Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike Review

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike Review
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Road bikes are certainly the best way to move around. Regardless of whether you are cycling when commuting to work or for fun, it is overall an important outdoor activity.

If you want to escalate your cycling experience without spending a lot, the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bike should be your choice.

The bike is well designed to provide the best performance and help cycling enthusiasts fulfill their cycling aspirations. Read on for more details about this excellent road machine.

Overview of Schwinn Men's Phocus 1600

Top Features

Quality aluminum frame, sturdy carbon fiber fork, quick release front tire, caliper brakes for precise braking, double-wall rims, and 16-speed gears with integrated shifters.


Quality components, easy assembly with included instructions, lightweight frame, integrated shifting mechanism, affordable price tag, wide gear range and versatile.


Only one size available. However, you can adjust the seat position up and down to get a comfortable riding position.

Things to Know

The Schwinn 1600 doesn't come with extra accessories. Therefore, if you want a safe riding experience, you should purchase the bike with essential components, including a helmet, bike goggles, and kneepads. This will ensure that you enjoy a safe riding experience.

That aside, the tires are not great as well. As such, expert riders should consider improving the tires instantly for better traction. 

Top Features of the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bike

Effective Brakes and Gears

Braking systems and gears should top your list when looking for a comfortable bicycle. If you plan on enjoying long trips or traveling in packs of cyclists, you should consider a bike with precise braking. This is what the Schwinn 1600 assures.

Schwinn brakes

The 14-speed derailleur is probably the most outstanding feature of this bike. The derailleur comes with a brake lever and integrated shifter combo, enhancing this road bike's functionality.

With such a combination, you can be certain of the bike's performance and speed control. Experienced riders can bring the bike to a complete halt with precise braking in minutes. 

Durable Frameset

Any good road bike should provide exceptional maneuverability and control. This means that it should be both light and agile. Like any other quality entry-level bike, the Schwinn Road Bike comes with a standard 16" 6061 aluminum frame.

Schwinn frameset

Despite being a traditional frame, you can select the correct size from the size chart. The frame is also available for both men and women options.

While this road bike model is light, the aluminum forged frame and inflexible carbon fiber provide sufficient resilience and durability for a street bike. 

Strong Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires are essential components of any bicycle. Your choice of wheel and tire size significantly depends on how you intend to use the bicycle.

That said, the Schwinn Phocus bicycle comes with alloy rims paired with 700c wheelset. This combination provides the much-needed speed and durability to hit the roads.

Schwinn wheels

If you are riding for long distances, you need a bike with excellent stability. These tires offer just that, besides withstanding the test of time. 

The bicycle also comes with a quick-release front tire, which makes it easier to assemble and transport.
Like other bicycles, you should consider adding a rim tape at the internal tire walls for additional protection when riding. Rim tapes provide extra confidence when cruising the city streets with potholes. They also minimize the risks of flat tires. 

Bike Weight and Overall Quality

From a glance, this Road bicycle comes with unmatched quality make. It is a sequel of Schwann products, probably explaining the detailed design and construction behind it.

For seamless road cycling, the bike weighs approximately 29lbs. The average weight gives the handcrafted aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, and alloy wheels a solid and sturdy ride.

Despite being an entry-level road bicycle, this model doesn't compromise on quality components and functionality.

Smooth Shifting

Schwinn shifting

Regardless of whether you are cruising on the streets or scaling uphill, having a bike that shifts sluggishly is detrimental. Poor shifting often results in a significant loss of riding power and momentum.
Fortunately, the bike features a Shimano Claris shifting mechanism.

The bikes shifters are integrated with the brakes, putting all the controls in the same place. With this, you won't have to move your hands to shift. 

Attractive Fitness Design

Besides being a right choice of outdoor activity, cycling is also a good fitness option. This Bike is an excellent choice for those fed up with working out in confinements.

You can achieve your fitness goals amidst fresh air and trails. The bike's design is a stylish hybrid make, which is ideal for all body workouts. 

From the lightweight aluminum drop bar frame, the bicycle encourages a good body geometry, ensuring that all your muscular body parts are engaged.

That aside, the bicycle features racing handlebars with a raised springy saddle that makes it easy to achieve a comfortable riding position. The comfort also encourages riders to engage in lengthy riding escapades with ease.

Sizing Suggestion

Schwinn sizing

The Schwinn Phocus is among the many latest unisex bike models. The unit measures approximately 56cm, making it suitable for men between 5'8 and 6'2." Fortunately, you can adjust the bike's seat for a comfortable riding position.

After riding several miles, consider visiting a mechanic for adjustment. The professional will adjust and fine-tune some specifications for an optimal riding cadence.
Proper sizing will minimize fatigue, prevent legs from spinning, and makes it easy to gain speed on long rides.

Comfortable Riding

This is an excellent road bicycle for your daily life for many reasons. From the lightweight aluminum frame to carbon fiber fork designed for exhilarating speeds and durability, you get all you need for your road riding escapades.

The excellently designed frame absorbs most of the vibration, making it easy to navigate the streets with ease. At its price range, it is a comfortable road bicycle with quality features. 

PROS & CONS of Phocus 1600 Dropbar Bike

What We Like

  • High profile rims
  • Simple assembly
  • Lightweight design
  • Integrated gear shifters
  • Performs across all terrains
  • Carbon fiber fork improves agility

What We Don't Like

  • Only one size available
  • Low quality brake pads

Schwinn 700c Phocus 1600 Specs


Road Bicycle

Frame Material





Promax Alloy caliper


Shimano Claris R2000


Shimano Claris


700c x 25c

Bike Weight

29 lbs.


Schwinn Phocus Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Is the bicycle already assembled on delivery?

Answer: No. However, the bicycle arrives partially assembled. It also comes with easy to follow assembly instructions that guide assembly.

You can also browse online videos on how to complete the remaining setup. If you are new to this, you can consider visiting a bicycle shop for professional assembly.

Question: Does the Road Bike has multiple frame sizes?

Answer: Yes. It is among the modern unisex bicycles that both men and women can ride. It suits exercise-cycling enthusiasts as riding the bike stretches several muscle groups.

Question: Does this bicycle suit both male and female riders?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. If your son meets the height range, then it would be an excellent bike for him to ride on.

Question: Should I install a rim tape on the bicycle?

Answer: Yes. Installing a rim tape will provide additional protection to your tires. This saves you from repairing unexpected punctures.

Question: I am new to cycling road bikes. How do you shift gears?

Answer: Biking can undoubtedly be confusing for beginners. Well, to shift gears, use the 2 paddles available on each shifter. Move the paddles separately by pushing them inwards.

Buying Advice

To this point, you have definitely uncovered the key features of this amazing road bicycle. However, before heading out on the trails with your new bicycle, consider installing better brake pads.

While the brakes that come with this bike function, they may not be effective. As such, consider this inexpensive way of ensuring an instant stopping ability. 

Secondly, the Schwinn Phocus comes partially assembled. Therefore, although the detailed manual included helping the assembly process, you might consider taking the bike to a professional for assistance.

Lastly, cycling is a tiring and sweaty activity. Therefore, you can find a compatible water bottle cage to fit in your bike. With this, you can rehydrate with ease as you explore the trails and rough terrains. 

Wrapping Up

The Schwinn Phocus 1600 drop bar road bicycle is the right choice that combines affordability with performance and durability. The versatile bicycle suits those who are new to cycling or looking to upgrade.

The bike combines all elements of a quality road bike with improved efficiency and comfortable feel, making it more than a simple entry-level bike.

Schwinn 700c Phocus 1600

Schwinn 700c Phocus 1600


Road Bicycle






Promax Alloy caliper


Shimano Claris R2000


Shimano Claris


700c x 25c

Item Weight

29 lbs.

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