Diamondback Release 5C Full Suspension Lightweight Mountain Bike Review

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Howdy Rider! Riding a bike is awesome, but only the adventurous riders can experience the full thrills. Of course, you don’t ride like a noob. You go through the forests, terrains, jump on the mountains and ride through the dirt.

Not every bike can cope up with your adventure. You need the perfect bike that will let you experience all the rough riding. The mainstream and typical bikes won’t do you any good. 

I am presenting the review of Diamondback Release 5C carbon with ultimate power, functionality, and speed like a beast. Mountains, uneven roads, dirt, you name it, the bike can withstand the tough situations. 

Don’t have an idea on this bike? Fasten your seat belts rider! I’m about to expose everything you want to know about this amazing beast.

Overview of Diamondback Release 5C


Approx. 32 Pounds


Monocoque Carbon


SRAM hydraulic disc


12 Speed



Wheel Size:


Bike Type:

Full Suspension


Who is this Bike Designed for & Suggested Sizing?

  • The bike comes with a versatile amount of size ranges to meet the demands of every rider.
  •  If you want to ride through the terrains, uneven roads and mountain seamlessly, this bike is for you.
  • Do you want durability? The bike comes with the ultimate durability that can go for years after years.
  • You don’t want to compromise the comfort, and I know it. If that’s the case, this bike should be your best bet.
  • If you want the robust spring-like suspension to avoid shocks at its full, the bike should be your first choice than others.
  • You can go for the small one if your height is between 5ft 4 to 5ft7. If you are a person whose height is between 5 ft 7 to 5 ft 10, you can switch to the medium-sized ones.
  • The large 19 inches bike will do great if your height is between 5 ft 10 to 6 ft 2. You can try the XL one if your height is between 6 ft 2 to 6 ft 6.

Feature details of Diamondback Bicycles Release 5C Carbon Dual Suspension Bike

Solid Frame

When it comes to frame, obviously you’ll want the best one. The Diamondback 5C Carbon fills your cup of tea. It comes with top-notch Carbon release 27.5 monocoque frame that is backed up by internal cable routing. 

With this feature around, you get to ride effectively, and this bike can take a beating. You’ll face no problem whatsoever as it will last for years with ultimate durability.

Powerful Brakes

Imagine you’re traveling through the mountains and terrains, and suddenly a big bus comes out of the blue. If you don’t halt your bike right away, you may end up having an unfortunate fate.

For amazing braking experience, the bike comes with SRAM Guide RS hydraulic disc brakes followed W 180mm front and 180mm rear center line rotors.

Nowadays, This type of quality brakes you can see only in high-end mountain bikes.

As a result, from now on even if you see a big bus or truck is coming towards you, you can stop the bike as soon as you pull the brakes. 

Travel on the Steepest Mountains

If your gears aren’t good enough, you’ll have a hard time getting on steep mountains. The acceleration won’t just back you up.

While other bikes out there in the marketplace may disappoint you, the DB release 5C carbon will turn the tables.

With the SRAM GX Eagle X01 12-speed drivetrain, you’re getting the ultimate speed you’ve been craving for. The feature will let you climb on the steep mountains with ease and comfort.

Powerful Suspension System

Driving on the terrains can be rough, especially when the roads are bumpy. The shocks can give you a hard time. In worse possible cases, you may fall off the bike if your suspension isn’t good enough.

The efficient yet level-link design with a full suspension system makes it easy for you even to travel in rough terrains with no issues at all. 

With 130 millimeters of travel along with 150, millimeter travel fork, it gives you the ultimate taste of riding experience and withstands and absorb all the shocks you get from uneven roads. 

These teams up with the Fox Performance float elite DPX 2 for a playful feel and excellent small bump sensitivity. 

There’s also the 1.5 tapered head tubes and post mount disc tabs to give you the premium riding experience.

Riding Comfortably

Ride with comfort and ease with the Release 5C with no problem at all. The tires will back you up with the smooth riding experience.

From short trips to long ones, they’ll make you feel you’re traveling on a butter.

The bike comes with e*thirteen TRS race SS 2.35″ tire which is tubeless and slow rebound. To boost the performance of the tires, they’re backed up by e*thirteen RS plus 30mm Aluminum rims, which are durable enough to last for years.

In fact, they’re so powerful that they won’t break or bent even after getting hit with stones or other vehicles, thanks to the heavy-duty construction.

Not to forget the DB CNC platform pedal, sealed cartridge bearing lets you pedal very easily. As you pedal, you get the force to create amazing speed through your tires and rims.

The pedals have replaceable pins, so if you need some change, you can have it done anytime. 

Ultimate Control

With control comes all the mind-blowing performance and riding experience of a true rider. If you can’t control your bike correctly, how will you ride fast and smooth even though your bike has got loads of jaw-dropping features?

The bike comes with a Raceface Turbine handlebar which is 780mm wide and 200mm rise. Also, it has a 3mm bar bore. To give you more support the Ergon GE10 Evo Lock-on grips blends in with this handlebar.

With all these mind-blowing features around, you won’t have any problem having the ultimate control over your bike. As a result, you get to ride smooth, fast, and safe. 

Soft Cushion Seat

There are a lot of bikes in the market which doesn’t come with soft seats. As a result, you don’t get the comfort you deserve. Moreover, if you sit on a hard seat, you’ll soon feel pain on your bottoms as you ride.

From now on, you can ride for hours and still get to pain or discomfort. The DB 5C carbon comes with a WTB Volt Pro seat to give you the cushion that is needed for comfort riding. 

The bike comes with KS LEV Integra Internal dropper seat post to back you up with extra comfort on your seat.

What We Like

  • It gives you a spongy spring-like ride. 
  • 12 speed SRAM quality drivetrain to climb uphill easily
  • Quality Carbon frame fame hence lightweight & durable
  • 27.5″ wheels which are perfect for both short & tall riders
  • Comes with 780mm wide handlebar provide easy controlling.
  • Comes with powerful hydraulic brakes by SRAM to stop in a halt
  • Equipped with 150/130 mm suspension by Fox to absorb shock on rough terrain.

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit expensive, so it isn’t for everyone. We also reviewed mid-range release bikes like Release 1 & Release 3. You can check them also.

Technical Features at a Glance:

  • The Carbon release 2.7 monocoque frame gives you ultimate durability.
  • With the SPAM Guide RS hydraulic disc brakes, you can stop the bike as soon as you pull them.
  • SRAM Eagle X01 12-speed drivetrain lets you travel smoothly with smooth and fast speed.
  • The 130 millimeters of travel along with 150, millimeter travel fork absorbs all the shock you get from uneven roads.
  • The e*thirteen TRS race SS2.35 tire and e*thirteen RS plus 30mm Aluminum rims let you taste seamless riding experience.
  • The Fox Performance float elite DPX 2 gives you a spring-like feel as you ride the bike.
  • The Raceface Turbine handlebar and Ergon GE10 Evo Lock-on grips let you control the bike like a pro.

Buying Advice for Customers

Not just this one, for any bike you have to make sure you get the durability checked. Going for bikes that are made of carbon monocoque can get your job done. These bikes last for years to come with no issues at all. 

As for brakes, the SRAM Guide RS hydraulic disc brakes are the best ones. These brakes are heavily-built and will function as soon as you pull them. Don’t forget to see if your bike is full suspension or not.

Frame, brakes, and suspension are the main features of a bike; if these things are cross-checked, you’ll be good to go. But if your tires and rims are durable and absorb shocks, that is a plus for you.

Questions and Answers

  • What is the widest tire can I set for this bike?

Ans. The widest tire it can support is up to 2.5 inches.

  • Does this bike come with tubeless stems?

Ans. Of course, the tires are pre-inflated with the tube. 

  • Does it come with warranty offers?

Ans. Yes, it does, but for offers like that, you have to talk to your seller to know further details.

  • Can I make modifications to my bike?

Ans. Yes, you can, but there’s a slight problem in that. You see, if you make any modification and your bike gets damaged, the seller might cancel the warranty offer. 

  •  Am I getting anything as extras?

Ans. Yes, you’ll get a tool kit, tubeless valves, DB shock pump, Chainstay protector, carbon paste, and DB Mud Guard.

 Wrapping Up

Spending money on something that will last for years to come is not a waste at all. Rather, if you go for something that isn’t durable enough to back you up, it surely is a waste.

The Diamondback Release 5C is one of those rare 27.5″ full suspension bikes which you can spend a fortune on with no question at all.

It will be your friend for a long time and give you the ultimate durability and speed like a tornado. 

If you’ve gone through the review, you should be able to know by now why it stands out. So, don’t wait anymore, get your beast right away and ride it like a cowboy. 



Last update: 27th March, 2020

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