13 the Best Bell for Bike | Bellls & Horns Reviewed In 2020

In a Hurry? Check the Best Bicycle Bell below

In a Hurry? Check the Best Bicycle Bell below

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Knog Oi

Knog Oi

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Accmor Classic

Accmor Classic

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Even people who don’t ride a bike regularly knows the importance of having a bell on a bike.

A bell not only provides you the fun of making a sound during your riding sessions but at the same time, it also ensures the safety of the pedestrians as well as you.

And for such reasons, if you want to install a bell but don’t know how to pick the best one, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have talked about the nitty-gritty of best bell for bike to better understand this accessory and pick up one without any difficulties.













Last Updated: December 13, 2020

Zachary Anderson

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to give the most accurate information regarding bike ringer bells. Some of the listed bells have replaced with new one to assist individuals in finding the top rated bike ring bell currently available online

List of 13 Best Bicycle Bells & Horns



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Knog Oi

Knog Oi





Accmor Classic

Accmor Classic




Small Bells



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For Teenager

Greallthy Classic

Greallthy Classic

Classic /Vintage Bell



Small Bells

Delta Cycle

Delta Cycle

Airzound Bike Horn

Coolrunner Bugle

Coolrunner Bugle

Retro Look Air Horn

Mini Factory

Mini Factory

for Kids - Girls

Bike Party

Bike Party

Light Up Bell

Jackky Duck

Jackky Duck

For Kids - Boys

Best Bell for Bike Reviewed

1. Knog Oi Bike Bell - Editors Choice

Knog Oi
  • The corrosion-resistant body ensures durability
  • Comes with an extra tool to tightens the bell screw
  • Available in different sizes and styles to choose from
  • The cable management system provides extra convenience
  • Comes in alluring color options to match your bike's frame

If you want a modern, stylish bell for your equally stylish bicycle, then this Oi Bell from Knog is your best pick. This is stylish, effective, and has a very budget-friendly price tag.

When it was first released, this cycling bell took the world by storm because of its slick, sexy design and more refined, well-engineered chiming mechanism.

One of the main attractions of this bell is its look and built quality. Constructed with premium quality 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, it features a very sleek yet low-profile outlook.

This bell also has a hammer made with stainless steel and a barrel-shaped brass end to produce a very higher-pitched yet “not so sharp” sound.

Even though the chime is “not so sharp”, Knog made sure that it has the right balance of volume and longevity so that people around you can hear it perfectly and make way for your bike.

Another amazing feature of this ringer is that it is extremely easy and effortless to mount on the bicycle. This bell comes with a spring and opens over the handlebar so that you can slide it on the bar easily.

You can also enjoy a tight and custom fit by tightening the screw and making sure that it won’t slide down or fall off during the rides.

2. BurningSun Bike Horn - Best Overall

  • Can be placed both horizontally and vertically
  • Strong, sturdy built ensures the durability of the bell
  • The water-resistant feature adds to the durability of the horn
  • Also comes with an integrated lighting kit for more convenience
  • Incorporates a charging indicator to alert you when it’s done charging

The best bicycle bell for environmentalist riders has to be this bike horn from BurningSun. This horn uses a powerful 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery to operate, which is charged by solar power to save energy and money as well. And because of such convenience, we listed this in 2nd position on our best bicycle bell list.

In bad weather conditions, when there is no sun and you want to use this horn, then you can always recharge it with a universal USB charger and enjoy uninterrupted services all-day every day.

Moreover, even though it is a battery-operated horn, it makes a super loud sound of 140 dB to ensure that everyone hears the bell and be safe.

One interesting fact about this horn is that you can change the ring sound if you want. You just have to press the ringer for at least 5 seconds to pick your preferred ringtone from the 5 integrated sound modes and enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Another amazing feature of this horn  is that it has a 45-degree rotational mechanism that helps you to find just the right angle where you would be the most comfortable to press it effortlessly.

3. Accmor Classic - Budget Bike Bell

Accmor Classic
  • 1-minute easy installation process
  • Easy, effortless flip for ease of use
  • Can also be used as a toddler bicycle bell
  • Suitable for a range of bicycle types and handlebars
  • Comes in a wide variety of color options to choose from

The 3rd one on our list with a super affordable price tag is this amazing Classic Bell from Accmor. A budget-friendly bell doesn’t mean that it lacks any department and this Accmor is the best example.

It has all the features of a high-end cycle bell yet is much more inexpensive so that everyone can afford it without cutting deep into the pocket.

Even though it is inexpensive, Accmor made this bicycle ringer bell with high-quality aluminum material to not only make it extremely strong and durable but at the same time also super lightweight. And because of such lightweight It doesn’t affect the maneuverability of the bike.

Furthermore, the anti-rust aluminum construction combined with engineering plastic makes sure that this bike accessory is age-resistant and lasts for a long time to provide the best value for your money.

Moving on, the chime of this bell is also loud and clear. This specially designed bicycle bell can ring with a high-pitched, crisp ringtone that can be heard clearly, even from a distance so that everyone knows that you are on the way. It helps to decrease the number of unfortunate events by several notches.

4. BONMIXC Brass Mini - Small Bells

BONMIXC Brass Mini
  • Extremely easy and fuss-free installation process
  • Non-toxic material makes it eco-friendly and safe.
  • Textured bell doesn’t slip off while you try to press it.
  • Available in several alluring color options for versatility
  • Can be fitted to handlebars between 0.83"- 0.90" diameter

When you want the bicycle ring bell at a very reasonable price tag, then this BONMIXC Brass Mini is just the right one for you.

From an attractive outlook to a sturdy build and a strong sound, this amazing ringer promises you to deliver everything you ask for.

To start with, the brass constructed dome of this bell is quite small and has a diameter of just 33mm, which ensures that it won’t take much space from the handlebar and make it crowded.

Moreover, to provide you extra convenience, this bell can be mounted on both the right and left handlebars so that both left-handers and right-handers can use it smoothly for their safety purposes.

Another thing about this brass construction is that it is corrosion-resistant, which means that even if you ride the bike in adverse weather conditions, the bell won’t rust and get damaged.

Moreover, brass made it strong, and therefore, it is extremely durable and sturdy.

5. Vanfrost - Loud Electric Bike Bell

  • Small and compact yet provides a loud ring
  • Uses a USB charger for easy, effortless charging
  • Compatible with a wide variety of bike handlebars
  • Available in different color options to choose from
  • Dust and water-resistant feature makes it extremely durable

The 5th on our list is this electric bicycle horn from Vanfrost. This horn is extremely loud, sharp and has a super stylish look for fashionable cyclists. Moreover, its electric feature makes this even more modern and desirable.

What makes this horn stand out in the crowd is its ringing mechanism. Unlike other bicycle horns, this horn features a press switch attached with the dome that makes the sound when you lightly press it.

Moreover, even though it has a sound range of a maximum of 120 DB, you can always change the ringtone from its 3 different sound modes to make it more chiming for the listeners. With just a press on the switch, shuffling through the sound modes could never be easier.

Another incredible fact about this electric horn is that it requires really less time to get fully charged.

Its rechargeable 280 mAh lithium battery gets fully charged in just 1.2 hours and allows you to ring the bell up to 2000 times with just one charge. This is not only saving your time but also saving energy as well.

6. REKATA - Bike Bell For Teenager

  • Suitable for both boys and girls cyclists
  • Can be installed with just one screwdriver
  • Compatible with an array of bicycles for kids
  • Flexible hammer is easy to operate and easy to ring
  • Comes in a wide variety of color option to pick from

The 6th bell on our list is this amazing REKATA for young adults. This was specially made for young adults to match their personality and riding styles and provide them long-lasting services.

To begin with, REKATA constructed this with a combination of high-quality aluminum and ultra-tough ABS plastic material to make it strong, sturdy, and durable so that no matter how you ride, your bell will stay strong and won’t break easily.

In addition to a solid, strong built, this also offers a very pleasant and audible sound. It has a very crisp yet sweet sound that wouldn’t disturb you yet alert the surrounding about your presence.

Moreover, even though this bike ringer makes a loud ring, it is quite small and has a low profile design for better convenience and ease of use.

This bell is also extremely lightweight which means that it won’t affect the bike’s maneuverability during your rides.

7. Greallthy Classic - Vintage Bell

Greallthy Classic
  • The bell comes with a protective pad to avoid sliding.
  • Greallthy included an Allen wrench for easy installation.
  • Small size and low profile design doesn’t affect visibility.
  • Compatible with handlebars between 22.2 - 25.4mm diameters
  • Interesting color combinations to match your bike frame perfectly.

In a market full of bike ringers, this Greallthy Classic /Vintage Bell will surely catch your eyes with its sleek, matte, alluring outlook.

However, aside from the look, this ringer is also super effective and would make your biking experience even better.

To start with, this bell has a very sonorous and crisp sound, which means that it is loud and clear enough to reach everyone’s ear nearby and notify them that you are coming.

When the stainless steel arm hits the brass dome, the sound it makes extremely loud yet chiming and doesn’t hit your ears badly.

Moreover, to provide you the value for your money, Greallthy made this with a combination of brass, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and silicone so that it not only provides the ringing sound but also lasts for a long time.

The brass and the strong aluminum alloy are anti-rust and anti-aging, which make it even more durable.

8. Sportout - Small Bells

  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Suitable for both man and woman cyclists
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfortable use
  • Suitable for the internal diameter of the most bike handle
  • Extremely easy installation process just with one small screw

Like BONMIXC Brass Mini, this 0.87*0.89 inch bell from Sportout is the another tiny bike bell to mount on your bicycle.

Even though this bell is small and compact, it doesn’t mean that it lacks any features compared to the others on the list. In fact, this bell is as much louder and durable as the others.

To start with, this tiny bell has a very loud and clear sound to alert everyone in the surrounding about your presence.

It has a well-engineered internal hollow echo system that helps to make a long and loud sound when hit with the hard plastic hammer so that people from far can also hear that you are coming for early warnings and maximum security.

Moreover, to ensure maximum durability, Sportout constructed this bike ringer using industrial grade iron material so that it not only offers long-lasting use but also provides an exquisite appearance.

Additionally, as the dome is rust-proof, it won’t suffer from corrosion or damage even after using in adverse weather conditions.

9. Delta Cycle - Airzound Air Horn

Delta Cycle Airzound
  • Compatible with any standard cycle pump
  • Lightweight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the bike
  • Can be installed in minutes; an easy installation process
  • Can be mounted on any handlebar ranging between 22 - 26mm

If you want a super loud horn and budget is not a problem for you, then don’t hesitate to invest in the Airzound Bike Horn from Delta Cycle. Even though it is quite an expensive bicycle horn, with its versatility and incredible features, it will make your riding experience even better and safer.

To begin with, this air horn is extremely loud and precise. With a maximum of 115 dB of noise, it is one of the loudest horns available in the market right now. One blast of sound is enough to alert everyone that you are on your way.

However, one excellent aspect of this horn is that you can control the sound and adopt the volume according to your preference with the integrated volume control switch's help. With this switch, you can increase or decrease the sound anytime you want.

Moreover, to operate it effectively, you don’t need any battery or cartridges- as the name suggests, you would only need a standard bike pump to power up this bell so that it provides you uninterrupted services throughout your ride.

10. Coolrunner Bugle - Retro Look Air Horn

  • Lightweight and easy to carry on the bike
  • This vintage bell is universal for any bicycle
  • Available in several color options for versatility
  • Can also be used on a motorcycle, golf carts, Boats, RV's
  • The installation process is easy and not time-consuming

If you are someone who is fascinated with retro things, then this vintage-looking air horn from Coolrunner would be the best choice for you. With a look like a bugle and several different color options, this bike horn would “up” the appearance of your modern-day bicycle by several notches- we can bet that.

However, even though this cycle horn has a retro look, it provides a modern bicycle bell's benefits to impress its users. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel material, it has a very polished, well-crafted look to attract any onlookers gaze.

Moreover, the surface is weather-resistant and anti-corrosion, which means that it will not fade or suffer from corrosion anytime soon and provide you with long-lasting durability.

Additionally, the rubber ball used to make the sound is also super soft and comfortable to use. It has a scratch-resistant surface which also adds to its longevity.

Moving on, the ring of this horn is loud and clear. Its distinctive honk has an unmissable sound that lets everyone know that you are on the way.

11. Mini Factory - Bike Bell for Kids/Girls

Mini Factory
  • Comes with different cartoon shapes to choose from
  • Offers universal fit; can be mounted on any kids bike
  • The easy installation process makes it super convenient
  • Lightweight and doesn’t affect the control of the handlebars

If your baby girl wants a cute ringer for her cute bicycle, then don’t think twice before buying this Pink Handlebar Bell from Mini Factory.

It is beautiful and cute, but at the same time, this bell is considered one of the top kids bicycle bells because of its amazing features and incredible workability.

Made with premium quality aluminum and hard plastic material, comes in an alluring pink color to catch the eyes of your baby girl instantly.

Moreover, this heavy-duty construction also ensures that the ringer is strong and sturdy and doesn’t break off easily. This would serve you with incredible durability.

In addition to a strong construction, this beautiful ringer also rings loudly with a precise sound to keep your precious little one safe and sound on the bike.

Because of such high-pitched noise, pedestrians and other kids will notice that your baby is coming and can avoid any collision successfully.

12. Bike Party - Weather Resistant Light Up Bell

Bike Party
  • Universal fit makes sure that it fits your bike
  • Extremely lightweight and doesn’t affect your control
  • No-tool installation ensures an easy, fuss-free installation process
  • The light won’t flash your own eyes and blind you during your rides

If you want an all in one bicycle bell at an affordable price range, then this Bike Party Bicycle Bell would be the right choice for you. This is not only works as a bell/noisemaker but at the same time, it also acts as a light to help you out on a dark road.

To start with, this bell comes with an integrated light that has both color morphing and red flashing modes to increase your visibility on dark roads and avoid accidents as much as possible.

Aside from the usual red light, this integrated bulb also has 5 other alluring lighting options that you can change according to your preference during the lights.

Another advantage of this light-up bell is that it is battery powered, which means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of charging your battery before going on a ride- just insert an AA battery and you are ready to go.

Moreover, as this light-up ringer is weather-resistant, it can be used in all weather conditions without any interception. From rainy weather to foggy nights, this amazing ringer will keep you safe and sound during your riding sessions.

13. Jackky Duck - Bike Bell for Kids/Boys

Jackky Duck
  • Easy to install; just takes a few minutes
  • The airscrew on the helmet rotates during fast ridings
  • Can also be used as a toy duck after removing the battery
  • The bell and the light is battery operated and extremely safe
  • Can also be used on kids helmet, tricycle, walker, and scooter

When you have a toddler boy and you want him to get interested in cycling, then don’t hesitate to install this amazing duck bell from Jackky in his little bicycle. This toy-style yellow ringer with different helmet options will instantly attract your little one and make him want to use it right away.

In addition to its cute, unique design, this ringer also comes with an integrated light to attract him more and make his presence clear from a distance.

This 12-lumen yellow light will light up instantly after you press the duck’s neck with your two fingers- the yellow light with the yellow duck is the perfect combination to make your little boy happy.

Aside from the appearance, its ring is also something to talk about. This ringer has a very loud and clear quack sound that will instantly attract your ears and alert you that a baby bike is behind you to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Moreover, to please all the kids out there, this bell has a universal installation feature and can be mounted on various kids bikes without any difficulties.

Benefits of a Bike Bell

Even though a bell is not an integral part of a bicycle that could affect your riding experience, you cannot ignore the fact that this accessory comes with immense benefits. Some of the most prominent benefits of a bicycle  bell that you should know about are:

Warn Pedestrians

One of the main reasons riders install a ringer in their bicycle is to ensure others safety. This bicycle accessory warns the pedestrians that there is a bike behind them to have enough time to move aside and let the bike pass and avoid a collision.

In addition to pedestrians, a ringer is also useful to warn other riders about another bike's presence behind them.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of having a bell on a bike you must know is that it is relatively low maintenance and requires less time to take care of.

As this accessory has only a couple of moving parts, with no electrical parts to maintain or any batteries to change, you won’t need to take care of it as much as you have to for the other components.


Riders are more gravitated to install a ringer on their bike because it is inexpensive yet offers you safety and security- it is one of the most economical ways to stay safe while cycling, especially on the city roads.

Why Do You Need a Good Bicycle Bell?

There are several reasons to incorporate an excellent ringer on your bicycle. Some of the top reasons you should always install a good ringer on your bicycle are:


When you are riding your bike and passing someone on the streets, it’s not always possible to shout and alerts them that you are coming. It also doesn’t look good to shout to the pedestrians; you might often offend them and them angry.

However, when you have a good noisemaker installed in your bike, it will allow you to make the necessary noise and attract the attention of path users on the road easily so that you can avoid any potential collision and accidents.


The most important reason you should have an excellent ringer is to ensure the safety of both the pedestrians and yourself. The “ting” “ting” sound from the bell would alert the on goers and request them to move aside so that you can ride your way through without colliding or hurting them.

If you enjoy riding on busy city roads or pavements, don’t forget about the bells because for such roads, cycling bell is crucial and you cannot afford not to have one.


One amazing fact about ringer is that it is a universal language to indicate people to step aside to avoid any collisions with the bike.

Even when a pedestrian cannot understand your language or hear you shouting, a bicycle ringer will help you to alert them about the upcoming collision.

Therefore, if you love to travel with your cycle or go cross country with your ride, don’t forget to mount the best cycling ringer to ensure maximum safety.

The Law

In some states, it is required by the law to install a noise maker on your bike. If you don’t have one, there are possibilities that you might have to pay a fine.

States like Indiana and South Carolina and New York have laws of having a bell for the utmost safety of the riders and pedestrians.

Types of a Bike Bell: What Kind Do You Want?

Cycling ringers come in different types and styles to make it more fun for you to install one in your cycle. In this section, we have described different types of ringers to understand them better and it’s easier for you to pick up just the right one for you.

Classic Bell

The classic ringers are the oldest and most common types of trigger bells for bike available today.
Featuring a very traditional look, this are comes with a lever attachment to snap back and make the sound you have been aiming for.

Even though the sound it makes is short, it is still audible and effective at informing others about your presence.

This old-school bell-type is suitable for all types of riders- from adults to toddlers; everyone can use this ringer for fun and safety.

Air Horn

If you want a bell that does the job instantly, then the air horn is your pick. This bicycle bell is much more abrupt and makes a sound (that can hit up to 120 decibels), which might frighten the on goers, but it certainly does the work super quickly.

The mechanism of this horn is quite different from the classic one. It uses compressed air to produce the loud noise that people hear. However, you need to inflate the tube regularly to keep the bell working.

Electric Bells and Horn

Another type of bike noisemakers that you must know about is the electric bells and horns. As the name suggests, this ringer uses electricity to chime in time of need.

It creates electronic resonance once you press the button so that pedestrians hear the sound instantly.

However, similar to the air horn, as an electric horn uses a battery to operate, you must charge it regularly to enjoy the top services.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Bell for Bicycle

Purchasing the best bike ringer is extremely easy if you know what to look at. Let’s discuss the features you must keep in mind when searching a ringer so that you can score the best one according to your needs and budget.

Design: How is Bell Design?

The design of the bell is important as it affects the aesthetic of the bike. There are different types of bell designs available in the market.

While some have a vertical loop design, other features a more traditional bell configuration. The type of ringer you should choose depends entirely on your preferences and needs.

In addition to the design, you also have the opportunity to pick versatile colors for the bell. Bicycle bells are available in various stand-out color options to allow you to add visual interest to your monochrome cycle.

Loudness: What about Volume?

Another thing that you must keep in mind when choosing your ultimate ringer its loudness or the amount of sound it makes when you ring it.

It’s common knowledge that if the horn is not loud enough, it won’t attract the pedestrians and other cyclists attention and, therefore, wouldn’t serve the purpose of installing a bell in the first place.

Similarly, if the bell is extremely loud, it would cause disturbance and might land you in a problem.

The best approach is to buy a loud enough ringer to alert the surrounding without causing any disturbance. Please read the product descriptions and find out about its loudness before making your final call.

Ease of Use

One thing that makes or breaks a bike ringer's appeal is how easy it is to use. If the ringer is not easy to use and not quickly responsive, then it won’t serve its purpose well and you would want to throw it away for its usefulness.

Before zeroing in any bell, read reviews online and find out what others are saying about the particular bell.

Build Material: Which Material is It Made Up of?

The construction material of a ringer determines 3 things; durability, installation, and sound quality of the bell.

And therefore, keeping an eye on the material is super important. Generally, bike horns are made from metals.

From copper and brass to aluminum, stainless steel, and iron, you will get a wide variety of bells in the market to choose from. The all-metal construction bells provide a sweet sound and also ensure corrosion resistance. They are long-lasting.

On the other hand, some metal ringers have plastic parts that make them inexpensive compared to all-metal ones. However, the plastic makes the ringer a bit less durable than all-metal constructed ones.

Ease of Installation: What of Position and Installation?

Even though cycling bells are usually easy to install, users might sometimes find it difficult to mount a it on the cycle and that’s why, before buying the one for your cycle, make sure that it is easy to install.

While most plastic ringers are brittle and hard to put on, metal ones spare you from such hardships and are quite easy to mount.

Durability: What of Price Tag and Durability?

Another crucial aspect that you should keep in mind while shopping for a bell for bicycle is its durability. Consider the material first as it determines the longevity of the horn to a great extent.

Generally, metal bells are more durable than the other, but they are a bit pricier than the plastic ones. Find the one that has an excellent combination of budget-friendly price tags and long-lasting services.

Adult or Child

One thing that you should know is that there are many bicycle ringers that are made specifically for children. Kids bicycle bells are colorful, features cartoon characters, and are extremely easy to use.

If you plan to buy a ringer for your baby’s cycle, then picking up such horns would be the best choice to make.

Mountain or Street Bike

This might seem a bit bizarre, but some bells are meant to use on a specific bike type. Before buying, make sure that it is the right kind for the type of cycle you ride.

Brand Names

One thing that ensures the quality and durability of a ringer is its brand name. When it is constructed in a reputable company, you can be sure that it will provide excellent service and longevity compared to the ones with a reputable brand name.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

Are Bike Bells Expensive?

No, these are not at all expensive. In fact, these are the most inexpensive bike accessories that you can install. Most horns would cost you less than 5 dollars.

How Does a Bike Bell Work?

The science behind a bell is super simple. Most come with a small hammer that is placed on the spring of the bell.

When you press the bell and release it, the hammer strikes the bell and the dome makes a loud sound to alert the surroundings.

Some new bike also comes with push bells nowadays. The push mechanism is also the same involving a hammer. However, instead of pulling, you need to push it to make the sound.

Is It Illegal to Not Have a Bell on Your Bike?

Well, it depends on the region and country you live in. In some states, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a bell, and other regions have flexible laws.

It the best option to check with the local bicycle laws and regulations before taking your cycle out for a spin.

Where Do You Put the Bell on a Bike?

The best place to put a it is on the handlebar. It is the perfect mounting spot because it offers you easy, effortless accessibility to the bell.

When it is placed in front of you, you can easily reach for the bell in time of need without even looking down and find it.

The easy accessibility and operation ensure the maximum safety of the riders as well as the pedestrians.

What is the Frequency of a Bicycle Bell (in Hz)?

The “highness” or “lowness” of a sound is known as the frequency. The louder the sound, the higher the frequency it has. It is the number of sound waves that enter your ear in one second and is measured in Hz.

Different ringer types have different frequency levels and therefore, before making your purchase, read the instructions carefully to find out the exact Hz of the product.

Do Bikes Have to Be Sold With a Bell?

It’s not mandatory that you have to sell your bicycle with a bell on it. As these are an additional component, you can always incorporate one in your ride if you feel the need for it.

That being said, many bikes from popular manufacturers come with pre-mounted bells for the convenience of its riders.

Final Verdict

Finding the right bell could be tough and time-consuming. But with a little research and an excellent, purchasing the perfect won’t feel as difficult and this guide will help you to do just that.

With the features and factors that we have discussed above, you will be able to find the best bell for bike without the help of any experts.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your cash and start searching top bell for cycle.

Best Pick

Knog Oi

Knog Oi

Best Overall



Budget Pick

Accmor Classic

Accmor Classic

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