Nautilus U616 Upright Bike Review

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike Review

From 2015 in case of Upright bike collection, the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is on the top of the line. This model is an upgrade of the U614 model.

These 600 series bikes offer more features in workout programs and resistance levels than their previous 500 series. A compact, easy to store home exercise equipment, which performs marginally better than others in this price range, is obviously a leader.

We've tried to take a closer look at the features, functions, and workout presets of the U616 in our review. We hope this review helps you choose the best upright bike that is best suitable for you.

Overview of Nautilus U616 Upright Exercise Bike

Top Features

25 training programs, 25 resistance levels, Adjustable seats, Dual display


Padded seats, easy assembly, media facility, pulse sensors in handlebars, telemetric console


No dual-action facility, USB facilities are very poor.

Things to Know

For easy transport, wheels are included in the package. No need to lubricate as it comes with a belt drive system

Feature Details of Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Unique Training Programs

Nautilus comes with 29 built-in programs, 12 workout programs, 4 challenges, 4 mountain rides, and 4 fun rides.

Images of these programs are available in the online manual to have an overall idea about the setouts. It also comes with 9 different heart rate programs. You can change the settings as you prefer.

Nautilus bike

Two fitness programs are also available to sum up, the fitness improvements of the user. You can save your presets, information, and logs of your workout to the 4 available profiles. Users can set their own goals regarding the time, distance, and calories of these programs if they like. 

You can change the length of your workouts. They can be 60 minutes long or more with 2 minutes of intervals after every 30 minutes.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connecting your device via Bluetooth with your machine, you can easily upload your fitness information to your Nautilus Connect App. This app has no controlling power but it can monitor your performance and logs.

The app is fairly reliable and basic but the website isn’t always reliable.

Dual Track Lcd Display

Both of the display screens are backlit and visible in bright conditions. You can easily read the signs from your working seat. The outlook of these displays might look a bit old but they are clear and bright.

The viewing angle of the displays is good regarding it's an LED panel. It shows updates as you are working out and whether you are on the right track or not.

Nautilus lcd

The display at the front is the larger one of the two. It is 5 by 3 inches. You can find the graphical progress of your workout.

Information regarding your goal is at the bottom of the display. Where you can find how much you have done or how much you need to do. A sign of a star flashes every time you complete a goal.

The second display is comparably smaller; it is 5 by 1 inch. It has 3 channels and users can customize their preferred rates to show there.

Monitor Heart Rate

There are two ways to monitor your heart rate, either by gripping the hand pulse sensors or using a strap of heart rate.

So, while you are working out, they try to keep it within your maximum heart rate regarding your age. The resistance changing system is smart. It changes the resistance according to your heart rate to keep it in the range. However, you can pedal to your chosen rate.

While changing heart rates, you can choose your level as well. From beginner to an advanced level, you can select them as 50% to 60%, 60% to 70%, 70% to 80%, or 80% to 90%.

Resistance Levels

Eddy current is mainly a motorized-magnetic system. The Nautilus U616 uses this resistance system, which means that you always have kept it connected to the power source to get resistance adjustments.

You can change the resistance adjustments accessing the console or set them to adjust the resistance automatically. Within the package of the bike, an AC adapter is included. The input credentials are 120V 60Hz and the output is 9V DC, 1.5 A current.

Nautilus resistance

You will find the connector at the front base. There are no options to use this console with batteries. 25 different resistance levels are available on this bike. During the first 5, you'll feel very low resistance.

The light levels are great for recovery and the elderly. But you will feel consistent pedal tension throughout the whole resistance level.

Weight balance is another vital thing to look into an upright bike. The flywheel used in this bike weighs about 22 lbs. This perimeter-weighted structure provides better inertia during workouts, which makes the experience very realistic.

Users can also reverse-pedal if they want but there is no option of coasting in this bike.

Media Tray & USB Charging Port

The Nautilus upright bike has a tray to fit in your MP3 player or phone accessories. Many may consider it a distraction but they can easily make your exercise less painful and keep your mind busy.

No chances of falling and damaging your gadgets as the bike stays steady. The USB charging port provided with this bike is not that much powerful. It will take hours to charge your phone fully.

However, you can use it to prevent your phone from draining out. Users who don’t want to use Bluetooth can also download their workout via this port.

Speaker for Entertainment

Using the media cable, you can connect your device to the console. The speakers are not very loud but they can be an alternative to headphones. Volume control options are not available in the console; you can control them by your device.

Adjustable Padded Seat for Comfort

One thing is sure of praising that the seat used in the U616 is very comforting. A thick layer of foam cushioning is attached to the saddle, which provides extra flex and movability. If you want, you can always add an extra seat cover as per your likes.

The attachment system used in this bike is standard. You can easily find replacements in case of repair. You can find them in any bike shop.

Nautilus seat

You can adjust the seat in 4 possible ways. More than 10 adjustment notches are available here with 1 inches difference. Therefore, the different heights of users can easily accommodate this bike.

They can have a healthy and complete leg extension while working out. Using the seat's horizontal slider, users can also set the front to back adjustment as they like.

PROS & CONS of Nautilus Upright Bike

What We Like

  • Adjustable seat for different height of users
  • Dual LED display which shows different statistics
  • Inbuilt console speakers to listen without headphones
  • Users don’t need to worry about maintaining it very often
  • 29 training programs for different users and different purposes
  • 25 resistance level for beginner and advanced level users alike

What We Don't Like

  • Low-quality display that does not provide a good viewing angle
  • The heart rate chest strap does not come with the package.

Nautilus Upright Bike Series U616 Specs


Upright Stationary

Console Display

2 dual-track blue backlit LCD


25 Levels

Seat Type

4 way Adjustable Seat

Pedal Type

Pedals Weighted with straps.

Built-in Programs

29 Workout programs


Eddy current


Two way adjustable with pulse sensors





Weight Capacity

300 Pounds

Item Weight

Weight 63 lbs.


41.8L x 21.6W x 57.6H inches


Speakers, media tray, fans, bottle holder

Nautilus U616 Bike Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Is the Upright U616 bike durable??

Answer: The sturdy flywheel and adjustable seat is durable enough to last for years. If the cushion of the seat decay over time, You can always replace it from any local market as the size is standard.

Question: What features does the console have?

Answer: The console is compacted with features. There are 29 workout programs, USB ports for charging and data transfer. Media tray to listen to music and a fan for comfort.

And the console is packed with information about the user's performance. An option to connect with the fitness app and sync data.

Question: What is the dimension of the Upright U616 bike?

Answer: The bike is 41.8" L x 21.6" W x 57.6" H. Suitable for all types of users.

Question: How much weight can the bike hold?

Answer: The bike can hold about 300 lbs. Therefore, it can easily handle people of all weight alike. Overweight patients can also use it.

Buying Advice for U616 Upright Bike

In the Nautilus bike review, we've tried to focus on the main aspects that differ the bike from others in the market. You can use this bike for fitness and weight loss or perform your custom workouts.

Users riding this bike are always in an upright position. They are always seated while exercising. No option for backrest while working.

This type of bike is mainly for the home environment. Outmost comfort is it’s another deciding point with the padded seat and an adjustable 3-speed fan.

The drive and resistance elements of the bike are pre-assembled. You just assemble the console, handlebars, seat, pedals, and bike ready to use. For the less experienced people, this bike is fairly user friendly and easy to use.

Wrapping Up

Overall the Nautilus is a pretty solid upright bike. At this price point, it is a strong contender. The likeness of heavy flywheel and workout programs make the bike a decent choice.

Besides, you can easily assemble the bike and it is silent while operating. So, you can easily workout at home at night also. 

We hope that our Nautilus U616 upright bike review has covered all the aspects of the bike and gave you a clear view of the bike.

Therefore, this review gives you a clear idea about which bike is best suitable for you.

Nautilus U616

Nautilus U616


Upright Stationary

Console display

2 dual-track lcd


25 Levels

Seat type

4 way Adjustable Seat


Eddy current





Weight Capacity

300 Pounds


41x 21 x 57 inches

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