Assault Fitness Air Runner Review

Assault Fitness Air Runner Review - Self Propelled Curved Treadmill 2022

Assault Fitness has been one of the leading companies in the home fitness equipment industry for the longest time. With its fantastic built-quality, versatile tools and incredible features, it didn't take much time to impress its users. And this Air Runner is no different.

If you are looking for a feature-packed running machine that provides you all the benefits without using electricity, then this Air Runner from Assault Fitness is just the right one for you.

It will not only ensure an excellent running experience, but at the same time, will also provide 100% user satisfaction.

For more information about this treadmill, let's discuss its nitty-gritty so that you can make your buying decision effortlessly.
So, without further ado, let's begin.

Overview of Assault Fitness AirRunner Treadmill

Top Features

Steel constructed frame, color contrasted LCD screen, motorless operation, no maximum speed range, extended weight capacity, heavy-duty slatted belt, easy effortless assembly process.


Strong and durable, ergonomic handlebars for safety, offers balanced running, easy on the environment, comes with commercial-level durability.


Can not be fold, no USB or cooling fan.

Things to Know

ASSAULT included a very easy to read and understand user guide with this air runner for super easy and quick to assemble.

Aside from amazing air runners, ASSAULT also manufactures and offers several other exercise tools including recumbent bike, upright bike, indoor cycling bike, and indoor weight lifts for versatile workouts.

Feature Details of Assault Fitness Air Runner

Some features and factors made this Air Runner one of the most popular exercising tools.
From a tough masculine look to its ability to burn more calories at once, this running machine never fails to impress its users. Let's discuss its top benefits in detail so that you love this tool as much as we do.

Commercial Durability

When you buy an exercise tool with such a high price tag, you want it to be extremely durable and last for many years to come.

And knowing such a mindset of users, this air runner offers commercial durability for this air runner to run year after year without any difficulties. This running exercise machine comes with a slat belt running surface that lasts up to 150,000 miles so that you can enjoy the best services without having to change the belt more often.

Zero Electrical Consumption

Environment matters, and that's why this piece of exercise tool doesn't use any electricity to run. As it requires zero electricity to run, this air runner is super energy-efficient and extremely easy on the environment.

Assault Fitness frame

Motor-free Operation

As this air running tool doesn't require any electricity to run, it doesn't come with a motor to help you run. The motor-less operation is actually beneficial for the runner as you are using your calorie and energy to run, which ensures more fat burn and getting a healthy and fit body quicker than ever.

Assault Fitness motor free operation

Perfect for All Types of Training

One amazing benefit of this piece of exercise equipment from Assault is that it is suitable for various training programs to not get bored while exercising.

With a range of different built-in workout programs ranging from HIIT programs and Heart Rate Programs, this running machine is just the perfect one to get fit and active quickly.

Moreover, because of versatile built-in programs, runners with every fitness level can use this air runner for a healthier tomorrow.

Assault Fitness maintenance

Almost No Maintenance

One interesting and convenient fact about this exercise equipment is that it is almost maintenance-free. With its sturdy body and powder-coated finish, you don't need to clean and lubricate it regularly.
Moreover, this tool is also easy to clean and maintain compared to many of its fierce competitors.

Powder Coated Frame & Handlebars

The frame of any exercise equipment is super important- it is the heart of the tool. And to make the tool extremely durable and strong, its coated the frame and the handlebars with powder so that it not only looks good but is also durable. The powder coating also ensures decreased chipping.

Corrosion-resistant Hardware

Assault Fitness corrosion resistant

In addition to the anti-chipping benefits, this powder coating also acts as an anti-corrosive. Because of the anti-corrosion features, this air runner's frame doesn't rust, corrode, or suffer from any premature aging. Even after years of usage, your runner will look and feel like a new one.

Allow Any User Up to 350 Lbs.

Assault knows the importance of inclusivity, and that's why it made this air runner with an extended weight capacity so that everyone in the family can use it to burn fat and become fit.

At about 350 lbs. of the weight limit, it can accommodate a smart range of runners and walkers easily and make sure they can run their heart out to lose excess weight and get fit.

LCD Console for Tracking Workout

Assault Fitness  console

In addition to other notable features, this air runner also comes with a high contrast LCD monitor mounted at the front so that you can not only control the various aspects of the machine while running but at the same time can also see all your workout data at once.

This LCD monitor with excellent readability helps you see various data associated with your workout to track them easily.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Assault didn't leave any stones unturned when making this air runner machine. It incorporated an enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity system to this running machine so that you are never left behind.

Using this advanced connectivity system, you can connect your Smartphone or other smart devices with the air runner to use various fitness apps easier than before.

Connecting with fitness apps not only helps you in your running regimen but at the same time, also allows you to sync your exercise data to keep track of them continuously.

Heart Rate Compatibility

Tracking your heart rate during your running session is important to measure your performance. And that's why Assault Fitness incorporated a pair of very efficient pulse monitors to this air runner so that you can measure your heart rate changes during workouts very effectively.

Also, for hands-free heart rate measurement, this piece of exercise equipment is compatible with Polar Bluetooth® heart rate meter so that you get to know how your body reacts to different training in real-time.

Transport Wheels

Assault Fitness transport wheels

To provide its users the best convenience and ease of movement, this air running tool from Assault comes with a pair of built-in transportation wheels so that you don't face any difficulties or hardship while moving it around your home for easy storage.

Moreover, along with the transportation wheels, it also incorporates a pair of floor stabilizers to ensure that it doesn't wobble while running and providing additional safety.

PROS & CONS of AirRunner

What We Like

  • Provides truly variable speed range
  • Compact design doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • Easy effortless assembly process; not time-consuming
  • Includes transportation wheels for effortless portability
  • The steel constructed body ensures strength and durability.
  • Compatible with different fitness apps for better convenience
  • Includes more than a few built-in programs for better exercise
  • Ergonomically designed handles provide a comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Comes with foot stabilizers that help to hold the tool in place for maximum safety.

What We Don't Like

  • No built-in accessories holder for convenience
  • This running machine does not have a USB port.

Assault Air Runner Specs


Stationary Running Machine

Console Display

Hi-Contrast LCD Display Screen





Built-in Programs

HIIT and Heart Rate Programs

Running Belt Size

17.1" x 62.2"

Weight Capacity

350 lbs.

Item Weight

280 lbs.


69.9 x 32.8 x 64 inches

Assault Fitness AirRunner Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: What is an air treadmill?

Answer: The air treadmill or air runner is a modern breed of a traditional treadmill that doesn't use any electricity to run. Instead, this piece of treadmill uses the energy produced by the runner's movement and operates with it.

Question: Can you walk on an assault air runner?

Answer: Yes, you can walk as well as run on an Assault air runner. It doesn't matter whether you run or walk on this air runner treadmill; this equipment will always ensure an excellent workout session.

Question: Why are curved treadmills so hard?

Answer: Curved treadmills seem a bit hard, especially for beginners because of their unique design. The curved surface is nothing like a traditional running surface and might take time to get used to.

Question: Which treadmill is better motorized or manual?

Answer: Which type of treadmill is better depends entirely upon your exercise requirements. For instance, if you are looking for long endurance sessions, then a motorized treadmill would be your best pick.

On the other hand, for a shorter, more effective workout, opt for a manual one. A manual treadmill will help you to burn more calories in the shortest amount of time.

Question: Does the curve treadmill really work?

Answer: Yes, a curved treadmill actually works. It burns more calories than any traditional runner's and therefore, it is also super effective.

Question: Does this machine calculate in miles or kilometers?

Answer: This air runner calculates your speed in KM for the best of convenience.

Question: Can dogs also use this treadmill?

Answer: No, dogs cannot use this treadmill. It was designed for humans to lose weight and get fit.

Question: Is this quiet and smooth?

Answer: As there is almost no friction, this air runner treadmill is smooth and quiet. It doesn't matter how fast you run. This piece of home gym runner won't make any additional noise.

Question: What is the max weight it can support?

Answer: This air runner from Assault can support a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs. to accommodate a wide range of users effortlessly.

Question: How wide is the running deck?

Answer: This Assault air runner's running deck is 17.1 inches in width and provides you enough space to run comfortably.

Question: What is Maximum speed?

Answer: This air runner doesn't have any maximum or minimum speed range. The speed range of this air runner entirely depends on your running speed. The faster you run, the better speed you will enjoy.

Question: Does this fold up to save space?

Answer: Unfortunately, this Fitness air runner doesn't feature a foldable frame that can be turned into a compact one for easy, effortless storage. However, it is small in size, and therefore, it doesn't take a lot of your home space.

Buying Advice

After going through the whole article, you now know everything you need to know about this air runner from Assault to make your buying decision. However, if you still assume that you have something left to know, you are right.

As this piece of exercise equipment doesn't need any electrical connection to operate, you can easily place it in any corner of your house to enjoy your workout sessions.

However, because there is no electric power, this home treadmill doesn't offer you any entertainment features including built-in speakers, to keep you entertained while working out.

But then again, such minor glitches don't make this running tool any less.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have read the article thoroughly and know everything little thing about this Assault Fitness Air Runner, we can hope that you would be able to make your buying decision wisely.

There is no doubt that it's an excellent piece of running equipment that will make your fitness journey even more delightful. If you have money to afford this treadmill, it will be an amazing addition to your home gym.

Assault Air Runner

Assault Air Runner


Running Machine

Console display

Hi-Contrast LCD




Motorless / Manual

Running Belt Size

17.1" x 62.2"

Weight Capacity

350 lbs.


69.9 x 32.8 x 64 inches

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