Best Upright Exercise Bikes for Home Use

Best Upright Exercise Bikes for Home Use

Upright bikes are used for many different reasons. From a low-impact cardio exercise to strengthen the muscles while toning down your body, this stationary bike is of those few exercise equipment that can provide you an effective workout session at the comfort of your own place.

In this article, we have listed and talked about some of the best upright exercise bikes available in the market so that it’s easier for you to pick just the right one for you.

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Editors Pick

Schwinn 170

Best Overall

Nautilus U616

Budget Bike

Marcy ME-708

Desk Bike

FitDesk 2.0

For Arm Exer

Marcy Air 1











Last Updated: December 15, 2020

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding upright bike for the user who are looking for. Some of the listed bikes have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the best recumbent bikes currently available online.

9 Best Upright Exercise Bikes for Home Use


Bike Name

Resistance Level

Best For

Check On Amazon

Schwinn 170


Editors Pick

Nautilus U616


Best Overall

Marcy ME-708


Best on Budget

FitDesk Desk 2.0


Work Desk



Commercial Bike

Marcy Air 1


With Arm Workout

Sunny Health SF-B2710


Compact Bike

HARISON Upright Bike


For Heavy Rides

Tunturi Cardio Fit


for beginner

1. Schwinn 170 - Editors Pick

Schwinn 170

The Schwinn 170 Upright stationary bike is one of the best exercise bikes that Schwinn has manufactured for indoor riders. Packed with several amazing workout features and a reasonable price tag, thats we have marked this bike as EDITORS PICK in this list.

Several Pre-set Workout Programs

Keeping in mind about the convenience of its users, this Schwinn 170 stationary bike comes with a whopping 29 pre-installed workout programs so that you can choose the best one according to your fitness level and demand.

From beginners workout to super-advanced training programs, you will never be out of options with this amazing exercise bike.

Moreover, as these programs are adjustable, you can always design your workout routine and enjoy a super fit and healthy body.

Large LCD Screen

Unlike many other upright exercise bikes available in the market, the Schwinn 170 includes 2 LCD screens to provide the most benefits to its users.

While one screen shows the statistics of your current exercise session, the other preview the progress of your goals you have set in your profile.

Furthermore, as these wide display panels are backlit, you can read your various data easily, even in the dark.

Wide Range of Resistance

The resistance of this stationary bike is also something to talk about. With 25 different levels of magnetic resistance, you will never feel short of workout options.

From a low-intensity exercise to a super high-intensity workout session, with such a wide range of resistance varieties, you can always choose the one that best suits your body fitness as well as your workout needs.

To help you more, we've reviewed Schwinn 170 upright exercise bike in details.


  • USB charging port for your electronic devices
  • 3 piece crank system for a smooth yet effective ride
  • Transportation wheels to relocate the bike effortlessly
  • Contoured seat saddle provides added comfort and support
  • 300 lbs. weight limit can accommodate a wide range of riders
  • Built-in speakers to keep you entertained during your exercise sessions
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars ensure a comfortable yet strong grip
  • Compatible with MyFitnessPal and Schwinn apps for an advanced workout regimen

2. Nautilus U616 - Best Overall

Nautilus U616

In this modern age, an exercise bike with lots of apps and the built-in program and digital connectivity is truly a gem. Not all the upright bikes out there are fully digitalized.

Keeping in mind about the demand of modern users, Nautilus comes up with its U616 stationary bike that provides not only great workout facilities but also ensures superior digital connectivity.

Digital Connectivity

One of the most useful of this exercise bike is its enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. With this digital connectivity system, riders can now connect their Smartphone or Tablet with the bike easily.

They can sync as well as set, track and monitor their workout data with several fitness apps (such as MyFitnessPal, Explore the World) for more advanced workout programs.

Interactive Display

In combination with the Bluetooth connectivity, this stationary bike also incorporates a DualTrack LCD to track all your workout data at the same time.

From your heart rate to calories burnt and the distance you have covered with speed, everything is displayed on the screen so that it’s easy for you to read and keep track of them for your workout regimen always.

Magnetic Resistance

Caring about the various needs of its riders, this U618 upright bike comes with a wide range of magnetic resistance levels (25 to be exact) to make sure that you always have a suitable resistance level according to your requirements.

Such high varieties of resistance make your rides smooth, quiet, and more consistent.

To know more details about such incredible machine check Nautilus U616 Review.


  • Heart rate straps to monitor your pulse while working out
  • 29 built-in exercise programs to provide riders with options
  • Cooling fan for refreshing air during a heavy workout regimen
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars for a non-slip, strong grip
  • Weighted pedals to make your pedaling action smooth and effective
  • Suction cups to hold the bike in place for security and avoid accidents
  • Built-in speakers to keep you entertained and motivated during exercises

3. Marcy ME-708  - Best on Budget

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

But keeping in mind about budget fact, this Marcy ME-708 upright bike not only comes with several features but also incorporates a comfortable workout station so that you are never distressed. For quality features & reasonable pricing we have selected this this bike as BEST On BUDGET.

Premium Steel Construction

The alluring frame of this upright stationary bike is constructed using premium quality 14-gauge steel tubing to make sure it is super strong and provides adequate support to its users.

Moreover, this sturdy frame was finished with powder coating to not only enhance its look but also ensure phenomenal performance and durability.

To add more, even though this bike has a steel constructed frame, it is incredibly lightweight and takes up a very small area of your house for placement.

Adjustable Seat Saddle

Aside from a strong frame, this exercise bike also comes with a plushy cushioned adjustable seat saddle to accommodate users of different height and body sizes.

The well-cushioned seat offers maximum comfort to its users during workout sessions.

At the same time, the adjustable knob makes sure that it can fit riders between 5' to 6'5" of height so that everyone in your family can use this bike for their workout routine without difficulty.

Counterbalanced Pedals

To provide maximum support to its riders, this exercise bike incorporates counterbalanced pedals that are specially designed to provide maximum foot support so that you don’t hurt yourself while exercising.


  • 300 lbs. weight limit to fit even obese riders also
  • Transportation wheels for easy mobility and portability
  • Durable powder coating finishes for phenomenal services
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance for a wide variety of workouts
  • Large pedals with straps to keep the feet in place for maximum security
  • Extremely quiet and soothing; doesn’t create an unnecessary clicking sound
  • Feet stabilizers to hold the bike in place to minimize chances of tripping off and accidents
  • Ultra-functional LCD console monitors time, speed, distance, and calories burned in extra-large numbers

4. FitDesk 2.0 - Upright bike with work desk

Progear 555LXT

If you are someone who is extremely busy and doesn’t have the time to visit the gym to take care of your body, then this FitDesk 2.0 Folding upright bike might be a savior for you.

This stationary bike not only helps you to work while exercising but, at the same time, also makes sure that you are experiencing an intense workout without hampering your work routine.

Non-slip Adjustable Desk

To make sure that you can work while exercising, this upright bike incorporates a large (20.5” W x 16” D), fully adjustable, a non-slip desktop working surface.

So that you can place your files or your laptop easily and finish your important tasks while working out.

Additionally, it also comes with a built-in tablet holder to support your Tablet or Smartphone so that you can watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite song and keep yourself entertained during your exercise regimen.

Compact, Foldable Frame

Keeping in mind the limited space in most of the homes now a day, this exercise bike features a folding frame design so that it can fit even in the smallest of apartments.

With a folded footprint of 16 x 28 inches, this desk bike is compact enough to store it in the closet rather than always keeping it on the ground and kill space.

Extremely Comfortable Seat Saddle

Even though it is a foldable bike with desk adjustment, it doesn’t mean that this bike is not comfortable.

In fact, this amazing piece of exercise equipment comes with a large seat saddle with extra-thick foam cushioning to ensure maximum comfort and easiness of the riders while working out.

Moreover, as it comes with an equally padded backrest, it also provides support to the back and doesn’t cause any pain even after many hours of continuous use.


  • High-velocity flywheel for reliable operation
  • Exercise bands to ensure upper body workout as well
  • A quiet, noiseless operation to keep concentration to on the work
  • Easy-to-Read performance meter to track mileage, calories, and time
  • 300 lbs. weight limit to make it suitable for every type of riders out there
  • 8 different levels of resistance to provide low as well as high-intensity workouts

5. SOLE LCB Light - Commercial upright bike


If you are a gym owner and looking for excellent quality and durable exercise bike to put in your gym for commercial use, then this SOLE LCB is just the right one for you.

With its numerous amazing features and several built-in programs, this exercise bike is suitable for home use as well.

Strong, Sturdy Frame

Keeping in mind about commercial use, SOLE constructed the frame of this piece of exercise equipment comes with premium quality steel material so it’s not only durable and sturdy.

Also, because of such sturdy construction, it can accommodate up to 350 lbs. of weight and provide adequate support to the riders.

A Wide Range of Resistances

To make this stationary recumbent bike suitable for every type of user out there, SOLE incorporated 40 different levels of magnetic resistance to make sure that you have just the right resistance level that best suits your body fitness as well as your workout needs.

With such a wide variety of tension system, you can not only practice low-intensity workouts but can also train with high-intensity exercises effectively.

Furthermore, as this bike features a resistance knob (located under the seat saddle), you can change resistance during your workouts effortlessly to simulate your riding experience and customize your workout according to the fitness level.

Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the most useful features of this upright exercise bike that you would absolutely love is its ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

With this Bluetooth connectivity, you can not only listen to music via the built-in speakers but can also sync workout data to fitness apps like MyFitnessPal Explore the World, UA Record, and more.


  • Suction cups to keep the bike in place and avoid accidents
  • Adjustable gel seat provides excellent comfort and superior fit
  • 350 lbs. weight capacity to accommodate a wide range of riders
  • 10 pre-set programs to help you achieve your fitness goals easily
  • Integrated wireless technology made this bike modern and convenient
  • Transportation wheels make it easier to relocate the bike from one place to the other

6. Marcy AIR 1 - Upright fan bike with moving arms

Marcy Air 1

Not everyone likes weighted wheel resistance system; some also prefer fan resistance, and if you are searching for such an upright bike, then this Marcy AIR-1 is just the right one for you.

Aside from working on the lower part of your body, this wonderful bike also helps to strengthen your arms so that they become as fit as your lower body.

Strong, Sturdy Frame

To make this piece of exercise equipment strong and long-lasting, Marcy constructed the frame of this upright bike using premium quality 14-gauge steel tubing so that it’s not only durable but also provides immense support to the riders.

Moreover, the scratch-resistant feature and has powder-coated finish also contributes to making this bike super durable and strong so that it provides phenomenal service all day every day.

Dual-action Arm Exerciser

Unlike many upright stationary bikes available in the market, this Marcy AIR-1 comes with a pair of dual-action arm exerciser instead of the usual front handlebars to give you an efficient and effective workout.

These exercises simultaneously work your upper body while you are toning down your lower body and help you to burn calories from the arms and make them fitter as well as stronger.

Moreover, to avoid any type of accidents, these arm exercisers are ergonomically designed with a non-slip grip to assure the highest safety of the users.

Stay Cool Fan

Keeping in mind the convenience of its riders, this stationary exercise bike comes with a stay-cool fan resistance system that not only increases resistance as you pedal faster.

But also produces cool air to increase your comfort and endurance level while you work out.


  • Can accommodate riders between 5’0″ to 6’2″
  • Transportation wheels enhance the mobility of the bike
  • Plushy padded seat saddle for maximum comfort and support
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity makes it suitable for every type of riders
  • Rubber foam adorned handlebars for a non-slip, comfortable grip
  • Ground levers provide stability and reduce the chances of accidents
  • High-tech LCD screen to monitor time, speed, distance, and calories burnt

7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2710 - Foldable upright bike

Exerpeutic 900XL

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of free space to set up a regular stationary bike for their daily workout regimen.
Keeping in mind about exercisers with limited home space, Sunny Health came up with this foldable exercise bike so that you can enjoy your various workout sessions without killing your space.

Compact Folding Design

To make it more convenient and space saver, this stationary exercise bike folds into a super compact size so that it is extremely easy and effortless to store it in the closet rather than always keeping it on the ground and kill space.

Also, in addition to its foldable design, this exercise bike comes with easy transportation wheels to make sure that you can move it from one place to another without any difficulty or help.

Comfortable Seat with Backrest

Even though it’s folded, this upright exercise bike didn’t hold back from installing adequate comfort features for its riders.

With a wide, well-padded seat saddle with an equally cushioned backrest, this piece of exercise equipment not only ensures exception comfort to your bottom but also provides additional support to your back during a long and challenging exercise session.

Multi-functional Digital Monitor

As an upright bike is meant for serious training sessions, Sunny Health installed a wide LCD screen in this amazing bike to track and display your workout data effectively.

From monitoring your distance, speed, time, and heart rate to see how hard you are exercising to achieve your goals, this digital screen will show you every matrix you need to know during your workout sessions.

Also, as this screen is backlit, you can even read the data in less light or dark without any difficulty.


  • Adjustable seat for excellent comfort and convenience
  • Built-in pulse sensors to monitor heart rate constantly
  • Arm resistance bands to tone biceps and triceps effectively
  • Leg resistance bands to strengthen glutes, thighs, and calves
  • 265 lbs. weight limit to accommodate a wide range of riders
  • 265 lbs. weight limit to accommodate a wide range of riders

8. HARISON Magnetic - Upright bike for heavy riders

HARISON Upright Exercise Bike

This HARISON Upright Exercise bike is just not a piece of exercise equipment for obese people; it’s a life-saver for them.

This stationary bike comes with some exceptional features that make it the most suitable for heavy people to work out and shed a ton of their body weight for healthier physic.

Extended Weight Capacity

To help every type of riders lose weight quickly and get healthy and fit, this HARISON upright bike has an extendefor weight capacity of 300 lbs. So that it can also accommodate fat people comfortably without the risk of falling apart.

Moreover, its heavy-duty steel frame also contributes to the extended weight capacity by providing an adequate amount of support and making sure that it performs exceptionally well.

Adjustable Seat Saddle

This stationary exercise bike comes with an exceptionally padded, adjustable seat saddle to not only provide maximum comfort to its riders but also to maintain the correct form.

This 10.24* 10.24 inches super spacious, the well-cushioned seat is also wide enough to accommodate heavier people without any difficulty.

In addition, as it is 4-way adjustable, this seat can be adjusted for height and proximity to handlebars and is suitable for riders between 5' to 6'5" for their workout regimen.

Wide Range of Magnetic Resistance

HARISON installed a wide range of 14 different magnetic resistances to this upright stationary bike to make it suitable for more challenging and effective workouts.

With such a variety of resistances, you can choose a tension level according to your fitness and exercise needs and enjoy a very efficient exercise season without trying very hard.

Additionally, as a control knob accompanies this resistance system, you can actually control the intensity of your workout and exercise accordingly.


  • Transportation wheels to relocate the bike more easily
  • Heavy-duty steel frame to ensure durability and support
  • Removable tablet and smartphone holder for convenience
  • Silent operations help you to enjoy a nearly noiseless workout
  • Pulse sensors to measure your heart rate during your exercise sessions
  • Large-screen LCD to monitor your time, speed, distance, and calories burned

9. Tunturi 35 -Upright bike for beginner

Tunturi Cardio Fit

Not every rider out there is an expert. Keeping in mind about such riders and also to make their riding experience more delightful, this Tunturi 35 bike comes with several built-in features and factors.

So that it never felt easier and more effective to ride an exercise bike for an intense workout.

Wide Range of Workout Programs

To make your workout experience even better with this piece of equipment, this bike comes with a wide variety of 12 different built-in workout programs.

So that you are never out of choice and can actually enjoy customizable, more effective exercise at the comfort of your home. From low-intensity exercise to high-intensity ones, you can choose a program according to your fitness level and exercising needs easily.

Easy to Read LCD Screen

As this exercise bike comes with several built-in programs, an LCD screen is a must for it.

And that’s why Tunturi added a large, easy-to-read LCD display in this piece of exercise equipment to not only control and choose the various workout programs easily but also to keep track of different exercise data perfectly.

From the speed, elapsed time, distance covered, calories burned to heart rate, recovery, body fat, RPM, and watts generated, you can monitor every little aspect of your exercise regimen.

Heart Rate Monitor

Keeping track of your heart rate during the exercise session is important, and that why this stationary bike comes with the built-in contact pads on the handlebars to monitor your pulse rate continuously and make sure you can even read the slightest of change easily.


  • Adjustable Saddle for added convenience and custom fit
  • Anti-slip pedals with straps to prevent your feet from slipping off
  • 8  magnetic resistance levels to choose according to your fitness level
  • Well-cushioned seat saddle provides exceptional comfort and support
  • Smartphone and tablet holding tray to keep you motivated and entertained

What to Look for in an Upright Exercise Bike

Buying an upright stationary bike is quite easy if you know what to look for and what to avoid. Here, we will talk about the features you must keep in mind to score yourself the best bike in the market.

Seat and Handlebars Adjustability

Nothing provides an excellent workout session then a bike that fits you and where you can sit comfortably, and that’s why you must buy an stationary bike that comes with both seat and handlebars adjustability.

Usually, the seat saddle of upright bikes comes with either back and forth adjustability or up and down flexibility.

But according to exercising experts, it’s the best that you choose the piece of exercise equipment that has all-around adjustability so that you can maneuver it as much as you want according to your height and enjoy the best workout session ever.

Similar to the seat saddle, look for adjustable handlebars so that you have a custom fit on your exercise bike and have the most efficient workout session.

Another reason for suggesting an adjustable seat and handlebars is that, when you buy an upright bike, probably all your family member is going to use it for their exercise regimen.

And the seat and handlebars mobility will allow them to tune the piece of exercise equipment according to their height so that a number of people can use the same bike rather than buying one for each.

Resistance Level

The level of resistance incorporated in the upright bike is also important. The higher the number of resistance a stationary bike comes with, the more choices you have for your regular training sessions.

Fitness enthusiasts suggest choosing an upright exercise bike that comes with a wide range of resistance levels so that you can select just the right one according to your fitness level.

From low-intensity workouts to high-intensity ones, with varieties of resistances, you always have the freedom to pick the one that is suitable for your fitness level and exercise needs.

LCD Display

An LCD screen or digital console attached with your upright bike helps you to monitor your workout data while you exercise.

It is an important feature to look out for because aside from showing different workout information like distance, speed, calories burnt, this screen also helps you to monitor your heart rate so that you know your health condition while exercising.

And because of such amazing facilities, never forget to check if the bike comes with an LCD or not.

Weight and Height Limit

Before making your final decision about buying your ultimate exercise bike, never forget to check its weight and height limit; otherwise, you might not only struggle to fit in the bike properly for an effective workout session.

But also have to endure the hassle of returning if the weight and height limit doesn’t match with yours.

Usually, upright bikes come with 300 lbs. of the weight limit and can accommodate riders from 5” to 6” of height.

But then again, don’t just rely on your general knowledge- don’t forget to check the weight and height limit before the purchase.

Pre-set Fitness Programs

If you are a beginner or have limited knowledge of different types of exercises on an upright stationary bike, then don’t hesitate to look for Pre-set Fitness Programs while buying your ultimate piece of exercise equipment.

A machine with several built-in fitness programs would not only provide you the opportunity to choose a suitable workout plan for yourself.

But also make sure that you can design your training by mixing and matching different programs for a more effective exercise regimen.

Entertainment Features

Keeping yourself motivated and entertained while training for quite a long time is extremely important. Otherwise, there are high chances that you might get bored and leave exercising without reaching your daily goal.

And for this reason, pick an  bike that comes with built-in speakers and smart device connectivity.

With the combination of these two features, you can always play your favorite music and songs and enjoy your exercise time to the fullest.

Pedals and Water Bottle Holder

To make sure that you are super comfortable yet safe while riding your exercise bike, make sure that you have the right pedals.

Wide pedals with straps are most preferred, and hence we recommend it to every rider as they not only accommodate your feet perfectly but also hold them in place perfectly so that they don’t slip off and cause injuries.

On the other hand, if your upright bike comes with an integrated water bottle holder, then it’s a plus.

This bottle holder makes sure that you have your favorite liquid at your arm’s reach so that you are adequately hydrated during rigorous workouts.

Assembled Dimension and Bike Weight

Stability is one of the most critical aspects of an exercise bike because if the bike is not stable enough, there is a high possibility that it would wobble and cause you serious injury.

And this is the reason why you must check the weight of the bike before purchasing as the stability of your stationary bike greatly depends on its weight.

Try to pick an exercise bike that is heavyweight because the more a bike weights, the more stable it is, and the less likely it is to cause accidents.

A heavyweight exercise bike not only ensures super stability but at the same time also provides a sense of security so that you can ride it peacefully.

On the same note, we would suggest you choose an upright stationary bike that is compact after full assemble if you don’t have the luxury of space (when you have enough space, you have the freedom to choose any bike you want).

Aside from fitting in a smaller area and saving space, a compact (or foldable) upright bike also provides the same intensity of the workout as any other piece of exercise equipment.

User Profile

A user profile in a stationary exercise bike is used to store the data of your workout sessions for convenience.

If you are not the only one who would use the upright bike for exercising, it’s the best that you pick a bike with several user profiles incorporated in it so that everyone riding this exercise bike has an individual profile for them to store their workout index.

How to Use an Upright Exercise Bike?

Have you ever ride a traditional bicycle? If yes, then ride your upright bike just like that. But in case if you don’t have any experience of a regular bike, then this part is for you.

First, adjust the seat and the handlebars according to your height and set a resistance level in tune with your fitness.

Then sit on the bike and adjust the pedal straps for safety. Start pedaling with the ball of your foot and through your heel rather than just using your toes.

While riding your exercise bike, never hunch over; otherwise, you might hurt your back and neck.

Can I Change the Pedals on Upright Exercise Bikes?

Yes, absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the pedals of your bike or are worn out, you can always install a new pair according to your comfort level and preference.

Is it Weird to put Toe Clips on an Upright Bike?

No, it is not. You can take all measures and install every accessory you need to keep yourself safe and protected while riding an upright bike.

Does an Upright Exercise Bike work just as good as running as far as losing weight/calories?

No, it doesn’t work as well as running to lose weight. As running engages your entire body, it works on all your muscles and burns more calories to lose weight faster than stationary cycling.

The higher the intensity of running, the more calories it burns for a quick weight loss.

What Muscles does an Upright Exercise Bike work on?

An upright bike mainly works on the lower part of your body.

From abdominal muscles to Gluteus maximus, thigh muscles, Biceps femoris, and the hip joints, this amazing exercise bike works on all your lower body muscles to not only strengthen but also to tone them for an active physique. 

Final Words

There are many different models of upright exercise bike available in the market that would fit your exercising needs.
But, be sure that the ones we have listed and talked about above are the best your money can buy and would undoubtedly provide you the best, most effective workout experience ever.

So, don’t hesitate. Pick the one that fits your budget and fitness needs.

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