Raleigh Tokul 3 Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Raleigh Tokul 3 Hardtail Mountain Bike Review


Do you need a hardtail bike for riding through challenging terrains? Then check out our Raleigh Tokul 3 Hardtail Mountain Bike Review.

In the following, we bring to you all about this efficient mountain bike through and through.

You will gradually realize that this hardtail bicycle fill-up almost all the right boxes mentioned in the feature list.

Overview of Raleigh Tokul 3


Approx. 26.8 pounds




Hydraulic disc brakes


11 Speed



Wheel Size:


Bike Type:



Who is this bike designed for & suggested sizing?

  • If this is your first attempt to hardtail bike, then this one will fit you properly.
  • It is invented with great expectancy to traverse unstable terrains. 
  • The aficionados of all-mountain riding- the Raleigh hardtail bike is designed for them.
  • If you require a true all-mountain machine or looking to have a new experience of mountain riding, this is the perfect choice for you.
  • As this bike comes with four different riding sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large; the small is for 160-170cm heights, medium suits for 170-175 cm high riders, large is for 175- 183 cm and extra-large suiting 183- 193 cm tall riders.

Features that makes the Raleigh Tokul 3 bike best

Robust Frame

Which feature of a bicycle defines its goodness the most? You’re right the frame. Poor construction of frame design often provides bad performance with its sturdiness and overall geometry.

The Tokul 3 brings you a modern concept of hardtail design. The 6061 SL custom-butted aluminium alloy frame, gives you idler and longer geometry with 120mm of front travel.

This lightweight and durable frame can handle rugged single-track.  

120mm Fork

This trail bike is designed to handle all-out commitment and all sketchy conditions. Its second good feature is its SR Suntour XCR-32 air 27.5 forks.

It is fitted with 120mm travel and lockout feature. Whatever the terrain or trail you ride in, its excellent fork smooths out the road shocks or bumps. 

Powerful Disc Brakes

Your bike’s safety level depends on its brakes. While flying in the corners, the Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes allow the riders accurate stopping power.

Due to hydraulic disc brake’s ascertained quality without rebound effects on the tire, mountain bikes especially require this standard brake.

It plays a perfect role while you’re cruising down the slopes. With these hydraulic brakes, the Tokul 3 gives you proper control over quicker stopping power nevertheless of the prevalent weather condition.

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Tires and Rims

For any mountain bike, wheels are considered as critical aspects. Riding enthusiasts say that having a hardtail bike without aspiring on the tires is a great loss.

The tires and rims are made with such aspects to cope with the tough terrains.

The Tokul 3 is a perfect cruiser for all terrains with its Vee Crown Gem 27.5″x2.8 tires and the Weinmann 40mm wide rims.

These standard quality tires facilitate confident in the riders while things are about to get loose. And the best thing is that you won’t need any frequent replacements or repairs.

When the terrain is toughest, a cyclist needs this mandatory quality in his bike.

Seatpost and Saddle

How would you conquer tough terrains if you can’t seat comfortably on your bike? So, it is important to select one with a comfy saddle and accompanying Seatpost.

Don’t worry, this bike comes with Raleigh Mountain 140mm wide saddle and the Raleigh 100 series 350mm Seatpost which is perfect what you need for seating with any uneasiness.

With this Seatpost, you get the opportunity to move on with relieve and relax. Also, there is a bolt-on seat clamp that assures tightness.

Comfortable Riding

 As comfortable riding is concerned, this best trail bike leads you a new thought of mountain bike that gets you uphill and down with super effortless comfort.

The Tokul 3 is a lighter hardtail bike that makes it easier for you to carry it up the trail.

All the excellent features allow you to move your body quickly around to weight as well as unweight the bike and effortlessly handle obstacles.

This playful trail bike helps you to utilize your energy at going up the hill instead of into shocks, also allows you to get to the downhill with faster speed.

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Quality Components

The Tokul 3 has all of the quality components that is enough to hold its place at the market.

From width breadth tires, durable frame construction, suspension travel, smart brakes, to comfortable riding- all allow you to open up the strangle on your weekend trails.

All its features are installed in it are equally essential if you want to conquer mountainous trails. The components selection of this bike is made thoroughly.

This indicates that over three centuries, this is the most beautiful bike with standard quality components. 

Individual Sizing

If you are extra tall or short, how would you know which size mountain bike is fit for you? The Tokul 3 comes in individual sizes for different riders.

As the Raleigh mountain bikes understand that customers can be of different heights. They know how it is essential to have a bicycle that suits the rider perfectly as per his/her measurement.

This bike comes in four size collections. The geometry of these sizes is controlled by an interconnection of different bicycle dimensions.

The head tube angle, seat tube length, chainstay length, and seat tube angle – all these are used to dictate the standard height of riders.

What We Like

  • This bike offers an impressive and confident ride with an idler geometry
  • It is lightweight, yet durable in construction and efficiently absorbs road vibrations as well as shocks.
  • Allows the riders efficient, powerful and quicker braking authority with its smart braking system
  • A perfect choice for anyone searching for their beginner mountain bike
  • This trail bike gives a super performance at sketchy conditions and suitable for all-out commitment

What We Don’t Like

  • This mountain bike doesn’t come with water bottle mount. You can buy & install it easily.

Features at a Glance:

  • AL- 6061 aluminum frame ensures durability and lightweight
  • SR Suntour 120mm travel fork for smoothing out the bumps that come in any trail or terrain
  • 11 speed for faster riding uphill as well as downhill
  • SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain and Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic disc with 180/160mm rotors, front and rear thru-axles, and an SR Suntour XCR-32 fork with 120mm of travel for performing reliably
  • 27.5-inches wheels and Vee Crown Gem 2.6″ tires with 27.5 rims by Weinmann U40 for excellent traction and control over rough terrains
  • Raleigh 100 series dual bolt 30.9 by 350mm Seatpost
  • Comes with Wellgo Alloy pedals ensure comfortable riding
  • The Tokul 3 weighs 26.8 pounds which indicates its lightweight
  • Comes with extra equipment including owner manual and assembly guide

Questions and Answers

  • Question: What is the total weight of this mountain bike?

Answer: Well, this bike is so much lightweight. As it comes in four different sizing models, the weight varies from size to size. For example, the medium size weighs 26.8 lbs or 12.2 kgs. 

  • Question: Does this bicycle come with tubeless-ready rims?

Answer:  Yes, the Raleigh mountain bike is tubeless-ready. This bike consists of tubeless-ready rims.

  • Question: Does this bike include elastic bands on the fork for tuning adjustments? 

Answer: Regrettably, this hardtail bike doesn’t have elastic bands on its fork post. 

  • Question: How would you describe the frame size in inches?

Answer: Well, the frames of the Tokul 3 bicycle vary within the different sizes. Individually, the frames come in 15″, 17″, 19″ and 21″.  

  • Question: What is the cost of this hardtail mountain bike?

Answer: The cost of the Tokul 3 depends on which online retailer you purchase this. For the current price, you can check here on Amazon.com.

Buying Advice 

The Tokul 3 Hard Tail Mountain bike comes assembled to a limited extent. The rest of the assembling procedure may take half an hour to two hours.

But, if you are not comfortable with assembling your bike, you can take your bike for assistance to the nearest bike shop.

This bike is available within your convenient size- small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

Final Verdict      

Raleigh holds a long, honorable history of making the efficient bikes. For 130 years or more than that, they have been representing us with stylish and comfort riding style along with ultimate precision.

The Raleigh Tokul 3 Hard Tail Mountain bike is another feather joined to the mountain series. No matter what comes on your way jumps, roots, berms, or dirt; this playful mountain bike is what you need to tackle with all these.


Last update: 27th March, 2020

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