NordicTrack RW900 Rower Review

NordicTrack RW900 Rower Review

There is no doubt that the market is full of rowing machines from different brands to full-fill your workout desires. However, none can match the features and convenience of the NordicTrack RW900 Rower; with its amazing features and phenomenal factors, this rowing machine promises to provide you the best workout experience that you deserve.

Overview of Dual Resistant Nordictrack Rower RW900

Top Features

Innovative space-saver design, Steel constructed frame for durability, Free iFit membership, Interactive Personal Training, 22 inches HD SMART Touchscreen Display, 26 different levels of resistance, 30 preset fitness programs.


Strong, sturdy construction, nearly noiseless operation, ergonomic handles, entertainment features, stability and support, large pedals with straps, versatile workout programs, and stay in place.


Expensive price tag, not suitable for obese riders

Things to Know

As there is no enhanced Bluetooth connectivity to this rowing machine, you cannot connect it with the phone for additional entertainment features. You also cannot get access to a bundle of fitness apps because of the absence of Bluetooth connectivity.

You will need a Wi-Fi-based internet connection to use the iFit programs. Without Wi-Fi, there is no use of these amazing programs.

Feature Details of NordicTrack RW900 Rower

iFit® coach ready

One of the most amazing features of the rowing machine that would surely blow your mind is that it comes with an Interactive Personal Training at Home powered by iFit. The built-in iFit® coach not only encourages you to practice versatile workouts at the comfort of your own home but, at the same time, also helps you to track your workout data, set new exercise goals, track your activity, and more.

RW900 iFIT training

Aside from being super convenient, this digital coaching system also incorporates thousands of on-demand workout videos and training sessions to enjoy exciting global workouts and other cross-training options without even attending any real gym classes with any real trainers.

Another significant aspect of this iFit® coach is that it helps you experience global sights by digitally adjusting your resistance LIVE to match with others for the best workout experience.
Furthermore, as the iFit membership (1-year) is included with this rowing machine, you don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy all the above features to improve your regular workout sessions.

Large LCD Display Monitor

How are you going to get access to your iFit® coach without a modern console system?

Well, keeping in mind about effortless access to your digital coaching system, NordicTrack incorporated a large 22 inches HD SMART Touchscreen Display to this RW900 Rower to not only use the iFit coaching easily but at the same time also track your work out data to know your progress promptly.

RW900 large display

This large monitor helps you enjoy the different workout videos and training sessions perfectly and provides you with excellent visibility for better convenience.

Moreover, aside from helping you with the digital coaching, this HD SMART Touchscreen Display also keeps track of your different workout data like time, distance, and intervals and helps you compare results so that you know how active you are today compared to the previous day. This display of data encourages you to remain highly motivated and achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Another factor of this large monitor that would surely impress you is the fact that it comes with an adjustable arm. This arm can be adjusted in any direction you want so that even when you are not on the rower, you can enjoy other training sessions to add versatility to your workout session.

Strong, Sturdy Construction

Like other stationary exercise tools, the frame of a rower is also one of the most important parts because it keeps the machine tied up. And knowing this fact, NordicTrack constructed the frame of this RW 900 rowing machine with high-quality steel material to make sure it is strong, sturdy and doesn’t break off easily.

RW900 constructin

Aside from ensuring durability and strength, the premium steel construction also provides phenomenal stability and support to its riders. Because of its heavyweight, this equipment stands still on the floor and doesn’t wobble or slip to assure you an extremely secure rowing experience.

Moreover, NordicTrack paired this frame with stabilizing legs to ensure added safety to the rowing users.

Inertia-Enhanced flywheel

Aside from enjoying a super effective exercise session, one of the main reasons you buy an indoor rowing machine is to enjoy the feel of real-life rowing without even stepping out of your home, and the inertia-enhanced flywheel of this RW900 rower helps you to feel the most real-life experience.

However, this large wheel is not only about real-life rowing feel. This component also helps to keep the rowing motion smooth and natural so that you can make the most of your workout without trying too hard.

Moreover, when this inertia-enhanced flywheel is paired with the SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance mechanism) it is committed to delivering an energy-efficient and quiet workout session to ensure that you enjoy a quiet exercise routine whenever you want.

Ensures a Full Body Workout

What’s better than to enjoy a full-body workout at the expense of one? Well, nothing.
To provide you the best value of your money, this RW900 rowing machine from NordicTrack allows you to work on your full body and major muscle groups so that you can shed a lot of calories and tone your full body at once and achieve a healthier and more active physique in no time.

RW900 workout

Furthermore, as the iFit coaching provides varieties of workout styles, you can always try out versatile cross-training options like yoga and sculpting to strengthen your full-body for a better tomorrow.

Ergonomic Handle and Pedals

One of the most important aspects of a rowing machine is its safety features. If the rower is not safe enough, it would most likely injure you severely and keep you out of your workout regimen for more than a couple of days.

RW900 pedals

Keeping in mind about the utmost safety of its riders, this Nordictrack Rower RW900 comes with a pair of ergonomically designed handlebars to provide a strong yet comfortable grip to the rowers. Moreover, as these grips are non-slip, your palms won’t slip away while rowing and result in any unfortunate events.

In addition to the non-slip handles, the footrests of this amazing rowing machine are also non-slip and make sure that your feet won’t slide off the pedals during the workout sessions to provide maximum safety to the users.

Dual Resistance System

One feature that sets this RW900 rower apart from other rowing machines is its resistance system. With a dual resistance mechanism and 26 different levels of resistance, this piece of stationary exercise tool ensures versatility and workability in every step.

RW900  dual resistant

From a magnetic resistance and an air resistance system, you can pick any of them according to your requirement and workout vibe of the day.

Numerous Built-in Fitness Programs

A rowing machine is not only for experts. From beginners to experts, everyone can use a rower to get fit and healthy. And to provide its users the best of their workout, NordicTrack included a wide range of 30 different preset workout programs to this RW 900 rowing machine so that every type of users with every body type finds a suitable program to workout with.

With such a variety of built-in exercise programs, you can not only enjoy versatile exercises but, at the same time, can mix and match them for a more customized workout session.

PROS & CONS of NordicTrack Rower

What We Like

  • Provides full-body workout session
  • Includes 2 built-in speakers to keep you entertained
  • Features a foldable design for easy, effortless storage
  • Comes with quick-release foot pedals for additional comfort
  • The monitor arm is fully adjustable for a custom viewing angle
  • The quiet, nearly noiseless operation ensures serenity during the workout

What We Don't Like

  • Bit expensive
  • Not the best rowing machine for overweight, obese people

Nordictrack Rower RW900 Specs


Indoor Rowing Machine

Console Display

22” Smart HD Touchscreen


Air Resistance, Magnetic Resistance

Resistance Level

26 Level

Seat Type

Adjustable, Well-padded

Built-in Programs



1 Year Membership


Magnetic Resistance Flywheel

Weight Capacity

250 Pounds


86.5" L x 22" W x 50.4" H

Nordictrack Rower RW900 Rower Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Where do I find my iFit activation code in my Nordictrack Rower RW900?

Answer: When you buy this rw900 rowing machine, you will receive a proof of purchase certificate with your tool from the manufacturer.

As this certificate is sent through a confirmation email, you have to forward it again to the manufacturer (instructions provided on a sticker on the box) to get the iFit activation code in the return email.

Question: Can you use headphones with this RW900 Rower?

Answer: Yes, of course. As long as you are using a plug-in headphone (that you can insert in the display monitor), you can listen to the videos without bothering others. As this rowing machine does not support enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, you cannot use wireless headphones.

Question: What is the difference between the RW900 and RW500 Rowers?

Answer: As both the RW900 and RW500 Rowers are from the same product line, there are not many differences between them.

The most prominent difference between these two rowing machines is that while the RW900 comes with a 22 inches large display monitor, the RW500 incorporates a smaller one (just 10 inches) that doesn’t provide as much visibility as the RW900 ones.

Question: If I don’t want to use the touchscreen, can I remove it easily?

Answer: Unfortunately, No. as the screen is mounted with 6 screws; it would be quite tough and time-consuming to remove it from the frame.

Buying Advice

There is no doubt that you know everything you should know about this RW900 rower. However, even after knowing all its prominent features, you still might be wondering if there is anything left to know. If you have such thoughts, then you are right.

This rowing machine comes partly assembled, which means that you have to put on some of the parts and tune it perfectly to get it going. If you are a beginner, this process might take a lot of your time and patience.

Moreover, as more than a few parts of this exercise machine are quite heavy, it might require two people to hold in place for a proper assembly process.

Another thing you must keep in mind that this tool is its power source. Because this rower has to be plugged into an electrical socket to operate, it needs to be placed near an electrical plug point to operate seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the most prominent features and a few drawbacks of this NordicTrack RW900 Rowing machine, you are sure that you are impressed. We can assure you that this piece of exercise equipment is one of the best in the market that is committed to providing you the most effective workout session seamlessly.

Therefore, if you have the budget and means, we suggest you pick this machine over others without any hesitation.

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RW900 Rower

NordicTrack RW Rower


Indoor Rower

Console display

22” Smart HD


Air & Magnetic Resistance

Resistance Level

26 Level

Seat type

Adjustable, Well-padded




Magnetic Flywheel

Weight Capacity

250 Pounds


86.5" L x 22" W x 50.4" H

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