Mountain Biking Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2022

Mountain Biking Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2019

Don’t you agree with me that, its not possible to know the mountain biking tips and tricks for entry-level mountain bike riders when they land their first bike? I know you agree with me.

They just bought the desired bicycle & excited to run on the street without wasting time. But there is some necessary tips that they can apply & enjoy the ride more.

We have outlined some tips to in this blog to make your mountain biking journey more smoother. We will look at everything that you will need to know when you start mountain biking.

You will need to start with the bike that you choose the gear and the trails that you will be taking. You also need to make sure that you have all the gear that is required.

But before we get into that, let’s look at the things that matter like the posture that you will take on the bike and the things that you need to learn.

Learn all about mountain biking tips & techniques

1. Bike Maintenance

When you have a mountain bike, you will need to make sure that you have maintained it. These will mean that you have to make sure everything is working and that the bike will withstand the brutal trails that you may plan to take.

The bike is better if it is working correctly. You will find that you will have to walk long distances if the bike breaks down.

Bike Maintenance

When you are about to ride or when you have finished riding, you will need to make sure that you have checked everything that matters. This will include the brakes, the tires, and the gears.

The saddle and the rest of it will come later. You will find it easy to get through the ride when your bike is working like clockwork.

2. Riding with the Pros

The trails are hard to undertake when you are alone because you will find it hard to get the trail and how it goes.

This means that you have to follow the people who know until you can get the hang of it. That is the best way to learn the little nuances that will make you a better rider than you are.

Riding with the Pros

There are so many skills that you will not find in print anywhere, and that is the reason why you have to make sure that you have ridden with the best.

There is the positioning of the body, the changing of the gears and what the carry when they decide that they are going to ride. These things will prove to be invaluable in the long run.

3. Know The Trail

When you want to enjoy the trail, you will have to make sure that you have known the trail and the way that it goes.

This will enable you to map it out and know that you can get through with it. The trail has to be ingrained in you. When you know where the obstacles are, you will be able to have a way to avoid them.

Know The Trail

When you know where you are going, you will have an easier time completing the things that you are doing.

There is something that is called the line that you will have to take, and that is something that you will learn by knowing where you are going and what path you are going to take.

4. Be Relaxed

When you need to ride, you will need to make sure that you are not tensed or anything.

To be relaxed means that you have better control and you can have a pace that is healthy without having to struggle too much necessarily. This is something that you will need to know about relaxing.

When you are relaxed, you will find it easy to ride without having to be confused with the obstacles. A smooth ride is achieved when you do not tense about everything that you meet. You will change the gears smoothly, and that is why the ride is better.

5. Cycling Style

The way that you move the feet to correspond with the bike movements will influence the balance that you will have and the way that you will move and how tired you will become.

That is the reason why you need to learn how to cycle properly regarding pedaling.

There is this style that is called cadence or spin, and that is something that you will find to be very useful.

It will help you move through the obstacles more smoothly, and you won’t have to tire out easily. Rough patches on the road are easier to pedal through if you have a style that you can stick to which is easy.

6. Wheeling and Stops

When you are riding, you will slowly need to master the way that you can lift the back and front wheels because this will help you move through the rough patches that have obstacles that could damage the bike.

Rough trails are best tackled with this method, and I think that is something that I can appreciate.

Wheeling and Stops

Stops are also something that you will need to know how to make. These will often be sudden and many especially when you are on particularly rough terrain.

That is the reason why you will need to make sure that you have learned these. They will help you retain balance and avoid falling off or getting off-road.

The stops are usually performed with the right kind of exertion to ensure that you do not get thrown off or something worse. These will be practiced, and when you perfect them, you will have conquered the hills.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

This is the truth that is universal for any thing that requires you to master in a certain skill set. This will mean that you have to learn how to do this properly by repetition.

That is the reason why you will need to make sure that you have done this regularly and in that way, you will find that after a short time, you will know the nuances.

8. Body Positioning

This is one of the most important aspects that you will need to learn to make sure that you have had a ride that is comfortable and also very satisfying.

The success of being a mountain biker lies in the way you will be positioned on the bike about the hill inclines, the terrain and the strength that is needed.

Body Positioning

  • The Neutral Position

This is the position that you adopt when you are sections of the trail that do not require any finessing or technicalities that could stump you.

This means that you will be moving smoothly and the only things that you have to watch are the pace that you move at and the controls. This allows you to have an easier time on the trail.

The position will require you to be having pedals that are equal in both weight and size. The knees will be bent but slightly and the elbows too. You will need to keep the index fingers on the brakes to make sure that you do not run into a bush.

You will need to make sure that you keep your eyes ahead of you when in this position and that you know where you want to pass when you are moving forward.

  • The Ready Position

When you are in this position, it is like when you are poised to attack which you are because the trail is the challenge and you are tackling it.

This is usually done when the trail starts to get rougher and more challenging. You will need to be focused mentally and physically poised to take on the details and technicalities that harder trails have.

As with the ones that were shown above, you will also need to have pedals that are weighted equally. There will be a difference in the way that your arms will be bent, and the knees too will be noticeable because you will learn more forward than you were in the neutral position.

You will also need to make sure that you can see where you are going and that you can anticipate the hard parts on the road.

There is no harm in trying this out, and that is the reason why you will have to make sure that you have kept your hands on the brakes and your posture ready.

9. Seat Positioning

This is something that is in also very important when you are climbing hills, going down them or riding on the slightly steep inclines. This will give you more control and also ensure that you have gotten it all right.


Seat Positioning

The adjustment of the seat could be high or low depending on what you need to work best for you.

There is always a way that seating can make this an easier or harder experience. That will help with the climbing and descending. It will be different with a higher or lower seat.

  • Position When Climbing

When you are going up the hill, there is a posture that you will need to make sure that you adopt so that you can pedal better and make sure that you have not strained too much. When you are climbing, you can sit a little forward on the saddle and use the more powerful muscles on your thighs.

  • Position When Descending

When you are descending, you will need to make sure that you have lowered the seat height. This will make sure that you have more control and less chances of falling off.

The seat lowering will lower gravity. When this is done, you will find that you get more stability. You don’t have to lower it all the way down; you can feel for the right height that you are comfortable with.


  • Do not try to attempt the trails that you have had no experience with if you have not finished the ones that are simpler.
  • When you are going to go on a trail, you will need to make sure that you have done thorough checks, especially with the brakes.
  • There is always the need to have the protective gear and also lose comfortable clothing that will make it easier for you to make it to the end of the trail safe and sound.
  • Mountain biking in the hard trails takes practice so do not try to rush it. It does not work that way, and you could sustain uncalled for injuries that will pull you back.


  • Ride with the professionals to make sure that you have adequate experience and tips that save you time and strength.
  • When you are riding, make sure that you use the correct posture to avoid the problems that come with bad posture.
  • The bike needs to be working properly before you take it out. Have an emergency repair kit in case anything happens, and you are far away from civilization.


  • Q: What is the best type of bike to go mountain biking with?

A: Try a mountain bike. I can’t give you like a brand name that you can use. There is the need to make sure that you have a bike that can take the hills and the mountains. It has to be sturdy and also there is the matter of gears. You must have those.

  • Q: How do I pick a trail?

A: This is not just something that you eyeball. You will need to go on a trail that has been explored already and has a defined route. If you want to create your own, you will need to make sure that you have scouted the area that you want to trail blaze.


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