Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike is a popular bike and an American brand renowned for revolutionizing fitness equipment. The brand manages to live up to its reputation by producing quality bikes with outstanding performance. This bike has several unique benefits that make it stand out.

First, it is easy to use and compact. It is reputable for its space-saving characteristic. This attribute indicates that purchasing this bicycle assures you that it will occupy a reasonable space in an apartment, room, or office.

In this review, we would like to provide detailed information on the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike. This information will assist you in making an informed decision on the bike.

It will also allow you to better understand its unique features and see if it's worth its price tag.

Overview of Schwinn Loop 7 Speed Folding Bike

Top Features

The Schwinn Loop bicycle has seven-speed drive-trains, though not a fast bike but performs exceptionally on city slopes and flat roads.

It is convenient and can easily accommodate a six-foot rider. It is great for RV or camping, and when packed, you may not require a bike rack. 


Easy folding, adjustable seat, breaks work well, beautiful design, value for money, compact, has a storage bag, relaxed and comfortable seating position, versatile with seven speeds.


Bulky even after folding.

Things to Know

The bikes come relatively fully assembled. All you must do is cut some twist ties and take the package off, unfold and screw only one pedal as the other is attached.

Notable Features Of 20 Schwinn Loop Folding Bike?

Low frame

This folding bike has a low stand-over frame compared to other folding bicycles available in the market. Nevertheless, its low structure makes it easy to get off and on the bike with ease regardless of age. 

Schwinn Loop frame

This short frame allows the bike to fold up effortlessly and utilize small storage space.

Rear Carrier

The Loop has an integrated rear carrier that comes in handy when carrying groceries. The luggage rack is welded adequately onto the frame, making it more durable than most detached ones on other flimsy bicycles.

Schwinn Loop rear carrier

It is quite convenient for carrying lightweight shopping bags. This feature is excellent, even though you may not use it always. However, having the option of a rare carrier is ideal.

Seven-speed Drivetrain

The seven speeds are convenient and easy to shift. They give the rider versatility when it comes to relatively steep terrains.

Schwinn Loop drivetrain

This feature assures the rider that they can make adjustments depending on their need and topography. The seven gears offered by this folding bicycle are quite exceptional to have as they make it more functional for daily use.

Alloy Liner Brakes

This schwinn has good breaks. The alloy linear brakes work perfectly well and have no issues reported so far. Thus, making it reliable and durable for individuals intending to purchase it.

The Seat and Handlebars

There are a few tough cyclists who find the seat comfortable. However, it is the component that fetches the most criticism. Low-quality seats are a common feature for relatively low-priced bikes.

However, despite the less comfort it provides, it is still far much better than other bicycles. The seat and handlebars can be easily adjusted for the rider to get a good fit for themselves. 

20” Alloy Star Pattern Wheels

Compact bikes like this are often smaller compared to standard bikes. Although 20" wheels are considered ideal for smooth road cycling, they are also great on gravel.

This bike can handle different pathways with ease while ensuring the rider is comfortable.

Carry Bag

Not all folding bicycles come with their carrying bag, but the Schwinn bicycle does. The carry bag is made of a heavy nylon gage and easily fits the bicycle upon folding.

Schwinn Loop carry bag

The carry bag is reasonably cheap and familiar in terms of appearance and feel, but it is reasonable for its price. Therefore, you will find it easy to transport and store the bike when the need arises.

Front and rear Fenders

The rear and front fenders are a nice touch added to the bicycle, which allows you to ride it under any weather condition. Even with conducive weather, the fenders help keep debris and dirt off the clothes. The only problem is its plastic material that makes its durability questionable.

PROS & CONS of Schwinn Loop Bicycle

What We Like

  • Quality breaks.
  • Attractive design.
  • Great value for money.
  • Seven-speed Shimano gears
  • Easy and quick folding or unfolding
  • Compact, well made with excellent build quality.

What We Don't Like

  • Heavy compared to its competitor brands

Schwinn Loop Bike Specs


Folding Bike

Frame Material





Caliper Brakes


Shimano Revo Shift


Shimano Tourney



Bike Weight

33 pounds


Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: How much does the bike weigh?

Answer: Schwinn Loop bike weighs 33 pounds.

Question: Is the frame material of the bike made of steel?

Answer: The bicycles frame is aluminum. The only part made of steel is the front fork. Even its seat post has aluminum pipe as well as the handlebars.

Question: What is the maximum capacity the bicycle can handle?

Answer: The bicycle can handle a maximum weight of 230 pounds, including luggage.

Question: Can the bicycle handle a couple of hills well?

Answer: It is a 7 speed drivetrain, not 12. It all depends on how big the hills are and your legs. I wouldn't recommend it if the terrains are too steep.

Question: Is the assembling process easy?

Answer: Yes. Just one pedal requires assembling. Aside from that, you only need to fold it up.

Question: Is the bike ideal for a twenty-mile recreational ride?

Answer: Yes. For a leisure ride, it is just perfect. The only issue would be the saddle, as it may be somewhat uncomfortable.

Buying Advice

Schwinn is a well-known brand due to its high-quality fitness equipment products. They produce many bikes, which are often full-sized hybrid, urban, or mountain bikes.

The Schwinn Loop bike can be purchased online, although its assembly is not complete.

You may opt to seek help from a professional bike shop mechanic when it comes to putting it together. On the other hand, you can add some extra fees and have the bike assembled for you.

Exerpeutic Bike Seat post

The nylon carry band and the rare carry rack keep the bike concealed and protected. Ideal for commuting, it also features durable steel hinges and a kickstand. It easily cuts through brisk winds while tackling small hills with credit going to its seven-speed drivetrain.

The tires may need an upgrade after using them for a while, depending on your usage, considering it is an under $300 bicycle.

It is crucial that you, as a potential buyer, know the bike is ideal for short journeys and occasional use. It may perform as a regular commute to work only if the cycling leg isn't that long.

The bike has a compact quality frame as a result of its excellent manufacturing procedures. It is also fast and convenient to fold and unfold. Not to forget, its inexpensive price tag that makes it more attractive.

If you are afraid of your bike's safety, you can fold it and store it indoors. It is relatively easy to travel with it. You can move with it, whether on a train, bus, or even other public transport types. It is convenient riding a folding bike within an urban setting as it is easy and fast.

The bike’s great features impress cyclists. These features include the full fenders, seven speeds, linear alloy breaks, and the rear carry bag. The bottom line is that it is undoubtedly an excellent buy for an individual in need of options a folding bike offers for the price it fetches in the market.

Wrapping Up

The Schwinn Loop Folding Bike is among the few supreme quality folding bicycles in the market that will give you value for money. It has a fantastic build quality with a rigid frame and a beautifully curved look.

However, it isn't quite flexible compared to other folding bikes. Although, it remains an ideal choice considering its convenience when storing in your car trunk.

You are guaranteed to last a while with the this bicycle since its benefits are far more overwhelming..

Schwinn Loop Bike

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike


Folding Bike






Caliper Brakes


Shimano Revo Shift


Shimano Tourney



Item Weight

33 pounds

Weight Limit

230 pounds

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