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Top 9 Best Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Use Reviewed In 2020

Indoor cycling exercise bikes or Spin bikes are meant to provide heavy-duty and high-intensity training similar to any outdoor bikes. These bikes offer a full-body workout and burn an adequate amount of calories to make you healthy and fit.

If you are planning to buy a indoor cycling exercise bike to make yourself active and fit, then don’t hesitate to go through this article before making your final decision.

In this article, we not only talked about the top 9 the best indoor cycling bike reviews but also discussed the factors you should keep in mind so that you can score the best one in the market.

In A Hurry? Check the Best Spin Bike by Category

Editors Pick

Schwinn IC3 Bike

Schwinn IC3

Best Overall

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with RPM Cadence Sensor - SF-B1709

Sunny SF-B1709

Budget Bike

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary


Best Selling

Sunny Health SF-B901

L NOW ( Live In Now )


NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

NordicTrack S22i

High-End Bike

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Exercise Bike

Keiser M3









Last Updated: December 15, 2020

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding indoor spin bike for the user who are looking for. Some of the listed bikes have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the best indoor spin bikes currently available online.

9 Best Indoor Spin Bikes for Home Gym


Bike Name


Best For

Check On Amazon

Schwinn IC3

40 lbs

Editors Pick

Sunny Health & Fitness SF - B1002

Sunny SF-B1002

49 Lbs

Best Overall



35 lbs

Best on Budget

NordicTrack S22i

NordicTrack S22i

32 lbs

Commercial Bike

Sunny Health SF-B901

Sunny Health SF-B901

40 lbs

Best selling

Live In Now ( L NOW )

L NOW ( Live In Now )

35 lbs

For Heavy Rides

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike


48 lbs

For Tall Riders

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Cyclace Indoor

35 lbs

for beginner

Keiser M3

Keiser M3i

8 lbs /  24 Resistance

Highend Bike

1. Schwinn IC3- Best Spin Bike for Athletes - Editors Pick

Schwinn IC3

This Schwinn IC3 is one of the mid-range indoor bike with some cool features that will surely satisfy your exercising needs completely.

Aside from being an excellent option for home users, because of its amazing features and intense workout aspects, this indoor cycle is also an excellent option for athletes who are not able to go out for training.

To start, this bike comes with a 40-pound flywheel to provide extraordinary resistance to its riders. This weighted flywheel, which is powered by a smooth and silent belt drive, not only helps to achieve smooth pedaling. But at the same time, also provides the sensation of outdoor cycling for real-life dynamics.

Aside from the weighted flywheel, the Dual SPD Shimano pedals also ensure a safe, flexible riding experience by securely holding the foot in place with the standard toe cages or SPD clips, according to your preferences.

The race-style seat was incorporated in this bike not only to ensure the maximum comfort of the rider but also to provide adjustability. With this well-cushioned, ventilated seat post, your buttock will never feel the numbness or pain due to heavy workout.

Additionally, this seat post is fully adjustable for added convenience. To fit a wide range of riders out there, the seat post of this cycle can be moved up/down and backward/forward using a knob pin so that you can always enjoy a custom fit and ride comfortably.

To provide additional comfort, Schwinn incorporated ergonomically designed padded handlebars to make sure that your palms are relaxed and comfortable during long, intense rides. The ergonomic design also ensures a robust and non-slip grip for added safety.

This indoor cycle also comes with a battery-powered wide LCD console to track exercise time, distance, speed, RPM and calories burned. And also to monitor heart rate to make sure you have all your exercise data to achieve your goals fast.

We've reviewed this Schwinn IC3 indoor spin bike extensively to give you more information about every specs & features.


  • Comes with extra levers to stabilize the bike
  • Transportation wheels for easy, effortless mobility
  • Large water bottle holder and media rack for convenience
  • The small footprint of 45″ x 23″ takes up a very limited space of your home
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. to accommodate a wide range of riders

2. Sunny SF-B1002 - Best Overall

Sunny Health & Fitness SF - B1002

If you are looking for an indoor bike that is not only stable but also offers a range of wonderful features to satisfy your intense workout needs, then this Sunny Health SF- B1002 is just the perfect one for you.

Sunny Health constructed the frame of this bicycle using heavy-duty ovalized steel tubes to not only make it strong and sturdy but also to provide enough support and stability to make sure that the rider doesn’t trip off of the bike and suffer from injuries.

Also, because of such sturdiness and durability, this bike can accommodate up to 275 lbs. of user weight to make it suitable for every type of riders out there.

Aside from the solid frame, the 2-Way adjustable handlebars also help you to enjoy a secure ride by providing a strong, non-slip grip. These handlebars can also be adjusted easily according to your needs so that you have a custom fit and enjoy your workout to the fullest.

The wide, well-padded seat saddle also contributes to the custom fit of the bike. With a 4-Way adjustable seat (up/down and backward/forward adjustability). And a maximum inseam range of 39 inches, riders of every height can ride this bike effortlessly for an effective exercise session.

To switch up the intensity of your workout regimen, Sunny Health incorporated different levels of leather pad resistance so that you can choose between high or low levels of workout intensity according to your fitness level and needs.

With a simple up/down switch, you can always increase or decrease the level of resistance for an effective yet challenging exercise session.


  • Floor stabilizer to hold the bike securely in place
  • Corrosion-resistant paint finish ensures durability
  • Caged/SPD foot pedals a for a smooth yet secure ride
  • Integrated pulse sensors to records heart rate constantly
  • Transportation wheels to move the bike easily with minimal effort
  • Integrated bottle holder to keep you hydrated during the workout
  • LCD to track speed, cadence, distance, calories burnt, race, and time

3. YOSUDA L-001A  - Best on Budget


This futuristic-looking YOSUDA Indoor cycling bike is one of the best spin bike on a budget which is offers more than a few extraordinary features to make your exercising experience a lot more delightful. With this amazing bike, you can enjoy an active yet super comfortable workout session in the comfort of your own place.

It features a heavy-duty frame made from premium quality steel material to ensure durability as well as stability like upright stationary bike. At about 69 lbs of weight, this bike stands strong on the ground and doesn’t impose the risk of falling apart and cause injuries.

Even though this frame is not as heavy as some other Indoor cycling exercise bikes out there, it doesn’t mean that it cannot accommodate heavy riders. In fact, this bike has a maximum weight capacity of 270 lbs.

And therefore, we can adopt a wide range of exercisers perfectly.

The ergonomically designed cushioned seat also helps this bike to fit various riders easily. This 10 x 8.6 x 2.3-inch seat post can be easily adjusted (up or down and forward or backward) to support different riders and can be a great choice for your whole family.

To make your training effective and quick, this piece of exercise equipment has a 35 lbs flywheel that mimics the feel of riding a real road bike. As it is quite heavyweight, it builds up momentum quickly and helps to keep the bike steady for secure riding.

This amazing flywheel also ensures a smooth, nearly noiseless ride for a quiet riding session.

Also, the continuous infinite resistance adjustment allows you to experience real road riding. You can adjust the tension according to your needs and fitness level and workout accordingly to shed some extra calories and get healthy and fit.

Check our detail review on Yosuda spin bike to know more....


  • Bottle holder helps you to keep your drinks handy
  • Belt drive system ensures a smooth, more effective riding session
  • Aluminum alloy caged pedals prevent feet slip and provide security
  • Smartphone and tab holder to keep you entertained during rigorous workouts
  • Fully digital LCD screen shows time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer

4. NordicTrack S22i - Best Commercial Bike for Personal Training

NordicTrack S22i

If you are a gym owner and searching for a commercial caliber indoor spin bike to install in your gym (or home), then NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is just the one for you ( read NordicTrack S22i review ). This cycle offers more than a few amazing features that are determined to provide you an intense workout session at the comfort of your home.

One of the most distinguishable features of this spin bike is its 22 inches large HD touchscreen that is adorned by 1600+ on-demand workout videos from world-class trainers.

These workout videos would not only help you to train properly but, at the same time, design a custom workout regimen that suits your fitness requirements perfectly.

Another great feature of this console is that it incorporates Interactive Personal Training at Home. This feature digitally adjusts your resistance and inclines to match real-world terrain so that you can enjoy real-life cycling dynamics without even stepping outside and ride on actual terrains

Aside from providing a wide range of built-in training programs, this LCD screen also keeps track of your workout data to make sure you are exercising enough to reach your fitness goals.

From a traditional distance, speed, and calories burnt to a more advanced measurement of heart rate, elevation, and intensity, it helps you to monitor your progress easily for future use.

Moving on, this piece of exercise equipment comes with 24 digital magnetic resistance levels to ensure that riders with every fitness level (from beginners to experts) find a suitable resistance and enjoy a complete workout session to get fit and active.
This resistance system is also silent so that you can enjoy a quiet, noiseless workout without disturbing others.


  • Inertia-Enhanced flywheel for a smooth ride
  • Transportation wheels for easy, effortless mobility
  • It comes with two 3 Lb. dumbbells for cross-training
  • Adjustable feet levers stabilize your bike to avoid accidents
  • Fully adjustable seat post offers a custom fit for an effective workout
  • Ergonomically designed, padded handlebars for a comfortable, non-slip grip

5. Sunny Health SF-B901- Best Selling Bike

Sunny Health SF-B901

If you are looking for the best bike for Indoor cycling exercise that fits your moderate budget, then this Sunny Health SF-B901 is your best ally. Even though it comes with an affordable price tag, this bike is full of extraordinary features and promises to make your riding experience even more delightful.

This alluring looking is made using heavy-duty, premium quality steel to make sure that it is extremely durable as well as provide adequate support and stability to its riders.

It can accommodate riders up to 275 lbs of body weight and, therefore, is suitable for a wide array of exercisers out there.

Additionally, this cycle also features 40 lbs. A flywheel that not only adds to its stability but also provides speed. Designed to give you the feel of outdoor cycling, this heavyweight flywheel creates momentum easily so that you can enjoy an intense riding session without even stepping outside.

Moreover, it ensures that your pedaling motion is incredibly smooth and provides a nearly noiseless operation for better convenience.

As it comes with a wide range of adjustable magnetic resistance levels, you can always try out new tension levels and design a custom training for you according to your body fitness level and burn more calories than ever.

Also, changing the tension levels was never easier. Using the integrated tension knob, you can increase or decrease the resistance by just simply twisting it left or right.

Another great feature is its adjustable seat saddle. With a well-padded buttock resting place and 4 way adjustable systems, this saddle not only provides exceptional comfort to the riders but at the same time also ensures phenomenal adjustability so that riders between 5'1" to 6’’ feet can fit in this bike easily.

The ergonomic handlebars are also adjustable and provide you a custom fit regardless of your height and weight.


  • Smooth and reliable chain drive system
  • Comes in two different styles to choose from
  • Caged foot pedals for safety as well as comfort
  • Emergency stop brake brings the bike to an immediate stop
  • Adjustable feet levers to prevent wobbling and jerks while riding

6. L NOW ( Live In Now ) - Best for Overweight People 

L NOW ( Live In Now )

Finding just the right spin bike for heavyweight people is not always an easy task. Not all the amazing stationery cycles out there comes with an extended weight capacity to adopt obese riders effortlessly.

Therefore, L NOW indoor cycling bike with a weight range of maximum 300 lbs so that heavyweight riders find an option to get fit and healthy quickly.

The solid, heavy-duty steel constructed frame of this piece of exercise equipment not only sturdy and provides adequate support but, at the same time, also makes sure that it is durable and doesn’t break off easily and cause accidents.

The double-coated corrosion-resistant paint also contributes to the durability of this tool by keeping rust and corrosion at arms length and ensuring that it remains as shiny as a new one even after years of continuous use.

The well-padded, extremely comfortable seat saddle, as well as the equally comfortable handlebars, is fully adjustable so that its really easy for people of all body sizes to comfortably fit in this cycle and workout effectively to get fit and active.

Also, because of its complete adjustability, this bike can accommodate riders between 5'4″ to 6'5″ of height which makes it suitable for super tall riders also.

Moreover, with the magnetic adjustable resistance system paired with a heavyweight 35 lbs bidirectional flywheel, this cycle allows you to swiftly switch between workout intensities and enjoy versatile training according to your fitness level.

It also incorporates a belt drive system with a heavy-duty V belt. This V belt is not only resistant to stretching but also provides a super smooth yet quiet pedaling so that you experience a noiseless workout session without disturbing others.

Another great feature of this indoor bike is its LCD screen. The 3.4 inch LCD helps you to keep track of various cycling data like speed, distance, time, calories, odometer, and heart rate so that you can use them to design a routine according to your fitness and health condition.


  • Feet leavers to stabilize the bike on uneven floors
  • Hand pulse sensors to monitor heart rate continuously
  • Microfiber foam handles provide a strong yet comfortable grip
  • Transportation wheels to relocate the bike easily and conveniently
  • Multimedia stand to hold your Smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets

7. PYHIGH Indoor - Best for Cardio Workout


The cardio workout was never this easy or fun. With its amazing features and wonderful entertainment system, this sleek, alluring looking spin bike would surely satisfy your cardio needs as well as help you with your other training.

This stationary cycle incorporates a 48 lbs bidirectional flywheel that offers a much more stable and comfortable exercise experience than smaller, lightweight flywheels.

And as it provides smooth, comfortable pedaling, you can practice low-impact cardio to strengthen bones and joints without the fear of injuries.

However, for not only low-intensity workouts but with this indoor exercise bike, you can also practice high-intensity exercises easily. It comes with an adjustable resistance system paired with a tension knob control so that it’s extremely easier for you to increase or decrease the resistance and experience different and unique tension in your workouts.

PYHIGH also installed a smart gadget holder at the front of the bike to make sure you are well-entertained during rigorous workouts to keep you motivated. You can place your notebook, I pad and Smartphone on this holder and enjoy your favorite song or movie while training on it.

Aside from the holder, the front part is also adorned with an LCD monitor to keep track of your workout data easily and conveniently. From displaying Scan, Rpm, time to distance, calories burnt, and heart rate, you see all your index, which helps you to remain focused and achieve your personal fitness goals effortlessly.

The plushy-padded, super comfortable seat post of this piece of exercise equipment is adjustable and, therefore, can accommodate a wide range of riders easily.

This 4-way seat saddle can be moved backward/forward and upward/downward to fit rider between 5'.1''-6'.5'' height without any difficulty.

Besides the seat, the 4-way adjustable handlebars also help you to achieve a fit that you are extremely comfortable in for a superior workout session.

If you interested to know more then check review of PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike.


  • Instant Stop Knob to halt the bike immediately
  • Transportation wheels ensure easy, effortless mobility
  • Anti-Slip aluminum alloy pedals to ensure comfort as well as safety
  • Extended weight capacity of 330 lbs. to adopt even the most obese of riders
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handlebars provide a strong yet comfortable grip

8. Cyclace Exercise Bike -Best for beginner

Cyclace Indoor

Are you a beginner? Looking for the perfect spin bike to strengthen and tone your muscles?

If yes, then this Cyclace Indoor cycling exercise bike is the one for you. This stationary bike provides you plenty of features at a budget-friendly price tag to make beginners’ journey even more pleasant.

Firstly, this indoor spin bike comes with 36 lbs flywheel to provide one of the smoothest as well as fat-burning rides you have ever experienced. It also offers adjustable resistance to make sure that every type of riders with every kind of fitness level can use it for several of their exercising needs.

This weighted flywheel and resistance are paired with a pure wool brake pad to ensure nearly noiseless friction and let you enjoy your music or TV show while riding your bike.

Aside from the resistance, the plushy-cushioned seat saddle of this indoor cycle is also adjustable and incredibly comfortable. The 10.43 ×8 ×2 inches wide seat is padded adequately and includes a spring for an added buffer so that your back doesn’t get pained or exhausted after a long riding session.

Additionally, this seat features 8 different adjustable positions to make sure riders from 5.1 to 6.5ft can fit in this bike without any struggle and enjoy the best cardio session ever.

Keeping in mind about the durability as well as the convenience of the riders, Cyclace included multi-grip PVC dip handlebars, which are not easily deformed.

These ergonomically designed handlebars are also well-padded and provide a variety of grip to provide you the opportunity to place your palms anywhere during the riding session.


  • A noiseless operation for a quiet, serene workout session
  • Conveniently placed knobs to control different adjustments
  • Resistance bar to cease the flywheel immediately to avoid accidents
  • Suction cups to keep the bike in place to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Extended weight capacity of 330 lbs. supports a wide variety of riders
  • Cage-style pedals to prevent your feet from slipping during an intense spin

9. Keiser M3i - Highend Bike Fits Riders of All Height

Keiser M3

It’s not always that you buy exercise bike just for yourself. If you are living with your family, there is a high chance that one indoor spin bike is used by every single member of the family to keep them healthy and fit.

And keep in mind about such scenarios, Keiser made this M3i bike in such a way that it can accommodate rider between 4'10"–7' of height effortlessly.

The 4-way adjustable seat saddle accompanied by the adjustable handlebars contributes to fitting all height of riders without any difficulty. The seat can be raised or lowered and moved forward and back to help you find just the right position for an effective workout session.

In coordination with the seat, its adjustable handlebars also do the same and provide you the opportunity to choose whatever hand position you prefer to use during your exercises.

Aside from fitting riders of every height range, this Indoor cycling exercise bike is also capable of accommodating exercisers of all body types. Coming with an extended weight range of 300 lbs it can even adapt obese riders and allow them to burn fat and calories and become fit like never before.

The wide range of magnetic resistance also made this M3i an excellent option for all types of riders. Featuring 24 levels Eddy Current Brake resistance and an 8-pound flywheel, it offers not only different workout intensities but also makes sure a super smooth ride.

It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to connect with various fitness apps like Keiser M Series, Bkool, GOInd, etc. and help you virtually gain access to different workout videos to make your workout regimen more efficient and improve your training gradually.

Want to know more about specs? check keiser m3i indoor bike review for more details.


  • The poly V belt provides a nearly-silent ride
  • Rear-mounted flywheel ensures lower maintenance
  • Backlit LCD screen keeps track of various workout data
  • Versatile media tray to hold your smartphone or tab easily
  • Convenient water bottle holder to keep you well-hydrated
  • Comes with a handful of accessories to make your workout even delightful

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Spin Bike for Indoor Cycling Exercise

There are quite a few things you need to keep in mind while buying an indoor cycling exercise bike for yourself. The features and aspects that you must consider are:


Before even considering buying an indoor exercise bike, you must set your budget or the amount of money you want to spend on. It is an important aspect because of the quality of the bike, and the features it comes with largely depend on the money you want to spend on it.

From $100-$200 to over $1500, you will find Indoor cycling exercise bikes in every budget. If you have a tight budget, then the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001 home spin bike would be an excellent choice. And for the higher budget, the options are endless- just search the internet, and you will find the best pick.


If you are someone who likes to keep track of their workout regimen, then you must pick a spinning bike that comes with an LCD or console fitted in it.

A console helps you to view information about your workout session by displaying calorie burnt, heart rate, speed, distance, RPM, etc. in real-time so that you know how effective your exercise was.

For this convenience, we recommend choosing a stationary bike that comes with a built-in console to monitor your workout data effortlessly.


Never forget to check the flywheel weight when buying your ultimate piece of exercise equipment. This is because; the weight of the flywheel is the measurement of the comfort and smoothness of cycling. A heavyweight flywheel delivers more comfortable and fluid pedaling while a lightweight doesn’t.

With a lighter one, you will feel the shock and impact while pedaling and will not experience as smooth rides as a heavyweight one.

Resistance Type

Unlike other stationary bikes, the Indoor cycling exercise bikes or spin bikes come with actually two types of resistance systems, which are: the Friction brake system and the Magnetic brake system.

The friction braking system comes with multiple brake pads to control the resistance. In contrast with your pedaling speed, the brake pads put more or less pressure on the flywheel making it more difficult to pedal.

On the other hand, the Magnetic brake system comes with brake pads with magnets. After adjusting the resistance level, these brake pads come closer to the flywheel, which creates a strong magnetic field. This magnetic field applies pressure onto the flywheel and increasing resistance while you pedal.

Both these types of resistance are effective. When picking your spinning bike for home use, you can choose either of them according to your preference and enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Comfortable Seat

You won’t enjoy a ride if the seat of your bike is not comfortable. But the thing with spin exercise bikes is that they do not come with super comfortable seat saddle like other recumbent stationary bikes.

But you have to understand that this is the appropriate seat layout for this type of bike. It’s not designed for comfort; rather, it is meant for high-intensity, rigorous workouts.

Therefore, looking for a comfortable seat saddle in an indoor spin bike is a waste of time.
Instead of comfort, look for a bike that comes with an adjustable seat so that you have a custom fit and enjoy an effective workout.

Height Adjustments

As we said earlier, the height adjustment of the seat post of a spinning exercise bike is really important. The distance between the seat and the pedals can make or break the enjoyment and efficiency of riding the bike, and therefore, you must look for the one that comes with seat adjustability.

While some bikes come with just vertical or horizontal adjustments, many of the Indoor cycling exercise bikes incorporate 4-way adjustments that allow you to have great customization and phenomenal fit.

Noise Level

Even though the noise level might not be an issue for everyone, you can't deny the fact that some bikes are much quieter than the others due to different resistance.

Spinning bikes, including fans, tend to be noisier as they feature air resistance; air resistance means that the harder you pedal, the stronger the breeze and louder the noise.

However, exercise bikes without fans don't make any unbearable sound, and thus, they would make an incredible pick if you want to enjoy a quiet, noiseless workout session.

Weight and Transportation Wheels

As it is stationary, you might think that the weight of the exercise bike doesn't matter. You are entirely wrong.

When buying your ultimate spinning bike, check the weight of the bike because the higher it weighs, the more stable it would be. The heavyweight bike also provides incredible support.

Stability and support are essential because they help to hold the rider in place securely and eliminate any chances of wobbling and tripping off and cause any accidents.

Also, if you pick a heavy bike, make sure that it comes with transport wheels. The transportation wheels make it super easy to move the equipment from one place to another regardless of their body weight.

Dimension and Storage

If you have the luxury of free space, then it’s better to buy a regular indoor spin bike.

However, when you live in a small apartment, or don’t have excessive free floor space, pick a bike that is compact or is foldable. This is because a compact or foldable bike will help you to set them in a very limited space yet enjoy the riding to the fullest.

The folding feature also helps to store the bike easily and conveniently when you don’t want to keep it in the display.


Even though extra accessories are not super important, they still add value to the bike.

And therefore, while shopping for a bike, look if it comes with additional accessories or not.

However, never reject an excellent Indoor cycling exercise bike if it doesn’t come with any extra pieces of attachments.


The less you have to maintain the bike, the better. Regular maintenance is a part of any tool, but if you have to fine-tune it ever now and then, it's not a good sign.

Search for a bike that requires less look after as frequent maintenance, and a trip to the experts will cut into your pocket and might cost you more than the bike itself.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Indoor Cycling Bike for Home

What are spin bikes good for? What are the benefits of using a spin bike?

Spinning bikes are good for strengthening your body muscles and tone them for a fitter, healthier physique. This piece of exercise equipment also helps you to burn extra fat.

Some of the major benefits of using a spin bike are:

  • Full-body workout
  • Working major muscles
  • Improved metabolism
  • Burning an adequate amount of fat and calories
  • Workout tracking

What are the spinning bikes that support 350 lbs?

A few of the most popular spinning bikes that support 350 lbs. are:

Why are spin bikes seats uncomfortable? What can I do to make my spin bike seat more comfortable?

A spin bike seat might feel uncomfortable if the bike saddle is too high or placed in the wrong position. Also, if the sitting area is too small or too wide, then too, there are high chances that you might not feel super comfortable on the bike as this type of seat doesn't support your sit bones and hence hurt the buttocks.

The best way to make my spin bike seat more comfortable is to take it to a professional to adjust the height and positioning.

Even after fixing it with professional help, our advice would be to lift yourself a little from the seat, so there is lesser pressure on your private parts and fewer chances of hurting them.

How much does a spin bike costs?

Spinning bikes come in a variety of price ranges. From $100-$200 to over $2000, this exercise bike is available in all price ranges to fit everyone's budget.

How to adjust spin bike seat?

Adjusting a spin bike seat is quite easy if you know what to do.

  • First, adjust the bike seat to make sure that the top is aligned with your hip bone.
  • Then, hop on the bike and check out your knees. The knee should be slightly bent when you sit.
  • After that, make sure that your knees are correctly aligned over your feet.

Does spinning change your body shape?

Yes, it does.
The main reason you train on a spinning bike is to shed bodyweight and get fit. When you burn your body fat, you become somewhat thinner than before, which changes your body shape for good.

What is the difference between a spinning exercise bike and a regular exercise bike?

The biggest difference between a regular exercise bike and a Spin exercise bike is the way their flywheel mechanism operates.

A spinning bike comes with a heavyweight flywheel at the front that gains momentum easily and keeps on rotating because of this momentum. This bike provides you riding experience similar to riding on the road where the increased momentum will keep you moving forward.

On the other hand, a regular exercise bike doesn’t incorporate such a heavy flywheel and comes to a halt as soon as you stop pedaling.

Can you put a spin bike on a carpet?

If you are talking about exercise carpet/mat, then yes, you can put your spin bike on a carpet for a better workout experience. This mat will not only keep your bike from slipping off but also protect your floor from any damages due to this heavy piece of exercise equipment.

How many calories does a spin bike burn?

The calories burnt on a indoor spin bike depend on the hours you spend on riding the bike and the intensity of your workout. On average, you can burn somewhere between 400 and 600 calories regularly if you practice medium-intensity training for 30 minutes.

Our Final Words

After going through the full article, we are sure that you have found the best indoor cycling bike for yourself. We would suggest that if it fits your budget and need, don’t hesitate to purchase it to enjoy the best workout sessions ever.

Best of luck with your new bike.



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