Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike Review | Perfect for Men & Women

If you are looking for a hybrid bike that is great for commuting through the city roads and also performs phenomenally on other types of terrains, this Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike is your best pick.

This extremely affordable hybrid cycle has more than a few extraordinary features to make your biking experience enjoyable and effective.

This bike is not only has a men version but also women version available. So you can get one for your lovely wife too.

Overview of Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

Top Features

Step through design, durable steel frame, Schwinn 7 speed twist shifter and Schwinn rear derailleur, dual alloy linear brakes, ergonomic handles.


Strong, sturdy construction, stylish yet comfortable, suitable for me and women riders, can accommodate super-tall riders, spring seat saddle for maximum comfort, and easy and effortless to assemble.


Saddle is not comfortable for longer rides, Need to upgrade bike pedals.

Things to Know

This Schwinn Wayfarer doesn’t come with any extra accessories. If you want to use gears like a helmet, knee pads, or goggles, you have to buy them separately.

Aside from adults hybrid bikes, Schwinn also manufactures kids bikes.

Outstanding Features of Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

Step-through & Step-Over Design

One amazing aspect that sets this bike apart from other hybrid bikes is its accessibility.

As this Wayfarer was designed for all types of riders out there, men and women, it features a simple Step-through & step-over design as per male & female user that makes it easier to climb on and off the bike effortlessly.

Schwinn Step through design

Schwinn designed the cycle in such a way that its top tube is sloped downwards to give an adequate amount of space so that getting in and out of a hybrid bicycle never felt easier, especially for elderly people and beginners.

Well-constructed Frame

Aside from its user-friendly design, another excellent factor of this bike that would surely blow your mind is its frame construction. Schwinn constructed the step-through frame of this bike using heavy-duty steel material to make the frame strong and durable so that it doesn’t fall apart even when you are riding on rough terrain.

Schwinn well build frame

The reason behind favoring steel over other construction material is that steel resilient to daily wear and tear and therefore serves you with extended durability.

Also, this bicycle is extremely suitable for casual commuting, road biking, and biking on rough terrain because of such strong and durable construction.

However, as the frame is made with premium quality steel material, it is quite heavy in weight.

At about 44 lbs. of body weight, this bicycle is not the best one to control and maneuver, especially if you are petite and weak.

But then again, because of such weight range, this bike provides immense stability and support. It helps to keep the bike well-balanced so that you won’t lose control and fall off, causing accidents and injuries.

Another advantage of this heavyweight frame is that it can accommodate riders up to 250 lbs. of body weight effortless without the fear of breaking apart.

Spring-Loaded, Adjustable Seat

A comfortable riding position is very important, especially when you ride your bicycle for an extended time. A comfortable position will not only help you to achieve the correct posture but, at the same time, will make sure your body remains impact-free after the riding.

Schwinn upright seat saddle

And keeping in mind about the utmost comfort of its riders, Schwinn added a spring-loaded adjustable seat saddle to this hybrid bike to make sure that you don’t suffer from your ridings.

You can adjust the height of this seat saddle as much as you want according to your comfort level and find a better geometry and riding position for your upcoming ride.

Moreover, as this seat is adorned with coil springs and adequate padding, it offers more comfort and easiness to your body, especially when you are riding through bumpy roads.

But please note that, the seat become less comfortable after long rides.

Reliable Gearing

To make it extremely suitable for both men and women beginner riders, Schwinn installed 7 speed Schwinn Gears to this Wayfarer bike so that they don’t get overwhelmed with the speed and gear changing.

Schwinn reliable gearing

The 7 gears might seem a lot less than the gears it competitors offer, but rest assured that this gearing system is just the right one for daily or recreational rides on relatively smooth, paved surfaces as well as inclined roads.

Aside from the limited yet useful gears, this gearing system incorporates Shimano shifters to make shuffling through the gears super easy and smooth.

Using such a smooth gearing mechanism, you are capable of changing between your favorite speeds levels anywhere and everywhere you want without facing any difficulties.

Dual Alloy Braking Mechanism

Even though this hybrid bicycle doesn’t come with a super wide range of gears, Schwinn didn’t fail to make it extra safe for its riders. It installed dual alloy leaner pull brakes to this amazing bike to ensure that you are safe on the cycle and have the utmost control over the ride.

It added these brakes in both front and rear wheel of the Wayfarer so that the riders can enjoy plenty of stopping power on any riding surface and can stop the bike on the spot by just pulling the brake levers.

This amazing ability to stop the bicycle instantly not only provides you with a sense of protection and safety but, at the same time, also makes it suitable for flat road or rough terrains cruising.

Amazing Wheels and Tires

The combination of wheels and tires of this bicycle is a real piece of art. The wheels and tires are also an important part of a hybrid bike because it determines how well and smoothly you can ride on any surface.

Schwinn paired its 26 tires with 700c wheels to provide the best experience to its riders. This combination is not only comfortable but at the same time also offers better traction to make sure that you can ride on any type of roads and terrains swiftly.

Classic Fenders

Even though most of the manufacturers forget to include fenders in their hybrid bikes, they are an important aspect to have in a bike, especially if it is meant for all road and terrain cycling. 

Schwinn classic fenders

Fenders protect your body as well as your bicycle from the mud and sand kicked up from dirty puddles and rivulets of the road.

To provide you the best protection against dirt, mud, and debris of the road, Schwinn added not one, but two fenders, one at the front and one at the rear, in this Wayfarer bike can enjoy your ride to the fullest.

PROS & CONS of Schwinn Wayfarer 700c

What We Like

  • Installed fenders and rear rack
  • Retro city-style steel frame is durable enough
  • Alloy linear pull brakes provide efficient stopping power
  • SRAM twist shift Shifters to help you fly over hills with ease
  • Swept-back handlebars offer a comfortable, upright riding position

What We Don't Like

  • Seat is not perfect for longer rides.
  • Not the best quality pedals; comes off easily

Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Specs


Hybrid Bike

Frame Material





Alloy linear pull V brakes


Twist shifter



Fork Type

Steel Fork

Bike Weight

44 lbs.




Classic rear carrier


Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Assembly

Answer to the Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this bicycle  suitable for both men and women riders?

Answer: Well, in a sense, it is. As you are riding it, many major muscle groups get involved and start burning calories.

This, in return, makes strengthens your muscles and helps to lose weight. So, even if you don’t want, this bike will give you the benefits of a full-body exercise.

Question: Can a 75 years old, healthy lady ride this bicycle ?

Answer: The frame size of this hybrid bicycle is 18-inch and can accommodate a wide range of riders.

Question: Does this hybrid bicycle have quick-release tires?

Answer: Yes, it does.
The front wheel is a quick-release wheel, which means that you can release the skewer for easy wheel removal.

Question: Does this bicycle have an integrated bottle holder?

Answer: Unfortunately, no!
You have to carry a little backpack if you want to carry a water bottle with you for your convenience.

Buying Advice

By now, we are sure that you know everything you need to know about this Wayfarer bike. However, if you are wondering if something else you must know about, then you are right.

This hybrid bicycle comes in a partially assembled condition. Even though it includes a detailed manual to help you finish the total assembly process, you still might mess up it up.

If you are a beginner and don’t have the required basic knowledge, we suggest you take professional help to assemble this amazing  bike.

Wrapping Up

This Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike is surely an excellent bicycle for both men and women with few notable flaws. Rather it comes with so many useful features that it's few drawbacks remain somewhat un-noticeable.

We can assure you that it is one of the best hybrid bikes in the market that promises to provide the best value for the money; you won’t be disappointed after buying this cycle for your or your wife.

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle


Hybrid Bike






Alloy linear pull V brakes


Twist shifter






44 lbs

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