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Diamondback Cobra 20 Junior Bike Review


It’s time for your kid’s ride, but you don’t know which bike you should get him? Diamondback Cobra 20″ bike churns out, providing great quality for bikes for the entire family.

The Cobra 20 would be the perfect one out of this that will help to develop your child’s riding progression because it is easy to maintain with minimum handling skills.

Overview of Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 20 Bike for Youth

Speed6 speeds
BrakesLinear pull brake
ProsReadyRide ( 85% assembled ), 40mm HL Zoom fork, Durable frame
ConsDoes not come with a kickstand & water bottle mount
SummaryGreat all-around bike for the kids who want to ride with parents
BrandDiamondback Bicycles
Price?Check Latest Price On Amazon
Alternative BikeGuardian 20″ Bike

Who is this Bike Designed for & Suggested Sizing?

You should not buy a bike without even understanding how the bike’s stuff works. But when safety comes first, you can not stay blind. So think before you leap.

Make a proper choice based on how it was designed and for whom it will be best. Most importantly, does it go through ensuing it’s 100% safe or not? Let’s find the answer below:-

  • The Cobra 20″ bike designed keeping in mind, that a kid will ride on it, not an adult. Therefore, wheels come with just the perfect size that is 20 inches, neither too big nor too small.
  • Shimano V brake would be excellent to limit the speed even in the middle of the trail with the instant shock.
  • Shimano 6-speed drivetrain has 21-speed external gears. This type of gear is considerably cheaper but has the somewhat same performance.
  • Every kid loves to enjoy its fun going speed. To slow down, the bike needs safe and secure braking that the bike already has.
  • If your kids doesn’t fit with 20″ bike then you can check Diamondback Cobra 24″ Youth bike review which is another variant of this kids bike models

What We Like & What We Don’t

What We Like
  • Easy assembling
  • Solid bike for a beginner
  • Provided with assembling tools
  • Good value for money within great features
  • Smooth gear shifting with Shimano drivetrain
  • MTB components usage makes it worthy of buying
  • Durable heavy-steel frames withstand the uncertain nature of a kid’s play
  • Trail XC 30mm front suspension fork allow the bike to absorb bumpy shocks
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not come with a kickstand
  • Does not have a water bottle cage mount

Features Review Of Diamondback Cobra 20 Bike for Junior Riders

When it is time to buy a kid’s bike, you need to make sure a few certain things. You may not need to get all the features super exclusive, but at least you should not compensate for a few things.

Hence, you can get a good bike within a reasonable deal. Since you need to make sure the features first, let’s talk about on this below


Shimano Gear and Shifter

Shimano is the trusted brand, and brings magical performance while riding a bike.

Diamond Cobra teamed up with Shimano’s gear and shifter so you can rely on it. Shimano gear has an amazing fluid mechanics that helps your kid to switch the gear at the right time. The total 21 gears push your kid forward to keep up on hills.

Linear Pull Brakes

V brake is the trademark of Shimano’s Linear Pull brake. It is a variation of cantilever brakes and works just accurate that you want. It has enough braking power to stop in the middle of the riding.

The center-pull cantilever brakes nailed it to bring that amount of power. To avoid sudden shock, the suspension deals well, so don’t worry about that.

As an avid biker, I think Shimano has enough brand value to provide with linear-pull brake. Finally, if you compare it with the rim brakes, then you will find a lot of mechanical advantage.

6 Speed Drivetrain

The functionalities of the Bicycle drivetrain are to transmit the power. The 6-speed Drivetrain provides 21-speed performance that is maximum speed for a kid to run a bike furiously.

Therefore, I believe that the speed would be just perfect for a kid, not too much or not too slow. The 6-speed Drivetrain allows a rider to climb higher with great performance. So, when riding is your kid’s passion, let him climb with this fun bike.

20″ Alloy Wheels

The alloy is cheaper, but it is lighter than steel. As a result, the alloy wheels will deliver more acceleration.

Now come to the point on how it works when riding? When your kid surfs through the tough terrain, he requires a bigger wheel. Hence, 20″ wheel is the maximum size for a kid. Therefore, you find your kid having an easy time while crossing the terrain.

As a result, your kids will experience a smoother and faster ride. As you know, smaller wheels always survive to climb mountain trails; you would rather choose this bike with a bigger wheel.

So when you find comparatively bigger wheels, it will always support the suspension function and make rides better.

Alloy Rims

Obviously, the rims should be strong enough to resist the opposite force that comes from the jump and bumps. The Diamond Black Cobra 20 committed to serving, as it has high-grade Alloy Wheels. The alloy rims also support, when the suspension works.

Suspension Forks

The suspension is the ultimate weapon to beat a tedious journey and make it joyful. Don’t worry; the bumpy trail would be at the hand of Hl Zoom 40mm travel fork. Remember, the poor quality of forks wears out after a few months later. Also, it won’t withstand the bumpy trails.

The bike is for the kid, but the fork is for the tough roads. On the other hand, some kids may seem small, but they can ride a bike like a pro. Hence, it would be the dumbest choice for them to choose HI Zoom 30mm fork. Don’t make them stay behind in the race.

Perfect Bearings

The adjustment of the cup and cones to the bearing is the main thing to consider. The cups work as the shell and remain in the hub, and the cones work as conical nuts and get fixed within the nuts.

Therefore the steel balls roll around the two parts of it. Finally, you get the perfect combination of the bearings. Regular re-greasing will help it go with the fullest performance.

Bike Maintenance

To be frank, it’s not that hard to keep it neat and clean. I believe even a kid can do it, so why not yours?

Bike maintenance is real fun at the same time; it helps to grow your kid responsibilities. DB cobra 20 normally comes with a neat and clean, fresh look bike. But day to day usage, you will see the dust go inside the cassette, forks, wheel rims, and other places.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Linear pull brakes work as the Shimano V-brake. It will keep your kid safe with adjustable-reach levers.
  • Shimano 6-speed has the perfect fluid mechanics; thus, the trigger shifter works excellent
  • The HL Zoom 40mm travel fork is available on the adult bike. So it seems they didn’t underestimate the suspension for a kid.
  • It is a Ready Bike; the assembling is easy that a kid can assemble it with the given tool kit.
  • 20 inches bigger wheels are tougher, faster, and smoother, so your kid never feels down while riding with his friends.
  • Aluminium Alloy made the sturdy frame is lighter, stronger, so it helps to boost acceleration.

FAQ & Answers

  • Question: Does the heavier weight of my kid become a con?

Answer: Not at all. The bike is strong enough to hold your kid’s weight since the rim and wheel are made of alloy.

  • Question: What’s about the pedal brake type, is it coaster brake or hand lever brakes?

Answer: You will have only hand lever brakes.

  • Question: How to replace the tire, and how do I measure it?

Answer: If you don’t have the flat tire rather the tube inside of it needs to replace, then search for 20″ x 1.95″ Shrader valve tube.

  • Question: Can I add a disc bake in the future?

Answer: I’m afraid, no.

  • Question: Does it has V-brake or the Caliper

Answer: It has Shimano’s V-brake

Buying Advice

When you will brainstorm on the features and specifications of this bike, you will find good value for money. That will be an absolute win. Instead of it you can spend more and buy a better one for your kid. However, you may find eventually good for nothing. Because the Cobra 20 has already met all the important things that your kid’s bike needs.

Another concern you may have that, Is that bike size is perfect for your kids? If so then please check our extensive guide on bike size by height to remove all the worries about sizing.

Final Verdict

After all this and that, at the end of the review, you must be thinking should I buy the DB Cobra 20″ kids bike for your loving child? The decision is in your hands. What I can tell is, you won’t regret it if you buy this amazing bike for your kid.


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