concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm5

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor Review

Even though there are numerous rowing machines available in the market, none can match the features and aspects of the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine.

From beginners to experts and even athletes, find this piece of equipment one of the best rowing machine for indoor workout to train and get fit in no time.

If you are indecisive about whether to buy this rowing machine or not, go through the article to find out the most prominent features of this Comcept 2 before making your final purchase decision.

Overview of Concept2 Rower Model D

Top Features

Extended weight capacity, wireless heart rate sensor, provides total body workout, air resistance system, sturdy frame, advanced pm5 monitor, Bluetooth Connectivity, minimal noise, 5 preset fitness programs.


Quick release frame lock provides flexibility, easy assembly, easy to use, caster wheels for transport, provides stability and support, compatible with a bunch of fitness apps, self-powered; doesn’t require any electrical connection.


Seat not so comfortable as expected, but you can replace with better one.

Things to Know

Concept 2 rowing machine comes with a step by step easy assembly video to make your assembly process even more comfortable.

Aside from purpose of home use, this rowing machine is also used in military bases, rehab places, health clubs, and, most importantly, in a commercial gym for intense training.

Feature Details of Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

Strong, Sturdy Construction

The frame of any stationary tool is super important because it’s the only part that holds the machine together, and it’s no different for a rowing machine as well. And knowing is a truth very well, Concept2 model d rowing constructed the frame of this rower using a combination of commercial grade aluminum & steel.

concept 2 model d rower workout

Compcept2 made aluminum front legs & steel rear legs to make this tool strong and sturdy but also to provide phenomenal support and stability to its riders.

This strong construction also made Concept 2 durable and makes sure that it doesn’t break off easily and stands still on the floor for a secure rowing experience. Moreover, this amazing frame is coated with matte powder paint to make it aesthetically beautiful as well as more durable.

Dependable performance & durability of this rowing machines made it the best selling rower in the world which is built to last a lifetime.

Accommodates a Wide Range of Users

In addition to providing incredible stability and durability, steel and aluminum constructed frame of Concept 2 rower also makes it extremely suitable for every type of riders out there.

From an extended weight capacity to a generous height range, this piece of exercise equipment is designed to fit most users effortlessly.

Even though at 57 lbs of body weight, this rowing machine easy to use & quite lightweight, it can accommodate up to 500 lbs. of maximum user weight easily without the fear of falling apart.

Such extended weight capacity makes it the perfect exercise tool for all types of riders, including obese people Heavyweight riders can row comfortably with this rower and shed a ton of their body fat for a healthier and fitter tomorrow.

Aside from the high weight capacity, this rowing exercise equipment is also capable of accommodating users of different height. From 4’ 10’’ to 6’5’’, users of any height can row this tool efficiently without hurting their body.

Furthermore, as the rower seat height is just 14 inches from the ground, elders and riders with limited mobility and injuries can also climb up to the seat comfortably to exercise for a more active physique.

Full Body Workout

What’s better than to get a full-body workout at the expense of one?

Well, nothing. And that’s why this Concept2 Rower Model D provides you the opportunity to work on your full body and major muscle groups rather than just the lower part so that you can enjoy total body training using just one single tool

concept 2 model d rower workout

The low impact, smooth rowing motion of this machine, engages all major muscle groups, including legs, core and arms, hips, backs, biceps, triceps as well as effective cardiovascular workout to not only burn excessive amounts of calories but also to tone and strengthen them for a spectacular and healthy body.

Concept 2 also has option for participate in online challenge which is more helpful to do more exercise. Everyday you'll have new challenge to compare yourself against other competitors who are joining this online challenge.

PM5 Performance Monitor

You cannot think of best rowing machine without a smart console. And knowing this fact just right, Concept2 model d rowing machine incorporated a Smart Performance Monitor to not only track your workout but also to compare your results for convenience.

In addition to keeping track of your workout data like time, distance, and intervals, this PM5 Performance Monitor includes self-calibrates to compare your results so that you are well informed how differently your train today compared to the previous day.

concept2 performance monitor

This helps you to remain motivated and achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Moreover, this advanced pm5 monitor also includes 5 different preset fitness programs so that exercising never felt easier on this rower. With these high-intensity interval training (HITT) programs, you can design your custom workout and work accordingly to become fit and active easily.

The best feature of Concept 2 performance monitor arm. Its comes with an adjustable monitor arm to set it in any direction you want. This feature is especially helpful when you want to get off the rower and use it for other types of training.

Air Resistance System

One of the most important features Concept2 model rowing machine is its resistance mechanism. With an Air Resistance System, this piece of exercise equipment provides infinite resistance depending on how fast and hard you row. The faster and harder your rowing motion is, the more resistance and intensity you will enjoy and vice versa.

And because of its unlimited tension system, riders with every type of fitness level can enjoy training on this tool without any difficulty.

concept 2 model d rower resistance

From beginners to experts and any individual at peak fitness condition will find the perfect resistance to match their fitness level and workout needs.

Furthermore, given that this Model D rower uses air force its resistance, this machine is extremely smooth and sends out a nice cooling breeze whenever the face spins for the resistance.

Adjustable Spiral Damper

To give you the full control of your exertion and resistance, this Concept2 Model D rower comes with an easily adjustable spiral damper that allows you to regulate the amount of air entering the flywheel. With adjustability ranging from 1 to 10, you can always change the feel of the stroke to suit your rowing needs and preferences.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The feature that makes your workout experience even more delightful on this rowing machine has to be its built-in Bluetooth Connectivity. Keeping in mind the various needs and convenience of its rowers, Concept2 Model D rower included wireless connectivity feature to make sure that you never feel left behind compared to others.

concept 2 model bluetooth

In addition to the built-in fitness programs, these apps also enhance your training options so that you can enjoy versatile training regularly and build your body efficiently.

Moreover, these apps also help you to compete with real-life rowers in real-time to improve your workout by several notches and get fit and active faster than ever before.

Aside from making your rower compatible with various apps, this advanced connectivity feature also enables you to enjoy your favorite music. At the same time, you row to keep you well-entertained and motivated while you exercise.

Ergonomic Handle and Pedals

An excellent rower might be completely useless if it’s not safe and secure enough for rowers to use. An unsafe, slippery piece of exercise equipment can cause injuries beyond repair and throw you out of your workout regimen for the worse.

Keeping in mind about the maximum safety of the users as well as to provide them with adequate comfort, Concept2 model d incorporated an ergonomically designed handlebar for natural arm and hand position in this rower to ensure a non-slip, strong yet super comfortable grip.

Moreover, as this ergonomic handle features a 10-degree bend, it allows you to mimic a natural rowing position without hurting arms and hands.

Also, to provide unmatchable safety, Concept2 includes a pair of adjustable footrests with a non-slip surface. This non-slip surface makes sure that your feet don’t slide off of the pedals and remain to eliminate any possibility of injuries.

Wireless Heart Rate Measurement

Tracking your heart rate during any exercise session is important as it measures how your heart reacts to the workout you are performing.

And that’s why, to make your training more impactful, Concept2 comes with a wireless heart rate monitoring system so that you can track it super easily with a compatible chest strap (around you have to buy it separately).

PROS & CONS of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

What We Like

  • Stainless steel track to flexible slide moving
  • Save your workout data to external USB flash drive
  • It is easily separated into two pieces for easy storage.
  • Backlit LCD for excellent readability, even in the dark
  • Alluring designs to match your home interior perfectly.
  • Fully adjustable monitor arm for a custom viewing angle.
  • Includes 4 Built-in rowing games to keep you entertained
  • Because of flywheel design it doesn't create minimal noise.
  • Comes with storage caster wheels for easy transportation and relocation

What We Don't Like

  • No seat padding; might feel uncomfortable to many riders.
  • Requires regular maintenance for smooth feel, worry-less operation

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowers Specs


Stationary Indoor Rowing Machine


Model D is available in Two colors Light Gray & Black

Console Display

PM5 Performance Monitor




Nickel plated steel chain

Built-in Programs



Magnetic Resistance Flywheel

Machine weight

Machine Weight 57 lb

Weight Capacity

500 lbs. max. user weight

Stored dimensions

63. 5 cm x 83. 8 cm x 137. 2 cm

Other specs

Monorail Length 54", caster wheels

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

How does Concept 2 model d rower operate?

Answer: As it is an air rowing machine, it uses air from your surroundings to operate instead of any electricity. However, you will need replaceable batteries to operate the performance monitor consistently.

What is the dimension of Concept2 when you fold it for storage? Is it easy to store?

Answer: Yes, this rowing machine is extremely easy to store as it can be separated into two different parts to make it more compact.

When preparing this piece of exercise equipment for storage, it measures 63. 5 cm x 83. 8 cm x 137. 2 cm in and is quite small in size.

What is the difference between Concept 2 Model D and Model E?

Answer: In addition to many nitty-gritty differences, the main difference between Concept2 Model D and Model E is their height off the ground. While the Model D has a seat height 14 inches, Model E’s one is 6 inches higher and not easy for elders to get on.

What is the difference between PM5 and PM3?

Answer: It is evident from the name that PM5 monitor is an advanced version of the PM3.

While the PM5 monitor includes a heart rate monitor system and has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity for various convenience, the PM3 is quite basic and doesn’t provide as many features.

Buying Advice

Even after knowing all the prominent features of this Concept2 Model D rowing machine, you might be wondering if there is anything left to know. If you have such thoughts, then you are absolutely right.

As the seat post of this Concept 2 rowing machines is contoured but not padded, it might feel quite hard on your buttocks and result in numbness after an intense workout regimen. To make it more comfortable, you have to buy extra padding or an entirely new seat post so that no matter how long or how hard you train, you won’t feel any uncomfortable or uneasiness.

When you purchase you'll get PM5 computer monitor & manual, quick start guide, tools and illustrated instruction to assembly.

Wrapping Up

Without a hint of doubt, this Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine is one of the best rowing machines available in the market right now. With its reliability, strong, sturdy frame, and several amazing features, this piece of exercise will never let you down when it comes to working out regularly.

Therefore, if you have the budget & looking for a great great tools for low impact workout, we would suggest you Conpcept 2 model d rower machine over others without any hesitation.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

concept2 model d indoor rowing machine


Indoor Rower

Console display

PM5 Monitor




Nickel plated chain

Built-in Programs



Magnetic Flywheel

Weight Capacity

500 Pounds


96 x 24 x 14 inches

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