Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Review ( 700C Wheels )

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike

You’ll agree with me that, for a beginner its not easy to find a good hybrid bike for regular commute.

To make this task easy we have made this review on Schwinn Discover men’s hybrid bike which is the perfect bike what you are craving for.

This bicycle is great for recreational or fitness riding for men

Overview of Scwinn Discover


Approx. 43.5 lbs




Promax alloy linear pull brakes


21 Speed



Wheel Size:


Bike Type:



Who is this bike designed for & suggested sizing?

  • This commuter bike is for the city and suitable for men
  • Whether you’re enjoying a casual ride at the weekend, or riding in the park with your kids in the leisure hours, or using as a daily commuter to your work; this bike will just fit you perfectly
  • Without any complaints, men can use this bike for riding in and around towns with this comfortable and smooth bike
  • Parents who love to enjoy quality times with their kids, by installing a child carrier at the back with the pre-drilled holes can let them lift a ride
  • People who are willing to use this bike as a daily commute to work and would need to customize it by attaching a basket or messenger bag- this bike offers them enough opportunity of customization.

Feature details of Schwinn Discover Men’s hybrid bike which make this bike best

Durable Frame

Let’s talk about the stepping stone of a hybrid bike that makes it at the same time comfortable and durable. That is its frame design.

The Schwinn Discover follows their traditional rule of being comfy, durable, stylish, and safe with its high-quality aluminum frame construction.

This feature ensures longevity, yet keeps this bike’s weight light enough to control easily.

Moreover, the ergonomically design of the frame makes this bike perfect for longer rides. You can be assured about that this hybrid bike won’t put much pressure on your physic. 

Front and Rear Fenders

What protects you from road debris? Fenders -This does matter while you need protection from water, dirt, or any additional rubbish.

The Schwinn knows that based on the material and placement, the quality of fender is decided. So they consider this thing in their manufacturing procession and assures best quality fender on this hybrid bike.

There is a pair of the fenders on the Schwinn Discover hybrid bicycle; one on the rear and other on the front wheel. These fenders are well-built and sturdy enough to tackle any weather.

Whatever circumstances come, you are going to stay safe and dry, and it’s a great thing for any rider. 

Strong Wheels

What would you consider while thinking about the wheels of your hybrid bike? You may want to have the ability to cover more ground while on longer rides.

With its 28 inches wheels, you will love to take a long journey with this hybrid bike. The quality of the wheels and rims are the same quality as the frame.

Generally, you’ll find 29 inches tires on the men type of bikes, whereas these tires are quite similar.

Its finishing line with rubber at the top provides you with a hassle-free ride. No matter how bumpy the road is, its wide tires absorb vibrations on bumpy roads.

Its good quality aluminum-made rims also focus on ensuring durability and comfort to the riders. 

Enough Speed

One of the most notable features of this great hybrid bike is its 21-speed Drivetrain.

As a rider, there is no need to explain to you the importance of speed mechanism. If you are planning to go on a hill track, you have to cross long distances on uphill and downhill roads.

And for that, you would need a large range of speeds. Otherwise, those hilly roads can take charge of your body. The good thing is that this bicycle gives you 21 gears at your disposal. 

Adjustable Seatpost

If your bike’s seat isn’t comfortable, your journey can be ruined. Too soft or too hard, both are not good for your posture.

The Schwinn Discover 700c hybrid bicycle comes with a great saddle for hybrid bike that is designed for comfort and efficiency while riding.

This ergonomic seat consists of springs to ensure shock absorption. This bike comes with durable inside padding that adjusts with the rider nicely.

And its exterior design is covered with special leather material. Your every ride becomes comfortable with its perfect Seat-post. 

Suspension Fork

You’ll see some bikes consist of full suspension, increasing bike weight and making it difficult to lift the bike while riding.

On the contrary, this urban bike comes with a front suspension fork which makes riding more comfortable.

This front suspension results in easy passing through patches and pavements for the riders. 

Reliable Brakes

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike for mens comes with Promax alloy linear-pull brakes.

This enables you to have rapid stopping power whenever you need. Though this depends on what kind of riding you are having, this brake system is as effective as for regular cycling.

As per it is concerned to safety the Schwinn 700c men hybrid bike won’t let you down.

This bike is undoubtedly the one that assures you to make a quick stop whenever you need to.

Gear & Shifters

Let’s take a look at the critical feature of a bike- Gear.

As this helps the rider to decide the speed of the bike, it plays an important role at bike riding.

The hybrid bike is equipped with a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur.

This comfort bike allows the rider to change the gear effortlessly and go faster with precision.

What We Like

  • Lets you ride faster with precision and less effort
  • Allows the riders versatility and safe riding experience
  • Made with quality components of reputed companies
  • This recreational hybrid bike is made with lightweight material, yet durable and strong
  • Helps you to make a quick stop and has the ability of shock absorption on bumpy roads.

What We Don’t Like

  • This bike would need assembly by yourself or professional bike shop

Features at a Glance:

  • Aluminum city frame keeps this bike at the same time lightweight and durable
  • 700c/28-inches wheel for supporting with confidence while turning
  • SR Suntour suspension front fork for absorbing shocks and smooth riding
  • Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur gives a vast range of shifting gears
  • ProMax linear-pull brakes ensure good and quicker stopping power 
  • Nicely padded saddle with suspension seat post provides comfortable posture
  • Cool swept-back handlebar along with adjustable stem to give an upright position
  • Fenders and rear gear carrier allows attaching basket, message bag or kids carrier

Questions and Answers

  • Question: Can I sit on this bike straight up just like a cruiser?

Answer: Well, firstly the handlebar is designed to bend a little forward instead of straight-up position. It is a very comfortable posture.

And it is also higher compared to other typical bikes. So, you can’t sit straight for a long time. Though you can do it occasionally to relax on your back while sitting like this, your arms are stretched.

  • Question: Can I adjust the handlebar?

Answer:  Well, yes, you can raise it higher or bring it closer to the bike. But that won’t help you much to sit without bending.

You might get tired at a point, and this adjustment of the handlebar can cause you back pain. 

  • Question: Is it so hard to assemble this bike?

Answer: This bike comes almost pre-assembled. You can have help to complete the finishing and from the manual guideline.

All the bolts, nuts and screws are in metric types. If you have previous experience of assembling bikes, then it would take one or two hours to assemble this bike.

Otherwise, you can take it for assembly and adjustment to the nearer bike shop. 

  • Question: Which material is the pedals made of?

Answer: The pedals are made of durable and robust metal. 

  • Question: What is their warranty period?

Answer: This Discover hybrid bike offers a lifetime warranty. 

Buying Advice

For purchasing the perfect fit hybrid bike, you can visit the bicycle size guide provided on our website.

As hybrid bikes are designed and streamlined for a different price, efficiency, distance, and speed, you would get proper guideline here along with sizing tips.

Also, you can check for if your bike is eligible for the Schwinn provided professional assembly service.

Final Verdict

For some who are being overwhelmed in selecting the right one for you or those who haven’t involved in cycling yet, for them, we have arranged the essence of the review of Schwinn Discover men’s hybrid bicycle.

Also please note that, based on parformance, price & features we have listed this bike in our list of bikes for heavy riders & women hybrid bikes

In closing, we can say that this highly functional urban bike is a perfect pick for all purposes.

This hybrid bike has achieved good reviews and ratings from the customers as well as critics.

Within a reasonable price range, you can have this good-looking bike that provides you with excellent performance without sacrificing comfort, safety, and pleasure.


Last update: 27th March, 2020

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