Atroz bike has 9-speed gear shifters. These gears help to attain preferable speed quickly on any road, be it a concrete one or bumpy mountain terrain. Though it generates high speed in no time, this bike is still comfortable. You won’t feel any strain or bump while riding it.

What We Liked
  • 27.5″ wheels cross obstacle with great handling
  • 9 speed drive train by SRAM for great speed range
  • Available in different sizes to match every body type
  • Made from aluminum for durability and lightweight
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power in any conditions
  • A budget-friendly mountain bicycle for beginner with perfect geometry
  • Arrives 85% pre-assembled so don’t worry about installing the rest parts.
  • 120mm travel fork by RockShox with turn key lock for ride on bouncy path

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bicycle that would provide with all the features of a high-end bike, then you must try the Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Comp bike. This bike is safe, comfortable and most importantly it will deliver you a “flying high” riding experience.

3. Mongoose Salvo Comp

Mongoose Salvo Comp

The last one in full suspension mountain bike category is Mongoose Salvo Comp 27.5" Wheel XC trail mountain bike is One of the great bike in Mongoose full suspension bicycles. This bike is specially meant for tall because not all mountain bikes have the geometric to fit in riders who are really tall.

The Salvo Comp is a perfect bike for those who are rather interested in rugged trails and single-tracking off-road riding. This bike won’t be a favorable choice for city riding.

A strong and lightweight frame is a must requirement for a good mountain bike. Keeping that in mind, this bike constructed by Mongoose horst link aluminum frame for durability & 120mm travel suspension fork for comfortable ride. The suspension system also has an lockout system to which can control the suspension function on trail path to get the bike rolling.

The bike comes with relatively large 27.5 inches wheels. Large wheels are a rage for mountain bikes because they help to roll the bike effortlessly. You can ride over any obstacles and bumps when you are on a wide wheels bike. Additionally, it’s easier for a rider to gain high speed with wider wheels as these wheels accelerate fast enough.

As it’s easy to gain high speed on the Recoil Comp bike, Mongoose added Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors as additional safety. These brakes can stop the bike quickly even in wet and unfavorable conditions.

What We Liked
  • XC full suspension bike for all kinds of trails
  • 120mm travel fork to absorb shock on bumpy terrain.
  • Blanchard double walled rim with tubeless tire compatible
  • 2.1″ Knobby tire by Arisun that are perfect for long single-track rides
  • Equipped with Shimano quality drivetrain which is great uphill riding
  • 27 speed to move faster & M365 disc brake to stop in a halt when needed
  • 27.5″ horst link aluminium frame by Mongoose hence lightweight & sturdy

The Mongoose Salvo Comp is a great full suspension mountain bike under $2000. This is a cross country bike that is made for any mountain journey and if you are an enthusiastic mountain rider, you will surely enjoy this bike.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under $2000

4. BEIOU Carbon Fiber

BEIOU Carbon Fiber

We also feel that hardtail bikes are important as like as dual suspension bikes. That’s why we have added some hardtail bikes. Lets have a look at the hardtail bikes that are listed below.

Can you imagine riding on a beautiful high-end mountain bike with superior features?

The BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike could be the best fit for you. It is safe and also easy to assemble. Whether you want to ride on a rough or a smooth surface, this bike is versatile and works best on any surface and any terrain.

While other mountain bikes are constructed using steel or aluminum, this bike is made of an expensive carbon-fiber frame which makes it durable. It is designed for those who love riding in mountains and other challenging terrains. Constructed with lightweight carbon fiber frames. Comes in different bike sizes, and you can pick the right fit for you.

It has a hydraulic system which has integrated Shimano M355 technology. You can, therefore, stop the bike swiftly in any condition. You might also be impressed with the high-end 27-speed system of this bike that helps you move across mountains and trails.

In addition to that, this bike has a red, white or matte black finish which can match with your riding jersey. Its seat post and handlebar have a unique finish making it an affordable mountain bike.

What We Liked
  • Large wheels with Shimano drive train
  • It is safe to use due to its powerful brake system
  • Carbon fiber made hence weights about 22 pounds
  • 30 speed XC trail bike with Shimano trigger Shifter
  • Frame, Handle Bar & Seat Post made by Carbon Fiber
  • Incorporates world-class bike parts that’s why lightweight
  • Relatively cheap carbon bike as per other carbon mountain bike
  • Suitable for both professional riders and other cycling enthusiasts
  • 27.5″ & 29er both wheel size available. So no need to worry about bike size

There is no doubt that the BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike is a high performing mountain bike. It is not only safe to use, but can also tackle challenging mountain paths. It offers value for money and is worth every penny you might spend on it.

5. DB Overdrive Comp Carbon

DB Overdrive Comp Carbon

Overdrive Comp Carbon 29er is a last bike from Diamondback in hardtail category which is alternative of Sync’r Pro hardtail bike.

This is a ReadyRide bike that comes 85% pre-assembled; you just have to put on the seat, pedals and the front wheel. And you are ready to roll on. This bicycle is meant for riders who love all-around speed and want to ride on cross-country trail bike.

The newly-shaped, full-carbon monocoque frame of the bike with tapered head tube. The frame can accommodate very large and wide wheels so that the bike can roll smoothly on any types of trail. Additionally, because of 29 inches wide wheels, there is rare possibility of rear shock and impact.

This mountain bike incorporates a Shimano 1×11 drivetrain that provides the rider with wide selection of gears. The advantage of this drivetrain is that you can effortlessly shift through gears on practically any terrain.

The Comp 29er features a pair of hydraulic disc brakes on front and rear areas. These breaks provide plenty of stopping power to the rider. Even in the most unfavorable and troublesome conditions, the bike will stop instantly yet smoothly.

What We Liked
  • ReadyRide bicycle; no hassle of assembly
  • Shimano quality drivetrain to cover 11 speed
  • Features Silver coil fork from RockShox Recon
  • 29×2.2″ Kenda tires to roll over large obstacles in path
  • 100mm travel fork delivers excellent comfort and safety
  • Hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano for optimal stooping power
  • Very wide 29-inch wheels roll over the trail obstacles with ease
  • Sturdy yet lightweight carbon monocoque frame for portability and durability

If you want a cost-effective yet full of performance bike for all kinds of terrain, then I would suggest you check out this mountain bike from Diamondback Bicycles. It will provide you smooth and comfortable ride and will last for a long time.

6. DB Sync’r Pro

DB Sync’r Pro

Are you looking for a bike that is going to exceed your expectations when riding through some local trails?

Sometimes riding can be an exciting activity when you have the right type of mountain bike. With DB Sync’ r Pro, you can cycle around steep hills, roads and have some decent bumps without falling off.

The DB Sync’r Pro has powerful hydraulic disc brakes and a durable aluminum frame. The Shimano M447 hydraulic disc brakes offer an excellent stopping power under any circumstances. The bike is designed for who love riding in mountainous areas and other types of surfaces.

You will be happy with its Shimano XT one by eleven-speed drive train which makes it possible to move at a relatively high speed. Do you need a mountain bike that you can assemble easily without a tedious process? This bike is a ReadyRide bike. You can dial the brakes and adjust the gears. You only need to pump the tires and start riding.

The Sync’r Pro has a fox performance of 34 float 130mm travel fork. Its suspension forks also have a 3 position lever, an open cartridge and an external rebound adjust to enable you to fine-tune your set up according to your riding style.

What We Liked
  • It is light in weight
  • It is durable because of its strong aluminum alloy frame.
  • Comes with ReadyRide features hence easy to assemble the rest.
  • Durable double-walled Blanchard wheels compatible with tubeless tires.
  • Uses Shimano drivetarin & shiftier to cover 11 speed easily when ride uphills
  • It has an excellent stopping power because of the presence of its hydraulic braking system.

I would choose the DB Sync’ r Pro mountain bike because aside from being easy to assemble, I have no worries of getting injured due to its powerful hydraulic brakes.

Electric MTB

7. Addmotor HITHOT

Addmotor HITHOT

Here is the full suspension bike that is operatied by electric power! You maybe surprised?. The Add motor HIT HOT bike is a performance-packed mountain cycle that delivers all the benefits of a high-end electric bike in a relatively less price tag. This 500-watt bike is extremely attractive and comfortable for riding.

The bike consists of a Samsung 48V Lithium battery. This battery provides long-lasting performance and charges very quickly. Additionally, this bike has a very powerful Rear Hub Brushless motor that was specially designed for mountain rides. You can travel maximum 60 miles if you have a fully charged battery and you use the Level One assist.

Furthermore, this e-bike is equipped with a 5 Inch LCD Display. This large screen continuously shows information about the speed, available battery charge and distance covered. There is also a USB charging port attached to the LCD to charge your electric gadgets while on a riding journey.

The HIT HOT bike has super shock absorption capacity. The double suspension fork system along with its lightweight aluminum frame any absorbs shock and impact. This makes your ride smooth and comfortable even on the roughest terrain.

What We Liked
  • Durable kickstand installed
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Suitable for even large body riders
  • Large LCD screen for easy monitoring
  • Available in eye-catching color options
  • Removable Long-lasting Lithium battery
  • Dual disc brake for stopping this heavy bike
  • Comes with an powerful LED headlight for night riding
  • Rugged tires can rule any mountainous areas effectively.
  • Dual Suspension works great on rough roads & absorb shocks

If you want to invest your money on a full suspension electric bike, then this HIT HOT might be a good option for you. Aside from being affordable, Its a great bike with comfort under 2000 works great for daily commute.

8. DJ Electric MTB

DJ Electric MTB

Tired of riding uphill track by regular hardtail bikes? Then check this wonderful hardtail bikes with motor facility to ride uphill easily without any hassle. Yes, this is a entry level electric hardtail mountain bike by DJ.

If you are looking for comfort in a bike, the DJ Electric Mountain Bike is something that would be exciting to you. This is a bike that you can use to ride on trails, paved roads or in mountainous areas. This bike can also accommodate those with bad knees because it is comfortable to use.

The DJ Electric Mountain Bike is an entry level bike built with a motor of 500w 48V. Designed for beginners and long heavy rides. It offers a comfortable ride because of comfortable cushion at the saddle. Using adjustable features can suit any body size.

This unique mountain bike uses lithium-ion batteries. You can charge the batteries at your home office or any other place. You can also remove them easily and store them when not in use.

Would you like to cycle for many miles on a bike? This bike can go to arrange of 40-80 km. You can, therefore, travel with it 25-40 miles. With its aluminum frame, you don’t have to worry about easy wear and tear after using it several times. It has a quiet motor and an easily accessible charger port.

What We Liked
  • Has a headlight on front for night riding
  • High quality Shimano gear & Tektro brakes
  • 7 speed drivetrain with LCD display to check riding speed
  • Comes at a affordable price so beginner can take it without hesitation
  • Quick release front tire makes easy to dissemble the bike when needed
  • Comes with a front suspension hence comfortable to use on hill terrain
  • It made of sturdy and durable aluminum frame which makes it to last long
  • Comfortable cushion saddle with adjustable features for long & heavy rides
  • It has removable batteries making it possible to store them when not in use
  • Strong power to ride on steep hills by 48V motor & Samsung lithium 13Ah battery

The DJ Electric mountain bike is fun to use. Its ability to use power from the rechargeable batteries makes it unique. You can trust this bike if you love cycling for many hours on any terrain.

For Growing Kids / Youth

9. Diamondback Splinter

Diamondback Splinter

Sometime your loving kids wants to take part in mountain riding along with you. But its difficult to find a good mountain bike for your growing kids or youth which is durable & sturdy enough. We tried to help you on this task.

Besides its entire adult mountain bikes, Diamondback decided to construct a kid’s bike that is a smaller version of an adult mountain bike. It fits kids aged 8-12 years. You kid can ride this bike on off-trail roads as well as on city roads as a normal commuter bike.

As it’s a kid’s bike, safety is the priority. And that’s why Diamondback incorporated 180mm rotor hydraulic disc brakes from renowned Shimano brand. These brakes will provide safety by stopping the bike quickly and swiftly. As soon as someone presses the brakes, the bike will come to a halt even on wet and slippery surfaces.

Additionally, the Splinter 24 Complete bike is made from the bulletproof aluminum frame that is equipped with butted, 100mm rear-travel tubing. There is also an SR Suntour fork. These two together absorbs front and rear shock and delivers suspensions so that your kid can ride the bike effortlessly without any experiencing road bumps and impacts.

What We Liked
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Practically indestructible bike
  • Available in different alluring color options
  • Shimano hydraulic brake with 180mm rotors
  • Comes with both front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Includes custom made valves suitable for light riders
  • ReadyRide bike so takes less time to assemble the rest
  • Youth full suspension aluminium frame which is strong & lightweight
  • 100mm rear suspension which is deliver comfortable enough on bumpy path

If you want your kids to have the safest bike, then the Diamondback Splinter 24 Complete would be your best choice because this bike doesn’t only looks amazing but also provides all the safety features of an adult mountain bike.


10. DB El Oso Grande

DB El Oso Grande

Fat bikes are no more considered as gimmicks. Slowly, riders are discovering that these bikes have more to them than just a mountain bike. These bikes can now be used as normal commuter bikes on urban roads and normal trails. Originally meant as just a mountain bike, the El Oso cycles are considered as one of the strong contenders in the fat bike market.

Diamondback incorporated a strong, custom-made aluminum frame to this bike that showcases some really good welding work. The lightweight frame is equipped with hydroformed top-down tubes and a 1.5-inch tapered head tube. The frame’s construction helps the rider to accommodate a suitable riding position for a more comfortable ride. Additionally, the lightweight frame helps to disburse a rider’s weight properly throughout the bike.

Not only has a great body structure, the Diamondback El Oso Grande also showcases a phenomenal performance. The 26×4.9 inches Chaoyang Cruiser wide tires deliver a lot of traction. Moreover, these tires work as shock and impact absorbents as the fork doesn’t provide any suspension to the bike. But the sturdy fork surely delivers great pedal and steering response.

The El Oso bike features a 10-speed gear shifter and both front and rear derailleur from Shimano brand. The bike also consists of disc hydraulic brakes. Therefore, this bike provides great speed as well as safety measures so that you have enjoyable riding experience.

What We Liked
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Features both front and rear derailleur
  • Great design with effortless performance
  • SRAM drivetrain with 20 speed gearing option
  • Mechanical disc brake to stop in any conditions
  • Low price compared to other fat mountain bikes
  • 6061 T6 aluminium frame with hydroformed tubes
  • 4.9 inch fat tire which has great traction on the ground

The El Oso Grande is a great mountain bike to start your journey with. It’s comfortable, it can be upgraded according to your preference and most importantly it has a budget-friendly price tag. Although the seat saddle is not that great, the bike will deliver great value for your money.

11. DB El Oso Complete

DB El Oso Complete

El Oso Complete is another one from the huge collection of Diamondback Fat Bicycles. But unlike others, it’s a fat bike with super fat wheels. This bike won’t cut a huge amount of cash from your pocket yet it will deliver you with all the performance of a high-end mountain bike.

One amazing feature is that the bike comes 85% pre-assembled. You just have to put on some accessories to the sturdy aluminum frame and the bike is ready to hit the road. The fat tires deliver amazing traction on any terrains so that the bike becomes shocked and bump resistant.

Like other Diamondback Bicycles bikes, the El Oso Complete also comes with M447 hydraulic disc brakes from world-class Shimano brand. This bike incorporates both front and rear brakes. These brakes are so powerful that they stop the bike in a blink avoiding any unfortunate events.

What We Liked
  • Alluring outlook
  • Shimano group set & brakes for safe riding.
  • 120mm front suspension fork with lockout option
  • Designed for all weather condition like sand or snow
  • 5″ thick tires are comfortable and provide excellent traction
  • Available in 3 different sizes for every size and heights riders
  • Alloy seat post with adjustable feature according to your height
  • Pedals are made from aluminum for more comfortable peddling

The El Oso Complete Fat Bike is a great fat bike for beginner bike enthusiasts. Bikers will enjoy on every trail they take the bike on. So if you are looking to buy your first mountain bike, the El Oso Complete is a great bike to invest your money on.

Folding MTB

12. Montague Paratrooper

Montague Paratrooper

Lastly, This bike is a folding mountain bike that is admired by Airborne soldiers. Suitable for tough trails, hauling gear, bike camping & recon missions.

The Montague Paratrooper is a great combination of mountain bike and folding bike. This bike has all the useful features of those bikes in a budget-friendly price tag. You can use this bike on almost any terrain and even throw it from an airplane or helicopter. Airborne soldiers use this bike because it was developed with the help of a generous grant from DARPA.

The Paratrooper’s extremely strong and sturdy frame was made using the Folding Integrated Technology (FIT). This technology allows the bike to be so durable and stable that it can even run after being dropped from the sky. The frame is outfitted with a very comfortable seat that helps to adjust the right sitting posture. There is also a rack stand to carry things out.

For safety and security reasons, the Paratrooper is equipped with both front and rear mechanical disc brakes. These brakes have a quicker response and better stopping power. They also work wonder on wet, slippery grounds.

This Montague bike has 24-speed EZ Fire Plus shifters and a front suspension fork that allows it to gain high speed quickly and glide over the most unfavorable path effortlessly.

What We Liked
  • Great portability and durability
  • Patented design makes the bike unique
  • Folds up to a relatively small size easily and quickly
  • Suspension lock-out enables to increase speed effortlessly
  • The bike is well-handled and provides great stability to its riders
  • Comes with 4 in 1 Rack stand including cargo rack, mud guard, kickstand & work stand

As this bike was made under the supervision of DARPA, the Paratrooper is a supreme quality bike. This bike is specially made for off-road riding. And it would deliver excellent value for the money you spent.

What to Expect from a $2000 Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes of this price range feature some amazing trail-worthy design and components. Among so many features, there are some vital aspects you should consider before spending such amount of money on a bicycle.

I think you have some knowledge about mountain bike, so I am just going to give you some light on the shade on selecting a bike on best mountain bikes under 2000 bucks currently available in the market as well as online. Check below to know what you can expect from a mtb that will cost you less than $2k.

Frame Material

  • Frame material is one of the vital aspect to consider as the weight and durability of the mountain bike depend largely on frame construction. Usually, bike frames are constructed using titanium, aluminium, steel or carbon fiber. Among them, try to buy an aluminium frame bike because aluminium is a strong alloy with the super lightweight feature. Lightweight bikes are easy to manoeuvre.
  • Titanium is also super lightweight and highly durable, but they increase the price of the bike due to their high cost.


  • Mountain bikes come with either full suspension or hardtail. As the name suggests, full suspension bikes have both front and rear suspension fork and thus deliver more comfort and control. Though dual suspension results in added weight and cost, the suspension forks smooth out any bumps and shocks of the road. A true rugged-trail mountain bike should come with full suspension feature.
  • Hardtail bikes, on the other hand, contain only front suspension. This suspension doesn’t provide full-body shock absorption. Hardtail bikes are perfect for less challenging journeys.

Wheel size

  • Adopt a set of 27.5 inches wheels, if you want your bike to respond quickly to your riding inputs. With these wheels, you will experience better control in stronger segments, and these are arguably one of the best wheel sizes for compact riders.
  • 29er wheels are less affected by rocks and rolls and other obstacles of the road. Although with these wheels you have to sacrifice some quickness and playfulness, they deliver superior comfort and control on any kind of rough and rugged terrains.


The tire type depends upon the depth and amount of grip you desire. As mountain bikes are made for rugged terrains, it’s better to buy high grip tires to avoid slips and accidents. A puncture resistant, better grip set of tires will ensure low maintenance cost.

Wet-Weather Maintenance

Another important factor must consider before buying a mountain bike is long-term maintenance. Many riders prefer hardtail mountain bike because of maintenance. When you return home from riding in wet, muddy conditions, you wish to simplify the clean-up process.

A rear suspension requires extra time and energy to clean up because of those additional pivots, bearings and bushings. In case, if you don’t know how to clean your mountain bike then you can check our step by step guide on mountain bike cleaning & lubing properly.


Lightweight bikes are easy to control and manoeuvre. But at 2000 Dollars price point you have to consider the weight because of the fancy components and accessories that are included with the bike. If weight is an issue, it is advisable to buy a hardtail bike because they are relatively lightweight than a full suspension one.

Number of Gears

Having more gears is not always a good thing. A 27 gear is a real pain on track. It requires massive changes on the actual trail. For such disadvantages, the 2 x 10 (20-speed) drivetrain is becoming popular among riders. This drivetrain delivers a wide, manageable range of gears that can handle track’s ups and downs swiftly.

Essential accessories

A bike at this price point should include a handful of accessories that are essential for a rider. A helmet, locks, water bottle holder, spare tubes, tire pumps, kick stand are among many other additional accessories that must come with a high-end mountain bike.


I hope this article on best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars helps you on selecting the suitable mtb for you. If so then we success to provide real value what we wanted to give the cycling community all over the world who want to buy a good mtb at $200 budget. Please feel free to let us know your though about this comprehensive guide.


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