Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Review

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike Review

Are you searching for a bike that's been made specifically for men that allows you to ride comfortably and smoothly in all riding conditions?

If so, you may be glad to hear that your search could be over.

The Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike comes with a ton of fantastic riding features. All of them work well together to provide you with an extremely versatile bike.

Quick-view of Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

Available Colors

03 colors

Frame Material

Steel frame

Bike Type

Fat mountain bike


7 speed


Dual disc brakes

Wheel & Tires




4″ strong wheels, Strong body, All terrain bike


Only one size, Bit heavy


Fat tire bike for heavy weight riders. Capable to run on any environment condition like sand, snow or hill.

Alternative Bike

No matter whether you’re riding in snow, sand, or rain, the Dolomite gives you everything you need to enjoy every ride you venture on.

Surprisingly, it is also incredibly affordable too! because of budget friendly price we have enlisted this bike on cheap mountain bike buying guide. If you’re interested to learn more about what this bike has to offer, have a quick read of our detailed review below.

Who Should You Buy & Suggested Sizing?

  • This bike by Mongoose has been primarily created for men due to its geometry.
  • It’s fantastic for riding across all kinds of terrains. This includes mountainous routes, sand, and snow.
  • Those wanting the assurance to ride in wet conditions will like how the brake system works effectively in all types of weather.
  • People who are look after a durable, yet simultaneously lightweight bike will experience a lot of pleasure from using the Dolomite.

The recommended adult mountain riding size guide is as follows:

  • XS 13” – 5’-5’3”
  • S 15” – 5’3”-5’7”
  • M 17” – 5’7”-5’11”
  • L 19” – 5’11”-6’2”
  • XL 21” – 6’2” -6’4”
  • XXL 23” – 6’4”-6’6”

If you’re a novice rider then you can see our bike sizing chart to get right size bike.

Main Features of 26 Inch Mongoose Fat Tire Bike

Strong Fat Tires

The sheer width of the tires that are equipped to this bike are incredibly robust. As a result, they are effective at being resistant to the rocky terrains involved with riding across mountainous and sandy conditions.

Mongoose Dolomite Tires

At a total of 4” in thickness, we were impressed to discover how much stability they provide you with. With more balance, you can feel a lot more in control of the bike to enjoy your rides.

Furthermore, the thickness of these tires means that you can feel confident when it comes to riding in dirt, snow, and sand. This is because they will help to prevent you and the bike from sinking.

Powerful Brakes

The braking mechanism is always a crucial part of any bike. So, how well does it hold up with the Mongoose fat bike?
We were glad to find that this bike incorporates incredibly powerful and effective dual disc brakes.

26 inch Mongoose Dolomite Brakes

Therefore, you can feel confident when it comes to riding at fast speeds. You know that you can rely on the brakes to bring you to a safe stop every time.

This is the case regardless of what the weather conditions are like. So, you don’t have to let bad weather put you off riding anymore. Both the rear and front disc brakes work remarkably well to provide you with plenty of stopping power.

Gear Options

The Mongoose fat bike comes with seven speeds that you can choose from.

As a result, you are given a number of gear options to select from depending on the surfaces that you’re riding on. In particular, these gears make riding up and down hills a lot easier and enjoyable.

Drivetrain of Mongoose Dolomite bikes

The twist-style shifters provide you with a super effective and easy way to get through the gears smoothly and with precision. We liked how you have plenty of control over the gears while riding.

Chain Functionality

What role does the chain play with this bike?

It actually adds a tremendous amount to the safety of the bike. The chain has been specially designed and located in a position where it can ensure the sprocket at the front can be guided. It will not randomly come off at any time while you’re riding.

As a result, you are less likely to experience problems if any piece of your clothing gets caught in the chain.

Furthermore, the chain that has been fitted enables you to pedal the bike with comfort and ease for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Weight Capacity

After carrying out extensive research, we initially believed the heavier weight of this bike would be a downfall. However, it’s actually the opposite.

The Dolomite fat tire bike has not been created for races or competitions. Therefore, the added weight means that riders who are heavier and bigger like 350 lbs can hop on this bike with the comfort and safely.

Frame Design

This bike has impressed us on all fronts, and when it comes to the design of the frame, that is no different.

Frame of Dolomite fat tire bike

With a cruiser-style frame design, you can be sure to ride a bike that looks aesthetically pleasing. However, this frame also means that you can cycle on a bike that can truly perform as well.

The bike doesn’t come with a suspension system. Therefore, it relies on the frame to provide you with the utmost comfort – and it does a great job.

Affordable Price

The fact that you can purchase this bike for under $500 is extraordinary.

With the big tires, fantastic gearing system, safe brakes, and sturdy frame, you would expect this bike to be among the $1,000 plus price range.

If you are interested in buying this bike, you should know that you’re paying a low price for a product that hasn’t skimped out on quality. This is a very rare feature.

Pros & Cons of Dolomite

What We Like

  • Incredibly affordable!
  • There are 7 gears available to use
  • The steel frame has proven to be very durable
  • Great geometry suitable for overweight men
  • With super thick tires, you can be sure to ride smoothly across all surfaces
  • Impressive weight capacity so that people of all weight can enjoy riding this bike
  • You can feel confident in being able to rely on the brakes in all weather conditions

What We Don't Like

  • A bit heavy for some riders.
  • Only one size & not best for taller guys.

Specs of Mongoose Dolomite Bike

  • Dual disc brakes fitted
  • Built with durable Steel frame
  • 48 lbs weight of this Dolomite bike
  • A total of 7 gears with Twist Grip Shifter
  • Shimano parts are used for the drivetrain
  • Both of the pedals are beach cruiser models
  • Shimano parts are used for the rear derailleur
  • 4 inch thick knobby tires fitted in 26 inch wheels
  • The headset is thread-less to allow for easy adjustability
  • The Trims are made with alloy materials and are 4” wide
  • Comes with Kickstand, manuals & assembly guide as extra.
  • Specifications Subject to Change

Mongoose Fat Bike Assembly

FAQ – Answer You Need To Know

How much does this bike weigh?

Answer: It weighs a total of 48 lbs

What is the maximum psi of pressure that the tires can take?

Answer: The bike tires have a maximum tire pressure psi of 30.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

Answer: Riders who weigh 350 lbs have been able to ride this bike safely and comfortably.

Does the bike come with any fenders or accessories?

Answer: The Dolomite doesn’t include any fenders or additional parts. However, you can source them elsewhere to attach onto the bike easily.

How much space is there between the front and rear wheels?

Answer: There is a total of 45” inches in between both the tires.

Buying Advice

When you purchase this bike, you will need to make a few adjustments to make sure it provides you with the best riding experience.

This involves making little adjustments to the front disc brake and derailleurs. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can just take it down to a bike shop, and they can do it for you.

Furthermore, the comfort of a bike is a very individual aspect. We noticed that some customers find the bike to be very comfortable, whereas others don’t.

The two areas that you should be aware of include the handlebars and saddle.

Some find that handlebar feels slightly too hard, especially on longer rides. You could simply use some softer grips to alleviate this if it ever becomes an issue.

Others have also mentioned how the saddle feels a little too hard for their liking. Therefore, you may want to be prepared to purchase a comfier seat to attach to the bike instead.

These may not be a problem for you as many customers have discussed how comfortable the bike feels. But it’s just something to keep in mind.

If you want to change your mind then you can check Mongoose Malus review which is a great competitor of dolomite.

Final Impression

So, you are now left with a much clearer idea of what the Mongoose Dolomite has to offer you.

The remarkably thick tires became the feature that instantly stood out to us. They enable you to ride smoothly in all terrains. However, we were especially impressed when we learned that they are effective in helping you out of sticky situations.

If you ever encounter deep sand or snow, the tires prevent you from sinking. Not to mention, the impressive weight capacity, durable frame design, and low price.

All in all, this is a fantastic bike for men looking to off-road with style and comfort while on a budget.

Be sure to consider all of the features, positives, and even the downsides. This will help you to make the best decision possible as to whether this bike is right for you.




Steel Frame




Dual Disc


Grip Shifter






48 lbs

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