Mongoose Legion L100

Mongoose Legion L100 Review - Designed for Beginner to Advanced-Level Riders

If you are a bike enthusiast and looking for an excellent BMX bike at a very affordable price range, then look no further because the Mongoose Legion L100 is your best pick.

This feature-loaded bike would not only ensure phenomenal performance but, at the same time, would also make your riding experience even better and smoother.

In addition to incredible features, this extraordinary cycle will also help you to learn different aspects of BMX riding without any hassle or difficulties.

List of Mongoose Legion Freestyle Series BMX Bikes


Frame - Chromoly


Frame - Chromoly


Frame - Hi-Ten steel


Frame - Hi-Ten steel


Frame - Hi-Ten steel

Overview of Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Top Features

4130 Chromoly Steel constructed durable frame, aluminum U-brakes, Chromoly handlebar & fork for comfort, pivotal seat, easy effortless assembly.


Extremely stylish, strong, sturdy frame, suitable for an array of roads and terrains, comes in different color options to choose from, comfortable seat saddle, non-slip yet comfortable handles, provides the best value for the money.


Not suitable for short riders, no bike stand included, doesn’t have a built-in water bottle holder, no fenders for protection.

Things to Know

This BMX bike is super easy and effortless to assemble. It comes partially assembled in the box. You just need to put on together a few parts before riding it on the road.

This bike doesn’t come with any extra accessories, including helmet, pedals, or goggles. If you wish to use them, you have to spend money and buy them separately.

Feature Details of Mongoose Legion L100 - Freestyle BMX Bike

This Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike is full of extraordinary features to make your riding experience even better. Some of its most prominent features are:

Specific size for Adult Rider

Sizing is the most vital thing for them who want to buy bmx. If you failed to get the right size bike then you'll not enjoy the biking. So before purchasing you've to know what size bike should you need.

If you beginner & don't have prior knowledge about sizing then you can check our bicycle sizing chart to know your suitable size.

Mongoose Legion sizing

In this case, Mongoose Legion L100 is available at 20" frame size which is designed for beginner to advanced-level riders and has a suggested rider height of 5'8" and up.

But if you need bmx for your kids or teenager boys/girls then you can select other sized bike in freestyle bike series which are comes at 16" & 18" frame size.

Suggested rider height of 3’6” and under - 16" - Mongoose Legion L16

Suggested rider height is 3'8" to 4' 8" – 18" - Mongoose Legion L18

Easy to Control and maneuverability

It doesn’t matter what type of bike you are using; if it is not easy to control and maneuver, you won’t enjoy the ride at all, let alone make the most of it.

And knowing this harsh truth very well, Mongoose installed a lightweight frame on this Legion Freestyle BMX Bike to ensure the most convenient and enjoyable ride.

Mongoose Legion controling

Even after having wide tires and sturdy components, this bike frame is surprisingly lightweight. At just 34 lbs. of body weight, this BMX is quite light and can be controlled and maneuver extremely easily for safe and convenient riding.

Strong, Durable Frame

The frame is the heart of a bicycle. It holds the whole structure together to enjoy a safe and secure ride whenever and wherever you want.

Keeping in mind the importance of the frame, Mongoose constructed the frame of this Legion Freestyle BMX Bike with 4130 Chromoly steel material to offer strength, durability, and sturdiness.

Also the front fork & handlebar build with Chromoly steel to absorb vibration on various terrain.

Mongoose Legion frame & fork

The steel construction not only makes the frame strong and sturdy but, at the same time also makes sure that it is lightweight enough for phenomenal control and maneuverability.

This strong frame holds the bike together and ensures that it won’t fall apart even when you are riding on rough terrain.

Suitable for All Types of Terrains

Another feature of this fantastic bike that is sure to blow your mind is its ability to run smoothly on every road and terrain.

Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, this BMX bike is constructed in a way that you can use it for your different types of needs without any difficulties.

Using it as an excellent bike to go for dirt riding or mountain surfing, this incredible bicycle will never let you down.

Moreover, because of its versatile convenience, you won’t need to buy another bike to enjoy your different riding purposes.

Superior Support and Stability

One of the main aspects a BMX bike features is stability and support, and this Mongoose is no different.

It provides immense support and stability to the riders to make sure that they are never out of balance or find it difficult to ride this extraordinary bike.

Mongoose Legion Wheelset

To provide stability, Mongoose incorporated a wheelset with 20" X 2.4" tires that are not only perfect for the frame but, at the same time, also offer phenomenal balance and support.

These well-treaded tires also make sure that you can ride on any road and surface smoothly and safely without wobbling or hurting yourself.

Adequate Range of Speeds

Rider used to ride on street, park or hilly area for doing stunt hence BMX bike consist single speed drivetrain that means fixed gear ( no gear ). So you don't have tension to change gear while rides.

Incredible Braking Mechanism

Keeping in mind about the safety needs of the riders, especially the newbies, Mongoose installed aluminum alloy U-brakes to this Legion Freestyle BMX Bike to offer utmost safety and security.

These brakes have the capability of stopping the bike on the spot so that you can avert accidents and unfortunate events easily.

Mongoose Legion braking

Moreover, this amazing brake provides the riders with a sense of security to make sure they can ride the cycle without fear and improve their riding skills tremendously.

PROS & CONS of Mongoose Legion BMX

What We Like

  • Best for park, street or dirt riding
  • Suitable for both men and women riders
  • Well-treaded tires for excellent grip on any terrain
  • Steel constructed body provides strength and durability
  • Precise stopping power to provide instant, unbiased stopping

What We Don't Like

  • Suggested rider height is 5'8" and Up.
  • The brake might be a bit difficult to assemble.

Mongoose Legion L100 Bike Specs


BMX Bike


Chromoly steel

Fork Material

Chromoly steel


Single Speed


Aluminum U-brake


20” x 2.4”

Bike Weight

34 lbs.


Mongoose Legion BMX Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Does this Legion Freestyle Bike come with assembly tools and instructions?

Answer: Unfortunately, this bike doesn’t come with any assembly tools. You have to use your own set of tools to assemble it fully.

However, it does come with an instruction manual to make your assembly process easier and more effortless.

Question: Can the handlebars of this bike be raised?

Answer: The handlebars of this BMX bike can be raised according to your needs.
You have to loosen the handlebar binder bolts on the stem to tilt the angle higher or lower so that you find just the right fit for a more comfortable ride.

Buying Advice

We are sure that after reading the article above, you now know everything you need to know about this incredible Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike.

However, if you still think there are other things you should know about this bike before making your final decision, you are absolutely right.

Before making any hasty decisions, you must be aware that this Legion Freestyle cycle is an entry-level bicycle specially made keeping in mind about the beginner riders.

If you are looking for an expert level one with professional-caliber features, this might not be the right one.

Wrapping Up

Even though this Mongoose Legion L100 bike has some minor issues, they don’t take away from the fact that it is an excellent piece of cycle with some incredible features.

This performance-packed bike is one of the best BMX bikes that you can buy without cutting deep into the pocket.

We can guarantee that with its amazing features, you won’t be disappointed or dishearten after buying this BMX. It will surely provide the best value for your money- that’s for sure.

Happy Pedaling.

Mongoose Legion

Mongoose Legion


BMX Bike


Chromoly Steel

Fork Material

Chromoly Steel


Single Speed


Aluminum U-brake


20” x 2.4”

Bike Weight

34 lbs.

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