Calories Burned on Stationary Bike

How Many Calories Burned On Stationary Bike

Ever wondered how many calories can be burned on stationary bike while working out? Well, we are sure that it crossed your mind

And that’s why, in this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about calories burned on stationary bike so that you can count your burnt calories easily and workout more effectively.

But before going any further, let’s first find out what an stationary / exercise bike is?

What is an Stationery Bike?

An stationary bike (or a exercise bike, however you call it) is an indoor exercising tool that is used to lose your weight, tone your body and strengthen the muscles.

Even though this workout equipment looks exactly like any regular bicycle with saddle, pedals, and handle bars, it is mounted to the floor and hence doesn’t move forward when you pedal it.

Additionally, because of its nature, an stationary bicycle requires you to insert more pressure on the pedals to spin the wheels.

When you provide such an immense amount of pressure during the pedaling, this tool ensures that you experience the same workout results that you would be achieved while riding a bike on the streets.

Can an Stationary Bike Burn Calorie?

The most straightforward answer is yes. Yes, an stationary bike can burn a lot of calories if it is used properly.

When you pedal this special workout equipment with pressure, it helps you to get into a cycling motion easily and assist you to burn calories in the process.

Remember that the harder you pedal, the more intensely you work out, which results in more calorie burn. The higher level of calorie-burning also helps you to lose fat quickly.

The Calorie Burning Chart

Also, as the number of calories you’ll burn is directly proportional to your current body weight, we have constructed a chart which includes your body mass, the time you work out and the number of calories you would burn.

So that it’s easier for you to compare and understand the relation between your body weight and the calories burnt.

Work Out (1/hr)

130 lb.

155 lb.

180 lb.

205 lb.

Very Light Stationary Cycling

177 Calories

211 Calories

245 Calories

279 Calories

Light Stationary Cycling

325 Calories

387 Calories

449 Calories

512 Calories

Moderate Stationary Cycling

413 Calories

493 Calories

572 Calories

651 Calories

Vigorous  Stationary Cycling

620 Calories

739 Calories

858 Calories

977 Calories

Very Vigorous Stationary Cycling

738 Calories

880 Calories

1022 Calories

1163 Calories

How to Burn the Most Calories On A Stationary Bike

The number of calories burned on an stationary bike depends on the type of exercise you are practicing, your pedaling speed, and the workout duration.

It’s natural that the type, speed, and duration of your workout solely depends on your body weight and fitness, and that’s why you cannot assume any number to represent your calorie burn other than taking these three things into account.

According to a Harvard University conducted the study. At the same time, you can burn between 210-315 calories by riding your stationary bike for just 30 minutes, and it takes only 60 minutes to burn up to 420 calories to improve your weight loss regimen.

Let’s also discuss the most adopted styles of indoor cycling and how much calories they burn so that it’s easier for you to pick a style according to your exercising and fitness needs.

Style-1 - Moderate Speed

When you decide to train on your stationary bike at a moderate speed, then you need to pedal at a smooth speed that’s neither too fast nor too slow.

Riding at this medium speed for 30 minutes would help you to burn somewhat between 200-300 calories each time.

But then again, remember that the number of calories burned also depends on your weight; if you are quite heavy, you will lose more calories in this 30 minutes compared to any regular person.

Style-2 - Accelerated Speed

If you are someone who wants to train more intensely than Style 1, then this accelerated pedaling speed workout session is just the right one for you.

This high-intensity form of cycling burns around 400-450 calories in just 30 minutes, motivating you to exercise harder.

It is a common knowledge that a fast pacing exercise will create a breath-taking session, which means that it will burn more calories than a moderately paced one without any interval session.

Style-3 - High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

One of the most effective ways to burn calories super-fast on an exercise bike is to adopt the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training program in your regular workout sessions.

It is no guaranteed that interval training will produce overnight results, but it will surely help you to achieve much better and faster results.

To practice, high-intensity interval training, start by riding your stationary bike with all energy and at a high resistance for about two minutes. Then take 30 seconds to break to regain your breath.

Once you have the breath, start pedaling again with all the left energy. Keep doing this until you are done with six sets.

 As you improve with the breath and energy, you can keep practicing more sets and gradually burn a lot of calories and reduce your annoying belly fat.

Wrapping Up

Stationary exercise bikes are not only an excellent option to build your body muscles and straighten them, but they are also an extraordinary tool to burn your calories and make you healthy and active.

Choose any of the riding and training styles from the ones we have talked about above and start burning your calories today so that you can enjoy a healthier tomorrow.

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