Diamondback Overdrive 29er Hardtail Bike Mountain Bike Review Of 2022

Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike Review

Quick-view of Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike

Frame Size16″ / 18″ / 20″ / 22″
Frame MaterialAlloy frame
Bike TypeHardtail bike
Speed24 speed
BrakesTektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brake
Wheel & Tires29″
BrandDiamondback Bicycles
ProsReadyRide features, 29″ Large wheel, Shimano drivetrain, 80mm suspension fork.
ConsUncomfortable saddle, Need to replace the pedal too.
SummaryStrong hardtail bike for entry level rider. Works great on all kind of terrain.
Where to BuyCheck Latest Price On Amazon

Finding a reliable hardtail mountain bike at an entry level can be tough.

However, after extensively reviewing the Diamondback Overdrive 29er bike, we are confident that we’ve found a fantastic bike for people who are new to mountain biking.

The price is incredible, especially when you take into account the number of fantastic features that it has to offer. All of the components of this bike come together to enhance your riding experience.

All of the research has been done so that you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself. Simply have a read below to learn everything you need to know about the Overdrive 29er.

Why Should You Buy & Suggested Sizing?

  • This bike was created for people who want to ride across bumpy terrains with smoothness.
  • People who are looking for a bike that allows them to ride in a comfortable position will appreciate the geometry of this bike.
  • If you need a bike that enables you to brake instantly and safely in different weather conditions, you can be sure to rely on the braking mechanism built-in to the Overdrive 29er

The recommended sizing for this bike are as follows:

  • XS 13” – 5’-5’3”
  • S 15” – 5’3-5’7”
  • M 17” – 5’7”-5’11”
  • L 19” – 5’11”-6’2”
  • XL 21” – 6’2”-6’4”
  • XXL 23”-6’4”-6’6”


What Features of Diamondback Overdrive 29er Hardtail Bike Offers

Durable Frame

The frame is one of the most crucial parts that can make or brake the quality of a bike. So, is the frame fitted to this bike of a high standard?


Frame of DB Overdrive 29er

Diamondback has implemented a 6061-T6 frame that is constructed with aluminum materials. Therefore, we were glad to find that it provides the bike with a fantastic sense of durability.

This is an incredibly important factor when it comes to riding on tricky terrain. If your bike isn’t built to withstand some damage, you’ll end up buying new ones more often than you’d like.

But that’s not the case with the Overdrive 29er. Furthermore, we noticed that the frame on this bike is incredibly strong, while also remaining lightweight too. As a result, you can be sure to maneuver it with ease and experience more controlled trail riding at faster speeds.

Smooth Riding

When it comes to mountain biking, many people never experience a smooth ride. In fact, it’s common to think that riding smoothly on mountain cycles is impossible.

Well, with the fantastic suspension system that’s fitted to this bike, it is most definitely possible. The Overdrive 29er incorporates a Rockshock XC 30 TK suspension system that has 80mm travel fork.

This provides you with an incredible amount of stability while riding. We found that it’s very effective at minimizing the amount of bumps that are commonly felt while riding on rough terrain. Therefore, this makes the ride a lot smoother.

We also liked how this means that riding this bike requires a lot less effort. So, you can enjoy the experience of longer rides, without getting tired as quickly.

Gears & Drivetrain

Riding through challenging terrain means that you need to have a wide selection of speeds available. If not, riding up and down steep hills will prove to be very tricky.

Gearing Section of DB Overdrive 29

That’s why we were glad to find that the Overdrive 29er provides you with a fantastic gear and drivetrain mechanism. They are made with high-quality Shimano parts, and they provide you with a total of 24 speeds to choose from.

This is an impressive range of gear choices which means that you can always be sure to select the correct one to suit your specific riding conditions.

Furthermore, shifting through the 24 speeds available is incredibly easy and accurate. Since they are Shimano parts, you can also feel confident in knowing that you can rely on the gears and drivetrain during the more difficult riding surfaces.

Effective Brakes

The Diamondback Overdrive 29 mountain bike implements a mechanical braking system. We appreciate how Diamondback has included Shimano parts for the brakes too.

Braking System of Diamondback Overdrive

They have proven to be remarkably effective at bringing you to a complete standstill immediately. This is a feature that all mountain bikers should be looking for.

Since the terrain is more challenging to navigate, you will be given a boost of confidence by having an active braking system to rely on if needed. These mechanical brakes are also excellent in all weather conditions.

Even if it’s pouring down with rain and the surface is slippery, the brakes will always bring you to a safe stop. Moreover, the brake levers feel incredibly easy to use too.

This means that you can experience more responsive and effortless braking. This is an excellent feature for people who love to ride at faster speeds.

Large Wheels

Do the tires improve the overall performance of this bike?

The wheels that have been fitted to this bike are Schwalbe Rapid Rob, and they are 29 x 2.25” in size. Therefore, they come with a pretty impressive diameter, which is precisely what you need for mountain biking.

Large Wheels of DB Overdrive 29er

When riding on off-road paths, there are a lot more bumps and tricky surfaces that you can’t always anticipate. So, having high-quality tires is a must. The Schwalbe Rapid Rob ones that come with this bike provide you with the ability to ride across all kinds of surfaces with no hassle.

Furthermore, a Kevlar belt has been incorporated into the design of the tires. We liked this feature as it provides your tires with an added layer of protection against punctures from the off-road terrain. As a result, you can be sure that these tires will last you for a long time.

Perfect Geometry

The overall size of this mountain bike is larger than you may be expecting. However, the way that they’ve designed the geometry feature means that riders of all heights will feel very comfortable while riding.

We found that the geometry of this bike is suited well for mountain biking. This is because it can accommodate well to all kinds of riders. If you’re looking to ride through trails at faster speeds, you can feel comfortable and stable while doing so.

Those who want to enjoy longer rides can also feel completely stable and comfortable too.

Pros & Cons Of Overdrive 29er

What We Like
  • Fantastic entry-level bike price
  • Comfortable geometry position
  • Remarkably tough tires available
  • Awesome suspension for smooth riding
  • Great bike for taller or big bodied riders
  • Wide range of gears for riding on all surfaces
  • Extremely durable frame to withstand mountain riding
  • Equipped with Shimano derive train for smooth gearing
  • Reliable braking mechanism for safe stop in all conditions
  • 85% assembled by manufacturer so you don’t have to worry
What We Don’t Like
  • There is no kickstand available
  • A lack of fenders was a little disappointing for a mountain bike

Specs of DB Overdrive 29

  • FORK: Diamondback has used an SR Suntour XCT fork with a total travel of 100mm
  • FRAME: An Overdrive 29” 6061 T6 aluminium frame is fitted to this bike
  • REAR DERAILLEUR:  They’ve used a Shimano Acera M360 part for the rear derailleur
  • FRONT DERAILLEURThe front derailleur is a Shimano Tourney TX800 part
  • CASSETTE: A Shimano HG31 Cassette part is implemented for the cog set
  • SHIFTER: The shifter incorporates a Shimano EF-510 Easyfire
  • COGSET: A KMC Z82 part is used for the cog set
  • HUB: Both the front and rear hubs are 32h alloy
  • TIRES: Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires with Kevlaguard are fitted to the bike
  • RIMS: 32h double-walled Diamondback SL rims are used
  • SPOKE: A 14g stainless-steel spoke is available
  • BRAKES: Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes are built-in to this bike
  • BRAKE LEVER: The brake levers themselves are Shimano EF-51
  • PEDAL: DB4L alloy platform pedals are used
  • HANDLEBAR: The handlebars is a DB Laser Series part
  • SEATPOST: A DB alloy micro-adjustable seat post is fitted to this bike

Answers You Need To Know

Question: How much does this bike weigh?
Answer: The DB Overdrive 29er weighs a total of 50 lbs.
Question: Are there any quick-release features on the wheels?
Answer: Only the rear wheel comes with a quick-release feature.
Question: Is there a lockout system available for the fork?
Answer: No, this bike has no fork lockout feature.
Question: Is that bike have quick release feature?
Answer: Yeah, The Overdrive 29 have rear wheel quick release feature.
Question: Do I need to adjust the brake frequently?
Answer: Not really but I suggest before long rides you should adjust the brakes for en joyful ride

Buying Advice

Some customers have mentioned that they aren’t happy with the saddle. We didn’t include this in our cons section because this is a very personal feature to bikes.

The saddle may feel fantastic for you. However, if it doesn’t, you may want to consider replacing it with a more comfortable seat. Remember its an affordable mountain bike by price but the quality is like a $1000 bike.

Furthermore, when buying this bike, you’ll have it delivered to you partly assembled. Therefore, you should be ready to put together some parts of the bike for yourself.

If you’re not confident in doing so, you can simply take it down to a bike shop, and they’ll handle it for you. Moreover, they will be more experienced at tuning the gears and brakes too.

However, it will come at an extra cost. So, if you have had experience with assembling bikes for yourself, this one will be a breeze.

Final Impression

With the large wheels, durable frame, and excellent suspension, this Diamondback Overdrive 29er hardtail mountain bike provides everything that a beginner needs to tackle the tricky terrain.

The 24 speeds available means that you can ride up and down steep inclines with ease. Not to mention, you have an incredibly reliable set of brakes which is a great confidence booster for newbies.

For the price, we weren’t expecting to find so many incredible features available. All of them are tailored to making a beginner’s riding experience as enjoyable and safe as possible.


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