6 Best Gel Seat for Bike In 2020

In a Hurry? Check the Best Gel Bike Seat by Category

In a Hurry? Check the Best Gel Bike Seat by Category

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Selle Smp Trk

To some riders, comfort is the main thing when they ride a bike and if you are one of those riders who seek exceptional comfort during cycling, then this article is just the right one for you.

This is because, here we have discussed and listed the top 6 best gel seat for bike, so that you can find your one easily and enjoy superior comfort while you ride.









Last Updated: November 22, 2020

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding gel seat saddle who are looking for. Some of the saddles have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the one currently available online.

Top 6 Best Gel Seat for Bike Reviewed

1. Tonbux Comfortable Gel Bicycle Seat- Best Pick

Tonbux Bicycle Seat


  • Its long nose ensures superior comfort to the riders
  • Available in different alluring color options to choose from
  • Incorporates backlit reflective tape to improve visibility and safety
  • Tonbux added a mounting wrench with this seat for easy installation
  • The carbon steel mental constructed seat frame is strong and durable

If you want to enjoy the most comfortable ride all day, every day, then don’t hesitate to check out this amazing Gel Bicycle Seat from Tonbux. We are considering it as our best pick not because it is comfortable but at the same time, this seat is also safe and ensures the best riding experience you could ever ask for.

To start with, to provide luxurious comfort to its riders, this seat is padded with memory foam gel padding that molds your buttocks like a glove so that your weight is spread equally and you don’t feel pressure on your back.

Moreover, to ensure additional comfort and safety, this thick pad gel saddle is specially designed with a Dual Shock absorbing ball in the bottom of the cushion that can successfully absorb the road's shock and vibrations during the rides. As it absorbs the shock completely, it ensures an impact-free ride without any pain and aches in the body.

Another excellent aspect of this seat saddle is that it has a microfiber artificial leather cover that is smooth and plush, also wear-resistant to make sure that it lasts for years to come.

2. SGODDE Gel Bicycle Saddle - Best Overall

SGODDE Bicycle Seat


  • Suitable for both men and women riders
  • Compatible with an array of bicycle frames
  • Non-slip seat surface provides a safe and secure sitting.
  • The waterproof PU leather ensures durability and comfort.
  • At 1 lb. of weight, this seat doesn’t affect the maneuverability.

When you want to get the value of the money you spend on a bike seat saddle, then this Gel Bicycle Saddle from SGODDE should be your top favorite. This amazing seat provides the best value for your money by ensuring extraordinary comfort while offering other amazing features.

To ensure the comfort of the riders, SGODDE made this seat saddle with high-quality foam in combination with fatty gel padding so that it provides adequate cushioning to your back and doesn’t hurt it even when you are riding on rough terrain.

In addition to the gel pads, this seat also features a streamlined and narrow front design to assure maximum comfort and control of the bike. This special design allows your thigh to move freely while you ride eliminating any friction and uncomfortableness during the course.

It also has a deep center cutout design that enhances breathability and avoids prostate pressure problems so that you can enjoy your ride to the fullest with utmost comfort and convenience.

Another amazing aspect of this road bike seat is that it is anatomically supportive. This means that this incredible bike saddle can distribute the pressure from your back across the surface of the seat to eliminate sit bone pain and leave you impact-free after the ride.

3. Wittkop Waterproof Bike Saddle - For MTB

Wittkop Bicycle Seat


  • Compatible with an e-bike also
  • Its additionally welded seams ensure extended durability.
  • The waterproof features add to the durability of the saddle.
  • High-quality EVA foam padding ensures maximum comfort.
  • Immense shock absorption capabilities keep you impact-free

The 3rd on our list is this excellent gel bicycle seat saddle from Wittkop. This mtb saddle secured its place in our list not because it comes with an affordable price tag; rather, we consider it the best mountain saddle because of its amazing features, comfort level, and other conveniences its riders.

But before discussing others, let’s talk about its most innovative feature- the 5-Zone Concept. This modern concept makes the bike seat partitioned into five individually conceptualized zones so that the saddle is not only ergonomic and non-slip but at the same time also comfortable to make your riding session more enjoyable without any pain.

To offer additional comfort and convenience to the riders, this seat also features internal braces and a Wittkop Airflow System that offers immense air ventilation to avoid unpleasant sweating in your intimate areas feel uneasiness at any circumstances.

Additionally, the 5.4 inches width of this seat provides a wide and adequate sitting area and ensures a perfectly optimized fit for increasing comfort during your riding sessions.

4. YLG Oversized Universal Gel Bike Saddle - For Stationary Bike

YLG Bicycle Seat


  • YLG offers different styles of this saddle to pick from
  • Comes with a reflective band at the back for increased visibility
  • The wear-resistant and anti-scratch seat cover add to the longevity.
  • The waterproof, PVC leather surface ensures comfort and durability.
  • Its universal fit makes this saddle suitable for a wide range of exercise bikes.

The next on our list is this Oversized Universal Gel Bicycle Saddle from YLG that is the best option for your stationary exercise bike such as Indoor spinner, rower, elliptical, upright & recumbent exercise bikes. It is wide, comfortable, and promises to provide you the best exercise experience that you have ever imagined, and for these reasons, this seat ended up being on our list.

One of the main things people look for when buying an exercise bike saddle is its comfort level, especially when they are riding a stationary recumbent bike.

And knowing this fact right, YLG not only made this seat extremely wide [13.38 inch in width] but at the same time also filled it with premium quality high elasticity high-density Memory Foam and gel padding so that it can provide extraordinary comfort to its users.

While the wide saddle makes sure that the overall weight is distributed throughout the entire seat to not result in any pain, the plushy cushioned surface absorbs shock and vibrations of the workout successfully to make sure your body is impact-free even after an intense exercise session.

To ensure additional comfort for the riders, this seat was specially designed with an extra arc like a wing that perfectly fits your hips on the saddle without compromising leg movement.

5. Sunlite Cloud-9 Gel Saddle - For Cruiser Bike

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Seat


  • Comes in different sizes to fit your physique
  • Includes airflow channels for superior ventilation and comfort
  • It is easy to install and doesn’t require any professional assistance.
  • Its universal feature makes it compatible with a wide range of bikes.
  • The ergonomically designed saddle ensures safety as well as durability.

Lastly, we have this Sunlite Gel Cruiser Saddle from Cloud-9. Even though this bike gel seat saddle is in the last position, it doesn’t mean that it lacks quality or comfort. In fact, this is the best gel saddle for your cruiser bike that offers you both comfort and quality at a very reasonable price range.

To begin with, Cloud-9 inserted dual-density gel foam padding to this Sunlite Gel Cruiser Saddle to provide uncompromising comfort to its users. The plushy cushioned seat molds the hips at the right pressure points to ensure serious comfort and absorb shock and vibrations of the road for the safety of the body.

This incredible cruiser bike saddle comes with an integrated chrome coil spring suspension mechanism that helps to smooth out bumps on the roads. It makes sure that your body doesn’t experience any shock or impact and remain pain and ache-free, even after an intense riding session.

Moreover, this gel bicycle seat saddle is also wide enough to accommodate your hips perfectly so that you can enjoy the highest level of comfort while using it.

6. Selle Smp Trk Gel Saddle - For Hybrid Bike

Selle Smp Trk Bicycle Seat


  • Suitable for men and women riders
  • It can also be used on an e-bike perfectly.
  • The alluring black color complements almost all bike frames.
  • Comes with an SVT gel cover for a non-slip yet comfortable sitting
  • Comes in different size options to choose from according to your needs

If you have a flexible budget and want to enjoy the most comfortable riding regimen with your hybrid bike, don’t think twice before investing in this SmpTrk Gel bicycle Saddle from Selle. Even though it has an expensive price tag, this seat is going to make up for every penny with its amazing features and extraordinary comfort.

To begin with, Selle incorporated Soft polyurethane [high-density gel padding] to this seat saddle with incredible mechanical strength to provide your back as well as your body the exceptional comfort that you have been seeking for.

Moreover, its exclusive structural element also adds to its extraordinary comfort while suppressing the impact of rough terrains successfully.

To suppress the impact even better, Selle added super strong yet extremely lightweight steel rails to this bike seat saddle to make sure that it absorbs the road's stress and vibration completely so that your body and back remain pain-free even after a long and intense riding regimen.

Additionally, as the rails are steel-constructed, they provide extra sturdiness and durability and assure to provide the users with long-lasting services.

Moving on, even after having gel padding inserts for outstanding comfort, this saddle also features a large center channel cut out design with a dropped nose to ensure additional luxury during your riding sessions.

While the cutout provides sufficient air ventilation to keep you from sweating and feeling uncomfortable, the dropped nose relieves soft pressure tissue to protect your genitals greatly.

Gel Seat for Bike Buying Guide

As gel bicycle seats are not the normally padded seat saddles, there are more than a few things that you have to keep in mind when choosing the right one for you. We have discussed these aspects in detail below so that you have a better understanding before making your final purchase.


While gel saddles are made of gel cushioning, their cover is a totally different story. Usually, a bike gel saddle is made of Lycra/spandex material to match the phenomenal comfort provided by the gel cushioning.

Manufacturers prefer the Lycra/spandex covers for their gel saddle because they are lightweight yet extremely durable to ensure their users best services. Moreover, seat covers made from these materials are super easy to clean, which also adds to its longevity.


Gel seat comes in different sizes to meet the various demands of their users. However, the one you must choose entirely depends on your body size as well as your comfort level.

If you are bigger in size and you want to enjoy the best comfort while riding your bike, then going for a wide gel seat would be the right choice, and vice versa when you are not that big in size.

Ease of Installation

Another important aspect that you must keep in mind while buying a gel seat saddle for your bicycle is its ease of installation. If the seat is not easy to install, it often means that it won’t be easy to adjust in times of need. Search for a gel seat that is easy and effortless to install to minimize cost in the long run.


The weight of the bike gel seat saddle matters a lot. This is because the maneuverability and your control largely depend on the weight of the bike. When you attach a heavyweight saddle, it will undoubtedly increase the cycle's overall weight affecting its maneuverability.

But then again, it’s often that lightweight gel seats are not as comfortable and might even hurt your back in long, intense rides.

Keeping in mind all the aspects, you must get a seat that is padded enough yet lightweight to enjoy both comfort and maneuverability together.


Even though the majority of gel saddles available in the market are unisex and would fit both men and women riders, there are a few that are gender-specific and would provide the best comfort and convenience to that particular gender only.

And that’s why checking the seat for gender specification before making a purchase is extremely important to ensure the best riding experiences.

Weather Resistance

If you want to enjoy long-lasting services from your gel bike set, then look for the one that comes with the “weather resistance” feature. A weather-resistant seat will make sure that it can withstand adverse weather conditions effortlessly so that it doesn’t get damaged easily because of rain or snow.


It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a bicycle gel seat saddle; when you buy one, you expect it to be durable, and therefore, before making your purchase, make sure that the seat saddle is strong and sturdy. A strong saddle is committed to providing you the durability and longevity you look for during your rides.

Gel Bicycle Saddle FAQs

What is a Gel Seat?

When we are talking about a bike gel seat, we are actually talking about a bicycle saddle with gel comfort pads integrated into it. A gel pad molds to your buttock like a glove and provides the most luxurious comfort to its users.

However, the gel saddles are not the best choice for serious, intense riders. It can be excellent for recreational riders because of the riders extraordinary comfort and convenience.

With all its advantages, you must also know that gel bicycle seats can be compact more quickly than the other types of seat padding and, therefore, are not as long-lasting as the others.

Are Gel Bike Seats Any Good?

Whether a gel saddle is good or not depends on your needs and your riding style as well as your comfort level. If you are someone who loves a comfortable ride and rides a cycle for recreational purposes only, then a gel saddle would be the perfect choice for you.

However, this seat is not that good for serious cyclists for their over-comfortable nature.

How Do I Clean My Bike Saddle?

Cleaning a bike gel seat saddle is extremely easy and effortless. It can be hand-washed with warm soapy water or mild cleaner for a more clean and fresh look, especially if it gets accumulated dirt and dust from your rides.

To clean your seat , first, soak it in warm soapy water with a mild cleaner. Then, using a soft microfiber towel or soft-bristles brush scrub it gently to remove all the dirt and dust precisely.

After that, rinse it with water and soak the excess water using a paper towel and let it air dry before riding on it again.

How Do You Dry Out a Bike Seat?

After you clean and wash your gel saddle, it’s time to dry it completely before you ride on it again. To dry the seat, take a soft cloth [ preferably a microfiber towel or a paper towel ] and soak the excess water completely so that it is almost dried. Then, leave it in a clean, dry place to fully air-dry the saddle before getting on it again.

What is the Best Gel Seat Cover for the Bike

Bicycle gel seat covers are made from an array of different materials. From cotton to leather and synthetic material, cover manufacturers use different ones on the saddles according to the users budget and preference.

All these seats cover come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It would help if you compared them all before deciding which cover would be best for you in terms of comfort, convenience, and price as well.

How Do You Adjust a Bike Seat? What is the Proper Height for a Bike Seat?

To enjoy the most comfort and convenience during riding, adjusting the seat according to your height and comfort level is super important. A custom-fit ensures an incredible riding session.

To adjust the seat, first on your bicycle and unclip it while placing your heels in the middle of the pedal axle.

While doing so, make sure that the cycle crank is in the same line as the seat tube. Also, when you clip the seat, make sure that your leg is completely straight so that you have the right fit for your ridings.

After adjusting, make sure that your bike seat's height is 109% of your inseam to enjoy greater fit- it is the benchmark height of a bike seat.

How Can I Make My Bike Seat More Comfortable?

Even though gel bike saddles are comfortable on their own, there are more than a few ways you can make it even more comfortable and luxurious for you.

Let’s find these ways to make bike seat comfortable.

You can replace and re-install a new saddle suitable for your body type and convenience if the previous one doesn’t fit correctly.

You might also want to adjust the seat height and angle to find a custom fit for additional comfort.
Padded cycling shorts can also do the trick for you. These shorts will add a bit of extra padding on your buttocks for additional comfort and shock absorption as well.

Is a Wide Bike Seat More Comfortable?

The comfort level of a gel bicycle saddle entirely depends on your preference. The seat that is not comfortable for you might be extremely comfortable for someone else and vice versa. However, it is generally true that wide bike saddles are more comfortable than narrower ones.

But then again, even though these saddles are more comfortable and convenient, serious cyclists don’t prefer wide seats because of speed and control.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a clear idea about bike gel seats and know some of the best gel seat for bike in the market according to different categories, we can hope that now you would be able to buy the best one for your needs and preferences.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your purse and hop on the bike to buy the best gel seat for it.

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