Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review

If you are looking for a feature-packed upright exercise bike at a very affordable price range, then look no further- the Schwinn 170 upright bike is just the right one for you.

Loaded with several amazing features and performance options, this bike is designed to keep in mind the needs of both beginners and experts.

However, without knowing the extraordinary features, you might be skeptical about buying this bike.

In this article, we have discussed those amazing features so that you can make your buying decision quickly.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Overview of Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike

Top Features

25 levels of resistance, 29 built-in fitness programs, 2 Blue Backlit LCD Displays, Bluetooth connectivity, Contact & Telemetry. Enabled heart rate measurement, 300 lbs. extended weight capacity, well-padded contoured seat post.


Sleek, stylish design, strong, sturdy frame, nearly noiseless operation, USB charging port for extra convenience, large LCD screen for better viewing, non-slip handles and pedals.


Difficult assembly process, need professional help

Things to Know

As the instructions are not adequate, you might need professional help to assemble the bike properly.
Aside from upright bikes, Schwinn also manufactures recumbent bike, indoor training bikes, steppers, and treadmills, elliptical, and home gyms.

What Makes Schwinn 170 Upright Bike So Demanding

Strong, Sturdy Construction

The frame of any exercise equipment is extremely important as it holds the total structure together. That’s why it is essential to keep an eye on the frame when you shop for your ultimate upright stationary bike.

An excellent frame not only ensures durability and longevity of your exercise equipment but, at the same also provides phenomenal support and stability to the rider.

Schwinn Upright Bike Construction

Similar to its other stationary trainers, Schwinn constructed the frame of this 170 upright bike using premium quality steel material to make sure that it is strong and sturdy and doesn’t break off easily.

Moreover, Schwinn coated this frame with anti-corrosive paint so that it doesn’t rust or get damaged and remains new even after years of usage.

Another great feature of this bike frame is that it is quite symmetrical, which means that you won’t hurt your body or back while working out on it.

Extended Weight Capacity

In addition to durability and safety, this sturdy steel frame also provides an extended weight capacity so that riders of every body type can ride on it to shed some weight and get fit.

Even though this bike itself is just around 63 lbs, and is quite lightweight, it can accommodate riders up to 300 lbs. of body weight without the possibility of falling apart. This extended weight capacity also makes it one of the popular upright bikes for healthy as well as obese and heavyweight people.

However, the lightweight frame doesn’t mean that it will wobble and cause accidents. Schwinn incorporated foot stabilizers in the frame to ensure that the bike remains intact in place while you work out on it.

Fully Adjustable Seat Post

If you are not comfortable enough on your upright exercise bike, how will you enjoy a lengthy, effective training session?

Knowing this fact very well, Schwinn added a well-cushioned seat post to this stationary bike to provide exceptional comfort to its riders. Even though it is not oversized and doesn’t have a backrest, this seat post is super comfortable and makes sure that your buttock and back muscles don’t hurt or experience numbness due to extended hours of riding.

Schwinn Upright Bike Seatpost

Aside from superior comfort, this seat post is also adjustable to accommodate a wide range of riders out there with different height levels. From fitting a 4’11” rider to a 6’3” one, this amazing stationary exercise tool can accommodate riders of body type and height effortlessly.

Adjusting the seat according to your comfort level is also super easy. With the adjustment knob placed under the seat post, you can move the saddle and lock it in your preferred position without any difficulties for a custom fit and super effective exercise session.

Adjustable Handlebars

In addition to the adjustable contoured seat saddle, the front-mounted handlebar of this stationary exercise bike is also fully adjustable. With an angle-adjustable feature, you can tilt the handlebars backward, forward, or downward according to your height and arm length to find the perfect fit. Once you find the perfect fit, workout out would never feel easier and more efficient.

Schwinn Upright Bike Handlebars

Moreover, to ensure comfort as well as safety, Schwinn added extra cushioning to these ergonomically designed handlebars so that you can try a variety of hand positions without comfortably without the risk of slipping.

Smart Heart Rate Measurement

Tracking your heart rate data during training is crucial because it shows how your cardiovascular system reacts during any given exercise sessions. And that’s why, to make this bike even more effective and user-friendly, Schwinn added hand pulse sensors in the handlebars of this bike to measure your heart rate precisely during every workout.

These pulse sensors are also telemetry-enabled and compatible with Bluetooth, which means that they can be paired with various chest straps and transmitters easily for added convenience.

Wide range of Magnetic Resistance

The type and level of resistance determine how effective an upright exercise bike is. Knowing this fact very well, Schwinn incorporated 25 different magnetic resistance levels to this stationary bike to provide a wide range of intensity to its riders.

From low intensity to high-intensity HIIT workouts, you can train on this bike with your preferred resistance level to tone your muscles and strengthen them for a better tomorrow. Also, because of its wide range of resistance, this exercise equipment is suitable for beginners as well as experts.

Schwinn Upright Bike Resistance

Choosing between your preferred resistance levels is also quite easy and hassle-free in this bike.
From the built-in LCD monitor, you can always select your tension level by just pressing a couple of switches.

This magnetic system not only provides a wide variety of choices but is also super silent for a noiseless, quiet riding regimen.

Dual HD Console

One more feature of this stationary exercise bike that would blow your mind is its dual LCD panels. From measuring time, distance, heart rate, RPM, and intensity, these LCD screens keep track of your every workout data and stores them so that you understand your progress easily.

Even though both these screens show workout data, they have very different purposes. While one screen shows the current session's statistics, the other displays how far along you are to achieve your fitness goals.

Schwinn Upright Bike Console

Another great feature of these LCD monitors is that they are backlit, which means that you can read data extremely easily, even in the dark or poorly area.

Also, to make it a true home exercise bike, this upright equipment comes with 4 user profiles so that several of your family members can use this tool without hampering the others progress data.

Numerous Built-in Fitness Programs

One of the main strengths of this upright exercise bike is that it is loaded with built-in fitness programs. With a wide range of 29 preset workout programs, this 170 Upright Bike is suitable for every type of riders out there.

From beginners to experts, every rider will find a workout program according to their fitness level and needs to enjoy versatile training sessions every time they ride on it.

Schwinn Upright Bike Programs

This wide range of programs consist of 12 profile workouts, 9 heart rate controls(beginner, advanced and custom), 4 customs, 2 fitness tests, and 1 quick start options to make sure that every member of your family can exercise on this bike effortless to get fit and active.

Furthermore, to make it extremely easy for riders to choose between the built-in fitness programs easily, Schwinn instilled them on the LCD screen so that you can pick the right one by just a few clicks.

Bluetooth Connectivity

To impose severe competition on its competitors, Schwinn incorporated enhanced Bluetooth connectivity to this piece of exercise equipment to provide added convenience to its riders and make sure you never fall behind your competition.

This enhanced wireless connectivity provides you the much-needed entertainment feature and keeps you motivated so that you never get bored working out and leave it incomplete.

Using Bluetooth, you can connect to your smartphone or tablet to the bike and play your favorite music via the in-console speakers to keep you entertained during the training sessions.

Aside from the entertainment factor, this enhanced Bluetooth connectivity can sync your exercise data to various fitness apps so that you can keep track of them effectively.

From Strava, MyFitnessPal to Explore the World and Schwinn Trainer App, with this advanced connectivity, you can easily connect to your favorite app and enjoy a virtual ride alongside others for a super fun yet extremely effective training session.

PROS & CONS of Schwinn 170 Exercise Bike

What We Like

  • Integrated floor stabilizers keep the bike securely in place
  • Has a media tray to hold your smartphone or tablet securely
  • Has oversized pedals with straps for security as well as comfort
  • Ergonomically designed, padded handlebars for a strong, non-slip grip
  • Comes with built-in speakers to keep you entertained during a workout
  • Includes transportation wheels for easy movability and effortless relocation

What We Don't Like

  • It’s not super easy to assemble; you might need experts help

Schwinn 170 Upright Stationary Exercise Bike Specs


Upright Stationary Bike

Console Display

Backlit DualTrack LCD screen


25 Magnetic Resistance

Seat Type

Padded Contoured Seat

Built-in Programs



10 lbs.

Weight Capacity

300 lbs.


41" L x 21" W x 56'' H

Schwinn 170 Stationary Bike Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Who Should Ride the Schwinn Upright Stationary Exercise Bike?

Answer: Schwinn constructed this 170 Upright exercise bike keeping in mind about the different needs of different riders. And thus, it is suitable for every type of riders out there.

From beginners to experts to tall, short, and healthy to obese riders, this stationary bike is the perfect piece of exercise equipment to workout with.

Question: What's the difference between the Schwinn 170 and Nautilus U616?

Answer: As both the Schwinn 170 and Nautilus U616 is an upright exercise bike, they come with very similar features. However, the only difference between them is the Nautilus U616 is slightly bigger and has a different design than the Schwinn 170.

Question: Does the media tray support an iPad?

Answer: The integrated media tray is wide enough to support an iPad. However, as the iPad is quite big, it blocks the LCD console, and there, you cannot fully see the displays and all the setting buttons.

Buying Advice

Even after knowing everything you should know about this 170 upright exercise bike, you might still be wondering if there is anything left behind that you should know about. If this is the case, then you are right.
As Schwinn went bankrupt in 2001 and later got acquired by Pacific Cycle, there has been speculation about its product quality.

However, as it comes with a solid warranty and also provides phenomenal after-sales services, we can assure you that they didn’t compromise their quality and still produces the best upright bikes as they used to before the bankruptcy.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that this Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is packed with lots of useful features to make your workout session smooth and effective. From beginners to experts, every member of your family can use this amazing tool to work out and get fit without facing any major difficulties.

We can assure you that this budget-friendly piece of exercise equipment will provide you the best value of your money. Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy this bike for a fitter and healthier body.

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Schwinn Upright Bike

Schwinn Upright Bike



Console display

DualTrack LCD screen


25 Magnetic Resistance

Seat type

Padded Contoured Seat


10 lbs.

Weight Capacity

300 Pounds


41" L x 21" W x 56'' H

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