Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike For Men’s | Review Guide

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike Review for Mens

Don’t you want a fat bike that will always get you back home safely? Therefore, we present you the Mongoose Malus fat tire bike that makes you gliding over embankments, sands, dirt, snow, or even rocks. As coming from the reputed family of Mongoose, let’s explore more about this bike.

Overview of Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

Speed7 speeds
BrakesDual disc brake
ProsThick tires, Shimano components, Affordable & Sturdiness
ConsOnly one size available
SummaryGreat bike at cheap price for burning man. Fit for any terrain & weather
BrandMongoose Bikes
Price?Check Latest Price On Amazon
Alternative BikeMongoose Dolomite

Who is this Bike Designed for?

  • Especially men who are willing to use a bike as their regular transport between home and work instead of using gas-guzzling cars.
  • Men who are enthusiastic about learning or at their entry-level of cycling and willing to use it as their everyday commute.
  • Any expert biker who is looking for an affordable bicycle that is capable of riding on all terrains and in all weather condition.
  • The men who are looking for a bike that comes up with great comfort as well as standard size that suits between medium and large sizes.
  • Also, taller and heavyweight men who are looking for a bike that offers an enjoyable ride with the allowance of heavy-set.

What We Like & What We Don’t

The Malus fat tire bike by Mongoose brings great value to you. With just a few disadvantages, this bike offers you enough advantages that convince you more to buy this one. So let’s see the pros at first:

What We Like
  • This bike is suitable for all-weather condition and any type of surface
  • This bike offers you easy assembling if you don’t have much experience in this
  • Comes with the facility of easy handling along with praises from your friends and family, colleagues and even strangers
  • It can accommodate extra weight while another cruiser bike doesn’t
  • Offers you durability and one year of manufacturer warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • You may find this bike a bit bulky and suitable for only one person.

Feature details Of Mongoose Malus which make the bike best

Bike specialty

The bike specialty of the Mongoose fat tire bike is that this is great for the all-weather condition. As the tires are huge, the rider can easily and comfortably glide over any terrain. Sand, snow, dust, or rocks, whatever comes in the way of your riding, this fat bike is endowed as well as designed for all-weather condition.

Whether you bounce over embankments or bounces over rocks, this 26″ fat-tire bike will save you from the accidents and always holds a smile on your face while riding.

With its big and plump 4″ thick tires, you can enjoy a cushiony ride every day with fun.

Riding Comfortably

Just imagine what you would plan while taking your mountain bike out in winter season. The construction of this Mongoose Men’s bike is equipped, keeping comfortable and safety while riding off-road in priority.

Its advantage doesn’t end with specialized tires that allow you to have more effective control while on unstable ground.

When the road is not ideal, this bike’s cruiser-design provides the necessary stability, and two shifters make your riding comfortable.

This bike’s seat is well-padded that reduces pressure from a sudden bump. With its superb front and back wheel brakes, you can make quick reactions and have the chance to erase mistakes.

All these make this bike fit for the overall profile of an all-purpose recreation bike.

Weight & Quality

What would you expect from your fat tire bike, if you’re a heavy guy? Nevertheless, your weight or age, you also deserve to experience the fun of cycling.

Whereas, maximum bikes available in a bike shop or online are not meant for riders with a heavyweight.

Fortunately, the mongoose men’s malus fat bike is capable of holding up to 300 lbs and endowed with high-quality components that make this bike long-lasting for a long period.

Its steel frame and standard quality alloy rims make this bike rigid enough to avoid breaking apart after using a short period.


This fat bike allows you a cushiony ride with seven speeds that will enhance the fun of your trail or everyday riding.

Even, if you’re about to ride off-road, this bike’s design delivers a stable ride.

As a rider, you’ll notice excellent traction with a smooth, speedy ride on any surface, nevertheless snowy hills or muddy paths.

As this bike is equipped with seven speeds Shimano rear derailleur, it promises you safe riding for any terrain.

Frame Construction

Are you an aficionado who is looking to explore rough terrains? Then you must have the bike with rigid frame construction.

The cruiser-designed fat bike comes with hardtail frame that assures you to conquer any weather condition.

As the frame material is steel, you can understand that it is sturdy and durable as well. Even after using for ages, this bike is hard to bend.

Also, this bike prevents you from feeling the direct shocks coming from the ground on bouncy riding. Its combative trail geometry allows you to ride on shaky ground with steadiness.


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Robust Brakes

What is more important while you’re riding in wet or dusty conditions? The answer is powerful brakes.

This Mongoose men’s bike consists of disc brakes equipped on the front and rear wheels as well. These effective brakes systems allow you to stop quickly at any moment.

Also, you can slow down quickly your motion whenever you need to do that. In short, you get all the control in your hands with these robust brakes of Malus men’s fat bike.

So, you are free from the worry of losing control and have a fall down because of faulty brakes.

Great Tires & Rims

Have you ever tried a fat tire bike? As fat tires give you protection from sudden bumps and direct shocks from the ground, you can easily roll over any terrain.

The bike offers you the same. This bike’s 26 inches by 4-inch tires are not only for decoration purpose; rather giving this macho look a ton.

Moreover, the tires are drilled on alloy rims which give assurance of the longevity of the rims. Don’t just go with my words; try this fat bike.

Features at a glance

  • The total assembled dimensions of this product are 10.00 x 31.40 x 61.00 inches and bike weight is 40
  • The beach cruiser knobby tires are super-sized, and the diameter is of 26″ x 4″ which assures the rider more comfortable
  • Made of durable and hardtail  steel cruiser design frame that lasts for a long period
  • This bike’s recommended age of bike user is 13 years+ and maximum weight capacity is 300 lb
  • Includes front and rear disc brakes along with 4″ alloy wheel to conquer any terrain  and to make emergency stops easy
  • Consists of 3 pieces of cranks with beach cruiser style steel alloy pedals for providing excellent durability
  • Gives you support up to 7 speeds gearing with twist shifters as well as a Shimano rear derailleur
  • Consists of a threadless headset to assure adjustability
  • Equipped with an integrated kickstand
  • This bike is designed with low rise flat handlebars that enhances your comfort
  • Comes with 1-year limited and general warranty on parts and labor

FAQ Answers

Questions: Does this bike come as pre-assembled?

Answer: Though this bike isn’t delivered with proper assemble, doing it assemble is quite easy.

Question: Is the handlebar of this bike changeable?

Answer: Sure, you can change the handlebars of this men’s bike as per your preference. You can change them into beach cruiser or low-rider style.

Question: Do I need any specific tools to assemble this fat tire bike?

Answer: Assembling this bike is quite easy, and you won’t need any extra tools to do it except wrench.

Question: Does this bike include a kickstand?

Answer:  Yes, this bike includes a kickstand with it.

Question:  What type of grease is recommended for wheels and bearings?

Answer: Well, you can use standard automotive grease. However, maximum people go for Phil’s.

Buying Advice

Though being inexpensive and durable, the Mongoose fat bike may put on questions in your mind or you may have any concerned issue regarding getting the best performance of this bike.

To understand clearly about its performance and maintenance, you can access their website or watch videos on YouTube.

Final Verdict

If you choose the right bike for yourself, riding could be more fun, refreshing and enjoyable. When you are riding on an unstable road with your efficient bike as like you own it; no matter how rough the condition is- give it a thought.

The mongoose men’s malus fat tire bicycle is something that gives wings to your dream about riding on any kind of surface with safety and stability.

The bike saves your money, makes you experience the beautiful feeling of riding like a bird in any weather condition and any terrain as well.



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