Raleigh Detour 2 Hybrid Bike Review for Men & Women

Raleigh Detour 2 Hybrid Bike for Men

Raleigh Bikes Detour 2 Hybrid Bike for Women

Are you looking for a bike that is more comfortable than road bike while commuting on the street or neighborhood?

Well, don’t waste your money on a bike that won’t do you any good. Since there are plenty of junks out there in the marketplace, it’s always tough to decide which bicycle you should go for.

To make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong bike, I’m going to do my part as your guide. I’ll guide you to a bike that has been running super-hot in the marketplace.

Presenting the Raleigh Detour 2 hybrid bike which is great for city riding & commuting with comfortable upright position.

Its narrow tires &  bigger rim efficient for longer city rides. Additionally, 21 speed drivetrain provide more speed to ride uphill terrain.

So, what’s making you wait? Without further chit chat, let’s dive into the reviews.

Overview of Raleigh Detour 2


Approx. 27.98 pounds




Tektro 837 Alloy V-Brake


24 Speed


Shimano Acera

Wheel Size:


Bike Type:



Who is this bike designed for & suggested sizing? 

  • If you want mind-blowing durability, this bike is the best bet for you.
  • Want speed like a cooling breeze? You can rely on the Detour 2 without any question.
  • The bike is your perfect match if you don’t want to compromise comfort at all, even when you’re riding it roughly.
  • If you want to have full control over your bike as you run through the terrains, this bike is for you.
  • If your height is around 5’4″ – 5’7″, you can try the small size bike of this same model. The medium one will suit you if you’re height is between 5’7″ to 5’10”. If you’re a person with height in between 5’10” – 6’1″, you can for the large-sized one. check bike frame size guide to know more about sizes.

Feature details that makes Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 hybrid bike the best

Robust Frame 

Frame describes the durability of your bike. If the frame isn’t good, your bike won’t last long. Besides, the strength depends a lot on the frame.

Well, the Detour 2 comes with custom formed AL-6061 heat-treated 700c aluminum frame that gives you the ultimate durability you deserve.

No matter how rough you use or how tough you’re going to use it, the bike can take all the beatings.

That being said, the bike may come with a strong body, but since the frame uses the True Comfort feature, it comes in light in weight.

As a result, you feel great while moving with it anywhere.

Functional Fork

How many times your wheels get detached from the forks? If you haven’t experienced this situation, I don’t want you to. A lot of people blame their cheap hybrid bikes for such problems.

The fork fails to hold the tires.

The bike comes with alloy hybrid w/Fender mounts fork. This fork holds your wheels tightly so that you don’t have to face any problem anytime soon.

Quality Cranks 

If the crankset isn’t good enough, you’ll have a hard time riding your bike.

You see, the crankset controls the chains of your bike. Often, when riders ride their bikes, the chain falls off. The reason? Their bikes do not have a good-quality chain guard.

The Detour 2 has got you covered. The premium beast boasts Shimano Atlus m310, 28/38/48t w/ Chainguard that talks about performance and durability.

It prevents your chain from falling off now and then; as a result, you get to ride smoothly along with the breeze.

Reliable Brakes

So, imagine, you’re riding your bike, and suddenly you see a gigantic bus appeared out of the blue. Or let’s say, you’re riding, and little miss sunshine comes in front of you.

Either case, you have a strong chance of getting an accident if you cannot stop your bike as soon as you pull the brakes.

Unfortunately, there are tons of bikes out there that do not have good brakes at all. They won’t stop right away after you pull the brakes.

The Raleigh Detour bike is one of a kind. The Tetro 837 alloy V-braking system gives you a powerful braking experience.

As soon as you pull the brakes, the bike won’t move a bit. This braking system is backed up by Shimano Alloy Four Finger brake levers so that you can taste what it means to have power brakes.

Ride Comfortably

As you drive through the terrains, rough roads, and hilly areas, you often get the shocks that can make you fall off the bike anytime.

Even if you don’t fall off, your riding experience won’t be smooth.

Well, you can get a smooth riding experience with a good set of tires, and Detour 2 has got everything you need.

The bike boasts Vee Tire, 700x42C tires. These tires will make sure all the shock you get from riding on rough roads get absorbed.

The tires are backed up by DBM-2 Alloy, Double Wall with CSC Sidewall rims. These rims are durable enough to last for years to come.

No matter how hard you’ll ride, the rims will shield your tires no matter what.

This brings us to the paddles. If you want to ride good, you must have a good set of paddles. With awesome paddling, you can gain speed with ease.

Well, the Raleigh Detour has got Raleigh PP Urban paddles with traction tape. These paddles give you an easy paddling experience as you gain your speed.

Easy Control

Control is everything when it comes to riding. No matter how good of a bike you have, if you don’t have good control over it, you can end up crashing yourself.

A good handlebar and grips will let you have amazing control over your bike. While other bikes do not come with comfortable handlebars and grips, the Detour 2 turns the table.

The bike has got Aluminum Alloy City Comfort handlebars, so you get a lot of space to have convenient comfort over your bike.

With the Raleigh comfort grips around, you will be able to hold on to your handles tightly. There’s no chance of your hands getting slipped.

Want to ride like the cooling breeze? Trigger your speed with a powerful shifter. Now we all know,

When it comes to almost anything, including shifters, Shimano is one of a kind. And this bike didn’t fail to use its help.

This bike comes with Shimano Acera M310 EZ Fire Plus 24 Speed Trigger Shifter that lets you control the speed of your bike flawlessly.

Trigger your speed and switch to a different variation of speed as you make your way through the terrains, forests, and streets.

Similar bike you may want to check – Raleigh Cadent 2 hybrid bike

Comfortable Seat

Riding can give you a hard time if your seat isn’t soft enough. If your seat is hard, you’ll feel pain on your bottoms as you ride.

Well, with Raleigh comfort seat backed up by Alloy Micro Adjust 27.2x350mm seat post around, you’ll have the perfect cushioning.

As you sit on it, you’ll feel like your bottoms have landed on a piece of marshmallow. As a result, you get your comfort zone as you ride.

What We Like

  • Comes with comfy saddle & grips for log distance rides.
  • Upright riding geometry hence more comfortable on long rides
  • The AL-6061 heat-treated 700c aluminum frame gives the ultimate durability.
  • With Shimano 24 Speed Trigger Shifter, you can control the speed flawlessly.
  • The DBM-2 Alloy, Double Wall with CSC Sidewall rims add durability to the rims.
  • The TetroV-braking system halts the bike right away as soon as you pull the brakes.
  • 700x40c Vee Tires with puncture protection keep you ridding with less chance of flat tires

What We Don’t Like

  • Lack of disc brakes as per latest braking technology.
  • If the chain faces any issue, you’ll need skilled labor to fix it.

Features at a Glance:

  • KMC Z51 quality chain to cover 24 speeds
  • Constructed by 6061 aluminum frame hence dureable
  • Equipped with Fender Mounts to keep you fresh on rainy/wet weather.
  • Shimano M310 cranks with chain guard to prevent chain falling off
  • Comes with alloy V brake which is enough to stop the bike in emergency
  • Raleigh comfortable grips & saddle provided to ensure more comfort.
  • Adjustable 350mm seatpost  to adjust the seat as per rider height.
  • Shimano trigger shifter to shift 24 gears smoothly.
  • Durable double-wall alloy rims can withstand in rough terrain.
  • Raleigh PP pedal installed with traction tape.

Final Words

If you surf the web 24/7, you’ll be confused as Google will guide you to millions of bikes. If you keep checking out everything, you won’t be able to buy your bike anytime soon.

So set your priorities first and decide what you need. As for Raleigh Detour 2 Hybrid Bikeit has got tons of features to offer.

If you think the features, you’re looking for they are present in this bike, you better not wait anymore. Take your money and bring this amazing bike to your home.


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