12 The Best Rowing Machine for Home Use Reviewed In 2020

Best Rowing Machine for Home

Rowing exercise machine are one of the best stationary exercise equipment to provide you a full-body workout session at the expense of one. They are versatile, easy to use, and have a relatively reasonable price tag.
And for such alluring advantages, it is very normal for any fitness enthusiast to want this exercise equipment in their home gym. However, with so many models and options available in the market, you might get confused about which to buy and what would suit you the best.

In this article, we have talked about the top 12 best rowing machines in the market right now so that you know about them and find the best one according to your need.

In A Hurry? Check the Best Rowing Machines by Category

Best Pick

Schwinn IC3 Bike

Concept2 - D

Best Overall

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with RPM Cadence Sensor - SF-B1709

NordicTrack 900

Budget Bike

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Sunny SF - 5515


NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

Stamina 1215


Sunny Health SF-B901

Sunny SF-5713


Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Exercise Bike

Stamina Deluxe

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Last Updated: December 15, 2020

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding indoor rowing machine for the user who are looking for. Some of the listed machines have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the one currently available online.

9 Best Indoor Rowing Machines for Home Gym


Bike Name

Best For

Weight Limit


Check On Amazon

Concept2 Model D


Heavyweight / Taller Guys



Sunny Health & Fitness SF - B1002

NordicTrack RW900


Commercial Grade Rower




Sunny SF- RW5515





NordicTrack S22i

Stamina 1215

Arms Exercise



Sunny Health SF-B901

Sunny SF-RW5713

Hydro Blades



Live In Now ( L NOW )

Stamina Deluxe

Conversion Rower



PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus

Bluetooth Rower



YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Velocity Exercise

Quite Rower



Keiser M3


Space Saver



Keiser M3

Sunny SF- RW5639

Full-body Rower



Keiser M3

Merax Rower

Smoth motion



Keiser M3

Pooboo Rower

Compact Rower



1.Concept2 Model D - Best Pick

Schwinn IC3

If you are looking for a rowing machine that not only ensures comfort but at the same time also provides a phenomenal rowing experience, then this Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine will be the perfect beast for you.

The frame of this exercise machine is constructed using commercial grade aluminum and steel to make sure that it is strong and sturdy and serves its users with extended durability. Also, because of its sturdy nature, it can accommodate up to 500lbs. of user weight making it suitable for slim to overweight people out there.

This amazing piece of exercise equipment comes with an air resistance system that uses air from the surroundings to spin the flywheel. Aside from providing excellent resistance and tension for an effective workout regimen, this flywheel also produces a nice breeze to keep you cool and comfortable. At the same time, you train rigorously on the machine.

Moreover, as this resistance provides a rowing motion without any lag throughout the rowing stroke, using this machine is super smooth and doesn’t feel unpleasant.

To make rowing experience even better, Concept2 added ergonomically designed handles with a 10-degree bend in this rower so that you can enjoy a natural rowing position effortlessly. These handles are also non-slip and provide a very strong yet comfortable grip for safety.

Moving on, to keep track of your workout data and also to keep you informed on how far along are you to achieve your goal, this rower machine incorporates a backlit Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) that displays your workout matrix for easy monitoring.

This monitor also has games, built-in programs, and wireless connectivity to keep you motivated during the training session.

You can check Concept2 Rower Model D review in details if you curious to know more.


  • Makes zero to a minimal noise for a quiet workout session
  • Easy to assemble body; doesn’t require much time and effort.
  • Incorporates adjustable footrest to fit a wide range of shoe sizes
  • Comes with transportation wheels to make this machine more mobile
  • The frame can be separated into two pieces for easy, effortless storage.

2. NordicTrack RW900 - Best Overall

Sunny Health & Fitness SF - B1002

Like the Concept2 model this NordicTrack RW900 commercial grade rower is another of our favorite air rowing machine that comes with more than a few amazing features to make your workout experience even more delightful and efficient. But it ended up being in the 2nd place rather than the top is because of its weight limit.

The strong, sturdy frame of this machine can fit up to 250 lbs. of users weight, which makes it suitable for slim and relatively lightweight riders.

Moving on, NordicTrack incorporated a combination of 26 Coach Controlled air and magnetic resistance to this piece of stationary exercise equipment so that the user can enjoy the benefit of both of these tension types.

While the inertia enhanced flywheel provides energy-efficient, versatile intensity workouts to reach your fitness level and goals quickly, the magnetic tension ensures a silent, nearly noiseless operation for a quiet training session.

It also comes with a super-wide, 22 inches HD SMART Touchscreen Display that offers real-time data tracking to keep you well-informed about your training session.

This LCD screen is also compatible with Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit to make sure that you can try out a wide range of different workout programs and relieve your boredom.

Moreover, this iFit membership enables you to Live train with professional personal trainers so that you can achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Additionally, this rower machine also incorporates 30 preset fitness programs to improve your cardio, endurance, and upper body strength even when you run out of the iFit membership.

We've reviewed this Nordictrack Rower RW900 in details so you can get more information about this incredible machine.


  • Comes with 2 built-in speakers for the entertainment purpose
  • Adjustable Touchscreen display console for a better viewing experience
  • Ergonomically designed molded seat post to provide additional comfort
  • Features a Space Saver folding design for easy storage and effortless portability
  • Comes with oversized adjustable pedals to provide a custom yet comfortable fit

3. Sunny SF RW 5515 - Best on Budget


If you are looking for an excellent piece of stationary exercise equipment for a total body workout at a very affordable price tag, then this Sunny Health SF-RW5515 is your best choice.

Even though it is a inexpensive rowing machine, it doesn’t mean that this machine lacks of features. In fact, its extraordinary factors are going to make your training even more effective.

Sunny Health constructed the frame of this rower using heavy-duty steel material to not only make it durable but also to provide stability and support. At about 59 lbs. of body weight, this equipment can accommodate 250 lbs. of riders, making it suitable for a wide range of users out there.

It also includes a well-cushioned, contoured seat post to offer its riders a comfortable rowing experience. With such a plush seat, your buttock will never feel numb or uncomfortable on this exercise equipment.

This amazing home rowing machine comes with 8 different levels of magnetic resistance to offer you just the right intensity of workout according to your fitness level and needs. From beginners to experts and elderly people, everyone will find a suitable resistance to train with and become more active and healthy.

Furthermore, to view every of your workout data and also to keep track of them, Sunny Health incorporated an “easy to read” Digital screen in this rower machine.

From monitoring time to count (strokes), total count (total strokes), and calories burnt, this screen shows you every data you need to see to achieve your fitness goals quickly.


  • Folded design for easy, effortless storage
  • Has wide, non-slip foot pedals for extra comfort and safety
  • Transportation wheels ensure convenient relocation of the machine.
  • Floor stabilizers hold the machine in place to avoid any slip-offs
  • Incorporates an extra-long slide rail for the maximum convenience
  • Ergonomically designed foam handlebars provide a strong yet comfortable grip.

4. Stamina 1215 Orbital - Arms Exerciser

NordicTrack S22i

When you have limited space at your home, but you still want to enjoy the various benefits of a rowing machine, then this Orbital rower from Stamina should be your only choice.

Even though it is super compact and lightweight, this piece of exercise equipment is full of amazing features and offers you an incredible workout session at the comfort of your own home.

Most significant aspect of this bike is its free motion arms. With the free motion arms and the smooth sliding seat, this rowing exercise machine mimics the natural water rowing motion for a more enjoyable training session.

To start with, at about 48 inches long x 32.5 inches wide x 27.75 inches height, this equipment is one of the most compact rower machines to use at your home. Moreover, as it features a foldable design, it can be folded into an even smaller size for easy storage and also effortless portability.

Such small rowers can be carried around inside your car easily.

Although it features such a small frame, this machine is still strong and sturdy. Stamina constructed the frame of this machine with premium quality steel material to accommodate riders up to 250 lbs. body weight easily without the risk of falling apart.

Its hydraulic resistance with smooth cylindrical action also makes the workout even more challenging and effective. This unique resistance system allows the rider to adjust the workout intensity quite easily with the help of the adjustable tension control knob and train with a suitable intensity for better results.

Moreover, to view your workout data and keep track of them, Stamina added a single button monitor that shows speed, distance, time, row count, calories burned, and miles rowed so that you know how far along are you to achieve your fitness goal.


  • Comes with thick padded seat for additional comfort
  • Padded handlebars for a comfortable and strong, non-slip grip
  • Pivoting footplates with straps for maximum safety of the user
  • Foot stabilizers ensure that the equipment remains in place and avoid accidents.

5. Sunny SF-RW5713

Sunny Health SF-B901

If you truly want to mimic the experience of real-life rowing, then there is nothing better than this Sunny Health SF-RW5713 Water Rowing Machine. With its water resistance system in combination with other amazing features, this machine is the best option to shed your fat and strengthen your muscles effectively.

As it comes with a water resistance system, this wonderful piece of exercise equipment provides a smooth and steady rowing experience with every stroke so that you never feel tired.

Also, to deliver dynamic tension that makes you feel like you are rowing on water, this rower incorporates 3 stainless-steel “Hydro Blades” push against the water while you row to mimic a real-life feel.

These “Hydro Blades” also can endure vigorous rowing strokes and help you to experience multiple levels of resistance, including the highest you have ever experience.

Moving on, to make this stationary exercise equipment suitable for every type of user out there, Sunny Health adopted an ERGO-EFFICIENT design with an excellent seat post.

The high-profile, molded padded seat not only offers phenomenal comfort but also allows users to get on and off the rower easily without bending and straining their back.

Because of such easy on and off, this equipment is also an excellent option for elderly riders.

Furthermore, this rower is decked with an R2 Fitness Meter to accurately track all essential workout data as well as some other factors easily and effortlessly. From a distance, total time, 500m split time to Strokes per Minute (SPM), total strokes, calories, heart rate, and even room temperature, it presents enough metrics for an efficient workout session.


  • Provides total body workout for a healthier physique
  • Provides a quiet operation for a noiseless exercise session
  • Non-Slip Foot Pads with Nylon Straps for a perfect and secure fit
  • 42 inches long slide rail for excellent movability and convenience
  • Has an extended weight capacity of 300 lbs. to fit in a variety of riders

6. Stamina Deluxe Conversion II - Conversion Rower

L NOW ( Live In Now )

Some people look for both comfort and work-ability in their rowing machine. And keep in mind about such riders, Stamina manufactured this Conversion II rower, an excellent combination of a recumbent bike with a rowing machine, to provide exceptional comfort as well as an intense total body workout to its riders.

To start with, this exercise equipment comes with a wide, plushy-cushioned seat post and an equally padded backrest to provide phenomenal comfort to its riders. This semi-reclined seat offers an adequate amount of back support to make sure that you don’t hurt your back while rowing on the machine.

Because of such a comfortable seat post, this rower is also an excellent option for people with back pain to relieve their pain and get fit quickly.

Like Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399, this rower also can be used as a leg press or resistance strength machine to provide you an effective total body workout session.

From involving the calves, hamstrings, quads, hips, and glutes to strengthening the bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, and forearm curls, this rower works on all major muscle groups to tone them efficiently and make you fit and active.

Stamina incorporated 8 different levels of magnetic resistance to this multi-functioning fitness equipment so that it can offer an array of workout intensities to its riders. From high intensity to a low one, riders with every fitness level will find just the right resistance to workout with.

Furthermore, as this resistance is combined with a heavyweight flywheel and a lightweight rowing beam, each stroke you make is extremely smooth and quiet, making it an extremely noiseless machine to operate.


  • Large pedals with straps ensure a secure fit.
  • Hand pulse sensors to measure heart rate continuously.
  • Large LCD screen to view various workout data easily
  • The steel, constructed frame provides durability and stability.
  • Padded handlebars provide exceptional comfort and a stronghold.

7. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus - Bluetooth Rower


This Fitness Reality 1000 Plus rower is one of the best rowers on the market with Bluetooth connectivity. In fact, it is the only rower in the market with a Bluetooth connection.

In addition to its wireless connectivity, this stationary exercise equipment also has other extraordinary features to provide you a full-body training session for a healthier tomorrow.

The Bluetooth connectivity incorporated in this indoor rowing machine not only made this equipment a smart one but at the same time also compatible with various fitness apps like MyCloudFitness app to make your workout even more delightful.

With the help of this smart feature, you can not only track your time, distance, and calories burnt through the My Cloud Fitness app but can also set goals effortlessly to reach your fitness goals quickly. It also measures your heart rate to understand how your body reacts to the workout- but you will need a chest strap for that.

Additionally, this 1000 Plus is also the only rower with additional exercise options. From front and back raises to reverse grip curl and Triceps extensions, this amazing piece of exercise equipment offers you a low impact total body workout to strengthen your muscles and lose weight quickly.

This rowing exercise machine comes with 14 different levels of Dual transmission magnetic tension resistance to provide its riders with a wide range of resistance to choose from according to their fitness level. It also offers versatile intensity workout sessions for more challenging training.


  • Extremely easy to assemble and use
  • Front stabilizer foot pads allow for additional exercises
  • Features a steel constructed frame for durability and support
  • 21. 5-inch extra-wide handlebars for versatile workout sessions
  • Large contoured cushioned seat for maximum comfort of the users
  • Has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. of weight capacity to fit a wide range of riders

8. Velocity Exercise - Quite Rower

Cyclace Indoor

This Velocity Magnetic Rower is one of the simplest yet most effective home rowing machines that you will find in the market right now. Aside from its outstanding features and attractive price tag, this exercise equipment is extremely quiet, which makes it even more appealing to the users.

What makes this machine virtually silent is its resistance system. The magnetic resistance system incorporated in this machine uses powerful magnets to produce the resistance, which makes it extremely noiseless and hence, relaxing.

This magnetic resistance system also provides a wide range of intensity levels to train according to your fitness level and needs. When you pull the rowing handle, a magnet inside the housing gets closer to the metal flywheel, which, in return, produces the resistance.

The harder you pull it, the closer the magnet gets to the metal producing a more intense workout.

And the opposite occurs when you pull the handle in slow motion.

Moving on, to make this exercise equipment strong and durable, Velocity constructed the frame of this bike with high-quality aluminum material so that it’s lightweight yet extremely sturdy.

At about 75 lbs. Of body weight, this rower can accommodate up to 275 lbs. of user weight without the risk of breaking off and falling apart.

This amazing stationary exercise equipment also comes with a well-placed LCD monitor to provide you with additional convenience.

This digital monitor incorporates 6 built-in fitness programs to design an effective workout regimen for you. It also shows time, count, strokes per minute, distance, calories, watt, and pulse to keep you well informed about your training.


  • Oversized, non-slip foot pedals for comfort as well as safety
  • Comes with a foldable design for easy and convenient storage
  • Has a built-in heart rate monitor to check your heart rate constantly
  • Includes transportation wheel for effortless relocation and movability

9. JOROTO Rower - Space Saver

Keiser M3

Even though this indoor rowing machine looks a bit unreal and futuristic, it provides every little aspect it promised to deliver. From a strong, sturdy frame to various features to make your training more effective, this piece of stationary exercise equipment offers you everything you need for a delightful workout session.

To start with, the futuristic frame of this equipment is made using a combination of premium quality steel and aluminum to make sure it is lightweight yet durable and sturdy enough to provide support and stability to its users.

Even though this rower is quite lightweight, it can still fit riders of a maximum of 250 lbs. of body weight easily without the possibility of falling apart.

This machine also features a space-saving design that enables you to keep it in a standing position for easy storage. Additionally, it incorporates dual caster wheels, which make it even easier to relocate it to any corner of your house effortlessly.

Moving on, JOROTO installed a fully adjustable resistance system to this exercise equipment to make it suitable for every type of user out there. With 10 different levels of magnetic resistance, everyone, from beginners to experts and elderly riders, will find a suitable intensity to workout with efficiently.

Additionally, such varieties of resistance enable you to mix and match workout intensity successfully to reach your fitness goals easily and quickly.

Moreover, to monitor your rowing metrics and also to keep track of them, this amazing rower machine comes with a conveniently placed LCD screen that shows your exercise data in real-time. From the time, count, total count, and calories data, it monitors everything to motivate you to work even harder to reach your goals quickly.


  • Provides a super quiet and smooth rowing experience
  • Includes a phone holder to keep your smartphone securely
  • High-quality Nylon Pull Cord adds to durability and convenience.
  • Fully adjustable non-slip pedals can fit varieties of feet comfortably.

10. Sunny SF RW5639 - Full-Body Rower

Keiser M3

Working on your full body never seemed better than this. With a super budget-friendly price tag and more than a few amazing features, this Sunny Health SF-RW5639 rowing machine has been a lifesaver for many fitness enthusiasts with a limited budget.

This rower offers a full-body workout session to make sure shedding off extra fat and strengthening your muscles are even more effective.

It is also an excellent option for heavyweight people. With a strong and sturdy steel constructed frame and an extended weight capacity of 350 lbs. this piece of exercise equipment can accommodate even super obese people easily so that they can exercise and lose weight quickly.

Aside from toning your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes, the full motion arms of this rower also work on your muscles of arm, shoulder, chest, and abs to make sure that they burn enough calories for a super active and fitter physique.

Sunny Health added 12 different levels of adjustable resistance to this bike to make sure that every type of riders out there finds a suitable resistance according to their fitness level and requirement.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert or you are an overweight individual, by turning the tension knob left and right, you can easily set a perfect workout intensity and train accordingly.

Furthermore, to track down your versatile rowing exercises, this extraordinary rower incorporates a Digital Monitor screen that is super simple and extremely “easy to read”.

From displaying time, the countdown for time to stroke count, calorie burn, and totals, this screen not only helps you to monitor your workout data but also keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals completely.


  • Delivers an extremely quiet and silent workout session
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals ensure comfort as well as safety.
  • Comes with a plushy-padded contoured seat to provide maximum comfort
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handlebars to ensure a strong and comfortable grip.

11. Merax Rower - Smoth Motion

Keiser M3

The smoothness of the equipment is an essential factor for people who like to workout at the comfort of their own home, and this Merax rowing exercise machine provides just that. This strong, durable exercise equipment might be quite and virtually noiseless, but the features and aspect it offers to its users speak for themselves.

To begin with, this home rowing machine includes a fully magnetic resistance system with a built-in magnetic flywheel that uses powerful magnets to produce different types of tensions.

As this resistance mechanism doesn’t consist of any air or water resistance elements, the equipment doesn’t make any kind of sound while you row, making it one of the quietest rowing machines available on the market.

Moreover, this magnetic tension system also offers 8 different levels of adjustability to make sure that it is suitable for all types of users out there. From beginners to experts, everyone can set their preferred resistance intensity effortlessly by using the integrated tension knob.

With just a simple twist in the knob, you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout and find just the perfect one appropriate for your fitness regimen.

This piece of exercise equipment also features a well-cushioned, contoured seat post to provide phenomenal comfort. Moreover, as it has a downward 15-degree angle, the seat moves smoothly and efficiently, cutting down any additional sound.

Another excellent feature of this rower is its frame. Merax constructed the frame of this stationary exercise equipment using high-quality steel material to make sure it is strong and durable.

Furthermore, because of its sturdiness, this stable frame can fit riders up to 264 lbs. of weight effortlessly without breaking apart.


  • Floor stabilizers help to avoid wobbling and accidents.
  • Comes with a foldable design for easy storage capabilities
  • The 43.3-inch sliding beam can accommodate users up to 6’2″
  • Includes a digital LCD screen to monitor various workout data
  • Comes with integrated transportation wheels to move the equipment easily

12. Pooboo Rower - Compact Rower

Keiser M3

If you don’t want to display your workout equipment and like to keep it concealed in the storeroom, then this magnetic rowing machine from pooboo is the one for you.

With its easy folding frame and integrated transportation wheels, this piece of exercise equipment can be moved easily from one place to another for easy, convenient storage.

Moving on, pooboo designed this rower with a heavyweight 18lbs. Magnetic flywheel placed at the front to increase the riders’ endurance and provide a smooth and efficient workout session.

Moreover, such heavy flywheel can also mimic the feeling of real-life rowing easily.

This magnetic resistance system is adjustable. By twisting the knob left or right, you can increase and decrease the tension level on a scale of 1-8 and pick the right workout intensity for your training 1 being the lowest and 8 being the highest, and you have a wider range of resistance levels to choose from.

To measure your training and to keep track of your various workout data (like time, row counts, distance, stroke count, and calories), pooboo installed a digital LCD screen to this outstanding rower. To make sure you know how you are performing and how far you are from achieving your final goal.

Moreover, this digital screen is backlit so that you can read the metrics conveniently, even in the dark.


  • Can support up to 220lbs. of the users' weight
  • The heavy-duty steel frame ensures durability and stability.
  • Integrated media tray to hold your smartphone and tablet safely.
  • Large, padded seat post to provide maximum comfort and relaxation
  • Comes with an aluminum alloy beam to make rowing even smoother and quieter

Benefits of Home Rowing Machine

There are countless benefits of a rowing exercise machine. Here, we have discussed the most prominent benefits for your better understanding.

Effective Aerobic Exercise

No matter how old you are and what your fitness level is, a workout regimen that includes aerobic exercises is a must-have for your overall health condition. And the rowing exercise machine provides you just that.

This amazing piece of stationary exercise equipment involves so many major muscle groups during the workout session that it actively increases your heart rate and ups your oxygen intake by several notches so that you get an excellent overall cardio workout for a healthier body.

Aside from an efficient cardio session, aerobic exercises also assist in losing weight, increasing stamina, and helping to build a stronger immune system.

As Endorphins are released during the aerobic workout session, a rowing machine also helps to improve your mood and sleep quality.

Great for Cardio and Weight Loss

We have mentioned above that a indoor rowing machine can actively help you to lose weight. And how does it do that?

Well, as your entire body gets involved during the rowing session, it works on your total body and burns a lot of calories. And we all know that burning calories means shedding weight.

An effective rowing exercise machine workout can burn up to 600-1,000 calories per hour, making it one of the best stationary exercise equipment to burn body fat quickly. On an exercise bike, you would require 78 minutes to lose the same amount of calories that you burn in just 60 minutes on a rowing exercise machine.

Aside from reducing body fat, calorie-burning also helps to tone muscles and increase your overall energy level.

Get a Full-body Workout

Many people assume that a rower machine only works the arms, but it’s totally a misconception. In fact, a this is the only machine that provides a true full-body workout session effectively.

While exercising, a indoor rower machine uses around 86 percent of the muscles, which includes many upper and lower body muscles as well.

This means that all your body, the upper and lower back, and the shoulder muscles work at the same time giving you total body training at once.

From the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abs to the obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, upper back, and lats, every stroke of this amazing exercise equipment involves all your muscles and helps your body to get fit and active efficiently.

Burn a Lot of Calories

One of the main reasons people get interested in regular workout regimens is to lose weight. And if it is your main goal to shed body fat and become slim, then a rowing machine is just the perfect stationary equipment for you.

This piece of exercise equipment offers a combo of strength and cardio training. Also, it involves a majority of your muscles so that it can burn more calories than any other stationary exercise equipments available in the market.

Increase Stamina

If your daily routine is get up- go to work- eat and sleep, then there is a high chance that you do not involve yourself in enough physical activities, and hence, you are not that active.

Working out on a rowing machine would help you to get rid of this problem as well as to increase your stamina. It is an excellent choice for endurance training.

Its not only stimulates and strengthens the heart and lungs but also gives you more energy so that you can become more active and fit by each passing day.

Aside from upping the stamina level, this extraordinary piece of exercise equipment also offers HIIT sessions to develop your anaerobic endurance as well.

Build Better Posture

If you ever see a rowing machine, you know that it primarily uses legs, core, and back for the workout session. And aside from a great and effective exercise regimen, this also provides a lot of postural benefits and helps you to improve your posture by several notches.

Aside from building a better posture for a fit body, this amazing piece of exercise equipment also works on the posterior chain [backside] of your body.

Which, in return, helps you to balance your muscle strength, reduce any injury risks, and assist you in correcting the bad posture that you might have been suffering from a long time.

Stress Reduction

Rowing doesn’t only help you to build your body, but it also assists you to shed mental stress and enjoy a very peaceful mind state.

It is a known fact that rowing with all your strength releases a hormone from the pituitary gland called Endorphins. This special hormone not only helps you to sleep well but also triggers a positive feeling in the brain and the body so that you can relieve stress and feels relaxed after each workout session.

Major Muscle Groups

One of the phenomenal aspects of a home rowing machine is that is works on a large group of muscles, including the major ones. It helps to strengthen these muscle groups and tone them for a more muscular as well as well-balanced physique.

Aside from burning calories and shedding weight, working out on rowing exercise machine regularly helps you to strengthen your shoulders, arms, and back muscles as well as your glutes and hamstrings to make sure they are become strong and toned and makes your tougher than ever before.

In addition to the major muscles, regular rowing also works on your core muscles and improves the strength of them.

Workout With Less Injury Risk

A rowing machine provides an effective workout and burns serious calories without putting added stress and strain on your joints and muscles.

And because of such low-impact workout activities, this piece of exercise equipment is an excellent option for overweight riders as well as for people with joint problems and limited mobility.

The rowing motion of this machine is exceptionally natural. It tends to be low impact, and that’s why it seems to apply minimal stress on the joints avoiding any joint pain and uncomfortable.

Also, similar to a stationary bike, a low-impact workout of a rower also helps to avoid any type of injuries and assist in strengthening and conditioning bad knees for a more active and fit physique.


One of the amazing benefits of a indoor rowing machine is that it is quite budget-friendly than many other stationary exercise bikes out there.

It’s not that there are not any high-end ones available in the market, but you can also find some excellent rower machines that come with more than a few extraordinary features without breaking your bank.

Even if you buy an affordable option, you won’t have to sacrifice quality and features. In fact, there are numerous models of rowers with expensive features available in the market that are just below $200.

Easy to Use

If you are afraid to use exercise machine, then a rowing machine is just the right piece of equipment for you. We are saying this because this exercise equipment is relatively simple to use and only requires rowing motion as a rowing boat, which you might have done many times in your life.

However, even though it is super simple to use and is ideal for all ages and abilities, you must make sure that you have the proper rowing technique when you exercise; otherwise, there are high chances that your workout won’t be as effective and fruitful.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Rowing Machine for Home

Buying a rowing machine for home gym is not as hard as it might seem if you know the right features and factors to look for.

Below we have discussed in detail about the "must-have" factors to keep in mind when choosing a rowing exercise machine so that it’s easier for you to pick just the right one for you.

Your Workout Goals

The first thing you need to keep in mind before buying a rowing exercise machine is to analyze your workout goals. If your workout needs don’t match the ones that are provided by this piece of exercise equipment, then it’s better to skip it.

But if it does, you need to consider some other factors as well. For instance, some rowers are better suited for certain fitness goals than others and vice versa.

While most of the rower machine are excellent for burning calories and losing weight, air rowers are best suited to tone your muscles and make them bulkier; you just need to match your needs with the type of the mchine to score yourself the best rowing exercise machine in the market.

Home, Commercial, or Refurbished Rowing Machine?

People buy rowing machines for different purposes. While some get this machine for commercial use, others buy it to use at home and get fit.

It doesn’t matter for which reason you want to buy this, but before buying, you must know the differences between a home and commercial rower for better understanding.

The main difference between a home and commercial machine is their build quality and warranty. While the commercial rowing equipments are designed and built in such a way that they can withstand extensive gym use and abuse, the ones for home use are generally made to be used a maximum of once per day.

Aside from the build quality, also keep in mind that commercial rower machine have a higher warranty period than the home use ones.

Moving on, it’s a well-known fact that a rowing exercise machine with extraordinary features might be a little expensive. If you don’t want to settle for an entry-level one, then we would suggest you try a refurbished commercial rower. If reconditioned correctly, a refurbished one can be proved to be as smooth as a new one.

Price: Keep an Eye on the Price

The price of the machine played a crucial role when you intended to buy a rowing exercise machine for your gym. From affordable options to more high-end ones, you will find rowers in every price range in the market; the one you will buy entirely depends on your budget and the type of machine you are looking for.

Before setting a budget and making your final call, you must keep in mind that a high priced one will provide more features and are made to last longer than the cheaper models. They are also determined to provide you smoother training sessions than the others.

Brands: What Brands Should I Look Out for?

There are many different brands of home rowing machines available, both online and regular stores. But not all are committed to providing you the best service. The rowing exercise machine brands that are easily recognized and have a good market presence and reputation can be considered trustworthy.

And that is why we would suggest you look for the most recognized and reviewed brands while choosing and buying your ultimate rower machine.

Types of Rowers: Are there different types of Rowing Machine?

There are various types of rowing exercise machine available in the market. Below we have talked about the most prominent ones so that you can know more about them.

Water Rowing Machine

Did you watch Netflix series “House of Cards”? Have you seen the rowing machine that Frank Underwood was using? Well, that’s a water rowing exercise machine.

The aesthetically beautiful water rower incorporates a unique patented Water Flywheel that was specially designed to mimic the dynamics of a traditional boat moving through water and provide an accurate rowing simulation with just the right resistance for an effective workout session.

Similar to a rowing boat, the water flywheel of this exercise equipment gains its required resistance by overcoming the effects of dragas water moves past the tank.

One advantage of this piece of exercise equipment is that it is extremely quiet; you will only hear the swishing of the water, which is also very relaxing.

Air Rowing Machine

An air rowing machine (or more popularly known as a flywheel rower) is one of the most popular types of rower machines available in the market right now. It is mostly used in home, gym, and commercial clubs for intense workout regimens.

This excellent piece of stationary exercise equipment simulates rowing-on-water and uses resistance from the air to provide a very active training session.

It comes with an internal flywheel that is located at the front end of the machine to give the required resistance to the users.

The harder you pull the chain, which is attached to the flywheel, the more the flywheel spins and rotates, giving you a higher level of resistance. The opposite occurs when you pull this chain is a slower motion.

Magnetic Rowing Machine

Magnetic rower or programmable rowing exercise machines are the most basic type of rower available in the market. They come with some pretty primary features which make them extremely suitable for beginners and home use.

However, even after being so basic, this piece of exercise equipment still provides a supper smooth rowing stroke and ensures a pretty decent workout session.

Unlike other rowers, it uses a magnetic brake system to provide its users with the required resistance to make sure that they have the right intensity to workout with.

Another great feature of this rower is that it is nearly noiseless. As it produces no friction for the resistance, this rowing exercise machine is known for providing a virtually silent workout.

Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Hydraulic Rowing Machines are the cheapest rowers in the market. Even after having an affordable price tag and relatively compact, this machine is still not popular as the other three because it lacks the performances and technology offered by the others.

Moreover, to keep the price in reach, a hydraulic rower uses a piston mechanism to generate resistance rather than air or water, which often gets stiff and puts the welding under a lot of pressure. This pressure has the potential to break the frame and destroy the machine altogether

What is the frame made of?

Similar to other stationary exercise machines frame, the frame of a rowing machine can also be made from several different materials. From stainless steel to aluminum and hardwood, manufacturers can construct the frame with any material depending on the price range as well as the weight limit.

We would suggest you favor a stainless steel frame as it is not only strong and sturdy and provides phenomenal durability, but at the same time, stainless steel rower also comes with a more extended warranty for added convenience.

Frame: foldable vs. non-foldable

For the best convenience of its users, manufacturers offer both foldable and non-foldable frame of rowing exercise machine.

If you are living in a small apartment and there is less floor space, we would suggest you opt for a folding rowing machine as it folds into a compact size and can be stored around your house easily.

However, when you have the luxury of space in your home or commercial space, a regular rowing exercise machine would be an excellent choice for you as a regular one is more strong and sturdy and offers more stability than a foldable one.

Machine Height

Rather than stating it as machine height, let’s say it the length between the seat and the pedals where you put your feet at. Before buying a rowing exercise machine, measuring this length is very important because not all the machines are appropriate for all types of riders.

For instance, if you are tall and you wish to workout on a rowing exercise machine, then your best pick would be the one that has a higher distance between the seat and the pedals; such a rower can accommodate your legs perfectly so that you can complete a full stroke with any difficulty. The vice versa would be applicable for shorter people.

Machine Size: What Size is the Machine

Similar to the foldable feature, the rowing machine size also matters. That is because not all the machines are of the same size and would fit your home perfectly.

Before making any final decision about which rower to buy, make sure that you measure your home space and determine if the rowing exercise machine you want to buy actually fits or not.

Also, while measuring your home, don’t forget to add twelve to fourteen inches of additional space to ensure full extensions when the rower is in use.

Weight Capacity: What is the Weight Limit?

Indoor rowing machines are the best exercise machine for heavyweight people as well as others. As this piece of exercise equipment can handle higher weight capacity than any other stationary equipments, it can accommodate obese people comfortably.

Moreover, because there are fewer moving parts in a rower, it is less stressed by heavier users without the risk of falling apart.

Comfortable Seating

The seating arrangement of a rowing machine is an extremely crucial factor to keep in mind because you have to seat down the whole time you exercise on the machine.

You must keep in mind the following to find the most comfortable seat for you so that you never feel numb or displeasure while exercising on this piece of equipment

Seat: cushioned vs. padded

Even though the term “cushioned” and “padded” might seem the same, there are few differences.
Padded seats are covered with a sheet of rubber and are usually contoured.

Although because of the rubber padding, this seat might feel a bit hard, it provides all the comfort that a home rowing machine should deliver and also helps with the rowing motion so that you can row smoothly without any hardship.

On the other hand, the rowers that come with cushioned seats also provide superior comfort and might be an excellent option for users with lower back problems.

Seat: gliding vs. fixed

While a gliding seat glides back and front smoothly to provide the rowing motion of an actual racing shell and offers leg and thigh workout session, the fixed seat remains locked in place and doesn’t move to provide an effective workout.

Rowing machines with fixed seats are usually cheaper and don’t provide any leg exercise.

Seat rail: horizontal vs. inclined

A rowing machine that comes with a horizontal seat rail provides a natural rowing motion and is required by racing shells and professionals.

On the other hand, rowing machines with inclined seat post doesn’t provide a natural rowing motion, and that’s why might not deliver an as fruitful exercise session as a horizontal seat offers.

Performance Monitor

A digital monitor to track down your performance has been one of the most important staples of any exercise equipment over the past few years. And a rower machine is no different.

It also includes a digital monitor to track several of your workout data and keep a record of them so that you can easily measure how far along you are to achieve your fitness goal.

From the time, resistance, distance, and speed, this monitor can track every of your exercise matrix and keep you well informed about your exercise. Some advanced LCDs also feature a heart rate monitor system to follow how your body reacts to the workout.

And for such reason, we would suggest you pick a rowing machine that comes with a digital screen to track your performance effortlessly.

Workout Programs

For the past couple of years, rowing exercise machines come with integrated pre-set programs to make your workout even more accessible as well as super versatile.

With numerous built-in fitness programs, you have the opportunity to try out different training regularly so that you don’t get bored and work out more efficiently than before.

When buying a rowing machine for yourself, our suggestion would be to choose the one that has more than a few preset fitness programs so that you can easily design an effective exercise routine based on your fitness level as well as your age, weight, and gender.

Rowing Chain vs. Belt

Rowing exercise machines usually come with two types of rowing mechanism; chain and belt. The one you will choose depends on your choice and comfort level.

A rower that incorporates a chain mechanism (similar to a bikes chain) is quite easy to operate.

However, we don’t recommend it because it requires regular maintenance. From regular greasing to changing the sprocket every now and then, this mechanism requires a lot of your time to run smoothly.

On the other hand, a rowing machine that comes with a pulling strap is super convenient to use as the strap doesn’t require maintenance. Moreover, as this pulling strap is made using very strong nylon, it lasts for years, even after regular use.

Footplates: Pivoting Vs. Fixed

Home rowing machines comes with both fixed and pivoting footplates (or footrests; however, you address them). The ones you will choose depends solely on your comfort level as well as your needs.

As the name suggests, the fixed footplates are completely fixed in place. Even though they provide the right angle, it still might feel uncomfortable to some users, and therefore, they are not as popular as the adjustable ones.

On the other hand, the footplates are completely adjustable and offer you the opportunity of adjusting the pedals angle so that you can customize it and find the best feet for you, and that’s the reason we suggest pivoting footplates over others always.

Rowing Machine Maintenance

Any piece of equipment will last for an extended period if you maintain it properly, and the rowing machine is no different. With proper care and maintenance, a rower can last for years to come. And that’s why it is always mandatory to look after your equipment even when it is made from the best quality materials.

Workout Dress

Before you start your rowing session, you must keep an eye on your dress as well as shoes because without the right dress up; you won’t be able to enjoy an effective workout session on any given day.

So what are the right clothes?

We would suggest you wear shorter, tight-fitting yet comfortable cloths because loose, baggy clothes might get caught between the seat and the beam and result in severe accidents.

Such inconvenience will keep you from getting an intense workout as you had planned.

Also, don’t forget about the shoes. Without the right pair of footwear (can be sneakers, running shoes, or cross-trainers), you might hurt your feet while exercising and be away from the training session for a long time.

Warranty: the Warranty Period Should Be a Priority

Even though while purchasing your rowing exercise machine, the warranty might not seem important, in the long run, you would come to realize that it’s also an equally important aspect to consider.

If you want to enjoy the best service from your rowing machine, then we would suggest you give the warranty period priority. Because the chance is that the higher the warranty period, the long-lasting the equipment will be.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Indoor Cycling Bike for Home

Are rowing machines suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is.
A rowing machine is an excellent option for people with every type of body with every fitness level. From slim to obese and old to young and short to tall, every rider out there can work out on this piece of exercise equipment and get fit for a healthier tomorrow.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

A rower is a great equipment to burn calories and shed bodyweight. Even though it doesn’t magically reduce your belly fat, over time, while burning fat from every part of your body, this machine also burns belly fat and helps you to become slim and sexy.

How many days a week should you use a rowing machine?

It depends on your fitness level and dedication towards your training.
However, experts state that, for beginners, rowing 3 times weekly for 30 minutes is an ideal option.

And for experts with more endurance capacity, workout out 5 times a week for 30- 45 minutes is just perfect.

How does a rowing machine differ from a treadmill?

While both the indoor rowing machine and treadmill are stationary exercise equipment, some major differences set them apart.

The biggest difference between these two equipment is that, while a treadmill works on your lower body to tone your muscles and strengthen the down part, a rower works your entire body providing an effective total body workout session.

Is rowing machine bad for the back and knees?

No, it is not.
In fact, because of its natural motion and low impact workout session, a rowing machine puts less stress on your back and knees and ensures a safe yet intense training regimen.

Can you use the rowing machine if you're injured or are new to exercise?

Yes, you can.
Again, as a rower machine offers a low impact workout regimen, it helps you to recover from your injuries quickly and get fit even quicker.

Our Final Words

We are sure that by now, you know everything you need to know about rowing exercise machine and what to look for while buying one for yourself.

We would suggest you surf the market for quite some time to find the best rowing machine for home use according to your needs and fitness level rather than picking up the first rower that you see.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us for more information.



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