Cubii Jr Seated Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii JR Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home Workout

If you are super busy with your work and don’t have enough time to attend a traditional gym and get healthy and fit, don’t think that you are missing out on something?

With the Cubii Jr seated under desk elliptical, you can always enjoy an effective and fruitful exercise session without leaving your desk. This piece of exercise equipment is small, compact, and nearly noiseless so that you can enjoy the best of your exercise without hampering your work.

Overview of Cubii JR Compact Under Desk Elliptical

Top Features

Sitting usage, 8 levels of resistance, built-in LCD, heavy flywheel, patented whisper-quiet feature, digital workout data count.


Provides low-impact workout, compact, nearly noiseless operation, doesn’t require rigorous maintenance, excellent for multi-tasking, adjustable tension system, designed for all fitness level, super easy assembly.


No enhanced wireless connectivity, cannot be used in standing position

Things to Know

This Cubii JR elliptical machine is super easy to assemble; you won’t need any experts to help and waste additional money.
Aside from the junior elliptical, Cubii has another Pro version.

Feature Details of Cubii JR Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Strong, Ergonomic design

The frame of any exercise tool, be it an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical, or a user desk elliptical, is important as it holds the entire machine together. An excellent frame not only ensures durability but also provides support and stability to the rider. And keeping this aspect in mind, Cubii built its junior elliptical around a super strong and sturdy frame.

Constructed with the best quality material available in the market, this Cubii pedal exerciser is strong, sturdy yet super-sleek that it would match your home or Office environment completely. Its sturdy feature makes sure that this piece of exercise equipment will never fall apart or break off anytime soon.

Cubii JR Elliptical

This ergonomically designed, space-saving frame measures 23-inch x 17.5-inch x 10 inches and is compact enough to put it anywhere and everywhere, even under the desk for an efficient riding session.

Also, this piece of exercise equipment can be stored effortlessly wherever you want it to because of such a compact size.

Aside from the frame construction, the scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant paint finish also make sure that this mini exercise tool won’t suffer from rust or corrosion and would look new even after years of usage.

Stability and Support

To make it extremely stable and balanced for the best workout experience, Cubii pedal exerciser made this exercise equipment quite heavy. At about 25 lbs. of body weight, this junior trainer stays put in the ground firmly and provides phenomenal stability to its riders.

Even though the 25 lbs. of weight might seem heavy for such a compact machine, it is not a bad thing. In fact, this added weight gave this piece of fitness equipment the much-needed balance.

This weight holds the exerciser extremely securely in place so that it doesn’t wobble or lose balance and cause accidents while you are training with it.

In addition to the weight, the wide stabilizing feet at the bottom also help to hold this stationary tool securely in place so that you don’t face any problems or distractions while working out.

Moreover, as mini, under desk elliptical tend to slip around a little on hard floors, Cubii added rubber capped feet on the stabilizers to get rid of this issue successfully.

Extended Weight Capacity

Aside from its excellent construction and phenomenal durability, another aspect of this elliptical frame that would surely impress you is its weight capacity.

Cubii JR Weight

The solid construction of this junior elliptical can accommodate users up to 500 lbs. of body weight effortlessly, making it an incredible piece of exercise equipment for all types of riders out there who wants to work and train simultaneously. From slim to heavyweight and even extremely obese people will find this tool amazingly useful to ride and shed their body weight for a more active and healthy tomorrow.

This Cubii JR is an under desk elliptical machine in addition to the body weight. It doesn’t have a height limit, which means that riders from every height range are capable of using it without any difficulty.

Wide, Non-slip Pedals

As the Cubii JR is an under-desk elliptical, it’s pedals is one of the most important features to consider. It’s the pedals that help you to use this piece of exercise equipment easily and safely.

And knowing this fact very well, Cubii constructed this machine with wide footplates and adequate safety measures so that its riders never feel unsafe or uneasiness. At about 14-inch long and 6-inch wide and a Q-factor of 6.5-inch, these pedals have a cushioned base with a non-slip top.

Cubii Pedal

While the non-slip top makes sure that no matter at what speed you are riding this equipment, your feet will never slip and cause injuries and accidents, the cushioned surface enables you to use this tool comfortably with and without shoes.

Moreover, the wide 6.5-inch industry-leading Q-factor ensures safety, comfort, and efficiency in every stride you make for a fitter future.

Low Impact Workout

The best way to exercise when you are working simultaneously is by practicing low impact workout. When you want to exercise with high intensity, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work properly. And knowing this fact very well and being true to its intentions (that is letting you train while working), Cubii decided to make this junior elliptical a low impact workout tool.

Cubii JR Elliptical Low Impact Workout

This low impact exercise equipment is designed with patented angles to provide you with a super smooth-riding motion. This super smooth motion ensures that while you burn calories and strengthen your body, the stride is not hurting your back, hips, knees, or ankles in any way.

Aside from being easy on the joints, this junior exerciser also ensures an incredible cardiovascular exercise; it increases your heart rate and improves overall cardiovascular health.

Also, because this junior elliptical offers a low-impact workout, it is an excellent piece of exercise equipment for elder people as well as people with limited mobility- it works wonders for them too.

Low Noise Level

When working at your office or home, the least you expect is any disturbing noise that would take away your concentration from your work. Many people don’t want to use under desk elliptical machines because of the annoying noise they make. But this Cubii indoor elliptical trainer is not one of them.

Cubii JR Noise Level

Since the idea behind manufacturing this mini elliptical was to help you multitask while exercising, this junior stationary tool is as noiseless as possible. Even when you are riding it with more intensity to burn more calories, it is still eerily quiet.

Cubii used a patented whisper-quiet design that lets the rider's pedal this exercise equipment smoothly so that there are no noise disruptions so that you can actually work and train together.

Wide range of Resistance

What’s an exercise machine without resistance? Resistance plays a great role in making your training session a successful one.

Cubii JR Resistance

Even though it is a compact elliptical trainer, its amazing resistance level will make your jaws drop. With 8 different levels of resistance, this Cubii JR not only offers you a wide range of tensions to choose from but, at the same time, also ensures that this piece of exercise equipment is suitable for every type of user out there.

From beginners to experts and even people with limited mobility, they will find just the right intensity level to work out according to their needs and fitness level.

While level 1 being the lowest and 8 being the highest intensity, you can always adjust your required level of tension effortlessly by just turning and twisting the resistance knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. Choosing the right resistance was never easier.

Built-in LCD Monitor

Being a mini, under-desk elliptical didn’t hold it back from incorporating excellent features, and the LCD screen is just one of them. Cubii added a built-in mini LCD screen in this exercise equipment to keep track of all your workout data so that you can monitor them precisely.

Cubii JR Elliptical LCD Display

This LCD can track and record all your workout metrics efficiently so that you know how successful your workout was and how far along are you to achieve your fitness goal from time, calories, RPM, strides, and distance.

PROS & CONS of Cubii JR Elliptical

What We Like

  • Strong, sturdy frame ensures durability
  • Super compact and hence, easy to store
  • Provides whisper-quiet operation; doesn’t attract your attention
  • Comes with built-in handle for easy, effortless portability
  • Ergonomically designed footplates ensure a non-slip riding experience
  • Mini elliptical requires minimal maintenance for contentious operation

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity
  • This Trainer cannot be used in the standing position

Cubii JR Desk Elliptical Specs


Under Desk Elliptical

Console Display

LCD screen


8 Resistance Levels

Recommended Desk Height

25 inches from the ground

Weight Capacity

500 lbs.

Elliptical Weight

25 lbs.


23" L x 18" W x 10" H

Cubii JR Seated Elliptical Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: What is the difference between Cubii Jr. and Cubii Pro pedal exerciser?

Answer: The Cubii Jr. and Cubii Pro are both under-desk elliptical machines with similar functionality. However, the main difference between them is the Bluetooth connectivity.

While the pro incorporates a Bluetooth connection to use the Cubii app and sync to Fitbit, the junior doesn’t.
There is also a difference between the price ranges. The pro is slightly higher-priced than the junior.

Question: Can you lose weight with an under the desk bike like the Cubii?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can lose weight with an under the desk bike like the Cubii. When you are training on your under-desk bike, a lot of your major muscle groups get involved which burns a lot of calories. And we all know that burning calories helps you to shed weight quickly. The more you burn the more you lose your body mass.

Under-desk bikes canburn an extra 107 calories each day if used correctly. 

Question: Can you stand on the Cubii?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot stand on the Cubii and train. It was specially designed to be used when you are seated. Standing on this piece of exercise equipment could be a risk for you and your Cubii as well.

Question: Are pedal exercisers any good?

Answer: Yes, they are.
Some of the advantages of pedal exercisers are:

  • Pedal exercisers help you to get and remain active and fit even when you do not have the time to hop on a regular exercise machine.
  • They help you to lose weight quickly.
  • As these elliptical tools are compact, you can also travel with them so that you don’t have to miss out on your training.
  • These mini elliptical machines help to ward off sitting related diseases.

Question: Will Cubii JR work under a regular-sized desk?

Answer: Any working desk that is at least 25 inches from the ground with extra 2-3 inches (6.0 cm) of clearance is suitable for using a Cubii JR.
So if you mean this size as regular, then a Cubii JR will work perfectly under a regular-sized desk.

Question: Is the Cubii junior portable?

Answer: Yes, it is portable.

Cubii incorporated a pair of handles in this junior elliptical machine to make it more portable. Also, because of its compact size, you can carry it anywhere easily.

Question: How much does a Cubii JR weight?

Answer: The Cubii junior is about 25 lbs. in weight.

Question: Does the Cubii JR have Bluetooth Connectivity?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. while the Cubii pro has an enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity, the Cubii JR doesn’t have this wireless connection system.

Buying Advice

We are sure that by now, you know everything you should know about this junior elliptical machine. If you are still skeptical that there might be something more that you should know about before making your final call, you are right.

Before buying this amazing exercise equipment, make sure that your working desk is at least 25 inches (58.3 cm) from the ground, and there are at least 2-3 inches (6.0 cm) of clearance between the underside of your desk and your knees regardless of its overall height.

Wrapping Up

Without a hint of doubt, this Cubii Jr seated under desk elliptical is the best under-desk elliptical that you can buy at a very budget-friendly price tag. More than its attractive appearance, its amazing features will impress you with their training abilities.

We would suggest you go for this incredible piece of exercise equipment if you don’t have time to attend the gym and get fit. This machine will never disappoint you- we can guarantee that.

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Cubii JR Compact Under Desk Elliptical


Under Desk Elliptical

Console display

LCD screen


8 Resistance Levels

Recommended Desk Height

25 inches from the ground

Elliptical Weight

25 lbs.

Weight Capacity

500 lbs.


23" L x 18" W x 10" H

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