Schwinn Volare 1300 Review

Schwinn Volare 1300 Mens Drop Bar Road Bike Review

Schwinn never fails to impress its customers with the best quality bike as a leader in the bike manufacturing industry. The Schwinn Volare 1300 is one such bike that has numerous extraordinary features to make your bicycle riding experience even delightful.

From commuting through the street roads to racing, this cycle acts as an all-rounder and promises never to let you down. Its a great starter road bike for the entry level rider.

Overview of Schwinn Volare 1300 Mens Road Bike 700c

Top Features

Sturdy aluminum frame, 14 speeds, Shimano rear derailleur, Shimano shifters, Schwinn 700 x 28" wheels and tires, double alloy linear-pull brakes, aluminum fork, alloy 3-piece crank system.


Easy to assemble, strong, durable frame construction, adjustable seat post, smooth gearing system, available in color and size options.


Cheap saddle better to replace , no built-in bottle holder but you can add a new one.

Things to Know

This Volare 1300 bike comes approximately fully assembled. You might need only 30- 45 minutes to assemble it fully. No professional help required.
Aside from road bikes, Schwinn company also manufactures stationary exercise, indoor training bikes, steppers, and treadmills, elliptical, and home gyms.

Feature Details of Schwinn Volare 1300 Mens Road bBike

Strong yet Lightweight Frame

The frame of any bike is super important. This is because it not only holds the total structure together but, at the same time, also determines the movability of the ride. And hence, while buying a road bike, you must keep an eye on its frame to make sure you are buying the best one.

Schwinn Volare frame

Knowing this fact very well, Schwinn constructed this Volare 1300 frame using premium quality aluminum alloy material to make sure that it is durable, sturdy and doesn’t break off easily.

This strong construction serves the purpose of durability as well as extended riding services. It can endure every kind of road abuse that comes on its way.

Another excellent aspect of aluminum alloy is that it is super lightweight, which means that the frame is also lightweight. At about 26 lbs. of body weight, this road cycle is almost feather-light and can be moved around easily.

Even the weakest and the slimmest riders can also maneuver this bike easily for an enjoyable ride.

Smooth Gearing System

Even though it is an affordable option, Schwinn didn’t hold back from incorporating the best quality gearing system to this Volare 1300 bike.

Schwinn Volare gearing mechanism

It installed 14 speeds Shimano rear derailleur and Shimano A050 to this amazing piece of road bike so that the riders can enjoy a wide range of cruising through the roads and terrains.

From beginners low speed to experts high velocity, this gearing mechanism will never fail to impress you with its versatile momentum.

Such a wide range of speed also allows you to ride on different types of terrains with ease and utmost comfort. Aside from the never-ending momentum range, this gearing system is also super smooth and swift.

The Shimano A050 shifter included in this mechanism helps you to change between the gears easy and effortless so that you can enjoy your preferred speed anywhere and everywhere you want.

Because of this amazing combination of gears and shifters, this Volare 1300 is suitable for commuting as well as off-road riding.

Fully Adjustable Seat Post and Handlebars

It doesn’t matter how well constructed a bike is and how amazing features it offers, if you are not comfortable on it, how are you going to enjoy your regular riding sessions?

Schwinn Volare saddle

Keeping in mind about the comfort factor of its riders, Schwinn added a fully adjustable seat post paired with adjustable handlebars to this bicycle to make sure that you can find the right riding posture according to your riding style and comfort level easily.

Even though the seat itself is not adequately cushioned, the riding position somewhat makes up for it and makes sure that your back and your spine don’t hurt or experience numbness due to extended hours of riding.

Moreover, adjusting the seat saddle according to your height and your comfort level is also super easy.

With the adjustment knob placed under the seat saddle, you can move the seat post as much as you want and lock it in your preferred position without any difficulties for a custom fit and super effective riding session.

Dependable Breaking Mechanism

Another excellent feature of this Schwinn bike that would blow your mind completely is its excellent braking mechanism. The braking system is essential in any type of road bike because it ensures the safety of the rider as well as the durability of the bike.

Schwinn Volare braking

And to provide its riders with maximum safety and security, Schwinn incorporated dual alloy linear-pull brakes on the front and rear of this Volare 1300 so that its riders enjoy plenty of stopping power and can halt the bike in place by just pressing the brakes.

This sudden stopping power not only helps you to avoid accidents and ensures the highest safety but, at the same time, provides you great confidence to ride on any terrain effectively.

Comfortable Alloy Fork

Another feature of this road bicycle that ensures extraordinary riding experience and phenomenal comfort is its aluminum alloy fork. This high-quality alloy fork helps to keep the overall weight low, but it also helps to absorb shock and impact from the road effectively.

Schwinn Volare fork

It dampens road vibrations quickly and successfully so that your body doesn’t have to endure any shock or ache or pain due to long hours of riding.

Because of this high-quality fork, this bicycle offers you the opportunity to ride on various roads and off-road surfaces easily for fun and versatile riding experiences.

The Wheels and Tires

Even though it is a budget option, Schwinn didn’t add excellent features to this Volare 1300 mens road bicycle to provide its riders with the best riding experience.

Schwinn Volare tires

It added a pair of Schwinn 700 x 28" tires and wheels to this bicycle to ensure the most reliable and comfortable riding.

These wheels and tires offer not only adequate traction to seamlessly connect the bicycle with the road or terrain but also ensure maximum performance with each of your stroke.

PROS & CONS of Schwinn Volare

What We Like

  • Great entry level bike for student
  • Cleverly positioned seat and handlebars ensure a comfortable riding position
  • Made with aluminum frame hence lightweight.
  • Comes at reasonable price hence best for beginner
  • Comes with Shimano gear shifters for smooth, effortless gear shifting

What We Don't Like

  • Seat is not so comfortable for long rides.
  • Doesn’t come with an integrated bottle holder to keep you hydrated

Schwinn Volare 700c Road Bike Specs


Hybrid Road Bike

Frame Material





Alloy caliper brakes


Shimano A050 shifters




28c sport tires

Fork Type

Aluminum Alloy Fork

Bike Weight

26 lbs.




700c Schwinn Volare Assembly

Answer to the Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this road bike require any maintenance? How to maintain this cycle?

Answer: Not just this volare, every type of bikes out there requires regular maintenance for smooth operation.
To maintain this bike for top-notch riding experience, make sure to clean the bike, and regularly lubricate its chain and other parts. Also, don’t forget to check the brakes and quick releases.

Question: Is this a good bike for first road use?

Answer: This bike is an all-rounder cycle. In addition to the smooth city roads, you can also use this bike for off-road ridings without much difficulty.

Question: Can I lift the handlebars of the Volare 1300?

Answer: Of course, you can.
By removing the stem cap and losing the stem bolt, you can lift the handlebars of the cycle for a custom fit.

Buying Advice

Even after knowing everything you should know about this Schwinn Men's Volare road bicycle, you might still be wondering if there is anything left behind that you should know about. If this is the case, then you are right.

DB Bicycles Atroz 2 Drivetrain

Before buying this bicycle, keep in mind that it is specially designed for adult riders with various advanced options, so buying it for kid riders even if they match the height limit would not be wise.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that this Schwinn Volare 1300 mens road bike is one of the best road bicycles in the market at an affordable price range.

The amazing features and aspects that this cycle offers are phenomenal and are committed to make your riding experience even better.

From daily commuting to off-road riding, it will never let you fall behind. If you want the best bicycle without cutting deep into your pocket, don’t hesitate to invest in the Volare 1300.

Schwinn Men's Volare

Schwinn Volare 1300


Road Bike






Caliper brakes


Shimano A050






26 lbs

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