Does Stationary Bike Lose Belly Fat

Does Stationary Bike Lose Belly Fat

The answer is, “Yes.” An Stationary bike lose belly fat if you know how to use it properly.

The general idea behind losing belly fat using a stationary bike is that when you keep pedaling the bike, your abdominal muscles move and work to keep your body in the right cycling position.

This constant movement helps to burn belly fat and results in a flat and more toned down stomach.
There are several ways to use an exercise bike to reduce your abdominal fat, but before that, let’s understand what do we mean by belly fat and its consequences on your health and beauty.

What is Belly Fat

Belly fat is a builds over a while in your stomach or abdominal area. It occurs just below the abdominal skin and surrounds the vital organs imposing your vital organs at risk of varieties of diseases.

There are mainly two types of belly fat, which are:

Subcutaneous Fat: This is the bulge that is stored just under your abdominal skin. This fat can be felt by pinching your skin on your belly or your thighs.

Visceral Fat: Visceral fat or deep fat is an accumulation of fat that is stored much deeper under the skin. This type of bulge covers the organs in the abdominal area(like the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and the intestines) and exposes them to various kinds of health problems gradually.

Unlike Subcutaneous Fat, this type of bulge is firm and, therefore, cannot be felt by just a pinch.

Aside from making your stomach look bulky and unflattering, belly fat also exposes you to several health problems. The health problems associated with this fat are:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer's disease

3 Ways How Stationary Bike Lose Belly Fat

There are several ways to reduce annoying stomach fat. Here, we will discuss how to reduce abdominal fat using an exercise bike so that it’s easier for you to get rid of such inconvenience without even stepping out.

Exercise Consistently

Maintaining a lean body shape is essential to look pleasant, especially if you are a woman. To burn fat quickly and get a flat tummy and toned waistline, the first thing you must do is to make a routine to exercise regularly.

You can mix and match your resistance, pace, and speed but never fail to stick to the routine because; an inconsistent exercise regimen won’t help you to reach your goal easily.

We would suggest you start with low-intensity training. That is because, if you are not a regular biker (which you are not, because of your current body shape), a vigorous workout can instigate you to quit.

Begin your workout regimen on your stationary bike with 300 minutes per week goal in mind. This will not only help you to burn excess fat in your stomach but would also make you familiar with the exercise routine.

When you become comfortable with this, increase your limit to 150 minutes per week to burn even more fat, and get leaner quickly.

Consider Interval Training

Stationary exercise bikes will ultimately help you that burn that excess fat in your belly. But remember that it will require a lot of time and patience. You cannot expect results tomorrow if you start working out today.

But then again, it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying hard. To push your calorie burn real hard, add in some interval training to your regular workout sessions.

It is not that interval training will produce overnight results, but it will surely help you to achieve much better and faster results.

Start by riding your stationary bike with all energy for about two minutes and then take 30 seconds to break to regain your breath.

Once you have the breath, start pedaling again with all the left energy. Keep doing this until you are done with six sets.

As you improve with the breath and energy, you can keep practicing more sets and gradually burn a lot of calories and reduce your annoying belly fat.

Don’t Forget to Eat Right.

It’s a well-known fact that you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose fat from your belly and other parts of the body.

And that’s why it might seem logical to starve yourself to lose fat quickly. But this method can drain your energy and make you feel weak and eventually sick if you continue starving yourself.

Instead of starving yourself, you can adopt a balanced diet chart that would not only keep your fatty food intake in check but, at the same time, would also provide you with adequate energy to ride your exercise bike regularly.

Keep in mind that if you are not eating right, you won’t get enough fuel for your regular training sessions.

Moreover, your body might start dropping muscle mass rather than belly fat. For a healthy diet chart appropriate for your body type, you should consult a nutritionist rather than downloading one from the goggle.

But then again, there are some foods that everyone would recommend you to avoid.

Like slow-burning carbohydrates (like wholegrain pasta and bread), lean proteins (turkey) and foods with high saturated fat (like cheese, butter, and sugary sweets) should be at arm’s length from you if you want to look lean and fit.

Wrapping Up

Burning belly fat is mandatory if you want to look beautiful and also live healthily. And an exercise bike is an excellent equipment to reduce belly fat quickly.

But aside from riding your bike regularly, you also should cut fatty foods and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, your vigorous workout sessions won’t show you any results, let alone quick outcomes.



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