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The Dangers of Bicycle Seats - Why Your Saddle Is Dangerous | 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

Biking is one of the most common hobbies for men. This amazing activity not only helps to refresh the mind but at the same time, it also helps you to keep active and healthy.

Like many other men, John also loves riding his bicycle regularly without being aware of the health hazards he is bringing on himself sitting on a cycle seat.

Yes, you heard it right. Even though cycling is an excellent physical activity to improve your fitness, it comes with some serious health problems, especially due to its sitting conditions.

And in this article, we have discussed the dangers of bicycle seats on your health so that you know them better and think twice before riding on your favorite bike again.

Why Your Saddle Is Dangerous?

Before going for rides, you must remember that the saddle can be quite dangerous for you, especially if you are a man. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting on a plushy cushioned seat or a hard one; you just cannot ignore its dangerous effects on your body.

Let’s find out the adverse effects a bike saddle can have on your body so that you can be aware of it before going for an intense riding session.

When you sit on the bike, the perineum [area between your scrotum and anus] experiences a huge amount of pressure and weight because of the way you have to sit.

Because of this unwanted pressure, this special area not only hurts and pains but at the same time, it also imposes an incredible risk of erectile dysfunction.

This dangerous phenomenon might occur because the nerves and arteries on edge and in the perineum that feeds the penis for its well-being get damaged and potentially stops to feed the penis.

As these nerves are vulnerable to pressure, they are affected the most when you ride a bike. Therefore, it affects the strength of the penis, which eventually leads to erectile dysfunction.

Risk of erectile dysfunction for biking

In addition to erectile dysfunction, riding a bike also leads to numbness and a condition called “Pudendal Nerve Entrapment” in the genital area.

In case you don’t know, the pudendal nerve is one of the most important nerves in a man’s body and is responsible for the sensation in the penis and is involved in ejaculation.

When you sit on your cycle, you have to lean forward to ride it perfectly- this action not only put weight on the perineum but at the same time it also inserts the pressure on the pudendal nerve and blood vessels around the area. That leads to destroying them quickly and might also result in impotence in male riders.

5 Ways You Can Protect Yourself While Cycling

A bicycle seat can cause erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean that you have to stop cycling forever. There are more than a few ways to protect yourself from the dangers of a bike saddle without sacrificing your ride.

Below, we have discussed the tips and tricks you can follow to enjoy your cycling without the tension of being sexually challenged.

Get a properly fitted bicycle seat.

properly fitted bicycle seat

A bike seat that fits you properly is important because it ensures the safety of your genitals greatly. Not only the cushioning on the saddle but the positioning of the seat also matters a lot when it comes to the comfort and convenience of your private parts.

To start with, try to find a saddle that is wide and fits your back perfectly. This will spread the pressure and comfort your “down area” greatly. Also, make sure that the seat is adequately padded for the increased comfort factor.

Additionally, lower the seat a little bit so that you don’t have to bend to reach the handlebars. A leveled position decreases the pressure and doesn’t damage the necessary nerves and tissues easily.

Use a noseless saddle if possible

noseless saddle

It is the best idea to use a “noseless” seat on your bike to protect yourself from cycling's damaging effects. The wide, "no-nose" saddle will help redistribute your weight over all the buttocks' sit bones so that there are limited weight and pressure on the perineum and your genitals.

Less or reduced pressure on your perineum and genitals protects your penis and the nerves around it and, therefore, doesn’t suffer from lack of sensation or erectile dysfunction.

Maintain an upright posture

Upright Biking Posture

Image Credit @ cyclingright

Instead of raising your seat, raise your handlebars to enjoy an upright riding position as well as a safe cycling regimen.

According to a new study, an upright riding position puts less pressure on the perineum and protects your genitals for good.

When you are riding with a raised seat and lowered handlebars, you are exposing yourself to greater risk for genital neuropathy- a phenomenon that creates numbness and reduces sensitivity in the crotch and area around it.

To remain sexual and not suffer from dysfunction, get your seat lowered and handlebars lifted.

Shift riding position

One effective way to reduce crotch pressure during riding is by constantly shifting riding positions during your riding sessions.

While cycling, instead of always sitting, stand up on the pedals frequently so that all the pressure and weight fall on your legs, keeping your genitals out of it.

Use padded bicycle shorts

padded bicycle shorts

Last but not least, don’t forget to put on some biking clothes to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of cycling.

Specially designed bike shorts, especially the padded ones, are the best for cycling because they come with a crotch protector that absorbs the pressure of sitting effectively so that your “private area” remains safe and secure.

This padded crotch protector also takes in the road's shock and vibrations and keeps the genital area impact-free to ensure that you don’t suffer from any erectile problems due to your ridings.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of the dangers of a bike seat and how to effectively overcome the dangers, we can now hope that you would ride your cycle without any extra tension.

However, our advice would be to not depend on cycling as much to keep yourself fit. Design a workout routine with all types of exercises to keep your genitals healthy and functional as well.

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