Diamondback Cobra 24″ Bike Review Of 2020 | Safest Kids Bike

Diamondback Cobra 24 Complete Youth Bike

Quick-view of Diamondback Cobra 24″ Youth Bike

Frame Size24″
Frame MaterialSteel frame by Diamondback
Bike TypeKids MTB
Speed21 speed
BrakesLinear pull brakes
Wheel & Tires24″
BrandDiamondback Bicycles
Pros40mm  travel fork, Smooth on bumpy terrain, Powerful brake for maximum safety
ConsLack of Water bottle & Kickstand
SummaryPerfect bike for your growing kids to ride on rocky & roots terrain
Where to BuyCheck Latest Price On Amazon
Alternative BikeGuardian 24″ Bike / Mongoose Tyax

Are you on the hunt for a quality mountain bike for younger riders?

If so, Then check more about why the Diamondback Cobra 24 bike could be exactly what you’ve been looking for your kids

It has a surprising number of gear options, powerful brakes, a sturdy frame, and excellent suspension. All of these features come together to form a mountain bike that can withstand damage and provide younger people with enjoyable and safe riding experience.

To learn everything, you need to know about this bike, simply have a quick read of our detailed review below.

Who Should Buy This Bike & Suggested Sizing?

Don’t know the perfect size for you loving kids? check kids bike size chart to get the correct one.

  • The COBRA 24 is available in one size, which is 24” large.
  • This bike is primarily made for younger riders who are looking to have fun
  • We recommend this bike the most for younger people who are between the ages of around 9 and 12-years old.
  • It’s an excellent option for helping riders gain more experience to use this bike as a stepping stone to the more advanced ones at a later time


What Features Diamondback Bikes Cobra 24 Inch Kids Bike Offers

Number of Speeds

The sheer amount of gear available with this bike is one of the features that took us by surprise. This is because it is considered to be an excellent bike for younger people, so we were expecting it to keep the speed limited.

However, this is actually a major advantage for younger riders.

Diamondback Cobra Drivetrain

Aside from the fact that riding at higher speeds is a lot more fun, younger riders are also given the opportunity to learn what it’s like to cycle on a bike that has more than one-speed option.

As a result, younger children can explore trickier terrains that include hilly surfaces. This works to help them develop their riding skills further.

The 21 gears that are available with the Cobra 24 mean that you children can be sure to tackle any terrain with ease. Furthermore, we liked how shifting through the gears is incredibly smooth and precise.

Effective Braking

So, now that you know that kids can achieve great speed with this bike, you may be feeling a little concerned as to how safe it is for younger riders.

Braking of DB Cobra 24

While extensively researching this bike, we realized that the braking system is remarkably powerful. Therefore, if as you’re looking to buy this bike for a child, you can feel confident in knowing that they have a set of effective and reliable brakes.

No matter what speed or terrain they’re riding on, the brakes can always be relied on to bring them to a safe stop.

These brakes work on a linear pull mechanism. This isn’t too common among bikes, however, it’s a simpler option that younger riders will find easier to use. The easier it is, the quicker they can become accustomed to them and be able to use them quickly during times of need.

Frame And Fork

Do the frame and fork work well to enhance the riding experience of the Cobra 24 youth bike?

Diamondback has managed to combine a fantastic frame and fork which both works to increase the strength and durability of this bike.

Frame of DB Cobra 24

The frame has been made with Hi-tensile steel materials. As a result, you can expect it to be astoundingly strong and able to withstand any potential damage from rougher riding.

As far as the fork goes, we were impressed by the amount of shock absorbing benefits it provides. It has a travel of 40mm.

No matter how bumpy the terrain you’re riding across is, the suspension system will always work to absorb all the shock. This means that kids can ride this bike and not have to deal with any bumps.

We found it to be very effective at reducing fatigue that often sets in among bikes that have a weak suspension. With this bike, you’re able to ride smoothly, regardless of the terrain.

Wheel Size

The wheels are a major factor when it comes to the overall experience of riding a bike.

Once we learned that the tires on this bike are 24” in size, we knew they were going to be able to handle all kinds of riding conditions.

Wheels of Cobra 24 Kids Bike

Younger riders who want to explore rougher trails and tougher obstacle riding are given the confidence to do so as a result of the tires that are fitted to the Cobra 24.

As a result, these tires ensure that riders can develop their skills and gain more experience. They also add to the smooth-riding benefits that this bike has to offer. Riding on challenging terrain becomes a breeze when you combine these 24” tires and the suspension system.

Riding Geometry

Geometry is a huge aspect that riders take special care to consider before committing to a purchase – and for good reason. If a bike doesn’t feel good to ride, it’s going to detract significantly from your riding experience.

We were glad to find that the geometry as a whole provides remarkably comfortable bike. The suspension system and wheels are what help to ensure a smooth riding experience and less bumps.

Having said that, the size and design of the pedal platforms are also important. Customers have been liking how the pedals on this bike feel comfortable to use.

Not to mention, the positioning of the handlebar. It’s wide enough to ensure comfortability and improved control.

Comfortable Saddle

Comfort is a big player that can either draw people in, or completely put them off from buying a bike. So, how comfortable is the DB Cobra youth bike?

Seat post for DB Cobra

We were glad to discover that the seat is padded and provides a great deal of comfort and stability.

Furthermore, the seat post has an adjustable feature. So, you can alter the height of the seat according to your kids preference for the most comfortable riding experience.

 Pros & Cons of  Cobra 24″ Bike

What We Like
  • The 24” tires are thick for smooth riding
  • You can be sure to rely on the powerful brakes
  • The saddle equipped feels comfortable and stable
  • Hi-tensile steel frame ensures durability & strength
  • With a great geometry, you’re given complete control over how you ride
  • The suspension system reduced bumps to enhance the riding experience
  • There is a total of 21 gears available, which is plenty to ride well on different terrain
What We Don’t Like
  • The lack of a kickstand is disappointing
  • Some find the weight of the bike is too heavy

Technical Specs Of DB Cobra

  • FORK: The suspension fork is an HL Zoom that has 40mm travel fork
  • FRMAE: A Hi-Ten steel material has been used to construct the frame
  • SPEEDS: You can use a wide range of 21 gears
  • SHIFTER: The trigger shifter is a high-quality Shimano part
  • BRAKES: The brakes work with a linear pull mechanism
  • WHEELS: 24” wheels have been fitted to this bike
  • CHAIN: A KMC chain is implemented to the bike
  • DRIVETRAIN: The drivetrain is a reliable Shimano part

However, in the case that you don’t feel comfortable assembling the bike yourself, don’t stress. You can simply take it to a bike shop and they’ll do the rest.

Answers You Need To Know

Question: What is the weight of this bike?
Answer: The bike weighs a total of 34 lbs.
Question: What kind of pedals are included with the bike?
Answer: They provide you with Resin MTB pedals which have a lot of grip.
Question: Does this bike come with a kickstand?
Answer: This bike does not feature a kickstand.
Question: Is that bike comes with Pedals?
Answer: Yeah, this bike comes with MTB pedals
Question: Is the bike assemble Is easy?
Answer: If you don’t have previous experience then its better to take this bike nearest local bike shop for proper assmelby.

Buying Advice

You’ll find this kids bike below $200. Prior to purchasing this bike, there is one key thing that you should be aware of.

This bike is delivered in a partially assembled state. Therefore, you will need to be ready to put some parts of the bike together for yourself.

Those who have had experience with putting building bikes will be able to complete the assembly of this one in no time. Even if you don’t feel confident in doing so at the beginning, the assembly guide included provides you with clear instructions that help tremendously to make the process as smooth as possible.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Diamondback Cobra 24 blue mountain bike is a fantastic bike for younger people who want the freedom to explore trickier trails and off-road areas.

You can be sure that it will withstand the wear and tear from riding in these conditions. The frame is made with a highly durable and robust steel material for maximum longevity.

Not to mention, the brakes mean that younger riders will always be safe and be able to bring themselves to an immediate halt in all riding conditions. We also appreciated how Diamondback has designed a bike that’s incredibly enjoyable to ride too.

Make sure to consider all of the details that we’ve outlined for you above before making a decision.



Last update: 27th March, 2020

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