Best Bikes for 300 lbs man & woman

Best Bikes for 300 LBS Man and Woman 

Do you know that cycling can help you to lose weight? But their simplistic design makes them unable for many overweight peoples.

The good news is that most bike manufacture companies are making bikes that can support more weight.

Regardless of people’s weight, age, or sex, everyone can enjoy bike riding.

But to get the proper benefit of riding, either you are trying to losing weight or for regular commute, you have to be more careful to select the right bike, which is perfect fits your height & weight.

To make this task easy for fat guys. I'm here to write this review on the top nine best bikes for 300 lbs men and women in 2020

Top 9 Best Bikes for 300 lbs Man & Woman 2022


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Mongoose Dolomite

Fat Tire


Gravity Bullseye Monster

Fat Tire


DB Overdrive 29er



Tommaso Gran Sasso



Tommaso Imola



Schwinn Phocus 1600



Schwinn Discover



Euro Mini ZiZZO



Ancheer e-Bike



Fat Tire Bikes

At first we've listed fat tire bikes for fat people who are looking for a bike for rough-tough riding around the street or downhill in any weather conditions like sand, snow or rain.

1. Mongoose Dolomite

If you are a large & tall bodied person and looking for a bike that can ride in all weather conditions, then this Mongoose Dolomite bike is perfect for you.

This dolomite is one of the great fat bikes for over 300 lbs man with a lot of great riding features.

This bike provides enjoy in all weather conditions like sand, snow or rain.

This bike comes with some incredible features like a durable steel frame,

26-inches wheel, fat tire, dual-disc brake, Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, 4” wide alloy wheelset, beach cruiser paddle, twist Shifters with the gear.

The dolomite bike's cruiser-style frame makes the bike looks more attractive. It enhances the bike structure that is important for comfortable riding on long rides.

This also increases the way of handling on the surface if it is rough or smooth and can tackle the most challenging terrain.

4-inches width fat tire ensures maximum stability based on the surface conditions. It also handles bumps to make your ride comfortable on uneven terrain. This tire will also help you from sinking if you are riding in snow, rain or sand.

Mongoose dolomite equipped with dual disc brakes, this feature has the ability of powerful braking in various terrain conditions.

It allows users to stop the bike quickly in any situation, which is vital to your safety.

The gear has different options with twist shifter for shift the gear smoothly.
The drivetrain of this bike makes climbing hills easier. The gear has different options with twist shifters to shift the gear smoothly.

Under different conditions, you can expect that the bike will achieve maximum performance. Here is full review of Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike

What We Like

  • Impressive control due to fat tire
  • Great fat bike at this budget range
  • 4" fat-tire suitable for every terrain.
  • Perfect for riding in all weather conditions
  • Smooth gear shifting by Shimano twist shifters
  • Powerful disc brakes in both back & front to stop anytime

What We Don't Like

  • Steel frame hence a bit bulky.
  • Not suitable for shorter guys than 5'6"

2. Gravity Bullseye Monster

Gravity is the company that always made fat bikes that are cheap at a price, and Bullseye Monster is one of them.

This bike has designed in a specific way that makes it suitable for the toughest terrains. It has various size options that can be a perfect choice for plus-sized women riders.

Like the dolomite fat tire bike above mention this bike also has excellent features.

It has an aluminum frame, 26 inches wheel, fat tire, 16 speed SRAM drivetrain with trigger shifter, Tektro Novela disc brake system.

The bike uses 6061-T6 aluminum frame that makes its lightweight. The frame geometry is straight and installed with an excellent combination for the riding position.

This monster bike comes with 26 inches wide alloy wheels to ride obstacles in the path.

4-inch Vee Rubber Mission provides excellent traction on various terrain and suitable to ride any weather conditions. It also gives a bump-free and stable ride.

The Tektro Novela disc braking system installed in both rear provides safety on the road. Using brakes, you can stop the bike any time you want.

So if you are riding in sand, snow, or rain then you don't have to worry about braking, hydraulic brakes will never disappoint you.

What We Like

  • WTB saddle provides comfort sitting
  • Dual disc brakes to increase stopping power
  • Frame build with aluminum frame hence sturdy
  • 4" fat tires ensure better control on unpaved roads
  • Easy to assemble, so the beginner don't worry about assembly
  • Three color options to choose which is the best part for women riders

What We Don't Like

  • Need tuning before after long rides
  • It comes with plastic pedals installed. Need to upgrade

Mountain Bikes

Below these are hardtail mountain bikes for heavy riders over 300 lbs man & women. These bikes are best for riding in mountainous areas including uphill, downhill, & street riding.

3. Diamondback Overdrive 29er

Diamond overdrive 29er is one of the best hardtail mtbs for heavyweight riders.

It is made of a rugged and durable aluminum frame with SR Suntour front suspension fork to provide a comfortable ride. This feature makes this bike suitable for overweight men.

This bike comes with 6061-T6 aluminum frame, 29-inches wheel, 

Shimano 8-speed drivetrain & smooth shifter, Tektro-mechanical disc braking system.

6061-T6 Aluminum alloy frame makes this bike sturdy & lightweight. Hence, it is easy to ride on trails and trustworthy.

Shimano drivetrain gives you a smooth and trouble-free journey by increasing the speed up to 24.
As an overweight rider, If you're still worried about riding in the uphill & downhill area, then relax, as this bike has excellent ground stability & traction ability.

Tektro mechanical disc braking system ensures instant stop when you're in an emergency.

It has three color options to get the best one as per your choice. This bike looks more sporty in every color.

It comes with ReadyRide features. So, if you're a beginner rider, then don't need to worry about assembling the bike, as it reaches 85% assembled by the manufacturer.

To join the rest, You just have to look manual or see video tutorial to install properly.

Sturdy frame construction with a powerful braking system makes this bike more secure for heavy riders.

If you want you can check detail review of Diamondback Overdrive 29er 

What We Like

  • 8-speed Shimano drivetrain to cover
  • 29" Tough knobby tires to cruise the trail
  • 29er hardtail frame which fits big guys perfectly
  • Front suspension fork provides you bump-free ride
  • Tektro mechanical disc brake reliable for sure stops
  • 85% assembled so don't need to wait long for the ride

What We Don't Like

  • The seat is not as comfortable as expected.
  • Average plastic pedal. Better to change with mtb flat pedal

4. Tommaso Gran Sasso

Like previous bike overdrive, Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er is another beginner mountain bike, and this one is not only for men but also for women.

This bike is excellent hardtail mtb below $1000 for an overweight female who loves to ride in the mountain or light trails.

Tommaso bikes are famous for manufacturing quality bikes, and Gran Sasso is just one of them.

The frame of this bike is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable enough to provide maximum comfort for heavyweight women.

This bike has a combination of 29 inches of wheels with 2.1" Schrader tires & 100mm Travel suspension fork, which ensures excellent stability on rough terrains. Mingda DP-20 big wheels provide a smooth ride without any impact on your body.

It comes with cushioned saddle by Tommaso with Shimano drivetrain, so don't need to worry for longer rides if you plan to go for.

This drivetrain also helps the rider to choose from a variety of gears and but makes it easy to climb the mountain paths.

For changing gear quickly, the Shimano Acera gear shifter helps to shift gears up to 24 speeds on the flat surface or downhill rides.

As its one of the decent mountain bikes for obese women so I think the braking mechanism is more important part of this bike.

In this case, you'll be amazed to know that this bike equipped with Shimano M315 Hydraulic disc brake, which provides optimum stopping power.

What We Like

  • Comes with standard flat pedals for free
  • 29" large tires can rollover any obstacles
  • Durable alloy frame for the powerful ride
  • 24 speeds wide gear range to ride faster
  • Shimano hydraulic brakes to stop in a dime
  • This is a budget-friendly bike and perfect for the regular ride

What We Don't Like

  • Only one color. No option to chose by colors
  • It doesn't come with a mount for a water bottle.

Road Bikes

If you're looking road bikes for 300 lbs overweight riders then below these bikes are great contender. These bikes are sturdy enough to carry large bodied rides.

5. Tommaso Imola

Like other budget bikes, Imola is an excellent road bike for big guys. This is an entry-level bike model but looks beautiful.

This bike has some great features at the starting price; if you have a low budget, this the perfect bike for you with the quality.

Its frame built with Tommaso 6061 SLA road frame hence lightweight & durable.
You'll be surprised to know that this bike 23.8 lbs weight only.

The lightweight frame provides a smooth ride, whether in the uphill or downhill ride. The frame is marketed as three different colors, black, weight, and burnt orange.

As this bike is a road bike, so we know it comes with a wide gear range. This bike also comes with a 3x8 speeds drivetrain with STI Shifters to change speed as needed. So you can go faster using gears.

Though nowadays, disc brakes are the latest invention in the biking era, but please note that linear-pull brakes are not banned forever. Shimano R2000 linear-pull brakes installed on this bike & its works fine as expected.

Tommaso Imola wheels are from their brand Tommaso TC-20. The aerodynamic form is not as expensive as some other Tommaso bikes. There are 20 spokes on the front wheel and 24 spokes on the back. It can support the weight perfectly. 

What We Like

  • Inexpensive bike with great features.
  • Compact handlebar for a comfortable ride
  • Six different sizes to choose the correct one
  • It has different color options with a classic design.
  • Equipped with reliable Shimano Claris components
  • TC-20 wheelset provides a safe and comfortable riding.

What We Don't Like

  • The saddle is uncomfortable.
  • Lack of information in the assembly manual

6. Schwinn Phocus 1600

For the women who are overweight, want to ride an on-road bike but confuse what bike will be best, here is a solution for them.

We have reviewed many road bikes & finally decided to declare that Schwinn Phocus 1600 road bike is one of the best bikes for over 300 lbs plus-sized women.

Usually, women like to be fashionable. Thus this bike has an excellent look.

Schwinn Phocus 1600 built with aluminum road frame. Hence sturdy & durable enough.
In addition, Carbon fiber fork made a great deal of strength to withstand shock.

The material of the frame and the fork are high quality at this budget price range.

This beautiful women's bike is approximately 700c in size and 32 h – 4 patterns of the spoke.

It gives a good feeling of riding on uneven roads. The tires of the bike can be changeable to 28” or 32” inches.

The wheelset looks fantastic, and spokes make it more durable and longer-lasting.

It comes with 16 speeds wide gear range & Shimano drivetrain to move faster. As this bike is commonly used for racing purposes, so the speed is mandatory.

According to the speed, the brake plays a vital role if you are riding with speed or have to stop at a certain time. Brakes should, therefore, be reliable and secure.

The Phocus 1600 bike equipped with powerful dual pivot caliper brakes by Promax. With absolute trust, you can depend on these brakes. It has maximum power to control at any speed.

Alloy made high profile double-wall rims with front quick release allow easy to assemble in a short period.

This bike's pedals aren't comfortable. However, a new one can be replaced with this one. Nonetheless, it is convenient and suitable for many users. 

What We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and inexpensive.
  • 16-speed wide gear with shifter
  • High-quality Shimano components
  • Strong wheels are wide for heavy riders.

What We Don't Like

  • Cheap pedals installed
  • This has only one size in the market.

Hybrid Bike

This hybrid bike is one of the best hybrid bikes for fat peoples. This bike has both for male & female version. So big guys men & plus sized women can take this hybrid bike for regular commute

7. Schwinn Discover

Schwinn is one of the oldest and most respected bike company.

They supply premium bikes that fulfill the requirement of both men and women’s riders.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle is one of the stylish bikes, especially fit for overweight men and women.

It is a standard black on the white 

aluminum bicycle for the daily commuter or occasional road user. This bike is simple to ride and comfortable.

Structured with aluminum city frame, The bike weighs 35.5 lb. And has many standard features, such as a sturdy geometry, 700c tires, linear-pull brakes, 21 Shimano drivetrain with shifters.

The front wheels have suspension fork that helps the wheels to travel smoothly without any friction issues and can also withstand slight bumps.

The bike seat is also padded to ensure optimum comfort on rides.

Swept-back upright handlebars position that gives a relaxing riding position in long rides.

It comes with 21 speeds drivetrain with Shimano grip shifters to ride uphill comfortably without pressuring too much on pedals.

The bike has alloy linear Promax brakes that can be pull. You can brake suddenly without losing balance. The brake system ensures a secure and reliable ride.

Rear rack installed for free. Using this, you can carry bicycle tools, groceries & essential items. Also, the fenders installed, which help to keep dirt off the rider.

Check Schwinn discover review for more details about features.

What We Like

  • 700c tires provide a comfortable ride.
  • It has a strong back and spine support.
  • Lightweight bike under the reasonable price tag
  • Reliable structural quality and best for casual use.
  • Classic look design with white & black combination
  • Twenty-one speeds with SRAM grip shifters for long rides.

What We Don't Like

  • It is not built to bike off-road
  • Only available one version for the taller riders

Folding Bike

If you have space issue in your home or apartment to keep bike then this unisex folding bike is great for you. You can fold this bike & store in a small place. Because of folding features it has portability so you can Carrie this bike anywhere along with you.

8. Euro Mini ZiZZO

Euro mini Zizzo is one of the lightweight folding bikes for over 300 lbs fat people.

This bike suits both men & women & bike manufactured by a US-based company that always provides top quality bikes at affordable prices.

You might say WOW if you know that almost all the components such as - Frame, Handlebar, Stem, Seat post, Kickstand, Headset, Front & rear hub, 

Crankset, V-style brakes, Front and Rear Fenders, and Cargo Rack are made by aluminum alloy which is rare compared to other foldable bikes available in the market.

The best feature of the bike is it can be folded & portable; when folded, it has a high of 27 inches, long of 31 inches, and wide of 12.5 inches. Because of this, it's easy to anywhere. But the seat cannot be folded.

6" BackSweep handlebars with being adjustable stems allow adjusting orientation of the handlebars approx. All sizes from under 5 feet to 6 feet 3.

The bike’s seat can adjust that will give you comfort while riding. You can adjust according to your height by these features.

20" double-wall rims tires with Kenda 1.95" multi-terrain tires works well on both off-road and on-road riding.

Wheels are made with aluminum alloy and weighed 28 pounds, which is the lightest weight for a folding bike.

This bike comes with Shimano Tourney drivetrain with PVC grip Shifter to cover seven-speed wide gear range. So you don't have to worry about uphill riding.

Now, as this bike has 7 speed so you should need a braking mechanism to main these speeds. Keep in this mind manufacturer added Alloy V brakes to pull brakes in an emergency using brake levers

This bike is lightweight for its frame. It has seven-speed drivetrain and cassette, which resist rust and breeze for hills and highways.

In comparison to other typical bike brands, Zizzo is easy to adjust, easy to fold. 

What We Like

  • Easy to fold & carry anywhere
  • Adjustable handlebars & saddle
  • Fenders & rack comes with free
  • Comes with Wide comfortable saddle
  • Double-wall rims perfect for multi-terrain
  • Most lightweight folding bike at this price range

What We Don't Like

  • Cheap plastic pedal
  • The handlebar grip is not good.

Electric Bike

Sometimes large bodied rides don't feel comfortable to pedal manually. But it doesn't mean that they can't ride bike. Because of new technology electric bikes are available now. So this unisex e-bike is best for them ( male, female ) who are a bit lazy or don't like conventional pedal bikes.

9. Ancheer Electric Bike

If you're bulky & don't like to ride conventional bikes, which are manual, then Ancheer electric bike can be your riding partners.

By the name, you might be noticed that this bike is an electric bike that means it run by electrical power, but it doesn't mean that you can't do pedaling!

You can do that too if you want. It has both Electric & Assisted & normal bicycle mode to ride.

This is the solid electric bike for heavyweight peoples who loves to cruise on the mountain or favorite trail.

The bike is designed in a stunning black color that looks a little minimalist and stylish. There are also some subtle details and graphics.

The bike has 26" alloy frame that is integrated with a suspension fork made with carbon. This offers excellent handling power.

It comes with a large capacity 36v lithium battery, which can cross 25-40 miles mileage by 6 hours charging at once.

With 21 speeds, you can run up to 20 miles per hour. To stop the bike in a dime its equipped with dual disc brakes, which is more reliable in the braking sector.

As an electric mountain bike, it's installed so many components like motor, battery & kits make it an electric bike, which increases bike weight about 50 lbs.

Because of that, this bike is a bit heavier, but as its e-bike so you don't need to worry about bike weight.

You'll run through e-power & this monster can load up to 330 lbs; that's why we have nominated these bikes as one of the best e-bikes for heavy riders over 300 lbs.

The wheels and tires give power and endurance for bump handling and off-road landings.

Additionally, to ride night safely, this bike comes with a flash bike light.

It comes 85% pre-assembled by the manufacturer. So you don't need to spend much time to assemble the rest parts.

What We Like

  • It comes 85% assembled
  • Able to load up to 330 lbs
  • Robust aluminum alloy frame
  • 21 speeds wide range of gears
  • Can run 40 miles per charge
  • Off-road tires to cruise the trail

What We Don't Like

  • Plastic chain guard
  • The look is more traditional.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bike for Big Guys

Unfortunately, the bikes found in a commercial bike shop or online are not ideal for heavy riders. These bikes are not stable enough for long time use, or it will break up in a short period.

The explanation for this is, most of the bikes are built for riders under 225 lbs. For overweight people, this is a big concern.

Before you buy a bike that can hold much weight, a couple of factors are needed to be considered. I will discuss those in this section to guide you through buying the proper one for you. 

The following tips below will help you escape the risk of purchasing a low-quality bike.

Durable frame

As a heavy biker, the frame is more important than the other component. Frame bears the whole weight and moves to the rest of the parts.

Four types of frames are used to build a bike like aluminum, steel, titanium, and carbon. 

The steel used for power, aluminum for lightweight, and on the other hand, titanium, and carbon provide outstanding performance.

The aluminum frame is perfect for heavy bikers and fast riders who don't want a heavier bike because steel makes the bike bulky.

Strong wheels

After the frame, you should think about bike wheels. Both wheels should be strong to carry overweight riders.

In that case, aluminum wheels are far better than still wheels for the bike, which for over 300 lbs peoples. Strong & sturdy wheels make sure you don't have to face incidents on rough terrain.

Comfortable saddle

Overweight riders require a larger comfortable saddle that has a wide seating space. The softer types are flexible and facilitate upright riding, but they become thin after use.

For the riders who are used to go for a long ride, the stiff type is perfect for them. To prevent sliding or spinning, it must be tied firmly.

Number of gears

More number of gears equal to more speed. So if you like to ride at pace, then the number of gears & a good shifter is necessary. You'll find bikes with 7-speed, 9-speed, 18-speed, 21-speed, etc. Select one of them as per your needs. 

Affordable pricing

Bikes for overweight people available at a high price than ordinary ones, taking their specialized mechanics into account

However, there are prices vary from cheap to expensive bike, thus making precisely what they can afford easier for purchasers.

Because of the high pricing issue, don't get demotivated for your biking experience. You can start with cheap ones first. Or, you can upgrade it with different parts if you want with the help of mechanics.

Ground clearance

For intrusion-free riding, proper ground clearance is necessary. Bike materials can be damaged, and your riding can get slow if it lies low on the surface.

A small bike has a variety of issues, including back pain and ineffective riding problems. 

Beware of your size when you purchase a bike because it contributes significantly to your experience of riding. So, choosing the perfect bike size is essential for a comfortable ride.

Absorb Shocks

People bought bikes to ride in various terrain. No matter its flat surface or rough terrain. In that case, if you choose a bike that doesn't have any suspension, then that might be difficult to ride such terrain.

Without suspension, you'll find an uncomfortable bumpy ride, which you don't like & in the end, you'll feel pain in your lower sitting part.

So to get rid of this, I would suggest you get a bike with a suspension system in both rear & front or front only to absorb shock in the bumpy path.

Then you feel the real enjoy riding any terrain. But if you plan to ride only flat ground, then you can buy rigid bikes which don't have any suspension.

Big, wide tire

The bike, which has a big and wide tire is very much suitable for heavy riders. Fat tires are not overly inflated, but they provide comfort at low tire pressure.

Fat tire bikes are stable and do not have any suspension system, and it fitted into tires. It helps withstand shocks and improves comfort.

Powerful brakes

We push down our pressure on the brakes and gears while riding. And for the overweight person, the pressure is more.

So, the brakes system of the bike has to be accurate. Caliper or disc systems of brakes can be used and controlled either mechanically or hydraulically.

Mechanical brakes will help monitor you on several terrains. This form of system is the most popular one and hugely find in the market. Make sure to buy this type of bike for your safety.

Consider larger pedals

The pedal performance has to be as durable as any other part of a bike. Larger and stronger pedals have an excellent place to hold your foot comfortably. Poorly constructed pedals can break down while riding. 

For overweight people, larger pedales are more critical. Because it will carry the push-down body weight, and they can fix their feet more comfortable.

If you have a bike that does not have this option, you can change it. You'll find quality paddles are available on the market.

Answer To The Frequently Asked Questions

Question-1: Why do overweight people need special bikes?

Biking is good exercise for overweight people. It can lose weight and good for leg joints too.

But if you put more pressure on your wrists, back, and knees as an overweight cyclist, it can be harmful to your body. That’s why you need a perfect bike that is specially designed for obese people.

Question-2: What bikes are suitable for heavy riders?

In this review, I mentioned about nine bikes for large bodied/taller peoples.

Among them, I want to give shoutout about Diamondback Overdrive 29er, Schwinn Discover, and Mongoose Dolomite fat bike as they are both inexpensive bikes and have useful features for heavy riders.

Question-3: What are fat tire bikes good for? Are all fat-tire bikes ideal for overweight & obese guys?

In this case, I would recommend Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike for large men and Gravity Bullseye Monster fat bike for obese women, both are good bikes for 300 lbs people by gender.

But please keep in mind that All fat tire bikes are not suitable for overweight guys. Look carefully before buying.

Question-4: Is there a weight limit for bicycles? What is the maximum weight for a bike?

Depending on the frame materials, most of the bikes can carry different weights. These bikes will carry up to approximately 550 pounds for overweight persons.

You will find the exact limit of a bike in the manual or the FAQ section of the company.

Question-5: What is the weight limit for a 26-inch bike?

The maximum weight limit for a 26-inch bike is 250 pounds. All the cruiser styles bike, mountain bikes, and all-terrain bikes have this capacity.

Question-6: How much weight can a fat tire bike hold? Can a bike hold 300 lbs.?

The majority of fat bikes have a capacity of approximately 300 lbs to carry. There is some room for wiggle, but people should not go too far over the weight limit.

A bike can carry 300 lbs of weight easily. But a rider should put his weight equally to stable the bike for his safety.

Make sure that you distribute the weight equally around the frame if you are carrying a heavyweight on the bike.

Question-7: Does bike weight matter in the flat?

Bike weights are not as important as flat as on the hills but have some are important too. The control-to-drag ratio in the flat is more important.

It is essential to control the weight as the street turns up, and speed decreases. On a regular bike, you can go faster than on the top, if you remain your back relatively flat.
On a flat surface, less weight gives you the speed, that’s the bonus point of the less weight only. But there's no difference until you increase the speed.

Question-8: Does cycling give you a flat stomach?

Cycling is an excellent exercise for calorie burning. It can assist you in having a flat stomach.

You can burn up to 600 calories during one hour of intense cycling. This the result of 130 lbs weight people can achieve.

As a 300 lbs weight person, you have to work more. In the workout routine, put cycling regularly, include fasted riding, hill climbing.

You have to pay careful attention to your diet to optimize your efforts to achieve a flat stomach.

It is challenging to choose the right bike for you. But if you are over 300 lbs, it is more difficult to choose the perfect one.

But in the market, there have a lot of good options and a variety of bikes from them you can select your one easily.

In my review, I tried to give you a clear idea about some of them. If you are a beginner men rider, then I will suggest you Diamondback Overdrive 29er. It is a cheap mountain bike with lots of excellent features.

For plus-sized women, I would recommend Gravity Bullseye Monster as it can ride in all types of weather and road.

About the Author Zachary Anderson

Hi, I am Zach who is behind I am a fitness geek. I love to ride bicycle regularly to be fit everyday. In winter when riding is impossible in cold then I love to workout at home using indoor exercise equipment. I also love to write in blog to share my knowledge in cycling & workout segment. I hope my articles will help you to be fit in any weather.Thanks!

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